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  1. The sad truth is that things so often, currently, come down to 'if you have heal buttons, you need to use them' because of the pure lack of 'primary' healers. And hey, even if you did get 15 priests in a raid, there wouldn't really be room for the hybrids unless their DPS truly could match a mage or unless they do start pushing warriors out etc :\
  2. Who could it be?!?!?! Naah I'm not personally that worried as a noobie, seeing how well the 'operation' works
  3. Well you could say that about blue lvl 20 gear. Why make it blue if it is made redundant by a level 25 green? That kinda thing. The point of colours is that it marks the quality for the level rather than the quality compared to like, all other stuff
  4. I signed up to this wooshie ages ago wooshie
  5. I think that for some people, there are just classes that suit them moreso than others. Tricky thing is that you don't know what they are until you play ofc Maybe I've been trained for so long to stand far away from scary monsters and heal stuff, but melee isn't really my thing these days. Of the other classes I have tried the only one I really enjoy a lot is my mage Others I feel a bit limited - my warrior, trying to kill stuff in Ashenvale (satyrs..) and getting utterly battered because I can't run away or heal or crowd control /crai. That said some classes do just have an easier time of levelling...
  6. *tears Credit Card from wallet* Edit: Bugger it, I just cancelled the wrong order. ARGH.
  7. sprite


    I found a nifty website - http://www.murlocguide.com (don't let the name put you off!) it has a lot of nice reviews for addons, and I found some nice gems
  8. I'm scared! The expansion scares me I worry they could seriously break things we've come to know and love. And ofc, Draenor will be down for a week Still, pre-ordered a copy from Gameplay at least until the word on special/collector's edition is out
  9. And ZG is pretty. Go for it, if you can get the people, definitely worth it. And the sooner you'll start, the sooner you'll get more rep and the sooner you can start to reap some shiny rewards
  10. I dunno why but I feel obliged to explain myself a little here. I did a lot for Swiped and it was ultimately that which contributed heavily to my leaving. There were more personal reasons too which I won't be going into But needless to say, it wasn't poaching, or even 'influence'.. except for the occasions where I asked questions myself. The problem with Swiped as I see it was that there were a core group of people who really gave it their all and put so much time/effort into the guild whilst there were still those who just didn't pull their weight. This was a problem in Wiped, too, on a more obvious level you'd have people who brought raid prep and those who didn't. That makes it sound like there were a lot of people who just couldn't be arsed, it wasn't like that - people did bring pots etc in Swiped, but there was still a select group who thought it was their divine right to argue about this, that and the other, despite the NO DRAMA policies. Through the efforts of those who did give a lot to the guild, it meant that Swiped was relatively burnout free for the bulk of the members. But then all of a sudden it just got too much for me personally. I'd login and wish I hadn't. Suddenly a Molten Core raid with no leader and I end up doing it because I'm begged, but offered no thanks and instead a lot of bitching later on. And when you work 9-6 and then work some more for no pay or even thanks from 6-11 you start questioning why you're bothering, and one of them has to go - it won't be the paid one, will it? Especially when you spend time at work trying to organise signups/worrying about it all blah blah - it's not right. Similar sort of thing with Grock really, except replace 'work' with 'studies' for him.. So I could've just stepped down but often when it becomes known you can/do do certain things it's hard for people to let you get away from that. And I won't lie - a fresh start appealed massively. For a long time raiding with my friends was the big part of what kept me going but it did just get too much, to the point where that no longer offered enjoyment because all of the other stuff outweighed it which is kinda sad Plus, I ended up having more fun on five/10 mans with those people which is something you can do regardless of guildtag So it became a case of putting my own enjoyment/game first with respect to raiding, and it's something that has paid off That said, I see Swiped now and see a repeating cycle. The guild has been in Blackwing Lair for nigh-on six months now, and the names now taking the lead etc are the ones who have done it the most, so I can't help worry that it'll only be a matter of time until the cycle repeats. Old names leave, new names join, dooming them to a future of repititon in order to gear up folk etc... Just a general thing where not everyone is on the same page and in Chimaera, it feels like everyone is which is just fantastic. And /hugs and /love to all Swipedies <3 (And Chimpeeps, and Daddy Gerplex <3) --Kaywinnit, who has also been looking for Daddy in BGs and asking random people to no avail
  11. Whenever I get down to about 12-15fps it's very choppy and nasty
  12. Druids... Well I love playing a druid (though I am a tauren one ) and I really enjoy it. From about lvl 15-20 it may be a bit of a drag though I suppose, as you've not yet got catform. Now catform I adore!! It's great for soloing. Stealth, quick kill, throw on a heal in caster and repeat. Very little downtime. So the advice is just to keep at it until you hit level 20
  13. In my limited BG experience I've found that you're right - the Alliance do seem to go for the HKs. I've got a possible explanation for it though. Every time they enter BG, they resign themselves to the fact that they've lost and so just do all they can to soften the blow I've lost a couple of times on WSG ... one was a 9 v 6 outnumbered and the other was 10 v 7. Sweet victory when we won another 10 x 7 though
  14. Well, it's painful when you usually have things moving at a decent rate. 3fps difference isn't much If I may ask - why 12? I'd get so frustrated I'd pack it in I'm sure
  15. Whaaat! Hunters have Aspect of the Monkey to start! Oh sweet confusion.
  16. Yes you are, Mr Tauren Splitter!
  17. I'm curious about my PC now. I work in the business so it's always upgradeable easily for me Just a case of when to do it. Currently running... Pentium 4 2.8Ghz 1gig RAM Sapphire ATI Radeon 9800 Pro (got it for £80 so a nice deal there) But my dilemma is that I'm still on a 478 board, so I don't want to spend too much on my current box. (And don't even mention an AMD to me, not interested ) So would you say it's worth upgrading my chip now? In terms of WoW how much would it increase my performance? I could get a 3.4Ghz chip (800 Bus as opposed to 533), and of course always upgrade the graphics/RAM in the future if I want to... But at some point, I'll get a new box, new board, LG775 chipset at least using the Extreme chips etc. I suppose I'm asking what it's worth doing Would WoW benefit more from 2gig RAM than a 3.4Ghz 800Bus chip? In general performance is ok, I average about 40-50fps I guess, but there are times it chugs right down to 15 which is painful...
  18. Hello one and all I'd just like to introduce myself more than anything. I'm called Kaywinnit on Draenor (which I see is where a lot of people seem to 'live' from here ) Anyway I'm a tauren druid in a pimp hat (currently) with a green skirt (erm... Jinxed Hoodoo Kilt actually, very nice) and I'm quite partial to making myself tiny for flagruns in WSG. Level 48 and currently specced feral (makes life easier for soloing, though no doubt I will have a rethink when I reach 60 ) and enjoying the game very much. I'm a Holy Zarquon which you may've heard of ... I know at least one guy on here will have *looks at cowfields*. I see that Lemsip is also on this board! I want to salute you for having such a cool name. Don't suppose Aahbisto is about too is he?
  19. Hello I'm new! Just wanted to say that I'm on Draenor in a different guild and I've seen A Band Apart about... be sure to say hi next time (Kaywinnit is meee)
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