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  1. Yeah I can't figure out how you lot are getting remotely close to doing that. I struggle because if I'm busy trying to remove I am not taking cards and then I don't seem to get the kind of power from better cards to take down the elites... Unless you're doing runs repeatedly until the first rewards fit your plans?
  2. Jeezy creezy this can't come out on XSX soon enough.
  3. Also I'm another one that puts that crispy chilli oil on basically every single thing I eat. I'm not sure there's a single food that isn't improved with it. Recent obsession is to add it to peanut butter on toast. The salty spicey thing is nice, sort of transforms it into something Thai. Making your own chilli oil is quite fun, as you are just deep frying chillies and can adjust things to taste, more / less garlic / salt / other things. More roasted chilli flavour, more heat so the chillies go cruncher, less heat so it's more paste like. But lately I couldn't be bothere
  4. There are two reasons. 1) It's a different flavour, it's more like a kind of sauce that goes really well with blue cheese, walnuts, those kinds of things and the distinct celery flavour but isn't horrible like celery is a nice thing with pork. So it's comparing apples to oranges, or indeed, potatoes to celeriac 2) It's a LOT less calories than potatoes. When we do low cal / keto / fast days we can eat nearly a whole celeriac and kinda get filled like potato mash would, without the carbs or calories. It serves a purpose. I genuinely like celeriac a lot. But I
  5. Everyone is desperate for an update so lunch turned out to be some Iberiko tomatoes, spinach and chorizo, fried up and then topped with cheddar. The pancake batter had some parmesan, basil and garlic in. It was very tasty indeed. Sort of pizza-esque actually. That's the fancy take on it out of the way, this evening is all about the sugar.
  6. We're having savoury pancakes for lunch. Probably cheese, bacon, tomato as that needs using up. Then after a 'normal' dinner (roasted Romanesco cauliflower with white pudding, trying to not go too heavy to save space for after) we'll be having pancakes for dessert. For me, it has to be crepes. No fluffy style or sourdough or fancy shit. I've got the rest of the year to try interesting things, but for me the nostalgia of the day comes through a simple pancake with Tate & Lyle golden syrup, little bit of lemon. Yum. that's just a taste that I don't claim to be the be
  7. I love the way most side stories are generally along the lines of... literally anything involving literally anyone happens You help them out but... Some guys want to beat you up. So you beat them up. I mean almost any kind of simple story ends with the most ridiculous reason for a fistfight. I love it.
  8. I don't know about ratio but I find you're either dealing with very very long cutscenes, or spending a long time fighting and doing your own thing. Side stories are quite quick though in terms of cutscenes. In other words while there are quite lengthy periods of time where you're just watching with very little to do, there are also very lengthy times where you're just pottering away, grinding if you like, playing mini games (there are a LOT of games, it's almost like 51 worldwide games is bundled in). Anyone who likes JRPGs at all owes it to themselves to play this gam
  9. I do wish this was on Switch though. All my slay the spire time is thanks to having a quick go on handheld, if the TV is in use or whatever. I'd play this a lot more if I could do it that way. I'm still figuring out how to play the different clans. I was having a streak of always getting to the end with one particular combo, but any other class dying really quickly. The learning and figuring out your tactics on this is quite fun though.
  10. Well I was about to ask, and to refer to the post on the previous page about a small deck. I'd love to have a deck of ~8 cards and go for that super simple synergy. I always end up with loads of cards. That's partly my fault for taking too many, but at the same time I really do struggle to remove all my strikes and defends in a timely manner. when you discover synergies you'd previously avoided it's fun. I had never really 'got' Corruption (skills cost zero, but exhaust) until it got paired with Blockade (block isn't removed) and Dead Branch (exhausting a card would add a new card
  11. I was about to type an outraged response about what an obscene amount of oil that is but considering that you end up retaining a large mount of flavoured oil as a by-product to use later it sounds quite nice - I'm glad I properly read through the recipe first before I made myself sound like an idiot. We're not vegan but when we do lower calorie / keto meals to keep healthy this does sound like it fits the bill. We've done butter bean mash before - it's a really nice way to get the mashed potato hit without being so carby nor calorific so this does seem worth a try.
  12. We had a diy-meal from https://the-poutinerie.myshopify.com/ It's a bit weird this one because it's basically cheesy chips with gravy though obviously to reduce Poutine to that description is probably heresy. But I think it did feel quite nice to have a high quality indulgent ready meal. They even gave you little cardboard boxes so you could feel like you got it from a van. But I've not had much inspiration for the kits beyond that. Pidgin now do nationwide, which I'd be very interested to try as a higher end place I've been to more than once. Considering
  13. I can't tell if you're serious or sarcastic. I agree though, if you are. It feels like a Netflix / HBO / Prime series title, rather than normal gaming titles. Normal gaming style conventions would have called it something like PSYCHIC HUNTRESS: ΜΕΝΤΙΟΥΜ UNLIMITED.
  14. Right? The thing about FH4 is I find myself getting frustrated when I take part in races. All the graphics and racing and...stuff and then when you win you've got "Ok mad sick you're on your way to becoming da best with these 18 more race icons we've added to the map"... But when you just drive the roads, watch the scenery go by, it's great. It's worth the time. It's peaceful. Sandbox driving. I found it sort of frustrating that I had to get a boat to fortune island. I'd have liked to drive onto a ferry and just sort of sit there and see it appear on the (Forza) horizon
  15. I actually love the fact that you can cover one end to the other. I think a balance of the two would be ideal. Ridiculous request perhaps but I'd like FH5 to have... More than one country... ...connected by imaginary motorways and tunnels. Imagine getting on a motorway in the lake district, and watching the trees start to thin out, dry out, and all of a sudden you're in a massive expansive desert of a different country? Sure it's a little contrived, but I don't think it'd matter. There's a point at which realism is enhancing the experience and a point wher
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