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  1. Hehe glad you found it Nimmel because trying to remember where all the options are drives me nuts I've inverted the colours though, now, so that when people are missing health it's black and the bars are the colours. Made the bars a bit smaller, added in a thing like Kitten so I can see when people have MOTW/GOTW easily Cow - I don't know if you can make it show group numbers, and it's all, from what I can tell, fixed in one place like that so you can't move the groups around separately. I might be wrong on that score. The thing I'm really liking about it is that I do all my healing from the top of my screen, PerfectRaid meant needing to use the left side a lot too, but with Grid, it's all up there and more compact than CT or sRaid... Now I hear people speaking of 'modules' for it which must add in extras, I wonder what they are....
  2. Yeah, I know, so I toddled off to Naxxramas like the good tree that I am only for Draenor to die and then Kalimdor to go offline. gnrnrnrr... server restart now. I don't like treeform in PVP at all though - it's good to switch in and throw a couple of high-powered hots about but the speed nerf really makes you fall behind. I guess that's why they did it, ofc ^^ That and it's so restrictive - until you can't throw off random moonfires, you don't realise how much you miss it
  3. I'm working on the Dryad's Bindings for my lvl 48 mage.. going to pickup the level 50 ones.. but man, is running WSG like this a slog. It's not that the games are bad, sometimes they're actually incredibly exciting (once people get over hurling abuse at one another), but it can just go on for so long... gear doesn't decide it really in the earlier brackets. It's been so long since I've PVPd in 40-49, and when I did I had the fortune to team up with some people on a regular basis. But what I really enjoy about it is the ability to be a bit more proactive. On Kay I'm always healing the flag carrier or sometimes carrying it, but on my mage I can attack and create havoc. Or I can defend and create havoc. I'm generally a fan of the 'havoc'. 19 WSG tokens now and 900 honour! So, since I'm going a bit stir-crazy from it I'll finish off when I'm closer to 50. But how exciting, my first epic
  4. Went offline for us when we were 2-1 up in WSG, just about to cap. BOOM. Come back, the Alliance are 2-2 and just picked up the third which they capped. Crai.
  5. Grid. Is. Love. http://upload4.postimage.org/1864074/photo_hosting.html hrm, just noticed my ItemBonuses Fu is showing 200 less +healing than Blizz o.O
  6. Hmm.. I'm tempted to try Grid now. I might need to re-wire my brain, though. My OzRaid shows a lot of nonsense icons too at times, but there's just nothing else that I can use at the moment that makes me happy. It's usable for raiding at least. I know sRaidFrames etc but I've grown so accustomed to not having 8 separate group windows all clogging up the space, but instead a vertical setup... Givf PerfectRaid. It's so.. Perfect
  7. I'm using OzRaid at the moment. It displays totally vertically, like Perfect Raid, if you want it to, or you can have different windows with set groups or different people - very customisable, and quite pretty too. I'll try and get a screenie. I'm using it with Clique for decursing/depoisoning and I'm feeling MUCH happier about the decursive nerf. My only complaint is that OzRaid sometimes feels, hm, a bit laggy. I will go back to Perfect Raid when it comes back, definitely. It just did everything so flawlessly - showing who was low mana, showing who had an innervate on them, curse, poison, so obvious.. *daydreams* Anyway. I've been thinking about this, and wonder if it is something that will be forever broken, due to the changes in the patch. We know that many things are forbidden in combat now and for a bar to change its settings depending on target probably means you need to be in combat. Yes, it could work out of combat, if you were targetting an evil mob just hovering over your dreamfoil, but it'd be a bit pointless - mostly, you'd be swapping between healing someone and targetting that annoying gnome trying to kill you, which it wouldn't be able to adjust to..
  8. That's because oRA2 doesn't have unit frames - it's just a raid assist thingy, doesn't have Unit Frames, but deals with ready checks and MT lists and all that gubbins. Get sRaidFrames for unit frames, that's working. The thing about Ace addons is that they are minimalist - the idea is that you install only what you need. Means people who don't need all the raid groups don't have to worry about clunking up their memory with them needlessly
  9. oRA2 is up now - not sure how it fares, but hopefully better than CT. Phew, glad to see it. Now I just need a pretty raid frame mod.
  10. Grats Chant Thinking about it, most people probably said "FFS what's the point" and gave up PVPing, so those who DID carry on ended up ranking much higher, relatively speaking, than if they had the same amount of honour the week before. Or... something
  11. Breaking news! I got on Draenor for five minutes. After this screenshot was taken, I got booted.
  12. If you look at the realm list of the ones that are down, they're all Battlegroup linked I think... at least, all of Draenor's are there - Al'Akir (lol), Arathor, Draonblight, Twilight's Hammer, etc etc... and we know that the groups are done by the servers being closest to one another. My guess is, they go cluster by cluster, leaving BG1 (and hence Draenor ) till last. Hooray!
  13. But..but...Daisy told me to get Cold Snap! /crai. It's nice to have, But I suppose I can live without it. I use it when it's up, but with Ice Barrier now, I can usually get away without getting damaged and hit another nova. (Been killing a lot a few levels above me so with the resists it can get a bit worrisome at times). Sorry for my noobishness - bear in mind I was last a dpser of any kind back in January as a kitty in pvp, since been healing non-stop and have developed a raid mentality as a druid ("heal = good! dps = bad!")... I've never experienced the 'resist' factor on mobs with spells (moonfire lol), so wasn't sure how worth it those points were. Ditto with Winter's Chill - in reality, I wasn't sure how it would improve the crit rate on frozen mobs. ty folks (I have about +130 dmg which is about the same as Kay, lol )
  14. One assumes there'll be any 'healers' left, lol
  15. No. I checked my directory etc, and I had Wow-partial 3 now and such, and the biggest file in that dir was ~1000MB or so. But this was all downloaded through uTorrent rather than Blizzard Downloader, so maybe I confused the poor thing by doing it that way. Still, it seemed to predict about a 2 hour download which is nothing too painful - it's got 8 hours till I start getting restless. Why not? I like crits! I only have a few points in it anyway Bear in mind I have 5 days /played compared to your 500 But I get a 56% chance to crit on frozen targets from my talents which is nice... spamming frostbolts, the effect does stack a fair bit. I'm specced something like http://www.worldofwarcraft.com/info/classe...153233102151031 this at the moment, and I wasn't too fussed about the latest points. I was intending to put my last 10 points, from level 50 onward, into arcane, since I just love the frost tree so much. But hey free respec today and it's all going nuts so what would you suggest, with 37 points (about to ding 46 ) Maybe this? http://www.worldofwarcraft.com/info/classe...310215013001020 Going for Improved Cone of Cold instead and then there's the Frostbolt crit talent at the bottom which is <3. I'm a bit greedy though - more crits always seems more exciting than less resists. I'm just not sure how much the Elemental Precision talent would actually work, mobs that are much higher will always resist a lot and ones my level are just easy
  16. Here we go... Thought I'd best check my Downloader before heading off to work and there's ANOTHER 697MB to be downloaded, wee...
  17. My level 45 mage has started critting for 1000+ now. At 47, I don't think 1200 is beyond her capability. She's not even twinked at all - wearing Dreamweave which she made herself and some Azure Silk Pants, Hypnotic Blade and the Mage Quest Offhand orb thing. If I really went all-out damage twinkified though, yeah, 1200 easy at 47, the way my crits have gone up through the levels. And I did crit a mob three times until it died. Winter's Chill stacks and so the more times you hit, the more crit chance you have, especially if you're frozen in place...
  18. He killed a bunch of people at Ragnaros too, by getting targetted for the knockback only he resisted it and sent a bunch of people flying instead moving back to the MT position
  19. I would blame my PC if there weren't eleventy billion other people having huge problems with NTL at the moment (last week I had huge latency Sunday-Wednesday, disconnecting five times on Anub), or if I didn't have an imba PC
  20. sprite

    Patch 2.0

    I like that alchemists can randomly discover new things it seems quite... roleplayish, I suppose. "Tum te tum.. *mixes Major Mana Potion* .. wait, what if I did this and this and OMG! A Super Dooper Imba Mana Potion!" I'll probably go Potion Master, though, the amount I use. The +healing elixir is very shiny, but hmm, elixir of Major Mageblood.... I wonder if Mageblood Potion will be 'rebranded' as it were. Maybe a 'wait and see' then until we know more about what TBC offers in terms of resistance pot requirements and stuff..
  21. I disconnected on Thaddius tonight. /sigh NTL should be shot, my connection simply cannot handle it. My 10MB connection. Which costs £35/month.
  22. sprite


    Sorry I didn't mean to imply I get skill points for dissing the items - I just meant, if I diss the items, I get materials to then level enchanting
  23. sprite


    Trouble with Dreamfoil is that it's used in EVERYTHING... it's not *just* Major Mana Potions. Every person of every class has a use for Dreamfoil which pushes the demand right up - only mana users need the Mana Potion. I wouldn't say so, but with crafting professions, there's definite 'guidelines' - you know you're getting ahead of yourself when the stuff you make is too high level for you to actually use, which my little mage just found with her Dreamweave Circlet and Runecloth Belt. She shouldn't be able to make the belt, having never picked up a piece of Runecloth in her life, but of course she has some lvl 60 shaped support with that Mining things like Thorium is hard because of the areas it's in, too. But it'll all be worth it come TBC. There's no rush. Even a skill a day will see you through to 300, afterall. My mage is also an enchanter which, at 270/300 is turning into an absolute PIG - but if I keep making my runecloth belts etc and diss them, I'll level enchanting slowly but surely too. I spent about 30g the day I spam levelled it in Uldaman /crai
  24. Well, this one was still a mystery, but... http://suek.co.uk/bosses.wmv Basically, we were fighting Broodlord happily. Then all of a sudden the above happened. It might've been a Rain of Fire clipping through, or the Sulfuron Hammer proc or something but.. what the ass? (Sadly Fraps'd on my old PC which couldn't handle the chaos quite so well.. note how I completely lock up upon death ) But me personally? Hmm... well, I talked to the NPCs at Rajaxx prematurely once, no wipe or anything, we just ran out and reset This week at AQ20 I ran into bugs and told everyone to turn around and WAIT at Ossirian's terrace (just killed him, heading to Buru) but ofc, no one ever listens and kept running and.. into the bugs after I got out the instance.
  25. I'm sure there's some irony there, and I could rise to the bait, but I won't Needless to say, I'm just here to talk about WoW
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