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  1. It just says it requires WoW, there's no mention of regions. Which seems a bit rude.

    I don't think they really support selling it outside of its intended region (at least, not from US to EU which are both WoWing regions) - might be wrong though. Even if it DID install, I believe you'd be restricted to US servers.

    So you'd need a US copy of WoW, install that. And then your EU code wouldn't work with it, so new account time. On US servers.

    Or.. something :S

  2. I had chaos here - it didn't arrive, so I called around frantically (Gamestation SOLD MY PREORDER FFS!!!! They could've told me last week, when I checked on my three month old order, that they were intending to just sell the bloody things) to find one.

    I did - so there is one in London with my name on it.

    I got to the station, and a text arrived from home, telling me my CE arrived with the parcel van. Lols.

    If anyone can get to central London and desparately wants a CE, drop me a PM, hopefully if you use my name you can pick it up 'on my behalf'....

  3. Well, I'm balance at the moment, for levelling. (Seriously, it's all well and good saying "level as resto in instances", but I'd like to actually explore too!) I really enjoy it. I don't have as much +dmg as Cow, rather around +400 through my own efforts, and the only item I took that a mage showed remote interest in was the Betrayer's Boots from ZG last night, and no one really cares so close to TBC anyway.

    So our raid group last night's healers -

    Priests - 3 healing spec

    Druids - 1 feral, 1 resto, 1 moonkin

    Shaman - 2 enhancement, 1 elemental

    I know, I know, it's 'only' ZG. But it has a lot of curses/poisons going on. I was the most hybridy I have ever been last night - sure, I wasn't top of the damage meters, but I don't think the mage that was can claim to have been top of depoisoning/decursing and featuring in the healing where it counted, either.

    I felt universally useful.

    When I do go all-out damage and am not being disconnected every twenty seconds or sorting out the raid groups etc though, I can end up very high in the dmg. The other day me and Cow went to UBRS and a HWL/T1 geared hunter was a little miffed that he got beaten by two druids in the dmg meters. Don't write druids off :D

    You'd be surprised how quickly a 600 wrath every 1.5 sec adds up, not to mention moonfire and insect swarm dots and Starfire too ofc ;)

    The idea that an off-spec hybrid healing sucks is a little misguided. As a fully resto druid, I never go oom as things are - not even at Patchwerk anymore. It does feel a little like a lot of my talent points are being 'wasted' since you have to reach a point, I think, where you are simply healing too much for the demand.

    Plus, I think treeform is a bit crappy atm. ;)

    This will all change in TBC, of course. But when it comes to being a balance druid, you have to remember that any +dmg gear is going to be +dmg/healing, too - my new boots have +3 more heal than my Stormrage, for example. And, if entering a more tricky fight, the druid might swap to some more +heal kit. Plus, a lot of the balance talents compliment restoration - for example, reducing the mana cost of more spells than the resto talent itself does, but also giving me 101mp5 whilst casting without the 'Intensity' talent.

    So, you can take 5 mages if you like, but you might fancy someone who can do good damage *and* throw heals around where needed.

  4. It must be different on your server then. On ER to farm the top herbs like Dreamfoil, Gromsblood etc you will be competing with alot of others including farmers. Some days it can take hours just to get a single stack of Dreamfoil.

    No, it's the same. You do have to pick your timing wisely. We have this farmer bot called Cappuccino, he's known the entire server over. And I have a friend who we nicknamed "Trogaccino" due to his herbing habits - he was like a farm bot, only did it manually, and was human. And gave herbs to the guild. Anyway, you'd know not to go to Azshara when he was about.

    But /who Azshara usually tells you a fair bit, whether it's worth bothering. If you see 10 level 60s from Naxxramas Guild A there, it might not be worth the time. Getting close to TBC though it's been a lot easier, so I've stocked up on a fair bit with an eye to levelling alchemy - also bout 60 Dreamfoil on the AH for 27g which wasn't bad either. (It's 20g a stack usually)

  5. Go Prot then, and out aggro the MT. That'll shut em up.

    Or a kick from the raid, lol! ;) We had someone purposely try and out-aggro our MT on *Nefarian* once after we'd only killed him a few times. That sort of stuff completely messes with the raid group ;) Needless to say, he was greeted with a complete lack of healing and died soon after. I was actually leading the raid, and I asked if they were using KTM, said "I don't need that rubbish"... lol...

    Regarding specs though - if you want to raid and your raiding guild is crying out for healers, then they won't take a Ret Pally over a Holy one if both appear at the same time I don't think. And as a guildie I'm sure they'd rather have you raiding with them than some outside person who could apply? But on the other side of the coin, you have to play how you enjoy, and if you can't do that - find somewhere you can :D

  6. Funny you say that though Phelan, my mage was really raking it in through the last few levels, every quest you still get gold (though not as much).

    If you find a successful way for your character to make gold, it's fine. Though the following applies to after dinging 60 ;)

    If healers concentrated on going for gathering professions, for example, they needn't have to kill stuff to make their money. I went through a huge herbalism phase where I would just go and do a sweep or two (bear in mind I have the attention span of a fish - if anyone will get bored doing a particular task, I will be the first) of one of my favourite zones and sell herbs to guildies for a little less than the AH price - made about 300g pretty quickly doing that.

    DPS classes shine through the likes of Tyr's Hand.

    Run instances, Strat Scarlet can get you 50g per run if you get an orb:P We got FIVE last night, one each.

    It doesn't need to be the huge grind that everybody makes it out to be :\

  7. I really love my Water Elemental! His frostbolts hit for 500-600 non-crit (yes he can crit!) or so which is pretty nifty. Using it as an 'oh dear I need help' button won't get you anywhere - it's usually too late. Getting him out as you assist a flag carrier nets you 2 extra frost novas in his short-lived lifetime, and he's killed many people who chose to ignore his assault.

    I mentioned how useful a ranged nova was, right? :)

    (Cold Snap & do it again!)

    If I face a pack of three mobs he's usually able to effectively 'off tank' one whilst I take care of one other quickly, crowd controlling the third. Sometimes he'll die :) but often not, killing his mob and moving onto the last.

  8. I understand the mentality behind the hardcore raider wanting to remove the grinding aspect.

    I don't get the buying more gear to get up to scratch for Naxx thing - bought gear (unless it is from BWL open runs) won't get you far at all! Maybe a Darkmoon trinket, or a nice ring but...

    I also don't get how people can claim breaking the rules isn't cheating. :)

    As for buying gold because you have to if you want to raid well...hmm. I couldn't enjoy raiding if it really meant THAT much commitment from me. In our big Naxx push, we raided four times a week for five-six hours at a time. I never had to supplement that with too much grinding - our guild bank supplied some pots (paid for by open BWL runs etc), and anything else I needed I just picked a few herbs. I also got cash from say the BWL zerg run. It's not hard to level herbalism. Maybe you would need to lose another profession for it, but herbalism is way more 'profitable' to the average raider - sure maybe you don't always sell herbs, use them yourself (I rarely sold any), but you're not buying them either.

    But even so, coming home at 6pm and needing to be inside Naxx by 6.15pm takes its toll. If I had more commitments then I wouldn't do it, to be honest, not enough hours in the day for the raiding alone, grind aside. I wouldn't buy gold to keep it up because I'd just collapse in a heap one day mumbling "Patchwerk...want to...play..." to myself before they took me away in a nice, white jacket.

  9. Aren't Adept raiding Naxxramas? Or, well, they were? What can you buy that's better than Tier 1 for you to get you up to speed? :S

    That's what I don't get, surely the items that are actually upgrades cost *dkp* not money? Or honor points? Either way, it's farming, whichever way you look at it. Raiding is grinding only with 40 people, hehe :) Spending time above all else to reach a goal.

    You can't buy Tier 2! Oh wait.. yes you can. Shinasu still doing their runs?

    And yep it is the other people who have a problem because it's a social game. And the knock-on effects of gold buying does bug us. Note it's the people buying gold who are passive/don't care about the spammers for example. Would be hypocritical if they did :) And the bots don't matter because they can buy their mats easily enough.

    I filled my ignore list again last night ;) There was a spammer in Org, so I took a couple of people on my list and suddenly I had two spammers! Waaah! And it's very annoying because they fill your screen! Grrr ;) Not "The sky is falling" annoying but "oh ffs I don't pay for this" annoying.

  10. I really think Frost is the way to go for soloing. As a frost mage I was always able to look after myself unless I did something utterly stupid, but also able to kill elites a few levels higher and things like that - no bridge ever felt too far (well, within boundaries ^^)

  11. It gives you an edge over people who, for whatever the reason, are actually unable to buy gold, if you want to use that reasoning?

    I still see it as cheating. Blizzard don't allow people to buy gold for real world currency. It is against the rules, thus by definition cheating, surely?

    I have a full time job and I raid Naxx. Even then, I find it too much at times.. Had I a young family as well, I wouldn't raid Naxx tbh, but that's a different thing entirely.

  12. But if you started playing later, buying gold helps you accelerate to a point, as you have done. What people who object on the "but I spent months doing <this>" principle is just that...

    Raiding though requires a lot of dedication and if you need to buy gold to just catch up will you possibly need to keep buying it to maintain that spot? Is it worth that to you? Is that "fair" to those of your guildies who are playing the game properly to maintain their spot?

    Before our raiding break, (with TBC on the way and all) I raided like all the time... add that to a 9-6 job and yeah, I -don't- have the time to farm all the hours on this earth.

    But I didn't need to buy gold to do it, either. I didn't even set foot in Tyr's Hand on my druid main before my mage alt did. Sure, my repairs didn't equal a tank's, and maybe I have herbalism to help me with pots, but that was an educated choice. The idea that raiding needs stupid amount of gold for *everyone* is a made up one IMO. And we have our wipe nights - painful ones, Thaddius learning was just sick (disconnections GRRR!) for example. But if we had a hard week, we'd go to BWL or something and farm some cash for the guildies. Or even MC, where the sold nexus etc money went to guildies...

    Maybe you wonder why I made the mage then, if I don't -need- cash on my druid, well, it all goes toward the epic flying mount right :)

    Buying gold *is* cheating. In a raiding environment, if a known goldbuyer is given a raid spot one day over someone who has farmed their stuff the hard way, I don't think that's very right - they have cheated to get to that position. How far a leap is it from the speed hacker in WSG...? Still cheating...

  13. Ben, remember I am a resto druid, I know all about the woes of not necessarily having the kit to level with ;)

    And df0 - I said *your* goals, which for Jonny atm is an epix mount. If I suddenly decided that my goal was to get a Robe of the Archmage for my mage, getting it overnight for a tenner would then leave me with trying to find something else to task myself with the next day.

    If you set goals that can't be bought then err, ofc gold won't help :P Though one could argue that gold can certainly help with the raid armour sets/epic weapons. As can rep with factions - at least, the Horde main ones for example with Runecloth etc.

  14. Joke's on those who grinded for weeks straight to get a few extra stats, taking the fun out of getting new gear (well, possibly) in the expansion or maybe making it redundant very quickly ^^

    Or else it just shows what people will do if they have time to kill in WoW and not much to do ;) Which is the case a lot recently, heh.

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