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  1. all I really want is to see that eyeball. And pop it.

    Maybe that's the true reason I don't fancy AQ40 so much. I DESPISE EYE THINGS. Kill Bill Volume 2, with you know the bit I mean? eurrrghhh *shudders*

    But as I said though Chimaera has already got a lot of loot from AQ40! I'm guessing but I'd wager a fair whack of people have got the improvements they'd be after from there, so Naxx is logically the next step? Remember Chimaera were in AQ40 in May - that's 6 months ago now :D

    Yes I'd like some more feral gear, but I'd also be unwilling to grab it unless every man and his dog didn't want it, so it's not a big thing to me personally. I plan on getting some more through PvP, along with the other rewards I want from it :D

    Edit: Just had a little look through CTProfiles for fun, I know people don't always keep it up to date and stuff, and I wanted to do some warlock comparisons as people are talking about those, but no Chim locks have their profiles up to date it seems :D But I know that they have AQ gear on. Anyway I compared Tat and Breaksmith, for fun. Breaksmith has more gear from AQ, but Tat has his fair share too, plus bits from Naxx. So from a DPS angle - yes, AQ clearly has nice DPS loot, but *so does* Naxx, and it seems people have got nice loot from the time spent in AQ40 or they are getting improvements in Naxx. So now I wonder if Chim is at the point where AQ40 loot has either been got, or equalled or replaced by Naxx gear, so going there from a loot POV now wouldn't be so worth it?

    People seem to be under the impression we wipe all night every night but.. that's far from the truth. Last Naxx raid I was on we took down three bosses, one of whom was the annoying Patchwerk, and got a ridiculous five (!!!) trash epics. That's a lot of upgrades. So the question is why take a night off of Naxx progress/upgrades (remember, there are a lot of bosses in there - 15 I think in total, meaning you need to kill a lot of stuff in a raiding week to get to KT himself ;)) and go to AQ instead, where mostly people will want stuff from toward the end of the instance I'd wager?

  2. Well, as I said, I am just a newbie, but we don't seem to struggle with DPS and such that much in Naxx.

    Loatheb we get World Buffs for still (as did Shinasu, who have spent a lot of time in AQ40 right?), but the last kill we had on him, on our dummy runs before, our DPS was enough to get him down even without the buffs.

  3. Raiding AQ40 on a 'non-raiding day'? Eeeeek! Can you say 'ouch'? When would we farm mats and gold and stuff? (Chim raids Sunday-Thursday, Thursday invariably being the BWL gold/nexus run also picking up the bits and pieces people still need)

    I see Chim spent nearly 2 months in AQ40 though, whilst not raiding it as intensively as Naxx I guess, but still. If the majority of people didn't like it much, or have already upgraded some gear from there, why continue with it, when Naxx itself offers DPS upgrades?

    Just speculating, I'm a newbie remember D:

  4. All healing priests, druids and shammys have the same issue with grinding. I would imagine healing paladins aren't able to kill stuff very quickly either, but I confess to knowing very little about the class in general having been a Hordie from day one.

    It takes me a year to kill stuff. ;) My cat DPS isn't -that- bad, and I can farm for Essences of Water, and stuff like that, without too much trouble as long as I don't think about how mages and rogues can cut through it all so much quicker. But for extended fights I can pop a heal in between and get back to doing some 'ok' damage. So maybe I can't kill the mob fastest, but I can go on the longest and have arguably the least downtime of some other classes.

    When it comes to levelling, I'm not especially worried. I'll just bribe others to level with me. Be more fun that way, anyway :D

  5. Got made a member in Chimaera last night along with Grock and Xeelon. I was very surprised! We were lining up outside Razorgore, I was tabbed out just logging onto TS and the first thing I hear is "Grats!!!" and I'm like "Wha? We haven't even killed anything yet how come people are getting loot?" /bonk

    So it's been two and a half weeks in Chim now and I feel like I have settled in and I guess judging by my 'New Member' status others feel the same, which is nice.

    Linking back to Chanti though - the first raid I was in I was absolutely terrified of doing something completely and utterly ridiculous, making an ass of myself and killing us all in a horrible way. I didn't (I don't think ;))... It was a thrill though, I really enjoy the Naxx fights.

    It was overwhelming, too. 36 names in a raid I'd never even grouped with before, or something. All these people I didn't know at all. I didn't even know where to start with healing, either. When you know your raid, it's like instinct, built up from healing the same people and healing *with* the same people for a while and all.. and my 'instinct' felt completely, well, wiped. I had no idea on the various methods people used, how much I was being watched, stuff like that. It was pretty surreal.

    But the first week was very hard. Tied in with all the excitement of joining Chimaera (because I was very excited and happy about it) was the guilt of leaving Swiped, but also the nagging and the hardship to follow it, people making me into a scapegoat etc for the problems. I don't deny that my and Grock leaving Swiped was a big blow, and that it did set events in motion, but I do deny being responsible for the problems - it was those problems that made me leave, really. But I digress. It was a hard, emotional rollercoaster of a week, and I missed one raid because I really didn't feel up to it, instead spending an evening playing Lego Star Wars with a friend, hurrah! Not a great way to start trying to settle in by isolating yourself!

    That weekend was a (S)wiped MC and I came along to help on Ragnaros. That was the day I decided I wouldn't go to help again. It was the day I realised that I had moved on now and that it well, it didn't feel *right* being there, both because I was in Chimaera and because I wasn't in Swiped. Which sounds like two ways of saying the same thing, but it's not.

    So that evening, I vowed to really really make a concerted effort to settle down, and get over all the drahmah nipping at my heels, and instead I had a kickass time PvPing with some Chimpeeps until my brain started going all swirly and my eyes blurry. Good times <3

    And it paid off methinks, after that, I felt 100000% better and that Swiped was truly in the past, which is sad in a way of course, and yes I do still feel guilty for it and everything that's gone on but on a personal level, I'm much happier, and having a lot more fun, which is what this game is meant to be all about.

    So my advice to Chanti and Cow and whoever else after doing this whole thing is to try and get involved, and even though it might seem hard and even hollow to you that if you stick it out and work through it then before long you'll recognise the voices on TS/Ventrilo and feel like a part of the team :D

    And about AQ40!

    Well, hmm. I enjoyed it at first, because it was shiny and new. But even in Swiped we were dissing stuff ridiculously early, it felt like. There is some fabulous stuff in there for the sort of 'non-raidspec' sort of folk, and of course some very nice healing gear (the blue dress from Fankriss comes to mind, but it's cloth ofc), but there was never really any reason I could get that excited myself, from a loot PoV. The nice healing gear was cloth :\ I got a Creeping Vine Helm, because stupid druids in blue hats were passing on it and I didn't want to see it dissed, but it's very much a 'meh, side-grade' from Stormrage.

    And it is sad that loot is dissed like that because it takes out the 'reward' element, aside from seeing a big fat boss die of course, but it does put a bit of a downer on things.

    Comparing what I've seen of AQ40 and Naxxramas I enjoy Naxx a lot more, as a healer.

    But I would like to see C'Thun :D :D

  6. I'm nearer 720-770 (depending on if you count my idol) but in my total max +healing gear I get nearer 850 or so...

    But he'd be able to use HT Rank 3 and push 1000 almost :lol: Maybe he does hit 1k, not done the maths myself.. should find out.

    So it's Rank 4/1k heal/less +heal/more regen vs Rank 3/1k heal/more +heal/less regen, it'll work out about the same.

    Except he pwns us all with rejuvs :P

  7. It's always going to be a tricky area. Of course, you want as many well-equipped healers as possible and having one druid with three epic healing hats for example, of similar quality, is a bit pointless. *cough*yesthat'sme*cough*

    But, it's not out of greed I have those. I have the Creeping Vine Helm, for example, which people passed on in favour of hoarding points. One guy still in Tribal War Feathers!! Seemed a shame to see it dissed so I grabbed it as an alternate/spare/whathaveyou.

    And my Crystal Adorned Crown I got as an initiate when no one bid at all!

    So I really don't know how some people's brains work. I think they browse sites all day and make up a wishlist and don't like to deviate from that, something like that. So if the cloth items you mentioned are on their wishlists they will eat you alive.

    There's a guy in our guild, a resto druid, with approximately 20,000 +healing. He focuses on that, and the end result you might think, well, wouldn't his mana regen suffer? He can use 1k heals for very little mana so it doesn't at all.

    Perhaps the way druids and priests should go then and let the shammys pickup the mp5 :lol:

  8. Patchwerk requires a constant spammage of 2k heals, basically, with tanks being hit for ~5-8k up to every 1.2 seconds. Hateful strike rotations lengthen this to 3.6 seconds, and parrys also provide a comfort zone but it's far far too dangerous to stop and get some regen out of the five second rule.

    It might be an unfair example but it is indeed the ultimate test of one's mana conservation and it's not just itemisation that shammys struggle with, but talents etc, I think.

    For instance, priests and druids can get 30% of their mana regenned from spirit to continue whilst casting. Highly beneficial in Patch. Shamans don't.

    Priests and druids get far more benefit from +healing than shammys, thus allowing them to spam a ~350mana spell to hit for 2000HP, I'm not sure how that compares to a shaman specifically though.

    Priests and druids don't need to drop totems.

    Ofc, Patchwerk is as much about healing and mana regen as it is managing cooldowns and being well stocked. Nightfin Soups, Stout Beatdown, Mana Oil, Mageblood Potions, Mana Potions, Runes, NDBs etc etc all make things a loooot easier.

    So you say about itemisation, and convincing people you could use things, but the sad truth is that spirit and +healing would be arguably more 'useful' on a priest or druid, to a point, anyway. That point being where they stop worrying about going oom on the current range of bosses, I guess? Just because of the way that Blizzard have designed the class mechanics :lol:

  9. I've had a lot of fun recently PvPing - AV still drives me nuts, but with AB and WSG we often get some guildies together. Sometimes only five of us but five people all saying the same thing usually gets the rest going. Even in AV - about 8 of us joined an AV and it was the smoothest AV I've had.

    So we get together on TS and have a laugh and *communicate*... had some awesome victories, a couple of honourable losses too, mind...

    But if you can play with some friends, it's 1000000% better :lol:

    Back when I was levelling I PvPd in a semi-set team, just a bunch of us who enjoyed playing together. Never used TS/Vent for it we just used raid chat and all knew the score, really. "It's Us Again" were the main guild if anyone remembers, and I was an honourary tag-along :P

  10. Personally I see Will of Arlokk as being Priest/Druid > Shaman.

    *ducks*! There's a good reason. All the shammys I know both have less spirit in general than Priests and Druids (arguably a reason why they should get this ofc) but also get *far* less benefit from it. Remember that spirit only comes into play when you have stopped casting for five seconds, so for Shammys that not only means when you're not healing but when you're not dropping totems, too.

    Priests can of course get Benediction though if it's a Majordomo guild.

    But something like an Fang of Venoxis/Aurastone Hammer/Wushoolay's Poker combination with a nice offhand/shield is more suited to a shaman IMO as you not only get +dmg with the Fang and Aurastone for example, but also mp5 which is *constant* regen for all classes, arguably more beneficial to a totem stomper. Plus, a one hander offers the flexibility of using a shield :angry:

  11. Pokey's a rogue who PvPd a lot on Draenor Hordeside, after playing chars on Ally side... then he joined AoP and Maelstrom before he, Heathen and Kolinstab got booted out (still not sure why :angry:) He gets too involved with the official forums, and a little toooo into the whole Meliannia thing.

    BUT... when I was thinking of giving the game up I somehow got involved with PvPing with him and a few other people, for about a month or so levelling from 33-59, and we had an absolute blast. He's a really nice guy.

  12. Well then.

    We almost had Patch on the first attempt. Dodgy tank bug or something meant that OT3 was ignored after 3 strikes or so, but we coped remarkably well, getting him down to 7% like that.

    Patch on the third attempt it was then, which is the best run I've personally seen at him so it can't be all bad. Grobbulus one-shotted, Gluth and Razu down too, and a hellafun raid.

    Still pessimistic? :D

    Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying that Ish isn't amazing - he is. :angry: But I really feel that the whole guild is amazing, tbh :angry:

  13. I've always been a firm believer in the fact that having a defeatist attitude gets you defeated...

    So I go into tonight's raid optimistic, optimistic that people's worries and concerns will keep us going. I know I'm only new and all, but I feel like being an outsider gave me good insight into seeing how things worked in the raids. Ofc there's always a few little things but as a whole, the unit works well.


  14. The sad truth is that things so often, currently, come down to 'if you have heal buttons, you need to use them' because of the pure lack of 'primary' healers. And hey, even if you did get 15 priests in a raid, there wouldn't really be room for the hybrids unless their DPS truly could match a mage or unless they do start pushing warriors out etc :\

  15. Well you could say that about blue lvl 20 gear. Why make it blue if it is made redundant by a level 25 green? That kinda thing.

    The point of colours is that it marks the quality for the level rather than the quality compared to like, all other stuff ;)

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