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  1. Repair tool?

    When I was moaning (shock! horror!) about things being a bit clunky and annoying a friend told me to repair since every patch, there's a lot of redundant junk that gets left behind and it cleans it all up and fixes problems.

    Give it a go anyways, saves a full reinstall!

  2. Well, warrior tanking has been nerfed significantly to the point where a paladin or a druid can perhaps do a better job at holding aggro at the moment. This, IMO, is broken. A warrior was always 'the tank', they should always be the best tank. I have no problem with druids and paladins being very good tanks, but they should not be the best.

    Especially considering that, up until this point, warriors have been gearing up for this role and now find themselves shafted.

    But you're happy with your Paladin, and you sound like more of a PvE player - it's PvP players who moan about paladins, all for reasons that Cowfields speaks of. The bubble is the most frustrating and ridiculous move in existance, a case of "Oh no! I'm dying! Quick! I must make myself immune and heal myself to full!" at which point they seem to run away and get their mates.

    It's probably just because paladins last longer and the priest doesn't get the chance to run away and get his mates, but it gives the impression that paladins are more cowardly and irritating in PvP :)

  3. They did Moose - I had a pre-order for the original before the LE went up, then stupidly cancelled my LE by mistake whilst trying to do it quickly and hide it again at work... I was told they had already over-allocated. /grumble.

    So I managed to get a pre-order from Game instead, and also got my name down at Gamestation :(

    Cowfields - I'd go with Gameplay for any pre-order, there's no one more reliable when it comes to pre-orders IMO. :(

  4. I'm also unimpressed that they're "applying some changes in the next maintenance to attempt to correct this" - what's wrong with applying them NOW?

    Because of Blizzard took the servers down to fix it now, everyone would complain and go "ffs, I don't give a toss about PvP, I just want to PLAY"

  5. I think we were a bit ambitious with The Lyceum at first - charging through the middle in the hopes you don't get dazed and stuff was just asking for it.

    But once we moved bit by bit, it was fine I thought really, a bit hairy in that my existence meant no safe spots whatsoever, but we were fine in the end. :lol:

    And if nothing else, it was a laugh, even if we did finish in that place at 2am. <_<

  6. Druids, lol.


    Here I thought we'd get some new excitement with treeform and all, something extra to play with, but it's all a bit gimmicky. I feel far less involved as a tree, I can't decurse or dispel poison, I can't look at a player and think, ooh they need Rank X! and with the nerf to the buff, it becomes even more pointless. So when I raided as a tree, for all of 90 mins before my connection exploded, I stayed in cowform.

  7. I got a lot of fun from the whole experience - but without some loot, my gear wouldn't have been upto the later encounters - gear is criticical if you want to keep pushing at the content as opposed to just farming the places you've conquered.

    Sorry I thought you were talking about your pvp gear on your alts - obviously raiding gear you need to improve yourself to tackle the later encounters (duhhh!) but PvP gear is for nothing more than killing people in BGs quicker :) (or arguably more survivability but myeh, for the most part, you could have no PVP gear and still have fun)

  8. But.. so what? So it took you longer to get your gear. Would you have done it if you didn't enjoy doing it?

    And if you did, then, you're crazy! :)

    I know I went insane in Alterac Valley, but I never would've gone back if I didn't enjoy it on some level.

    You've got your gear, and they'll get it too, the only reason people are annoyed about it is that others are getting it more easily and maybe they're jealous about it, or feel like the 'noobs' aren't putting in enough effort.

    And, the gear won't be needed for TBC anyway. If it were, Blizz would be shooting themselves in the foot - the genius of WoW is that you never hit a brick wall you can't get past somehow in solo play. Gear checks in raiding, it's a different world altogether, of course it is. But solo, there's never an enemy, critical to your progress-, that can't be defeated because you're still wearing lvl 40 shoulders.

    So the people who are annoyed about it are all, IMO at least, just annoyed that they're not as 1337 anymore :)

    But there'll be new levels of eliteness for them to achieve so they can feel better about themselves again :)

    My only issue with the new system is that people are treating it as their God-given right to have a full set of these epics in 2 hours and /quitting because they might have to put *some* effort in, when before, it would be far far beyond their reach.

  9. Of course the Wicked Witch's Hat/Ruby Red Slippers would be ace but they're way down the list of what's exciting to me about the expansion and the game overall.

    But they're exciting to you because of what they are.. because they're new and fun and appeal to you as a Wicked Witch's Hat and a pair of Ruby Red Slippers, not because they have +20202002020 spell dmg and whatnot. I think that's a big difference - it's something new and shiny that you genuinely want and will cherish even when you get something with +2020202020 spell dmg. :)

    I get a little saddened when it comes down to being all about the loot for people. Sometimes it gets to the stage where loot is all that is on offer - farming instance x for 10 years you see nothing new, striving for that last epic so you can say "I DID IT!", because again that's another goal. But when there are new sights on offer and all people want is to get more of a certain stat... it's just a little sad.

    TBC is on the horizon now and everything is going to change. I've never really cared much about loot, it's nice and makes me happy when I get it, feel that I've got a little reward, but it's nothing compared to the first time you kill Evil Git of a Boss, for sure. Or even when you solo a level 47 elite at level 43 and only get 2s for your trouble, but you can say, "Yeah, I did that!" Now just to work on those devilsaurs..hmm...

  10. Mage - 49-56 is a LONG drag and I really REALLY don't need another 60 to wonder whether I should be playing it in TBC. PvP rewards below 60 aren't so great tho so I may hang this guy up too.

    Noooes! :) Heh, I LOVE my mage in PvP. Just WSG and AB so far, but it's been a blast, even in the PuG hell. I enjoy attacking, I enjoy defending. Frost Nova is teh pwn. Freeze them as they chase our carrier, or as they try and get away and it's very satisfying when you ruin a rogue's/druid's dash with a nova. 1sec frostbolt. Cone of Cold. Nuuuke! Mwahaha.

    Or in AB you can reduce a three man assault on a flag to a 2 man through use of a sheep (don't get me started on hunter pets, mind). Frost nova and nuke melee, counterspell casters.. love it.

    There's some nice rewards though! The epic bracers, AB belt and boots.. but I'm still happy with my Hypnotic Blade + Offhand for now :D

  11. Last night I was in an AB with two guys from Draenor on my 49 mage.


    There was no one else in sight. It was tense for a while, but we managed to cap all five bases and win the day!! :)

    I heard rumours that they were going to buff the item requirements though..hmm... best hurry up to 60 :D

  12. The difference you'll see now is that every Shaman and his ghost wolf are speccing it regardless of the unsuitability or shitness of their gear.

    I was on a PUG to Zul'Farrak with a couple of shamans, both of whom obviously dual wield, but one of whom kept saying how he had priority on all the 1h drops as he didn't have any weapons for it. He was a complete moron, didn't do anything, stood around a lot, really showing off his 'imba dps!!11'. Went AFK for 10 mins and missed a Mug'o'Hurt dropping which the other shaman (lovely guy, very clued up and knew how to play) picked up, but was around for the Ripsaw. After trying to bribe me repeatedly (I somehow ended up as ML) he rolled a spectacular 17 to Shaman #2s 73 and then left the group in a huff, "FFS YOU HAVE WEAPONS!!"

    Why spec for something when you can't even use it yet? He'd honestly bought 2x white vendor items apparently.

  13. Hehe glad you found it Nimmel because trying to remember where all the options are drives me nuts :);)

    I've inverted the colours though, now, so that when people are missing health it's black and the bars are the colours. Made the bars a bit smaller, added in a thing like Kitten so I can see when people have MOTW/GOTW easily ;)

    Cow - I don't know if you can make it show group numbers, and it's all, from what I can tell, fixed in one place like that so you can't move the groups around separately. I might be wrong on that score.

    The thing I'm really liking about it is that I do all my healing from the top of my screen, PerfectRaid meant needing to use the left side a lot too, but with Grid, it's all up there and more compact than CT or sRaid...

    Now I hear people speaking of 'modules' for it which must add in extras, I wonder what they are.... :P

  14. I know you moan about treeform Kay but I'm sure you'll feel it's come into its own when you go to a proper raid and it must be difficult to enjoy healing when the whole mage thing is all so new.

    Yeah, I know, so I toddled off to Naxxramas like the good tree that I am only for Draenor to die and then Kalimdor to go offline. gnrnrnrr... server restart now.

    I don't like treeform in PVP at all though - it's good to switch in and throw a couple of high-powered hots about but the speed nerf really makes you fall behind. I guess that's why they did it, ofc ^^ That and it's so restrictive - until you can't throw off random moonfires, you don't realise how much you miss it :)

  15. I'm working on the Dryad's Bindings for my lvl 48 mage.. going to pickup the level 50 ones.. but man, is running WSG like this a slog. It's not that the games are bad, sometimes they're actually incredibly exciting (once people get over hurling abuse at one another), but it can just go on for so long... gear doesn't decide it really in the earlier brackets. It's been so long since I've PVPd in 40-49, and when I did I had the fortune to team up with some people on a regular basis.

    But what I really enjoy about it is the ability to be a bit more proactive. On Kay I'm always healing the flag carrier or sometimes carrying it, but on my mage I can attack and create havoc. Or I can defend and create havoc. I'm generally a fan of the 'havoc'.

    19 WSG tokens now and 900 honour! So, since I'm going a bit stir-crazy from it I'll finish off when I'm closer to 50. But how exciting, my first epic :wacko:

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