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  1. Heh, I typed die instead of day - Freudian?

    Thaddius makes me cry. One of our guildies summed it up really; why the hell do Blizzard make a fight that creates so much lag, graphical lag, whatever with all the spell effects, and then make success crucial on a computer's/connection's ability to sustain itself through all this?

  2. Well you don't seem to know anything about what I listed - about how lovely the people in Chimaera are, hm? :lol: You get only one side...

    I can't justify anything, I've only been in the guild for 7 weeks or something, so I have no answer to give - nor would I, if I could, really, what does it matter here... yes it was announced here but it was 5am and people are sleepy then. Maybe it's not the best time or place, but when is a person in their soundest judgement at 5am? No use dissecting things for a few hours when nothing changes... officers are all busy at the moment..

    And we're in the middle of a 5 hour raid so, I'm guessing this isn't the sort of thing that could be handled with a quick whisper in the middle of sorting groups/tanks/targets/healing for Patchwerk. (why am I posting? Because the mind control just got resisted on Razuvious ;))

  3. So, I started a mage recently, and I'm having a blast. I specced frost, since as fire I wasn't noticing that huge difference in the numbers when it came to pure damage, and frost you get all the extra kiting ability and things like that.

    She dinged lvl 33 today and I'm ever so proud, my highest level alt :lol:)) But, I can't afford a mount at 40 :(

    But she pwns!! ;) And I get to wear pretty dresses at last <3

  4. Can we stop insulting our guild now, please? It's been said already that kicking isn't a subject that's taken lightly, and damnit, I love Chimaera, so please stop throwing about all this crap about it not being a very good guild.

    It's a fantastic guild, full of people who help, full of people who care, full of people who all have a lot of fun together. Please stop assuming and hypothesising about things you know nothing about :lol:

    Can we move on now?

  5. I don't get it but anyway of course we don't know half of the story and we never will.

    Indeed, so why make suppositions? :lol:

    I don't know the story nor do I pretend to, but as therealjohnpeat has said, he's only known of a handful of /gkicks in the history of Chimaera so I doubt it was just on a whim as is being made out...

  6. Meh, everyone's all speculating and gossiping, when clearly it's the will of the guild to prevent that, what makes you think Khaz doesn't have his answers now? etc.

    I've only been in Chim a mere matter of weeks but I really don't like people throwing words around like 'pathetic', it makes me all defensive and stuff - you don't know the people in the guild, you don't know what's gone on here, neither do I, but can we at least show a little respect for that fact instead of jumping over every little piece of supposition and insulting a bunch of very nice people?

  7. Ok so it's one forum, where there's only a handful of Chimaera members, that still doesn't mean every little thing that happens in-guild should be broadcast to the masses.

    This all happened here, Ish posting means he was aware of what went on so sends a message to the forum as a whole sure, but that doesn't mean he or the officers then has to justify themselves to everybody here.

    We see only one side. One of Chimaera's huge benefits to me was the lack of drama, the fact that something like this is dealt with more personally helps to keep that the case... the fact that not everyone needs to know everything creates a generally less stressful atmosphere. Dissecting all this as it happens moment by moment only creates more aggro, Khaz hasn't heard anything yet about it well let's see, shall we?

    Ish posts at 5am.

    Khaz presumably kicked around that time.

    Khaz presumably asleep.

    Since Ish was clearly awake at 5am, one could suspect that he has been asleep for a fair few hours.

    I imagine that Khaz will be hearing more but it's him and Chimaera this involves, not everything is a conspiracy, sometimes people actually get up away from their computers <_< And to quote again Piro, Ish said there are a number of other issues, not that I know what they are ofc, but clearly things that the rllmuk community doesn't necessarily know about?

  8. To be fair, Ish said

    I will only take up the grimma example but there are a number of other issues,

    I don't pretend to know what they are, but we don't really need to air Chimaera's dirty laundry on every forum in the world, do we? Or indeed look down upon the guild for being intolerant when, as has been highlighted, all people here see is this particular issue.


  9. <rant>

    I realise I only arrived yesterday but...

    Why the ass do we need 9 raiding druids? We never really had a druid problem unless a string of coincidences (2 of us not well, 1 stuck at work one night once..) meant we were short :) We recruited another 2 ok, can cover the times we need more healers but yet ANOTHER 2? We have four druids on trial now!

    I guess they came as a joint package with the shaman but basically now we have 5 regular attendance druids + 4 on trial. From a selfish POV ofc I want to raid - that's why I joined, but it won't be the end of the world if I miss a night here or there, but I'm worried about the new guys - four of them all fighting for raidspots which don't always necessarily exist, if we're giving prio to the Wipe Addicts?


  10. Well, I missed Gothik last night, but the reports sound promising. With the place cleared up to him, we have tonight to really get some good time in and who knows, maybe even get him down.

    Four Horsemen, Sapphiron and then the Big Guy himself... :)

  11. I left after Maexxna - the first attempt. 1% wipe and I knew that, were there someone else in the raid instead of me, she would've gone down, so felt guilty for wasting a spot :(

    Looking forward to Gothik though. Seems to just be a battle of co-ordination, not so much a case of "one disconnect and we all die horribly", which is always refreshing. The druid POV vids I've seen make our role look a bit EZmode though :( Just heal! healheal! I swear we have it easiest :angry:

  12. Loatheb terrifies me. When we stand on that bridge I'm usually a quivering wreck, for the Real Attempt.

    I'm convinced I will;

    a) Forget to use a pot/bandage/healthstone at the right time.

    B) Lagspike/disconnect

    c) Manage to somehow miss my heal and be responsible for 40 peoples' repairs and the loss of world buffs.

    Thankfully, my fear seems to mean I don't screw up! But I wasn't too impressed with my connection last night :angry: £35/month for 10MB Broadband, a Core 2 Duo 2.40Ghz system with 2GB RAM and a Radeon X1900XT and my setup still, for some reason, cannot handle Maexxna?

    NTL should be shot.

  13. I love this video SO much. If you see on the Heigan dance, on the right hand side, there's a big cow in red/blue DPS gear spread eagled on the floor. Guess who? :wub: (But! He finally did it last night! wooooooot!)

    My favourite bits are when you can hear Ish going "ack ack ack ack ackkkk!!" and "ouuuch", Moof and his usual "jeeeesus!" .. aah it's just a constant stream of laughter. Must watch at work.

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