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  1. Just watched a highlight reel of the FA Cup final 2001. what a game that was! Two goal line clearances from Hyypia and THAT BALL from Berger. let’s not discuss Henchoz’s elbow.
  2. Devastated by this. Like everyone else, that season meant so much to me and I have crystal clear memories of watching the UEFA Cup Final. The thing about Gerard is he loved the club. Proper loved it. That’s why he means so much to us. (See also: Klopp).
  3. I feel bad that Lewis just can’t go back to bed. He looks so tired.
  4. YES OCON DANNY RIC FASTEST LAP LOL That was an exciting lap. The rest less so.
  5. If Albon passes him... that would be a good final effort to save his seat
  6. He seemed very moved when DC told him
  7. Nando in the v10 again during Toto’s interview ”thats a real car!”
  8. Did DC just say his first ever pole? Eh.
  9. Also Kyvat isn’t confirmed for next year, there’s still a seat at AlphaTauri.
  10. Lewis really doesn’t sound great on that video.
  11. Talking about a grid penalty as an option for George. Wouldn’t that be really harsh to make him carry the penalty theoretically back to Williams? He had no control of the error - it was Mercedes team fault - they should hold the penalty.
  12. Yeah, no one cares! You didn’t win, your team mate did. Be gracious. Twat.
  13. So happy for Perez but I hate that he gives victory to Racing Point who have treated him so badly.
  14. Landooooooo Come on McLaren, P3 constructors please
  15. Nico Rosberg 1.78m Michael Schumacher 1.74m Lewis Hamilton 1.74m Valtteri Bottas 1.73m (Stoffel Vandoorne 1.77m) George Russell 1.85m It’s so much more than the seat, the entire lineup of Mercedes drivers have been significantly shorter than George. The whole car has been developed with people the other side of 6ft
  16. So I'm back too, I doubt for very long but I've been sinking far too much time, effort and stress into work and the only thing that really has a hope of dragging me away is the addictive insanity of WoW. I'm all for it. I unlocked the vulpera and want to start one but can't decide on class. Levelling my shaman on Defias Brotherhood, enjoying the story so far I'm a n00b again, it's great.
  17. What mods please? I forgot everything, and that looks like I used to have, and like
  18. Nikita Mazepin signed for Haas
  19. Tricky, George is Williams’ best shot at scoring points so they may want to hang onto him...
  20. That's really sad. I hoped they would've gone for the human factor rather than the shock factor. They had the opportunity to do an up-front piece along the lines of "don't worry, he's fine, before you see the footage" if that were a priority.
  21. I watched on Sky, but my dad always watches on C4. I never tell him anything about the race but this time, I just sent a message saying “no spoilers, but the driver is okay” because I had no idea if C4 would be telling people that up front. (Did they?)
  22. Well, yes. I was quoting race radio
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