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  1. So I decided to pay the £25 for the 20th Anniversary Edition of Rise of the Tomb Raider and figure out where I was and what I was doing. I re-downloaded the game and loaded it up, and sure enough my save is right where it was. Last played: September, 2018. Having a blast resuming now though, going to aim to finish it and move onto Shadow of the Tomb Raider!
  2. It’s not free on Gamepass, but give Overwatch a look if you’re a Team Fortress fan It often goes on sale, so keep an eye on Black Friday or getting near Christmas.
  3. Maybe. With new lockdown, there may just not be availability.
  4. Although! I can only remove wired connections, not wireless. Hmmmm!
  5. "why yes sprite, you were being thick" I wasn't on the advanced view. Thanks!!
  6. I've got as far as turning SmartHub off on mine, but haven't figured out how to delete the devices? I have them on the list of WiFi connections but can't see a button. Am I being thick?
  7. I downloaded all the Kingdom Hearts packs off the store, but I don’t know where to start with the numbering? Which is “first” to play?
  8. Tetris - played and finished Journey mode on some vaguely normal difficulty whilst my husband made fun of me for “just playing Tetris” on my new Xbox. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare - FINALLY finished the campaign. I want to finish up Rise of the Tomb Raider next but I think I need to cough up some cash to do it then I’ve got Shadow of the... to check out, too. And I want to go back to Final Fantasy XV, finish some hunts and then head back into the final chapter and finish all the side quests there. And thennnn I’ve half a mind to New Game+ it, it’s like bei
  9. Thankyou Long time back is exactly my MO, so that must be what happened
  10. I hope someone who pays more attention than I do can help me with this. Ive got Rise of the Tomb Raider, which I was part way through. I’m 99% sure I got it off Game Pass, now when I try and launch it asks me if I own the game. On the store there is Rise of the Tomb Raider with no versions, and the 20th anniversary pack So: - Did I get it off Game Pass - Has it since left Game Pass? - If I bought the 20th anniversary one, will I be able to continue on my save on the game I have installed? Thankyou
  11. I feel like the Xbox is much more enjoyable than a phone upgrade. I understand the rationale, but when you think that you can spend £800-1200 on a new iPhone, for minimal real quality of life improvements, £450 for a machine of this power is a steal. I hope you will feel the same way when you actually get to play it I spent an hour losing myself in Tetris (I KNOW LOL) earlier and got way more fun out of that than my bloody iPhone and that’s what I need to invest in right now - things that actually bring me joy.
  12. Royal Mail vans were taunting me all day yesterday, right up till it got dark. Keep the faith!
  13. We're writing to let you know that the following items have been unexpectedly delayed: "PowerA Dual Charging Station for Xbox - Black" Estimated arrival date: December 01 2020 - January 11 2021
  14. I was feeling a smidge underwhelmed, until I launched Final Fantasy XV. I was absolutely amazed, and then “I got it”. Everyone will probably have their own game that will do that. Im looking forward to the likes of Ori and Star Wars Squadrons too. But it feels weird I’ve not spent £££ to play a shiny newer version. Why does my brain want me to have done this? With Switch, I played BOTW on Wii U then decided to get a Switch and BOTW and when I had done that I was like “awww, yeh!” It makes no sense we are spoilt by Game Pass etc!!!
  15. I don’t even understand what they’re doing? Did they lose a shipment and suddenly find it or something?
  16. A known issue is what you say when a server goes down or the internet is off. It’s not what you say when you strung people along for two months because you want their £450 and don’t want to tell them they won’t have “the item” when they expect so they won’t go elsewhere with their money.
  17. So I’m erring on the side of caution and copying my games from SSD rather than moving them. Once I’m happy I will boot up without the SSD attached and check they’re running properly before removing them off the SSD. I would say for the first hour or so the Xbox Series X was on it was pretty flakey in performance, it was obviously doing stuff that I wasn’t paying attention to, then all these updates popped in my Updates area, set a few of them off. COD I’ve launched from SSD and it works fine and there’s updates you can install from within the game.
  18. Ive copied over a couple of my most-played multiplayer games, but won’t fuss with the rest just now
  19. Oh I’m so jealous of the casual nature of this post I feel like I’ve aged 20 years today
  20. I fired up Final Fantasy XV and my jaw hit the floor. Absolutely astonishing. I think it’s just the game running at a decent FPS (compared to my original experience) but. Wow.
  21. Ive gone from original Xbox One, admittedly on a 4K TV now, to Series X 4K
  22. https://support.xbox.com/en-GB/xbox-live-status XBL status page (down)
  23. Xbox mobile app isn’t working for me at all
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