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  1. This is something I often wonder about and things like the Steam hardware survey probably answer a bit... how many PC gamers are actually able to play at higher settings and performance than the current console generation offers? And how does that shift as a generation progresses? “Master Race” always struck me as a term that would be equally apt if there were only a tiny minority PC gamers on superior hardware, and a bunch of degenerates claiming some unjustified kinship with them.
  2. As a life-long PlayStation gamer at that time, it was the killer app for Nintendo’s revolutionary “good analogue stick”.
  3. You could probably make a better Venom movie than this on some measure or another, but this B-movie energy? This absolute confidence in the goofiest and most surreal aspects of the premise? This is the best possible version of itself.
  4. Edit - These are massive spoilers because finding the backstory is half of the fun, but if you’re not feeling it the context may help.
  5. It’s an internally-made O2 staff document telling them about a scheme where employees who shift the most Sony gear get entered in prize draws for Sony products, as well as things like ASOS vouchers. Unless the O2’s employee coercion division have the inside scoop on new console hardware I don’t think anyone should get too excited.
  6. Who among us hasn’t mistakenly created a sanitised port of a game and submitted it for publication on the eShop?
  7. Hang on if you zoom in there is actually a racing stripe.
  8. I agree, I hope they stick with the "List of X recent games, then library" thing as the top level of the OS. It just lines up so well with how people actually play games. If it's good enough for Nintendo you know they've done something right for once. Moving the capture gallery and Sharefactory functions in to something a bit more convenient and cohesive than their separate apps would be nice. Even if Sharefactory-style video editing needs a lot of RAM, now they can hopefully just do a quick suspend of the game to the SSD rather than closing it altogether. The Create button makes me optimistic about that, presumably it'll just be an OS function. They should ditch the movie/TV streaming app. It's far less convenient than just letting you have streaming apps as top-level apps. They didn't even do anything useful with it, like letting you search across the apps in an integrated fashion. (As far as I know!) It's just a shonky permanent folder that takes too long to open. Speaking of streaming, I'll be interested to see what they do with Remote Play. Also, PSnow. They could fold the catalogue in to the Store for subscribers, and have streaming apps "install" as system icons like other games, to help make them more equivalent to "native" games.
  9. The Series X should fit in a Kallax cube. It will not fit in the shelves on the Lappland though. I have a convenient real life model for the Series X, these speakers are basically the same size:
  10. Yep. https://blog.playstation.com/2020/03/18/unveiling-new-details-of-playstation-5-hardware-technical-specs/
  11. Yeah, real world figures are going to be interesting, and the number stamped on the PSU will be even less useful in making the comparison than normal. Series X needs enough power to ensure it doesn’t brown out when running some hypothetical worst case scenario game umpteen years down the line, so they’ll have built in a margin for error, like all previous consoles. By contrast the PS5 will in principle have an energy usage ceiling that games simply can’t exceed, and Sony can put in a PSU that matches that. So I wouldn’t be surprised if the PS5 ships with a smaller PSU than the Series X even if they both use as much electricity in practice. Or if the PS5 uses more.
  12. It’s T3 reporting on a now-deleted Reddit story about a third party’s survey, which according to the Reddit comments repeatedly stated that the prices weren’t real. So no.
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