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  1. Well, the thing everyone needs to remember is that, guess what, different classes are designed to do different things.

    You shouldn't really be trying to effectively slow a flag carrier as a priest, rather ensuring the efficiency of your own.

    No class can do every little thing, that'd be silly!

  2. People really need to play a Warlock before they whine - we have minimal crowd control (Fear and Succubus) and we're clothies so fragile (unless we have Soul Link) we have almost no instant damage (unless specced for Shadowburn or Conflag) - we have to make a lot of choices when we spec for how we play, different specs need different gear and allsorts of other crap...

    I do have to say that a lock's 'minimal' crowd control as you put it is considerably more than that of most classes. As a frost mage I do have a lot at my disposal but I'm specifically specced for those things. As a druid I can root one person. At a time. Most other classes can't do very much in the chaos of PvP at all really :)

    And as for different specs/different gear needed well.. isn't that true of *everyone*?

    Don't get me wrong, I won't jump on the LOCKS ARE TOO IMBA!!!111one bandwagon because they are using lvl 70 stuff on lvl 60 players and that's bound to hurt, but I don't really fall for the "try playing a lock, our life is so hard" bit, either :)

  3. You should never, EVAR, engage in combat on the bridge - get on your horse from teh GY and ride WELL over it - the fight should be near the blacksmith doodah on the right or even at the First Aid Post itself - out of range of the archers pref.

    Where did I say I was fighting ON the bridge, exactly?

    As long as you are in range of the archers (middle of the bridge to almost at the AS flag), you cannot get out of combat. If you are pushing the Alliance base and do not have the flag and the archers are still up? You need to run back to the OTHER SIDE of the bridge.

  4. The only gripe I have with 'locks at the moment is more to do with the Battlegrounds themselves.

    Sometimes after an encounter with a warlock I will run for the hills, desperate to try and get out of combat to eat some food. The 'lock, either dead or bored of me, goes off to do something else, but I'm stuck in combat for twenty years unable to do anything about the DoTs ticking on me, and I believe that if the warlock did indeed die, they don't even get kill credit anyway when I snuff it.

    It's times like that that I do miss Kay, because one Rejuvenation would see me through. Ice Block clears the DoTs of course, but it's on cooldown and I rather use it in more useful situations. Still, beggars can't be choosers, if I really don't want to die :huh:

    There's just certain situations - I notice it in Alterac Valley especially - where you can't get out of combat for an eternity. It's the same thing that irritates me when you're pushing the Alliance base and have to run all the way back to the other side of the bridge to mana up, all the while having idiots shouting at you to NOT STAND AROUND ON THE BRIDGE!!!!111one.

  5. Not even 4GB to be fair, it has problems with anything over 3GB. Well, not 'problems' as such. Basically, Windows can only address 4GB worth of memory, and things like PCI Cards etc need to use some of those addresses. So if you have 2GB of RAM, then Windows has 2GB spare to assign those addresses to.

    However, if you have 4GB, then Windows doesn't have that spare to assign to - meaning that it will actually not properly use all of the installed RAM.

    The terminology and specifics aren't quite spot-on as I looked into this a while ago, but it's along those lines.

  6. Cow have you thought about the blue set? I'm sure the blue PvP kit must > Shadowcraft at least right? I got some blues on Ast which are very good (head/legs) and I couldn't be bothered getting the purplez there. The purplez boots/gloves/shoulders are cheaper though.

  7. First of all - warlocks are a pain in the ass. Even if you're not seeing people die to your blows, they probably are once they run away as far as they can and die to DoTs before they get out of combat.

    Not to mention the felguard nipping at their heels along the way.

    Rest assured you will be making your mark, lol :D

    When TBC comes out I assume it'll be going 60-69 & then 70, right?

    I think so - my mods all seem to indicate the PvP bracket I play AB and WSG in is 60-69. (some FuBar addons)


    I think its a bit silly that its so easy to get simply by grinding honour. I've tried but I got bored pretty quick and I only have 5k honour. Not sure whether its worth grinding the rest or not.

    Is this not a bit of a contradiction? If it were so 'easy', then you wouldn't feel so bored by it :P It's still effort, and it doesn't mean jack really in two weeks, hehe :P

  8. Is the epic one the yellow one? Looks funny :D

    My mage is going for a mixture... after getting her HWL Spellblade + enchant (ofc!), the blue legs and blue helm, I find myself entirely sick of the PvP grind at around 5k honor. I really wanted the epic shoulders because they look gorgeous, but they'd be best served by getting a second piece too for a set bonus.

    Failing that I could just go for the 4 blues set bonus instead, for the same price... the blue shoulders are kinda pretty too :D But the gloves and boots aren't so great an upgrade...

    Depends how much more I can take! :D

  9. I'll tell you what's the most annoying - graveyard camping teams. I've just come out of a Warsong match where they put eight people on our graveyard, with only two of theirs on flag duty. The match was over in five minutes. It really bugs me.

    Horde in Battlegroup 1 watch out for the Al'Akir Tier 3 mage, Rakarth. Today, he parked himself below our GY, hugging the wall. From here, he was able to shoot fireballs up at us as SOON as we rezzed, a crit meaning certain death.

    Al'Akir = :'( *

    * Might sound like a sweeping statement, since I only said one story, but generally the server in our group who demonstrate the worst behaviour are all from there :|

  10. Pvpvpvpvp.

    So the little mage dinged 60, grabbed an Alanna's Embrace for herself to look half-way decent and ventured into the Battlegrounds. AV is still a bit of a grind - best to shut down all higher brain function, for that.

    But last night we did some WSGs after the reset and had an absolutely FANTASTIC time. Preset after preset we beat them all including a Loot FTW (Naxxramas cleared! :P) preset from Twilight's Hammer.

    It was the best night's PvPing I've seen, we were all just.. 'in the zone', or something. But more than that, PvP on a mage, especially in WSG is just to die for. I laugh in the face of Tier 3 warriors with my crappy blues! Phear my Water Lolmental!!

  11. I achieved quite a lot last night on my mage. Questing in Felwood and Winterspring, I managed to solo Brumeran at Level 54 (Lvl 58 elite) so that's a proverbial feather in my cap, though it did take a couple of attempts with the inevitable resists I was getting.

    Then it was the horrific Pristine Yeti Horn quest which took me probably half an hour in total, and a few hairy moments when two level 58 yetis spawned on me.

    But once I dinged 55, filled with optimism, I started nagging people for a run to BRD and the lovely Chantinelle and Cowfields obliged, a far cry from our previous run. An Ex-HWL shaman friend also came along with another priest friend of ours for the ride and was our tank, outputting ridiculous amounts of damage (something to look forward to, Stiff :-)) and it was just in general, a very laid back run. Got all my quests done, attuned to Molten Core, and we looked into the Lyceum.

    May as well give it a go, we thought, after the nightmare of last week. Slow and steady (and being big enough to actually make the safe spots SAFE) wins the race, and we zipped through it in one go, onto the good Emperor who kindly awarded 'Elle with a Festive Hat.

    Then I levelled my enchanting and tailoring the last few steps to the mighty 300/300 and made a series of pretty dresses and shirts for people and my alts.

    So, LBRS tonight for more hats methinks? ;-)

  12. Druids can spam moonfire, whereas a Paladins repentance and HoJ is on a 1 min cooldown.

    It was a joke, silly! ;) Honestly, Moonfire *IS* a joke unless you are a balance druid or Cowfields with all his dps gear regardless of spec, it's just something you throw off to make other classes laugh at you.

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