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  1. Maybe I just had loads when I was there Seems the advice is go to a zone and do as little as possible m. Zone in, then do nothing, the game does a check every five minutes which is then a chance for a distortion. I guess I would do a lot of farming mats - avoiding battles as battle time is different to real time.
  2. I’ve seen magnemite in loads of distortions. I’m sure it’s not just been in the coastlands…
  3. I finished the main game, hooray! (And did the post-credits story part too). What a treat this was all in all. Yes it’s kinda simplistic and no it’s not perfect but I enjoyed every minute. Now I gotta complete me that Pokédex!
  4. Thinking further, very unlikely they would do an MRI immediately for anyone in motor racing accident. The risk of shrapnel of unknown material involved in injury is too high, so CT is the way to go I expect. Once that’s done and metal ruled out (causes artefacts) they might consider an MRI I suppose. But CT can still tell them a lot.
  5. I mean, yes, this is true, ferrous* metal + MRI do not mix. But it’s the easiest thing in the world to take it off someone in that setting, the patient needs to be stable before they can go in an MRI scanner, the last thing you want is a resus in MRI of all places! (Basically if someone arrests whilst in the MRI you have to get them the fook out, MR-safe professionals have to move the dying patient out the other side of the scanner room….) So by the time they get there they’ll have been admitted and been through lots of departments already where they will strip you and remove bits and pieces. *pure gold, silver, whatever are non-ferrous. Only iron is magnetic.
  6. I've not been trained on fireproof under layers but the pads need to go on skin to conduct according to what I've been taught, so, it would come off or be cut through yes. However you can get the pads on the skin. Scissors are usually nearby (on our crash trolley for example), can't guarantee they'll be in an on-the-street defib pack but I would imagine the F1 medical team keep them close by also. Other things - razor for chest hair as particularly hairy chests can increase impedence also. Bras often cut through, etc. It's also worth saying I guess that the pad doesn't actually go over the nipple. I don't really know how bad the risk of whatever would be is but you just put the pad on clear skin, jewellery is basically just impeding the shock through the patient, and carries a risk of carrying current itself over the skin instead, so you avoid it. At the point you are defib'ing someone, they're basically dead, so everything else is relative to that.
  7. Jewellery in and around the ears isn't an issue for a defib. Only nipple or anything directly under where you place the pads are an issue. I would move a chain out of the way (especially if it had a pendant, that'd go around the back) but it wouldn't be number 1 priority to remove for first shock.
  8. I dunno, they secured shedloads of sponsor tv time…
  9. Agree, English isn’t his second language though, maybe he landed on an incorrect word looking for something that means/lands a bit differently in German? Even swapping culture for ‘society’ perhaps changes it, although it’s still not great. Disclaimer: I’ve never learned German so I may be talking out my arse. It’s been quite eye opening for me recently, my husband is English second language but 99% of the time you would not know it. However now he is learning English law and its associated grammar it’s been quite the reminder!
  10. Yeah I felt like this when we saw it last time, I remember it being a relief when it was done.
  11. Happy for Perez, just wish he didn’t drive for Red Bull
  12. I’m not sure Mick would be the guy to try and take chances with a head injury though
  13. His radio broke so they can’t be sure he didn’t lose consciousness either way as he won’t be a reliable source, they could also be scanning for broken bones too etc. Sounds like he is doing well though!
  14. I think maybe they haven’t shown him after there was so much criticism of the handling of Grosjean’s crash in the footage.
  15. I finished it! Oh, it was so good! I love how unpredictable it all was. It's like, Trek but with spontaneity. The conclusions aren't always the "right", or obvious outcome, and them just getting drunk in the mess sometimes after a hard day is so much more approachable and realistic somehow. It's like if utopia wasn't utopia. Bring on season 3!
  16. Sorry I edited that ^ You left the most spoilery part in the open @RFT
  17. I could listen to Scott Grimes sing all day. More:
  18. Haha yeah I'm sorry in true sprite tradition I am way, way way behind the curve but with a view to catching up in time for season 3! And yeah the two parter was amazing! I wasn't expecting it to be as... big!
  19. Just watched Season 2 Episode 6 - A Happy Refrain. Honestly, this had no right on paper being as entertaining as it was. It was genuinely well done
  20. Monaco anthem is so jolly!
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