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  1. Warriors & Healers 101;

    Number 23: Never, ever say those dreaded words: "I need a heal!"

    It will make your healer want to punch you in the face. A lot. Or they might just say it's coming, or alternatively begin a rant along the lines of "IF YOU WOULD JUST (GET THESE STUPID MOBS OFF ME I WOULDN'T BE INTERRUPTED EVERY 0.5 SECONDS), YOU WON'T BE DYING!"

    * Phrase in brackets can be substituted with "COME BACK INTO LINE OF SIGHT" or "NOT RUN 50 MILLION YARDS AWAY", etc.

  2. When you have the ability to tag things at greater range than anyone else - but you wait until something is distracted and a rogue is about to attack it before letting loose - you're a cunt whether you have 1 main or 300 of them...

    Do you mean the rogue distraction ability? Ever occur to you some people might just not recognise it? Or that -guess what- not everyone can SEE a stealthed rogue.

    There are some people who are actively annoying and purposely try and make life difficult for others.

    But there are a lot of people who simply just don't know what you were doing - with TBC coming back and all, a lot of people from before have come back to the game. They may not even know what distract looks like...

    You, of course, with eleventy billion alts, have a wide library of information about different classes at your disposal.

  3. My ping is ~200 all the time on Draenor. I'm perfectly happy - it's constant, I don't lag.

    Previously, with NTL, I could get 60ms pings for... I dunno, a few moments, then suddenly 4000ms and disconnect.

    Definitely the lesser of two evils. ^^

  4. You know that some people might only have one main, right? That they might genuinely really enjoy playing a hunter even if rogues look down on them for playing Ezmode? They're just playing, to them.

    Anyway, there's a bunch of annoying gits around with these tag mobs quests, and I'm sorry but I'm one of them. Moonfire ftw. I think I might go insane if I didn't have an instant ranged damaged thing so I really feel for people who don't and /invite people to my group when I can.

  5. I did two quests in the Mana Tombs last night (Level 64 you need to get them, ran through it twice before at 63 doh :P), which netted 10g each. Wee!

  6. Heh, idd Pricehack ;) And the bots won't stand a chance in Hellfire Peninsula, at least. I wonder if Mote of Shadow etc will be something they go for though - I like this concept, it's like Elemental Water being made into Essence of Water.

    I'm surprised it took 7 pages to bring up the hacking thing, though. Slipped my mind entirely despite a close friend of mine having his account wiped 18 months ago - ofc, this was back when Blizz couldn't do anything and they restored one item.

    For vendor price.

    Buying gold supports the hackers that have ruined the enjoyment for so many :) ... if you are seriously proud and happy to be a gold buyer, knowing this, and knowing that it COULD happen to you... well, don't expect sympathy if it does ;)

  7. Neither! :)

    See above. Cry.

    In reality, I went for Scryer, because I'm an alchemist and there wasn't really that much else of interest there - enchants as a healer were much of the same really. More mana regen I think, with the Scryer.

  8. /pout.

    My Scryer/Aldor stuff is bugged. I completed the Scryer quest, they are friendly and the Aldor want to eat my bones. I run around Scryer town and call their inn my home.

    But the followup quest to the allegiance one is to see the ALDOR leader... gngngnghghghh

  9. A new socketed robe would be good for starters.

    Yep, I ninjad that nice healing one from the last boss in the Furnace the other day - with an mp5 enchant and three nice gems in it (+13 healing, a spirit one and an int one) it's better than my Stormrage chestguard (which is, of course, being kept for resistance kit :))

  10. I think the Fel Reavers are ace just because of what they are, and how they fit in with the zone.

    Now that sounds like a reason to why they are there...are there anything similar in the other zones?

    In Felwood, there are the little green elemental thingies that drop Elemental Fires etc that bots seemingly can't farm because of the elites trampling around nearby.

    Compare them to the water elementals up north who are ALWAYS farmed, heh. ^^

  11. Out of pure interest, is the gold market dwindling since the opening of the portal does anyone know? I know there's bugger all on the AH when I look, can't imagine the gold farmers selling Essences etc are making anything now, and Outland is surely too overcamped to have a chance?

    Unless they're just farming mobs for silver..hmhm.

  12. Also herbs is really only used for Alchemy, where mining supplies Engineering, Smithing and now Jewelcrafting so it should be quite in demand. Long haul but hopefully worth it in the long run, cash-wise.

    It's perhaps not quite so relevant now, maybe again at 'endgame 70', but at 'endgame 60' level, herbalism was used by everyone. It's not just people needing it to make things for their own professions, but potions are used universally for raids so there is always always a demand for herbs. A stack of Dreamfoil on Draenor usually went for 20g ^^

    But, the way things are at the moment - there's a jewelcrafting craze and mining is bound to be the way to go. I'm going to go mining/skinning on my belf warlock, as and when I level her :)

  13. who sends you to the captain fella

    This is where Chant is stuffed, I think. We went to Ramparts, where we got a letter quest item which brought us back to that same guy I think. Or at least one next to him.

    Since he's done that quest, it seems bugged in that he can't then finish the first one from the portal.

    Which sucks, until they fix it. Because there's the Furnace follow up, too. And more beyond, I think :P (Grey exclamation mark on the guy for me, but it seems I did things in 'the right' order)

  14. I have all the links at home :( Give me 2 hours and I'll post. 3 hours is like, if you get all the best spawns and all that. I know people who did it in a zerg like that.

    Personally I did it in patches over 2 separate days because I got ridiculously bored on day 1 :( (I dropped it, dissed old gear, then re-levelled, it was ok really)

    But it is without doubt the easier of the two. You're never like "OMG need 2 more copper ore before I can learn to smelt something else to skill up more" - it's literally just running around in the well-populated areas picking herbs :P It should be REALLY easy now with so few lowbies about, too, everyone in Outlands etc.

    ah :P


    There's another separate site with all the same information, which I will have to find at home. It was more use for the crafting professions though (I used it for my mage's tailoring) as the formatting for tables etc made it easier to read.

  15. I imagine on PvP servers, you know if you start a fight, it'll descend into chaos and no one gets anywhere :P

    The respawn thing is so strange, though. I was on my first quest - 12 orc blood - and found a quick respawn patch, due to a few of us camping it. The trouble was, sometimes, it was so fast, I couldn't run in to loot a corpse before three more mobs spawned on top of me and chased me away!

  16. He shouldnt get a single thing for doing this imo, as he had a whole guild helping him, so really it aint no big achievement.

    Like.. what would he get? £50,000? 10g? Huge internet fame?

    Oh, wait.

    No one said they did it to prove how quickly a 'normal' person could get 70 - they wanted to get the first character to 70 through a team effort. They did that. Yes, it's remarkably different from normal play. But it was a goal they set themselves and achieved. And now they'll go back to playing normally.

    So we can whine about how crazy it all is however much we want, they WANTED to do it, and they damn well did. Let them have that, ffs.

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