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  1. Nope. I have a PC, so I could play it now, and I don't know how taxing it is, but with 2 weeks to go I might as well wait and play it on my sofa, at 4K, with a proper controller. Unless you were going to talk about how I could download a bunch of stuff to a USB drive in advance. Would that it were be possible to preload via a PC for the 'big day'.
  2. This may be the first thing I play simply by way of the fact that it will be quickest to download
  3. It's not that hoppy which is disappointing. It is a bit earthy, woody though so I think that's given me some guidance to try something. I'll report back!
  4. Well this sounds exciting. I've got some Bowers and Wilkins PX7 headphones which sound excellent generally so this sounds worth experiencing. Would have been nice to have a simpler way to do Bluetooth but running a wire isn't a big deal, especially when actually playing something. Might even buy one of those boom attachment things.
  5. Does anyone have any good uses for a hop liqueur? It's a little weird and hard to describe. I was given it by my half French friend who hated it and thought I'd like it because I like weird things. It's a bottle of this...
  6. On the subject of headsets, can you just plug in a shitty mono headset, ie one earpiece and a boom mic for voice only? Sound from the game still on the tv? This is how I used to do it in the olden days for original xbox games but I feel like no one talks about doing it that way now. I always enjoyed separating the voice chat from the TV speakers as I felt my brain could distinguish the sounds more easily. Not that I think I'll play online much. Also, if you plug decent headphones into the controller does it actually sound good? I admit I'm surprised if th
  7. This is still not a full Xbox, though! You've still got space after all that! But an 'archive' USB SSD does seem like worth having to shuffle things between the archive. A 100GB game would take around 6 hours to download on my connection, but at worst I've got it for the next day. I guess you just have to be a bit pre-emptive. No doubt I'll buy an expansion but I think I'm going to have to really feel like I need it before I spend the money, hopefully it'll come down in price. I am kind of glad I've not taken the 10th off though. I'm off on the 11th, so basically the actual rel
  8. New advert? Did somebody sayyyy... Xxxxbox. Me, get one-twenty like a g, see, 4k from the box I'm playing on...
  9. If we're going to have 'graphics settings' in console games - I think I just want graphics to be a bit of a binary choice. "Details mode" vs "Frame rate mode" and then the developers can decide on those two presets. Because yeah, if games are a creative, artistic medium, at some point you need to defer to the creators. And I am getting an Xbox console precisely because I do not want to deal with balancing in game settings against my complicated PC hardware and have a constant nagging feeling that I could push those sliders higher and get a 'better' experience if only I
  10. I just wish there were more games where the gameplay was just parsing information. It's hard to articulate this but it's nice where the gameplay is kinda outside of the game itself, it's in your mind or, if playing with someone else, it's in the discussion. The closest game to this I think is Sherlock Holmes, consulting detective, which is a board game (not even quite that). I just don't know of anything else quite like either in terms of "where" the gameplay is.
  11. - A driving game: Definitely Forza Horizon 4, and maybe the Motorsport one to see the difference. Something about Dirt 5 puts me off, really I might end up just buying Dirt Rally 2 if I can get it cheap as I played Dirt Rally 1 a lot, and 5 might just frustrate me that it's not a purer rally experience. I mean the fact that Dirt 5 isn't on game pass is the difference here. - Something with a bit of a story: I would have gone straight to Yakuza LADS LADS LADS but all of a sudden paying £60 odd makes me second guess the choice, when I have the nea
  12. I've not had an xbox either, so I am super super excited for forza horizon 4. I think driving games really scratch a gaming itch when you want something relaxing but still dexterous... You still want agency but don't want a lot of story or down time. You just want gameplay, but the kind that's not hectic or panicky. So a driving game that is just driving and exploring sounds pretty lovely to me right about now. With the switch and its non analogue triggers a simple racing game has been something I can't play really so... I'm ready to scratch that itch!
  13. I fully appreciate that the creators didn't use those adjectives but I raised them as they really are the obvious response to the world of cyberpunk, and what cyberpunk generally is as a theme. I guess I am saying because of all this, considering the context, it's insensitive at best to choose that moment to "represent a trans person". I'll reserve full judgement until I've heard more from trans people about how it makes them feel though.
  14. Regarding the "Chromanticore" poster, collating a few posts these there's something I am confused by people's perception here and feel like perhaps something has been missed. Apologies if I've misread the people I'm quoting... The context here is everything. In a world of adjectives like 'exploitative', 'dystopian' or 'dark and twisted' to me, demonstrates the reason why it's transphobic. In very simple terms it's basically saying "Woman with penis = weird, abominable, twisted". It's bundled up amongst the general themes of cyberpunk stories, which is that we've au
  15. This is just an extremely subliminal and deliberate placement about the cost effectiveness of Gamepass.
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