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  1. 26 minutes ago, scoobysi said:

    I think the collection is the remasters, it’s by BluePoint. I never did finish UC4, think I got distracted by other games, so I thought I’d replay the originals first and refresh my memory of the stories before playing UC4 and LL on PS5.


    The PS4 collection is indeed the remasters @MattyP - including the trophies added in Uncharted 1 (which weren't a thing when it originally originally came out).

  2. On 14/01/2022 at 17:26, Benny said:

    It's like a nice pair of trousers that you can pull out of the drawer and know with 100% certainty that this day will be spent in comfort.




    There were times when I'd be away travelling with work, maybe had a few drinks on a night out even (which usually makes me all hangxiety as soon as I'm calling it a night), and I put WOTW on and I go to sleep content.

  3. 1 minute ago, Stanley said:

    I think people are underestimating just how big a brand COD is, it’s a massive seller year in year out, suggesting people won’t jump ship to Xbox, or play it on PC, and just play something else on their PlayStations, is shortsighted IMO.

    The biggest install base is still PS4, those customers who play COD will absolutely consider an Xbox as their next console now that it’s exclusive, and on Game Pass. To believe otherwise you are just in denial, IMO.


    As has been mentioned already as well - people will go where their friends go.  Now for us alleged grown ups we might have conversations and all decide to migrate platform en masse.  But kids will go where their friends do and that'll be based on whichever one (or their parents) bites first.  And there's no guarantee they'll be a wizened ol' rllmuker with a bigger picture, more likely a harassed parent in Smyths asking them for advice.


    I mean, of course only 18+ play COD.

  4. 8 minutes ago, CrichStand said:

    I don’t play it personally but, from looking into it, it appears that the latest one has been getting a lukewarm reception at best. 

    Also, I find that pretty depressing. If CoD is still massively relevant in 10yrs time and nothing new has topped it then.......well, that’s pretty bleak. 


    The trouble with COD is that there are so many franchises across different developers - a Black Ops isn't the same as a Modern Warfare and some are generally more highly regarded than others.


    Don't ask me which, I play them, I'm terrible at them all, and mostly I get annoyed at the humongous downloads/updates with shocking regularity.  That's why people are flogging their S's!

  5. 33 minutes ago, CheekyLee said:

    Now if only Nintnedo decide to break street date with the download versions!


    It's really quite annoying knowing that there are loads of people already playing this, and I have to wait until some random point after midnight tomorrow. 12:01? Unlikely. 12:07? Maybe. But, I do know for certain that I'll be playing it literally as soon as I'm able to, because this seems like it's going to be a single-player version of the game the entire world has been asking for since Pokemon first existed. I hope it has massive success evn for the already insane standards of the franchise.


    Amazon are saying I'll get it by Saturday. Hmph.

  6. 44 minutes ago, dizogg said:

    Last time I watched it I found the audio mix disgusting. You had to turn the volume way up to hear what they are saying in normal scenes, which when it goes to the heist scenes means insanely loud gunshots and explosions.


    Also the bit where Pacino (who looks like someone’s auntie) pulls that fit bird who instantly falls in love with him in about 2 minutes is hilarious.

    You may mean DeNiro for the second bit?


    I found the same with the audio mix today as you describe.  But what they do with the direction of the sound is pretty cool.  There’s one bit where for example there’s music playing following Pacino through a room and it stops the instant he smashes a window.

  7. On 20/01/2022 at 18:10, pinholestar said:

    It is remarkably bland on first impressions, aye. Whole thing seems like a very odd direction to take the series after the huge success of Siege. Can't see myself giving it too much longer to impress.

    I’m not sure it represents any real intended direction and is more an attempt to ride the GTFO bandwagon!

  8. On 07/01/2022 at 23:11, NexivRed said:


    Because she shacks up with Moranis, not Ramis. 


    Janine and Egon were more of a thing (though I don’t think they ever properly got together together that we knew… someone correct me) in the cartoon, and alluded to more in the comics.  But I’ve no idea where any of that sits with Afterlife canon!

  9. 6 hours ago, Papilio said:

    Awww love the goose game. So do my two girls. It's off the game pass now so I'm trying to convince hubby @Hanzo the Razor to buy it. 

    A couple of years ago my friend showed me this for the first time, he loved it.  At a work Christmas do he HONK!d at me whilst I was putting some mini puddings on my plate, and startled, I dropped my puddings on the rest of the puddings.


    He had become the goose.

  10. I just finished the second dungeon in Skyward Sword HD and have realised I genuinely never ever played a moment of this game, despite buying it on the Wii with a gold wiimote.  I used the wiimote a lot!


    Anyhow I am really enjoying it, it was a last minute gift when my husband realised he hadn’t got me anything to open and I thought what’s better than a Zelda on Christmas?


    I am finding the controls frustrating at times but it is getting better, I also seem to be worse at this style of game than I remember but it’s drawing me in all the same.  Hope I can stick with it :D 

  11. So did anyone get OLEDs for Christmas?  I have an original Switch and I've got a few new games to play on it, I find myself curious about the OLED in a "fancy treating myself for Christmas" kinda way.


    I near enough always play handheld whilst husband is watching something on telly. 


    How painful is the experience of transferring your games and saves, do you lose anything by swapping console?

  12. On 18/12/2021 at 07:31, iknowgungfu said:

    Where are you getting those summaries for the Switch?


    Also, what are the Harry Potter Lego games like. My 7yr old daughter is mad for HP at the moment. Are the games individual to each book/film? We are only half way through the third book and want to avoid spoilers. 


    The Lego HP games are great, there's two games in the Switch collection, the first game covers years (books) 1-4 and the second 5-7.  But you won't end up spoiling yourselves if you start 1-4 as it starts with the very beginning, and you can stop when you get to the end of year 2 essentially if you want to avoid spoilers.  The games are pretty massive too. :)  Definitely worth getting.


    Edited to add about the unlockable characters, I suppose there could be some spoils there, but nothing really jumps out to me I don't think as something that could really mega spoil you

  13. Thanks for the tips above lads I never said. I decided against a proper jersey this time as they ship straight from the US and I was worried about customs or returns if it wasn’t quite right.  Settled on a jacket instead.


    Next up, is there any way we can watch the Juniors champs in the Uk?

  14. 18 minutes ago, reef said:

    Yeah sorry, drunken fingers combined with auto correct on the iPhone make forum posts a wild ride at times.


    I just want to say, with it being almost Christmas and all, this year has been a particularly tough one for me personally and while I don’t post in this thread very often, I always read and appreciate all of the efforts and contributions from so many of you, week in and week out. I just want to say a massive thanks for all you have done keeping this thread going with the jokes, passion, tears and triumphs. You may never know how much your posts have carried me through the difficult times this year. Thanks from the very bottom of my heart, have a wonderful Christmas and here’s to a very golden sky for each and every one one of us in 2022. 

    YNWA :hug: 

  15. 4 hours ago, morcs said:

    It'll be completely new cars anyway though? So they'll all be able to rake as much/little as they like?

    I remember at the start of this season when Merc were struggling a bit, the suggestion was they were focusing so much on next years car (2022) and what they were running for 2021 was basically something with very little investment.  So they were acting really unsurprised that Red Bull were so close.

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