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  1. 19 hours ago, Waggo said:

    If you could show a total Trek virgin just one episode across any of the series,  in order to explain why it is worth their time becoming a Trekkie which would it be?


    I have just enjoyed my annual rewatch of ‘Yesterday’s Enterprise’ and I think I would have to go with that, although the DS9 episode ‘Necessary Evil’ is right up there for me too.


    TNG: Lower Decks


    As for why - all the main characters in it are basically new, it's seeing Trek through their eyes, the main cast are pretty much extras so you don't need to know anything about their history or anything that's gone before really.  Plus it is excellent.

  2. Oh I want to go see it again :wub: 


    This iSense business - so I went to an Odeon I've not been to before, it was an Odeon Luxe which apparently means reclining seats in every screen and that was very comfy.  The iSense was about the screen and sound itself and it was excellent, during loud atmospheric shaky moments you could feel it in the seats which was pretty cool :) 

  3. I agree with @Ork1927 on the spoilered bit,



    Surely if there is any franchise that is allowed to do a CGI ghost for a dead much loved character it’s this one.  I mean the whole film he was present, giving him form seemed fitting at the end as he was putting all the wheels in motion to get his plan to work out.


    I assume the original cast all loved being a part of Ghostbusters and ultimately this sort of thing probably comes down to what people would try and think of what Harold would want.  I’d like to believe he would want to be in THIS Ghostbusters movie, it’s excellent.


  4. 1 hour ago, merman said:


    And Lewis didn’t get any help from the virtual/safety car periods?


    Yes, it was an outstanding drive from Lewis. Yes, he deserved to take the lead for a great pass on Max. But he had a lot of luck there.


    I'm not sure they were a big help to be honest, the way he was ploughing through the field anyway it just slowed down his overtaking IMO :P 


    Bit of an odd one to throw in versus a dubious "disqualified from entire qualification - go to the back of the field".


    I am not exactly Lewis Hamilton Fangirl Number 1, indeed if he were up against anyone else I could very easily be cheering someone else on (in 2016 I found both he and Nico equally unlikable).  But I recognise I am not exactly objective either because I find Red Bull as a team awful - they treat their drivers terribly, anyone who leaves seems to suddenly come out with a shining personality that was missing all along, they have dubious tactics and Max in particular drives pretty dirty.

  5. I just remembered how Horner called out Lewis overtake on Lando because he was like 29kph faster with DRS essentially implying he had to be cheating.


    Whilst five minutes before Lando basically said he just lifted off coz he knew there was no point fighting it (I assume since Lewis would be starting behind him anyway).



  6. Finally saw this, with my dad.  It’s probably as well it’s near the end of the run as as we came out the screen he’s saying






    Anyway we enjoyed it.  I had avoided spoilers but as soon as



    Bond Jr showed up it was only ever going to go one of two ways - him dying or Madeleine.  That said the sense of peril and drama built massively for the sake of his having a daughter in the mix especially in the car chase in Norway, whole new dynamic there.

    Paloma was an absolute treat and I’d love to know how she stayed in that dress.

  7. 13 minutes ago, SMD said:


    yeah but it's been as low as 140 quid, so if you're not in a hurry it's worth keeping an eye on it for a week or two and see how the price holds up

    Ta very much! :wub:  Could even be a Black Friday deal somewhere?

  8. 26 minutes ago, SMD said:


    Yeah if you get the storage expansion it functions like the internal so you can play your enhanced/next gen only games off it. External is for Xbox One/BC games or storing games you're not going to play.

    Cool.  So that would be this bad boy right?




    I thought it was just an “Xbox” branded one, didn’t realise it was a Seagate thing.


    Turnip shoulda just got a Series X :lol: 

  9. Hi folks, sorry I know this was covered a lot in the early days but could appreciate some easy to find advice.


    My bro has a Series S and has run out of storage thanks to Game Pass.  I assume if i got him a normal external HD for Christmas, any games that are S/X enhanced need to be copied to the onboard storage to run right?  I seem to remember that being a thing.


    But what about the proper Xbox storage expansion things?  Can you run the enhanced games straight off those?  Does it need to be XBox proper one or does the Seagate Xbox thing do the trick?


    Can someone steer me in the right direction of what to look at?


    Ta :) 

  10. When I sit back in my old IKEA Markus chair it’s painfully obvious how it doesn’t fit my body.  I’m too small for it by far (I’m 5’6.5”) but I never really realised. 


    Getting on for nearly a year with my Omega now I think and I still love it.  I’ve had 15 hour days in the chair and no issues.  I have to have it at the lowest height to get my feet flat on the floor, and the armrests I have really high so my arms can rest whilst I type.  But having this degree of configurability is so great.


    And I love a good recline on a dull zoom meeting (camera off obviously :lol:)

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