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  1. I have two perfect spaces for it on either side of my TV that are ironically occupied by exactly Series X-sized bookshelf speakers. So it’s Smol or nothing.
  2. I checked my inventory of old Xbox 360 games against the BC list and it covers even more of them than I’d thought. And the ones that are on disk are mostly on EA Play or Game Pass. I do not need the smol box.
  3. The digital edition is actually really nice looking. Still huge but the curves actually make it look sleek when you’re looking at it straight on. That’s just one angle but it’s more than the disk model gets. The slim will just be that with a disk slot on the “inside”, right?
  4. I think it would be a very elegant system if: 1) It was 80% of the size 2) The disk drive was actually designed in to it I like the fact that it has rotational symmetry. I like how it manages to be covered in grilles without the grilles being all that visible from the front, a trick the three PS4 iterations pulled off. I especially like that the fins actually stop you blocking the ventilation. I like the weirdness of it. But it's just not a design that works terribly well on an object that large, it just emphasises its bulkiness. And the disk drive just emphasises
  5. Mario 64 is from an era where we expected a 3D game’s camera to handle itself and not need constant manual control. I do miss that.
  6. I don’t think they’ve said anything about storing PS5 games on an external HDD, just that you can play PS4 games from one.
  7. I think all Sony said about customisation was that there were more options for them to customise it, not the end user. I know the internet loves a good rumour but Sony loves selling people special edition consoles.
  8. Nintendo were actually researching 3D displays at that time (it’s the reason that the GC had a digital video port) so it’s not a completely daft idea.
  9. It’s kind of the opposite of how the Xbox 360 had an “inhale” to make it look smaller than it actually was. This screams “bursting at the seams with technology” and honestly the fact that it weighs the best part of 5 kg told that story without any aesthetic help.
  10. Were the dynamic pools of paint-like substance always so pixelly in their edges? I remember them being smoothed out automatically in to curves. Hoovering up Star Bits is still amazingly satisfying even with the Joy-con version of the pointer. I think that pointer controls in the Prime trilogy might work pretty well.
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