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  1. 8 hours ago, Corranga said:


    I think this too, though Sky saying Lewis probably thought there was an incident was just their Hamilton bias showing.

    If he thought there was an incident, he should have...

    1. Looked at his steering wheel or trackside lights for a yellow flag

    2. Asked on the radio

    3. Pulled OUT from behind Max to aid his vision, not drive right up to the back of him

    4. Back out and not get closer and closer to him


    He was catching for long enough to know there wasn't an incident. I think simply, he didn't want to overtake pre DRS-zone, which is understandable.


    Lewis was summoned to the stewards this very weekend over allegedly not slowing for a yellow that he couldn’t actually see, right?  With the farce that this race was I do agree it is possible his first instinct was HAZARD (not necessarily incident or even yellow flag) especially with how poor visibility is in areas and how fast the track is, although in that section he didn’t have a blind bend the possibility of debris isn’t far fetched at all and happened multiple times before any flags deployed.  He could’ve thought “have I missed something?”  You are right he could also have thought “must not go over DRS line first” but in the absence of any comms telling him he was being let through, I don’t know why he would jump to that as option 1?

  2. 10 minutes ago, smithstock said:

    Same here, first race I've ever watched from start to finish after jumping on the F1 bandwagon for the first time ever this season. I totally agree about the WWE comment earlier too, it's almost pantomime. 


    If, in the final race, Verstappen wipes out Hamilton (and himself) - what happens then? They both have equal points and Verstappen has win advantage. Can they disqualify a driver outright or dock points?

    In 1997 Schumacher had his points removed for deliberately whacking Villeneuve - he was basically disqualified from the entire championship.

  3. Any of you fellas have official NHL jerseys? How’s the sizing? Thinking to get hubby one in the cyber Monday sale.  I typically buy him say a Large or XL from Gymshark or something so should I match their chest measurements to the jersey sizing and I’ll be okay?


    PS: small chance he might actually play hockey in it too 

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