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  1. Monaco anthem is so jolly!
  2. WTF at mocking the engineer’s accent? Fuck off.
  3. Maybe I’m in HDR already. I have no idea..
  4. Shes the W Series Diversity and Inclusion ambassador….
  5. How do I watch in 4k/uhd on sky? last year I would go onto the channel and it gave me an option to watch in UHD. Nothing popping up now….?
  6. I have the F1 on series link, which is good and bad, as it takes every single element of the race weekend and so if I don't need the recordings I have to stay on top of deleting!
  7. Bottas being a good wing man.. oh wait
  8. I hope Pierre has a good year.
  9. At the end I did really enjoy watching this Re his suit
  10. Alpine are letting McLaren use Piastri in the event one of their drivers is unable to race. Alpine still have first option on his services. Seems like they’re thinking Danny Ric may miss next week…?
  11. Yeah that's what I did. They said it was for life but it turns out that just meant for 2 years As it is now I get F1 and movies for £20 or something.
  12. Is it still possible to just get single channel Sky Sports F1 with a Sky package? If so, might that be cheaper somehow if people also want to watch the other entertainment stuff? I've still got just F1 anyways but I signed up ages ago. And of course in December I was convinced I would cancel and I was done with the sport, and here I find myself signed up to F1 Fantasy League and looking forward to it coming back. D'oh. I think I just really wanna see Lewis take it to RB this year.
  13. I don't think it's a clinical link as such - the theme this year is "harnessing excellence in a time of chaos" - so I imagine it will be more a motivational general speech around his experiences of chaos
  14. This is neither here nor there but Pat Symonds is the opening speaker at a work conference (UK Imaging & Oncology) this year. I don't really understand the link but I really wanna go
  15. Will he still be banned if he's racing under the non-flagged Russian Motorsport IOC type thing?
  16. Nearly there! Ep 6 Krill. “Katniss Everdeen”
  17. Yeah it wasn't exactly a hit but I guess it did a good job of introducing the characters at that point The episode that made me really stick with it was the next one "Into the Fold" as it really started to feel like Trek
  18. Based on a quick look over the synopses it must have been episode 7 - I definitely remember the Facebook planet.
  19. Turns out I never even saw the pilot, I’ve no idea what on Earth I did but I must have missed the beginning of a run through. Anyhoo I enjoyed it well enough! Maybe it’s not as disappointing if it’s not the first ep you see
  20. I’m working through The Orville but I’ve made a right pig’s ear of it. I think I recorded it on Sky a few years back but somehow only got the pilot and then some episodes from like Season 1 episode 7 onward. So when it landed on Disney+ I started with the episode after the one I’d seen, forgetting the above. End result is I watched the end of Season 1 just now and then realised on looking at some episode recaps I have no memory of earlier ones Hooray for me! More stuff to enjoy! Going to go back to the start and catch myself up before moving onto Season 2. And it really is genuinely brilliant
  21. #Worldle #29 2/6 (100%) 🟩🟩🟩⬛⬛⬇️ 🟩🟩🟩🟩🟩🎉 https://worldle.teuteuf.fr I don’t understand the colour reports on this thing, why do I have black squares? My first guess had three of the same letters as the answer (and in the same spots). Other people have yellow squares?
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