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  1. Price, lacking choices, stubborn refusal to add players from certain teams. He’s often on the bench. My midfield also has Son and Mane (yay) so they usually make up for it. I’ve had to use transfers to account for other injuries and stuff in recent weeks, think I’ll be binning him off next.
  2. Well I guess for me it’s Uncharted 4 as a last minute entry. I played through and completed the Tomb Raider reboot trilogy this year which overall I enjoyed, but it left me feeling like I had maybe missed out not completing Uncharted 4. Essentially, the only games I really played on my PS4 are Uncharted and FF7 Remake plus a couple of other random things. So what better time to go back than the only time I have managed to genuinely switch off from work (because everyone else has done)? I wasn’t overly enamoured with the idea of a brand new character being so involved
  3. FML I’m on -2 points thanks to Mings and Jorginho so far this week
  4. Do iiiit! It starts off quite slow, as shown by my ignoring it for four years But I proper loved it, probably just what you want - not heavy but a great story and the treasure hunt itself is great!
  5. In we go. Bought yesterday and finished installing. Tried Nuketown today to see what’s what. Didn’t come last! Seems fun
  6. Uncharted 4 finished What a game.
  7. It’s 2330 so I can officially say “I made it”. I think I’ve spent about ten hours glued to games and, I’m not sorry. Hope everyone has had a good/okay day depending on your word of choice and desired outcome @IainGamer so sorry for your loss, glad you have been able to have family around you x
  8. Just done the car chase!!! Pirates are so much better than ancient Incan/Mayan daggers and boxes!
  9. I only hopped over as I thought I needed a little break from shooting up The Covenant and Flood in Master Chief Collection! I’ll be back on that soon enough I do love Uncharted though. As much as I enjoyed the TR reboot, Uncharted is where it’s at for me. The environments, the characters, the banter, and the music
  10. For some reason I’ve decided I need to finish Uncharted 4. I barely touch my PlayStation, I’ve got a Series X just waiting for me to work all the way through GamePass, but nope. I need to finish UC4. After 4 years.
  11. Halo 1 down Why are warthogs so bloody hard to control? Great game though, really holds up well today, ridiculous to think it first came out 17 years ago. The music was a particular (surprising) highlight. A little repetitive in places on the map design, but to be expected I suppose. Great story and great gameplay (once I got my controls right). Onto 2!
  12. Ta! Friend got a click and collect of the console itself, with the £1 GP ultimate 3 months deal as well, makes it much more appealing!
  13. Is it possible to still get a Series S on all access? Smyths Toys showing they have hardware in stock but that they have used all their All Access allocation? So are they not doing it anymore?
  14. How strange, apparently I'm on the Halo CE control settings... I'll have to investigate further
  15. I never played Halo, except a brief stint on ODST. Ive just started playing Halo 1 and it is fantastic. Fire being on LT is confusing.
  16. Twitter comments are awful. What a state. Lewis isn’t my favourite driver (honestly I’m not sure why, none of my faves ever achieve very much maybe that’s it, I need to root for the underdog), but I certainly respect his talent and more than that his willingness to use his voice for good. Very well deserved. If someone was going to beat Henderson then I’m glad it’s him*! *And I’m glad Liverpool won team of the year.
  17. Oh not lost per se, but with Seb and Daniel moving on, maybe in the latter’s case it created a void prematurely that they’ve not been able to account for since. He was at RB for four years. They filled the seats with rookies, where other teams try to partner experience with rookie for the most part. Max is young, but more than that, I can’t imagine he’s a great team mate to really try and learn or refine your craft from. Not in the same way that say, Lando speaks of Carlos Sainz.
  18. Rumours are circling that Disney are going to reboot Firefly as they’ve acquired it as part of the Fox stuff. I am so very, very torn. Firefly is so near and dear to my heart, it was tragic that it ended so soon but it remains perfect forevermore. On the flip side, revisiting the ‘verse would be wonderful... would just need to never ever compare it to the original to have any hope of enjoying it
  19. Looks like the world juniors will be on NHL TV
  20. Liverpool social media and the songs all refer to him as Bobby. So we call him Bobby.
  21. Red Bull is an odd one. They don’t seem to be able to hang on to experienced drivers of late, and they have a very chaotic approach to their young ones. Maybe with a bit of luck Checo can bring some stability to things
  22. Klopp giggling after the sixth went in pulled up his scarf to cover it
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