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  1. SO MUCH THIS. There were times when I'd be away travelling with work, maybe had a few drinks on a night out even (which usually makes me all hangxiety as soon as I'm calling it a night), and I put WOTW on and I go to sleep content.
  2. As has been mentioned already as well - people will go where their friends go. Now for us alleged grown ups we might have conversations and all decide to migrate platform en masse. But kids will go where their friends do and that'll be based on whichever one (or their parents) bites first. And there's no guarantee they'll be a wizened ol' rllmuker with a bigger picture, more likely a harassed parent in Smyths asking them for advice. I mean, of course only 18+ play COD.
  3. The trouble with COD is that there are so many franchises across different developers - a Black Ops isn't the same as a Modern Warfare and some are generally more highly regarded than others. Don't ask me which, I play them, I'm terrible at them all, and mostly I get annoyed at the humongous downloads/updates with shocking regularity. That's why people are flogging their S's!
  4. I was going to cancel my pre-order as trying to save a bit of money, was waiting to see what the reviews were like... Early impressions all seem to be "BEST POKEMON EVER" so I guess I'm still in
  5. sprite


    You may mean DeNiro for the second bit? I found the same with the audio mix today as you describe. But what they do with the direction of the sound is pretty cool. There’s one bit where for example there’s music playing following Pacino through a room and it stops the instant he smashes a window.
  6. sprite


    Wow, I don’t know how I completely missed Val Kilmer’s cancer story. Sad.
  7. sprite


    Just kicked off a rewatch
  8. I’m not sure it represents any real intended direction and is more an attempt to ride the GTFO bandwagon!
  9. Janine and Egon were more of a thing (though I don’t think they ever properly got together together that we knew… someone correct me) in the cartoon, and alluded to more in the comics. But I’ve no idea where any of that sits with Afterlife canon!
  10. A couple of years ago my friend showed me this for the first time, he loved it. At a work Christmas do he HONK!d at me whilst I was putting some mini puddings on my plate, and startled, I dropped my puddings on the rest of the puddings. He had become the goose.
  11. I just finished the second dungeon in Skyward Sword HD and have realised I genuinely never ever played a moment of this game, despite buying it on the Wii with a gold wiimote. I used the wiimote a lot! Anyhow I am really enjoying it, it was a last minute gift when my husband realised he hadn’t got me anything to open and I thought what’s better than a Zelda on Christmas? I am finding the controls frustrating at times but it is getting better, I also seem to be worse at this style of game than I remember but it’s drawing me in all the same. Hope I can stick with it
  12. So do game saves all transfer safely too, if you have cartridge games? I'm sure a friend told me there was some sort of issue with Pokemon specifically?
  13. So did anyone get OLEDs for Christmas? I have an original Switch and I've got a few new games to play on it, I find myself curious about the OLED in a "fancy treating myself for Christmas" kinda way. I near enough always play handheld whilst husband is watching something on telly. How painful is the experience of transferring your games and saves, do you lose anything by swapping console?
  14. The Lego HP games are great, there's two games in the Switch collection, the first game covers years (books) 1-4 and the second 5-7. But you won't end up spoiling yourselves if you start 1-4 as it starts with the very beginning, and you can stop when you get to the end of year 2 essentially if you want to avoid spoilers. The games are pretty massive too. Definitely worth getting. Edited to add about the unlockable characters, I suppose there could be some spoils there, but nothing really jumps out to me I don't think as something that could really mega spoil you
  15. Thanks for the tips above lads I never said. I decided against a proper jersey this time as they ship straight from the US and I was worried about customs or returns if it wasn’t quite right. Settled on a jacket instead. Next up, is there any way we can watch the Juniors champs in the Uk?
  16. It seems pretty stupid to enforce something like this during a global pandemic with the virus ripping through the paddock.
  17. I remember at the start of this season when Merc were struggling a bit, the suggestion was they were focusing so much on next years car (2022) and what they were running for 2021 was basically something with very little investment. So they were acting really unsurprised that Red Bull were so close.
  18. I’m sure on the comms at one point Masi said his concern was clearing everything SAFELY and then he makes a rule change in the exact opposite direction by flouting the extra lap for SAFELY letting the safety car in and the unlapped cars sorting themselves.
  19. I really got suckered back into F1 in a big way when it first came back to our screens during the pandemic. So much had gone and there was still so little we were allowed to do that watching the F1 was great again as it takes up so much time and was entertaining. Now I don’t feel like I want to prioritise it. I found the whole thing really stressful today, and I’m not even a Lewis Hamilton “fan”, I just wanted him to win that 8th championship.
  20. This is how I feel. I still pay for Sky Sports F1, I have some discount on it coz I've got movies too (after the whole crazy thing where my "lifetime F1 HD for £10/month" turned out to be a lie) but they're both going now.
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