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  1. I'm just going to go with the flow. I see a lot of conflict/drama on the horizon for well, everyone, really. Some people want to stay with their guilds now, others will want to go back to their roots, or back to playing with previous guilds, etc. Will it be possible for all those in a given raiding guild to stay and raid later on? Is it a bit 'dodgy' to have been raiding with a guild for ages and to leave again to go elsewhere? Like it'd just be a stop-gap, or a service station on the road to your real destination? hmm With people who will inevitably leave, maybe the problems won't actually be that huge. Those who want to go back to their roots will and those who want to stay wherever will be able. I'm a bit scared/worried. I know very little about the expansion, I didn't want to spoil myself, so I'm a bit eeek! as there's people who basically have a complete plan it seems of what they are going to do, and are prepared for it.
  2. They still kept signing up though, heh! Still, doesn't matter now, BWL is being dropped from our schedule. KT here we come. Treeeeeeeeeee
  3. I thought you could keep whatever your highest rank was, so High Warlords could still get that recognition?
  4. sprite


    Ranks change each week, Rank 2 is pretty easy though by comparison You'll see, you'll be Rank 1 in a week and you'll be close to 2!
  5. I lol'd Really lol'd! There are tears of lolness
  6. Just go for ALL YOUR BASE ARE BELONG TO US Sorted.
  7. At Loatheb one of our warlocks frequently makes the top 5
  8. I saw my first speed hacker the other day, a shaman (who yes, has now been reported ) zipping around like an idiot. They started by saying "can go 400km n hr if u lt me!" and no one really knew what they were talking about, until they got the flag and were over the other side in about 5 seconds flat. Very strange, made everything quite buggy, got it on video though hehe No escape!
  9. My Blizzard Downloader only seems to be popping up when I close WoW, by which time I want to go sleep so I've not got anywhere yet. I never use BitTorrent otherwise but I'll check out this uTorrent thingyme, cheers for the heads up
  10. Sprite's had a very hard week tbh And, like all women, has a tendency to over-react and get emotional. SURELY NOT!!! I hear you cry!
  11. See now, I'm trying, but Motty here won't rise to the bait. Ulala, I make it #5001
  12. My name's Kay and I like puppies.
  13. Damnit, Motteh. One day when Draenor was down we rolled nub toons on a French RP server and he stole my name :'(
  14. Heh.. this thread has been going in circles for the last five pages Best of luck Khaz with whatever you decide <3
  15. That analogy sucks I only objected to the insults being thrown at the guild I am *a part of*, which is where the analogy falls down.. husband beating his wife is just one man.
  16. www.wowace.com is my AddOn bible these days. Ditched all the CT stuff (bar a few little tweaky features) in favour of Ace2 mods - my friend on a less well-specced machine saw his FPS double by doing this. CTRaid Assist -> oRA2 (handles the MT List, Ready checks etc, fully compatable with CTRA) CTRaid Assist Boss Mods -> Bigwigs Boss Mods (Boss Alert mod complete with timer bars and FFVII Fanfare for victory!) CTRaid Assist Emergency Monitor -> Squishy Emergency Monitor, shows anyone in a definable range who has aggro, uses arrows to indicate if they are you, in your party, or a high-priority target. Shows who has a HoT on them and who is being healed. Less intrusive by far than CT Raid's Emergency monitor Decursive -> Detox. More customisable, seems to just be 'cleaner'. Titan Panel -> FuBar - has a lot more nifty features in it too, and all Ace2 addons feature on it along with things like Bagspace, Experience Monitor, Money, whatever you want.
  17. I defended the lack of answer in the beginning, when people were here posting whilst the officers were mostly still asleep/raiding. The decision to kick in the middle of the night, well, I never really defended that. I said there's pros and cons to both ways of doing it, and that you can never really win whichever way. I remember a guild member in Swiped, for example, getting kicked in the middle of Nefarian attempts. Or one /gquitting in similar circumstances. I can't remember if I was leading the raid or not, but either way, it was pretty 'disturbing', for want of a better word.
  18. Myeh, I've always taken things too personally, and yes I found it upsetting to see something I really like being dragged through the mud. Fair enough, water cooler, etc etc, gossip blah blah, but seriously if this were a water cooler and a few people were chatting and someone was a bit miffed about some of the stuff that was said about something they genuinely care about (there, I said it), you expect them not to say anything? *looks at how many stuffs/somethings/other vague words are in the above*
  19. Unique situation I suppose, Mr Ben has spoken a lot about Chimaera here... I'm sure the officers were a bit hurt by it all, for it to have come to this. It's rare that people act in the best possible way when angry/upset.
  20. I don't consider it 'blind' defence of 'the' guild - I consider it defence of MY guild. You don't see Chimaera members going off on one about how Passion or whoever treat their members when they have issues. Ok so maybe they aren't brought to this forum so much, but you don't see us throwing around words like pathetic, 'cold-hearted shit'. But then, I've never been one to throw around insults when I don't know the full story The thing is, it's been dealt with now, whichever which way. The plague of forums is that there's a reply every few minutes, when in the real world, sometimes it's a few hours before a person gets back to their PC to do something. Me, I just troll forums at work. But what do I know, I'm not a real rllmuker, 'coz I just troll the WoW forum and am not part of the clique (but for the record, a long time lurker -Joined: 29-November 05)
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