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  1. uh…normal? its not super deep. i think you’re limited by the bread anyway. They’re the same depth as I remember my parent’s 80s ones being but now I’m questioning my memory…
  2. We got given this for christmas: Salter EK2143FOUR XL 4-in-1 Snack Maker, Interchangeable Non-Stick Cooking Plates, Electric Omelette Cooker, Waffle Iron, Toastie Sandwich Toaster, 900W, Power/Ready Indicator Lights, Stainless Steel https://amzn.eu/d/4zqGkDE It’s got a ridged panini thing but it’s non stick and the ridges aren’t that deep, so it is not hard to clean at all. Thanks to the easily changeable plates, does toasties, omelettes and waffles so its kind of nifty. I don’t feel like it is a good choice for toast though. they all seem like they would be energy inefficient for that?
  3. I’m at the point where I think I have uncovered most of the map, and there’s not much more exploration to do. Probably lots of things I missed in areas I’ve done. Which is fine but I'm feeling a bit sad that the raw exploration is all but over. Because it‘s so good but also gives you a break from the gruelling dungeons and you can balance your own sense of pressure. I’ll probably want to try NG+ soon though because I’ve been a sword and board person. Next time I think I want to be a magic person burning everything to the ground.
  4. I think everyone said frequency was best. But amplitude was way better. Looked nicer. Better music. And it made sense being able to hammer left or right to go to one end or the other, I would overshoot more with an infinite circle more than I'd save time by being able to go either direction.
  5. Me too. It's such a tease, that post. Just 24 hours of not knowing what it is but knowing it's now ONLY TWO QUID has made it my most anticipated game of the year. The hype train is so strong. I have absolutely no idea what kind of game it is.
  6. We're very lucky to have it so locally. It's good for spices and dried things because it's local enough we can pop down to get just what we actually wanted for a recipe, rather than buying a kg. Its not particularly cheaper, mind. Because I guess it's also fancy organic stuff but also good quality and less waste for our own bins.
  7. Oh since the post I bought a six pack of those sauce bottles from Nisbets and let me tell you it was a great purchase. We have a refills shop down the road so I actually use one for showergel I can buy without wasting more single use plastic. But I also put different oils in and thryre great for finishing a salad or just going a little easier on oil when cooking. It's also great to fill them up with ingredients for dressing and to then add as you like on a salad. Or dollop mayo and tomato sauce for a quick Marie Rose sauce to keep in the fridge.
  8. With bacon though it doesn't technically have to be carcinogenic, right? It’s the nitrites that do it, and they are added just to prevent botulism? I think I read somewhere that if the pork is reared well, healthy, clean etc it doesn’t need that. Just salting it is ok. But you have to know what you’re getting. So in terms of cutting it down that's what I am hoping to do. Not necessarily being strict but just cutting down and trying to buy smarter. I wouldn't refuse anything in a nice restaurant though.
  9. On a more positive note. I remember when the dreamcast hype train was in full force... at least it was for me and my best friend. buying any magazine with new info. getting absolutely psyched for it. I remember waiting for about 40 minutes to download a 30 second postage stamp sized video of sonic adventure but still being wowed by the graphics. Then day wandering into the indie games shop to find that they had a Japanese import. live in the flesh. running Tokyo highway battle or whatever it was called. we'd hyped ourselves so much for this console that it was like spotting a celebrity or something, I was star struck. So I guess despite lots of stories of poor personal hygiene and petty theft, there could be something wonderful about a games shop and games discovery that has gone with high res YouTube videos
  10. I absolutely hate when games make it impossible to save whenever you need. I want all the challenge of the game to be in the gameplay, and not based around how long I can play in one single session for. By all means put some limiter on. I get that some pc games with quick save and quick reload keys basically meant you could cheese anything. Or get into a bad habit of only accepting perfect play. But I think being unable to suspend a game within reasonable limits is just design arrogance. It's a pastime not an actual job, and I have a life outside of it. Maybe it's dinner time or whatever, a game shouldn't be stressful because you're being rude to other real human beings by telling them you can't stop playing. It's not a deal breaker but, for example in something like yakuza like a dragon in the dungeons. Why not allow save? If you can achieve the same effect by hitting pause and leaving the game running for a week that's no different to allowing save points. It feels like old fashioned game design, you can throw back to old school rpgs without that part. Anyway. Xbox quick resume did fix this thankfully so this weird artificial difficulty gets overridden by the console itself. Back to the op I do feel like I can't play anything for too long at a time. But I often want to play a different kind of game to have a break rather than stop
  11. cowfields


    Pricey but square mile decaff is good. Really good. If its for two weeks, I'd say push the boat out! It's an espresso roast so should be comparable to whatever 5 means. I bought some when I got my new coffee machine so I could enjoy evening espresso, eg after a meal. https://shop.squaremilecoffee.com/products/decaf-espresso
  12. 2012 is the year I left Reading to live in London so I imagine that had something to do with it also
  13. I really like Reading’s new kit. I am actually from Reading, though was never a Reading supporter (got into football since leaving the town) but, yeah, it’s nice. When a team has such a distinctive tradition with their kit, eg, black and white stripes, or blue hoops, it feels like you can’t do much with it. But the sleeves here prove otherwise. They are Reading’s climate stripes, they’re working with Reading Uni, which is nice too.
  14. Rare situation where the sponsor actually sorta improves it. Little pop of colour, as Tan France would say
  15. Paradise killer is great. Quite a lot of semi aimless exploring but I did enjoy that. But piecing the crimes together was brilliant. Strictly speaking tales of the obra dinn isn't quite as you said... You're not really talking to people but it's 100% deduction from the clues in front of you, piecing together a story. It's also brilliant
  16. After watching France and thinking "oh shit based on our performance they're going to run rings around us"... But now I'm thinking bring it on!
  17. This looks great. I hate the timing idea though. I like turn based often because I want to relax, play with menus and not deal with twitchy gaming. It adds nothing. I don't know why developers do it. Still it wouldn't put me off, obviously.
  18. How about a squirrel sim. Basically it's just a reskinned mirrors edge. Get nuts. Fuck up peoples gardens. Dodge cats.
  19. Flatplacker A puzzle game that's a mix of Tetris and Unpacking. Like tetris, different shapes fall from the top and you have to rotate and position them. But unlike Tetris you're not trying to just fit them snugly, you're actually trying to piece them together to build a wardrobe or something.
  20. I hate text options that make your character say something different to what you picked. I don't know why people do it. For example, your options are: 1. Maybe you work too hard 2. Do you like potatoes 3. I am feeling hot You pick option 1 and the character says: "I wonder if the work you are putting in is set at the right level of effort?" Or worse it does something like "just give up!" The former it's kind of the same emotion and intention but if you're role playing you feel like the agency you have is being taken away and it's not the angle you want. Or in the latter the link is tenuous and you ask something that unintentionally pisses off an npc. Boils my piss. I think last stop did this really badly in the first scenes and considering there was literally no other thing to do in the game except walk in one direction I couldn't understand why I didn't just watch a film instead.
  21. I found the flying in the demo not that intuitive actually. I guess I was hoping for more basic like starfox or rogue squadron and couldn't quite get on with the button mapping. That said I think I bounced off it in a kind of "not sure I want to spend the money" but I think gamepass is the sign that I should try harder. I do want a non sim style space shooter with a story so sounds like this is perfectly pitched for me.
  22. I rather fancy a little project of building an arcade stick. I don’t want to spend loads of money, I do want a little craft project, So is there a good guide to read through on what sort of things I need for this? I would primarily want it to work on Xbox series X, but it’d be great to be universal, to work on Switch , Mac and PC. I Had a venom PS3/4 stick which was ok enough, but while it just about worked on pc I don’t think it works on Xbox and an adapter doesn’t seem to be cheap enough.
  23. I think inventory as a way to make money is a bit annoying in practice. As in, shit you find lying around shouldn't exist purely to sell. Items should have no value beyond their use. That way the management becomes about character building and prep for the game play. On top of that you don't have to say "I'd better run back to a town so I can sell my trash and go back to finish the dungeon". Infinite loot storage sounds nice but I think you create more admin for the player later trying to sort and rank the items they have (especially if they are trying to discern useful vs sellable)
  24. Polenta chips are easy too (especially if you have an air fryer) and would go well. Add a bit of salad and salsa.
  25. That looks great. How much was it? Considering it folds down l’m curious, but my oven does go to 30 degrees and testing dough with a thermapen it seems to be hanging around that temp, so I probably should just keep using that.
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