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  1. Because you’d want the warranty?
  2. I played around with Focus Magic myself and although it clearly says "Tali Zorah" and "Admiral", I think that first word might be "Carbonara" and not "Cerberus", and that could be "Goth" and not "Geth".
  3. But of course they'll rename it something like Spider-Man Four Point Oh for the international market out of fear we don't know about American things.
  4. @Mr Do 71That would be great thanks, if you’re still online!
  5. That would be nice, thanks! Invoice me for the materials.
  6. Anyone want to trade for some of the ironwood recipes? I have a spare workbench recipe and I need the ones for the clock, bed, chair and cart.
  7. Kind of the opposite of a cult classic, an expensive, widely-seen disaster nobody liked.
  8. Two other titles also announced with different logos, “Home Wrecker” and “Home Slice”. Sony really wants more of that sweet sweet spider-verse action huh.
  9. Couldn’t you guess someone’s recent PSN purchases by looking at their PSN public profile? Or better yet, just ring up on the day after the new PS+ titles and rattle off those.
  10. Wait, by default you can just open up the support bot and get it to turn all your security off? They don’t even get you to confirm any personal info?
  11. Ultimately the problem is Sony’s organisational lack of competence in online security. Nothing you do, and nothing they add to the system, will make a difference until that changes.
  12. Now imagining Hideo Kojima switching your TV between game mode and movie mode when the cut scenes start.
  13. On my TV you get different settings per input and per display mode on that input. And yes that does mean it needs to be calibrated separately for games and for movies. (The brightness range in game mode and movie mode are completely different from each other, frustratingly, so you can’t even just copy the numbers across.) Edit - Different settings per HDMI isn’t new though, my first HDTV back in ‘08 worked that way.
  14. Basically it has to use a faster and lower quality version of the whole process from HDMI input to image, so everything in that process (adjusting the colour temperature, scaling the image, applying your contrast and brightness settings) is a bit shittier. That said, I watched several movies having forgotten I’d left the TV in game mode before I realised things didn’t quite look right.
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