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  1. 11 hours ago, Bob Sacamano said:

    Kimi must love racing because he joined Sauber just to stay on the grid when it seemed the ideal time to retire.  He clearly has no time for any of the PR stuff that comes with the job and I wonder how much he contributes to feedback and development.

    Nick Kyrgios seems to only be playing tennis for the money, and like Kimi a lot of people seem to like his no care attitude.

    Ive a feeling he contributes a LOT in the behind the scenes stuff.  Sure I’ve seen it spoken about on various bits and pieces, teams love working with him for that reason 

  2. 9 hours ago, marsh said:

    Victoria Pendleton has pretty much shit canned cycling hasn't she?


    Though I can appreciate that towards the end of it, it must have been absolute purgatory.


    Adversely, my brother played on the PGA tour for 14 years. Loves the game, pretty much every aspect of it. Maybe it's because he was never quite that successful?

    She did yeah.  But she was sort of “last of the previous era” in a lot of ways and it seems to be a lot better now for the female cyclists than she had it.  Nicole Cook had a bad time too.

  3. 3 hours ago, RFT said:

    Max is an odd case, he's been in the sport for years but as we say, still within the age band where drivers get considered "young" and not fully formed.


    There really hasn't been any other driver like him, dropped into a top team from day 1 at such a young age. Except Lewis, who went straight to McLaren, but Lewis was 22 when he started in F1, not 17.


    So, it's really hard to apply concepts such as "maturity", nebulous as they are, to him. Should he be driving as we expect a driver in his 7th season to do, or like a 23-year old?



    That's because his age puts him in the young/not fully formed bracket; the prefrontal cortex is on average still developing until around age 25 and this is the area responsible for a lot of higher reasoning, decision making, planning, impulse control.  https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC3621648/  And a nice little part on a graphic on that link "the ability to balance short-term reward with long term goals" - in F1 terms, the ability to think it might not be best to go for it on that turn when you're probably going to carry momentum a little later for the safer option.


    All of this seems very relevant to the discussions happening around the weekend's events!

  4. 8 hours ago, Anne Summers said:

    They were never scary because they had that stupid rule about not attacking unless they sensed a threat. And sometimes their bar for that was pretty high, like "hmm, some humans, the only species we've ever encountered that make a half decent job of resisting us, have teleported onto our cube. And they're planting bombs in our warp core room. Oh well, never mind."

    I actually thought of this more as “you hold no interest to me, nothing you can do could be threatening, I don’t need to assimilate you because you are inferior” arrogance. You’re right it was mostly just a plot device and I was young and naive (now just naive), but the drama where they suddenly realised they’d been outsmarted was decent.  

  5. 18 hours ago, Sidewaysbob said:

    Indeed, Eurosport had Carlton fucking Kirby blathering away about whatever mindless shit came into his head unrelated to the bloody sport he was supposed to be commentating on.


    The BBC win that with a technical knockout. 



    Except Eurosport also had Jo Rowsell, who was excellent.  Kirby is always the same :lol: 

  6. It's probably worth saying for track that the English (British?) velodromes were closed throughout all of the lockdowns, London opened for the briefest of spells September-November 2020, and then nothing until April/May 2021 this year.  I'm not sure about Manchester.  And I wonder what the facilities were like for athletes in other countries but I've no doubt these limitations would've impacted our team's training.


    Derby Arena was turned into a mass vacc site.

  7. Funding and access (which ties into funding too).


    South Africa no longer has an indoor velodrome (Bellville not open anymore) for example, so there’s just no facility for their athletes to actually train this stuff properly, which is mad when you consider that they actually do produce some very talented cyclists.  There’s probably not even one in all of Africa?

  8. I only just twigged today what really happened with our cycling boys.  I knew Tanfield was in the crash, half forgot he was travelling reserve, then googled why he was riding.  Ed Clancy retired for good.  End of an era :(  

    He isn’t as well known as other names in cycling, a lot of people start in track as youngsters and move onto road (Geraint Thomas, Brad Wiggins and Mark Cavendish all prime examples, and our ladies Laura then Trott, Dani King and Jo Rowsell all had stints on the road too).  There are some who stay on track though - usually sprinters without a true parallel in road racing.  


    Ed I’ve followed for years, he still stayed Mr Track really, but he did participate in road racing although largely on the GB only circuit.  The reason he was so good at Pursuit was because he had the power of a sprinter who could eat up the first kilometre, then recover through the next couple, before still having enough in the tank to be a powerhouse for the final stretch. 

    Sad :( 

  9. Jeez, the one Sunday I go out.


    Just finished.  Avoided all knowledge beforehand.  My word!


    Had the choice between Sky and Channel 4 and so glad I went Sky for once, Nico is an absolute delight and I’m so glad we had him for the actual race commentary - think I’ve only caught him on practice before? Probably remembering wrongly.


    Happy for Ocon, gutted for Vettel.  Alonso, what a guy. 

    Sucks to be Max lol.  Sad for Lando.  Bottas went full wingman today.  

    I’m exhausted.


    Lewis clearly struggling by the time he got on the podium, Ocon was helping him up onto the step and off again.  :( 

  10. 8 minutes ago, Calashnikov said:

    The Streets of Rage characters were originally cops themselves, nah? 

    Yeah! That’s part of the story, that the current cops have become corrupt/misled into believing our heroes are the problem, in the originals and SoR4.

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