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  1. “There’s a guy f***ing running across the track!!!!!! .... that’s got to be the bravest guy I’ve ever seen.”
  2. Hurts like hell in normal life, imagine the pain being under the force they are in an F1 car. I believe Lando had recently broken or bruised a rib or two and he was really struggling. And we’re at the start of a triple header right? So it’s definitely feasible he may not race again this season. If he even wants to set foot in the car again after that.
  3. Yes, the medical car follows for first lap. And he was at the back.
  4. How the flying fuck did he get out of that in one piece?!?!?!
  5. In the medical car chatting away. Wow.
  6. Had two days working with my Omega now, which is the perfect size for me. I can adjust it so I get my feet on the floor, arms at right height, cushions in right place. I’m 166cm and usually buy 30” length jeans. I’ve angled the armrests in as without doing this they’re too wide for me at rest (this amuses me as I always thought I was broad shouldered). I also find myself taking one arm off when I’m doing a lot of typing, but I think that’s a bad habit from prior chair, I can definitely rest both arms on when I’m typing. So I do get some aches - bum really - no doubt from bein
  7. The Siberia setting reminds me of my favourite from the originals - TR2. So I quite like that
  8. Okay, Shadow of the Tomb Raider is a proper slog. Basically the same story in a new place, with loads of stupid “run away!” segments. Still, going to finish it as I’ve come this far, but a distinct lack of originality.
  9. I wouldn’t go that far, pester them on Twitter. I’ve seen reports of them honouring the match going back to the 19th.
  10. You only get one spine! Tell your wife you can replace knees and hips but you have to look after your back especially if you are sitting all day WFH.
  11. They seem very active on Twitter - secretlabchairs
  12. Just awoke to an email from them, stumbled bleary eyed to my PC and ordered the Omega Just plain black soft weave though sorry Wiper. Thankyou for thinking of me! I hope it’s the right choice. Couldn’t decide. The Titan would be good if I wanted to sit like an idiot, but being that it’s larger I’ll struggle to actually get the back support, as I do now with the Markus. I’m getting some money toward it from work so it’s not quite as painful. Edit: my hesitation is that 80% of comments and reviews online are from fellas, including Secretlab’s r
  13. Using the bow is something I really enjoy so needing to be stealth is no problem to me. But in any of those areas you can always be guns blazing if you prefer. I don’t think I’m far enough in Shadow yet to know either way...
  14. I’ve got an IKEA Markus at the moment which until this year I never had issue with, but now I’m acutely aware it doesn’t give me lumbar support. It might be great for other people but it just doesn’t suit me in this way for extended use (ie over weeks/months, not just hours per day) especially when I slack on my core exercises. Firm for me I hope means more support. The Markus is also pretty firm.
  15. But it’s so pink... I’ll drop food on it. I wish there was a dark fabric Overwatch edition, rather than the PU leather. I assume the PU leather won’t be mega comfy in the warm summer months.
  16. Im a couple of hours into this for the first time and really enjoying it. Throws you straight into the story and action, definitely a refinement of all that has come before so far.
  17. Can I bump? Im looking at the Omega as I’m 5’6.5” . My only hesitation is I sometimes do sit with one leg folded under the other if that makes sense and I’m not sure if it would work. But even doing that my knee measure to other thigh is within the seat measurement of the chair so think I’ll be ok. How are you getting on with the Omega? Does it feel restrictive at all on your thighs/bum from being a bit more of a bucket style? As much as I want the D.Va one I’ll probably go plain
  18. I think so, my cat turned the sound off during his lap at the end. Nice that Seb is there with him tbh.
  19. He basically wore the inters down so much they became slicks, and the track suits slicks better, right?
  20. So I decided to pay the £25 for the 20th Anniversary Edition of Rise of the Tomb Raider and figure out where I was and what I was doing. I re-downloaded the game and loaded it up, and sure enough my save is right where it was. Last played: September, 2018. Having a blast resuming now though, going to aim to finish it and move onto Shadow of the Tomb Raider!
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