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  1. Lemmings but every time you give a command about 50% fall in line and 50% read alternative takes on social media and refuse, due to concerns about control and safety. Instead joining protests with poorly spelt placards.
  2. Not consoles as such, but only because I only have an XSX and a Switch. I can't do XSX handheld, both have their place. But within the Xbox itself, yes, at least, load times being fast makes a huge difference. I play less Flight Sim these days because it takes so long to spin up, but I keep playing a lot of Hades because it's just so quick to get going. And it's a shame because the experience of Flight Sim is exactly the kind of thing that might lend itself to quick play. I might want to do an 8 hour flight but mostly I just want to do 10-20 mins of sight seeing, or I just want to try landing a plane. Less important if I have a big long gaming session but often I get, say, 45 mins or less between finishing work and making dinner before spending the rest of the evening with the wife.
  3. I was thinking about trying this out based on the chat in the Obra Dinn thread. I played Obra Dinn with my wife and it worked really well because a lot of that game is just thinking through what you've seen and heard and deducing the correct outcome. Is this is a bit like that? Is this a game that would work two player, one person controlling, two people talking and thinking? I'm hoping it will be, since it sounds like it's dialogue heavy and witnessing things, and zero action / twitch play. The problem with some of the puzzle games out there is they involve clicking or moving things around and that starts to become less interesting for the person not controlling.
  4. Absolutely...both Siren and Wylam are often doing little bundles where you get an Allegra (I think that's their name?) glass along side some beers. For example a Siren bundle - I've had all those beers and they're delicious. The glass is basically free. https://www.sirencraftbrew.com/item/615/SirenCraftBrew/BBQ-Beer-Bundle.html Wylam's shop seems to be down so I can't link to any. It's just those two as those two breweries tend to be our go-tos for beer. But I think basically every brewery is selling them now. We're just amassing a bit of a collection because we can't help ourselves when doing a big order. We have a set of these: https://beavertownbrewery.co.uk/products/set-set-of-5-beavertown-tumbler-glasses Which I love and hate. I hate Beavertown as a brand now (sell outs) but the glasses are just such a nice shape and size. They're kinda like normal pint glasses if you literally just sliced them at the halfway point - rather than most half pints that are narrower. They're nice to drink out of I hate promoting Beavertown over other breweries. I mean, in the privacy of my own home, it's fine.
  5. Absolutely. If I wanted to drive my analogy into the ground, pixel art is a guitar with a distortion pedal. You still need good songs and to not be an utterly boring person! And I agree with you. I intend to give it more time but I got really bored of Red Dead Redemption 2 very quickly because while it does have amazing graphics and slow, but realistic animation to create a very vivid and real world, the downside of that is I am not particularly interested in frontier type / wild west settings and so I cared very very little about any of the story or characters and felt like there was not much for me. I was expecting to enjoy it simply as a showcase for my new Xbox but, nah. For me the joy of smooth detailed hand drawn lines in something like Hades or Hollow Knight show me that I'm hungry for more games where there's some effort into making it feel like a proper hand drawn cartoon come to life.
  6. Pixel art is a stylistic choice, sure. The problem for me is the proliferation of it. It often feels like it is a budget / skill choice because no doubt it takes some doing to make something as engaging and beautiful as Hollow Knight, and for every properly hand drawn game there seems to be 10 pixel games alongside it, in the case of new indie games. Pixel art is like a 4-white-guys-with-guitars indie band. There's nothing inherently wrong with that setup, but after you've seen band after band take the stage at a festival looking and sounding exactly the same as the last, with the same sound, same production values, same pretending to be pained and emotional despite probably having quite a nice middle class life - it's very hard to get excited about.
  7. St Maximin is so lovely and awful to watch. Every time he gets the ball a wheel of fortune spins where the results are either an amazing dribble that frustrates defenders, delights fans and creates a great chance. Or the needle will land on him showboating for too long and fall over, not get a free kick because he basically did it for too long and end up lying on the floor like a diva, sulking. If it's the latter, it'll be frustrating because meanwhile his team mates will be dealing with a counter attack and he's not helping. He needs to get over that a bit and no doubt Bruce has told him. He's also improved a lot and makes more passes than he used to though! I mean it's great fun to watch just like it's great fun to buy a lottery ticket knowing you might lose a few quid at the end. Anyway we got great seats for our season tickets. Lots of folks around us emotional at greeting people they've not seen in perhaps over a year. Nice to see.
  8. Happy for Brentford! No matter what happens it's a great start to their first time in top flight since however long it's been. Seeing that teary old fella. Now my wife is crying because he's crying. Oof. Happy New season folks.
  9. On the subject of going to matches again... I'm crazy excited to go to St. James Park on Sunday. We made a big decision before the pandemic to move from London to Newcastle. We talked about one day getting a season ticket up here. The pandemic paused things at first but eventually we decided to make it happen and have been living here since April this year. They finally announced the season ticket sale and we just thought fuck it, let's do it. We can walk to SJP, and Wylam Brewery is the half way point if we want a pre or post match pint. It feels difficult though. It was really easy to get a ticket because fans are boycotting. We don't like giving money to an owner that refuses to put any money in. But we're supporting the team and my wife has wanted to have a season ticket to Newcastle since she was a Junior Magpie. I've only been to St James's Park once, for an amazingly tense 2-2 against Man City in 2019. I'm excited to be back and see what my seat for the season is like. Don't get me wrong, I'll miss the Spurs stadium sausage rolls (our previous local stadium) but after today's news about Joe Willock I think there'll be a great mood in the stadium. I've got my replica newcy brown top ready to go. Mostly because I had to give back the original I borrowed from my father in law.
  10. While exercising pretend you're actually about to transform into a car and listen to Stan Bush
  11. It Doesn't Have To Be by Erasure I absolutely and unashamedly love most of Erasure's 80s output. And I think The Circus might be my favourite of their albums, as they start to get cheesier with time that album just has the peak balance of just that little bit of 80s gloom with some of the songs, but with uplifting synth pop fun. But the weird cringy Swahili bit in this particular track just feels awkward and ages terribly. I have to skip through it. Which is a shame as I think that the album is nigh on perfect apart from this (and I never really stay for In the Hall of the Mountain King either to be fair)
  12. We should all club together, pool some money and buy a forum-owned Cessna, we run it like a timeshare. On the subject of house-modelling, I guess it'd be nice in theory but hard in practice if the community could help with modelling areas or at least correcting AI mistakes. So if it did a buddhist temple as a Georgian terraced house you could submit corrections and suggest an alternative texture set that might get it closer. Something that allows the community to improve it but not in a way that you keep seeing houses shaped like penises.
  13. The itch to get a HOTAS is getting hard to ignore. I saw Thrustmaster HOTAS One momentarily had a back in stock date on Amazon, and now is back to "who knows when". But you can just buy it anyway and hope for the best. Is the TM HOTAS One still the best bet? The price feels right. There are some sexy options for over £100 but I don't think I want it that much. Any other models (that might be more likely to be in stock) worth thinking about? Part of me questions whether a big stick is actually much better than a thumbstick, when what you really want is a yoke. But then again, a HOTAS would breathe a bit of new life into Elite and Star Wars Squadrons so that helps the cost a bit. I think my enjoyment of SW Squadrons was actually limited by fighting with the controls.
  14. I have not played this since Wednesday because I have been staying with my parents. But I can't stop thinking about it and it's rare a game has its hooks in like that. I had a dream last night that some friends and I stole a Cessna to stop Brexit (I don't exactly know how). The important part is that I had convinced myself that the knowledge I've picked up in flight sim has given me real world skills that will enable me to fly and land a real plane. I guess this would be worrying if I actually did know how to get my hands on a Cessna.
  15. Hard to say if it's worth that price but I figured since the immense achievement that is the base game was "free" with gamepass it was worth it. I would say that the typhoon and that little microlight top rudder thing fill specific gaps in the base game. The top rudder is great for flying close, low and slow if sightseeing is your thing. But the Typhoon gets you immense speed and altitude if you just want a bit of a rush. It's fun to do both. I don't think any other planes do quite what they do. But neither are probably that good for learning flying like the small Cessnas.
  16. Did a lotus drive over it?
  17. Just managed my first "proper" flight - I just hadn't gotten around to it until now. "Proper" as in start in taxi, take off, land, and taxi to park. Had a lunch break at work just now and flew from London City to Heathrow, a nice short distance so enough time to actually do a full end to end. Quite a sense of achievement which I'm sure many of you have done, but the thing I find most difficult with the controller is setting the throttle. Having no idea how much "a" or "b" to push to get is difficult, that I wonder if there's any kind of peripheral you can get that just does throttle. As nice as a full HOTAS would be, just a throttle would get you so much further I think as the joypad has no "slider" type control, which now I think about it feels conspicuously absent on modern day joypads.
  18. I wonder if they figure out some kind of low res polygons for buildings if you're in a certain speed or type of plane. Obviously the stuttering ruined the impact a bit. My xbox is hardwired to the network and I have something like 600meg with virgin. So it's not like that should be a problem. Weirdly I forgave it because it was a third party plane and its a sandbox kind of game.
  19. So I want to make a case for speed still being a worthy addition. Choppy as all hell due to it trying to stream in faster than the plane. (and I pushed the record button a little too early). But what a rush!
  20. I had a bug yesterday where pausing wouldn't bring up the options. I am not sure if this was a feature but I couldn't, for example put the city markers back on or change ui accessibility settings. All I had was the little ribbon at the bottom telling me I could restart, quit to main menu or load and save. It was such an elegant bug I am not sure if it was a new feature they patched in for prettier pausing... I haven't had a chance to play it again since too see! So yeah it's a very buggy ui but that patch tweet is encouraging... I expect there will be a few of those coming in thick and fast.
  21. I only had a bug where I completed all objectives but it refused to end the session, so I had to quit out and restart. They're very good for actually training though!
  22. I wanted to ask about whether there was a quicker way to get you back in the air after you crash. As in just reposition the plane 5000 ft in the air and you can carry on with the journey. You can almost do that - just quit and find the spot on the world map and back you go but that's very long winded. But...I don't think I do want that feature. Crashing and not being able to carry on is perhaps the only 'game' part of it. In so far as there is a "game over"
  23. 1. I do think it needs more speed 2. I NOW ALSO THINK IT NEEDS LESS SPEED so I'm probably going to buy that. Don't get me wrong, I've crashed horribly a number of times* due to wanting to get a bit closer to a landmark so I am excited about something slow. I'm just enticed by the idea of climbing really fast or the OOOHHHH SHIT feeling of breaking Mach whatever. * Case in point...
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