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  1. Given that I loved the idea of the first Two Worlds, but thought it was genuinely one of the worst games I've ever played, I really, really want the sequel to be great, but will need some convincing.
  2. Indeed. "Well, it's not complete shit... 8/10!"
  3. I TOLD YOU. You're wrong, but I knew you'd hate it.
  4. Y'all know that sneaking stops you falling off the edges of things, right?
  5. If anyone sees thatrevchap appear on the server, that's me.
  6. I've not tried Mad Gear zone yet, but I've enjoyed the rest, except for the Lost Labyrinth boss stage, which is a terrible piece of game design.
  7. Goddamn. I really thought I'd built my house miles away from anyone else.
  8. I always preferred the Master System version of Sonic 1 to the Megadrive version. Am I broken?
  9. Really liking this game, but Lost Labyrinth Act 3 is a complete cunt.
  10. I don't get Stair Dismount - I don't feel like it's in any way predictable, so I just chose impact spots and strengths at random, went through all the levels and deleted it.
  11. Street Fighter IV is absolutely excellent. Controls are simplified, but done well. I can't imagine you'd be disappointed. By the way, it might be worth spending 59p on Minigore just to get used to using virtual control sticks if you find virtual controls to be a problem at first.
  12. And you've not even played the mine cart level yet! (Do you realise how hard it was for me to write "mine cart" and not "mine craft" just then? Do you?)
  13. Craig Grannell put up a list of the best iPhone games (free and paid-for) today and yesterday: http://reverttosaved.com/2010/10/07/the-best-iphoneipod-touch-games-money-can-or-cant-buy/ I don't share his taste in games, but the paid-for list is pretty good. (He also writes at podgamer.com, which is worth checking out. But, as with all sites, don't take it all as gospel.) I dash off quick notes about games, mainly on the iPhone, on my blog at inverty.com. I haven't done a recommended list of games for ages, though, so it's probably not much use to you.
  14. It's also the third best grossing app in the store at the moment, so I doubt Sega are too worried.
  15. I bet a hundred years ago you wouldn't have wanted to put electricity in the bedrooms.
  16. I prefer DoDonPachi by quite a long way, mainly, I think, because I don't have to make so many decisions about modes, settings, etc. before I actually start the game.
  17. Care to elaborate? I've played the first couple of levels and had a grand old time. The controls work perfectly, the homing attack feels like a natural addition to the 2D series and the levels seem to have the expected multiple paths. I'm not a huge Sonic expert or fan, but it seems just right to me. Does it get shitter later on or something?
  18. FIFA is more brain, PES more brawn. FIFA more clinical, PES more physical. Or FIFA more sim, PES more arcade, if you like. They're both really good, though I think FIFA might be just a hair better. The only reason PES is on my iPhone and FIFA isn't is that FIFA's too big at 858MB. If you've got loads of spare space on your phone, get FIFA. If not, get PES.
  19. After two levels I'm enjoying the iPhone version, no control issues, reports suggest it runs like a dog on an iPhone 4, though.
  20. I'm finding Sonic 4's controls are absolutely fine, but I've only done a couple of levels so far. No d-pad issues. As for Pro Evo 2011, I love PES 2010, but I don't really see five quid's worth of extra stuff there. At least, not this far from pay day. If anyone does try Black Pegasus, please could they tell me if it lets you invert the y-axis for looking around (first one did, NOVA didn't) and whether it recentres your view when you move. Ta.
  21. Cut the Rope shows me this: I am RUBBISH at swiping with two fingers at the same time.
  22. Shame it's impossible to control any of the Speccy games.
  23. Argh! FIFA 11! I can't keep it on my phone because it's too damn big, but I can't delete it because it's too damn good! I'm stuck, horribly stuck.
  24. The Peggle Nights DLC is down to 59p now.
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