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  1. Alex W.

    Nintendo Switch

    It’d be a waste of money not to buy it really.
  2. Still more optimistic about this than a new Terminator movie.
  3. Alex W.

    Nintendo Switch

    Split Pad Pro seems to be reviewing well. It’s absurd but I like it.
  4. Alex W.

    Nintendo Switch

    Got a good Sandisk 200GB SD card off Amazon for 20 quid. I felt like I was saving money but I know it means when the first big sale comes around I will have enough space to ruin myself.
  5. Lol after flailing around at this and dragging a door half way across the map and dying a half dozen times I spotted the incredibly obvious “real” way to do this. Oh well, learned some stuff on the way.
  6. Alex W.

    Nintendo Switch

    I did not know that! Excellent.
  7. Alex W.

    Nintendo Switch

    On the latest firmware there’s a button combo that opens the zl+zr menu, select+start I think. Edit - Yeah, start + select on firmware 4.
  8. I don't understand the art style of this at all. Reusing pixel art is a Castlevania tradition and would've resulted in a cheaper game that didn't look like it was developed for the iPhone 3GS.
  9. Our Amiga 500 was second hand, and some of our games were hand me downs, so at one point we had the manual for Frontier but not the game. And that manual was just absolutely fascinating, this whole imaginary SF world you could blast around and go on adventures in. I was a big SF/space nut and the most sophisticated game I’d played was Lemmings. It seemed completely impossible. So when the game itself did eventually show up and it really was this vast sci fi space to explore how I wanted, it absolutely blew me away. It was like actual virtual reality (and looked like it, with that slow frame rate and those flat polygons). That was the first game that really became an all-consuming fixation.
  10. Last night I remembered *another* metal door I can use as part of this absurd plan which makes it all the more likely to work...
  11. Alex W.

    Nintendo Switch

    We played a lot of Tricky Towers on our PS4 when we first got it, having that for travel could be pretty great.
  12. Alex W.

    Nintendo Switch

    My wife and I spent a lot of the weekend playing Puyo Puyo 2 so now we’re thinking of getting some more competitive puzzle games. I’m looking at Crystal Crisis because we both like Puzzle Fighter, is there anything else that stands out?
  13. It gets a lot better as it progresses, fortunately. The upgrades feel like kind of an optional thing for the most part too.
  14. I might be cynical but I do have to wonder if the directors had them implement that herb gathering and animal spotting after MGSV came out, and the camp setting cooking mechanic after Zelda. The more charitable but no less damning possibility is that they spent so long working that they were comprehensively lapped.
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