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  1. He based a lot of it on Iceland right?
  2. I’m all in on this. Admittedly I was all in on Discovery but I think this one’s actually good.
  3. I don’t know why there’s a carriage return in there, I don’t see it when editing.
  4. Metal Gear Solid. Every episode could have a game-changing twist reveal at the end, that they spend the first half of the next episode justifying. It’s a perfect binge-streaming format. More seriously, Mass Effect 2’s episodic character-led structure and love of people-with-prosthetics aliens makes it ideal for TV. Star Trek meets a heist movie over 10 episodes.
  5. Triple A franchises are like Marvel movies, the whole point is that you don’t have to come up with a new idea, development pipeline etc. So as a general principle you’re not going to see many new ones over time unless one has burned out completely and needs replacing. A launch window was traditionally a good opportunity for publishers to take a chance on something new, because usually a limited launch software range helped them stand out, because new console capabilities could be linked to the IP, because the new console features could be risked on something other than the golden goose, etc. I don’t see the same benefits in this generational shift, given the familiar input method, lack of significant changes in the way the platforms work, and the near certainty of cross-generational releases become the norm. So this time I don’t think the motivation is there for publishers to roll out a new AAA property. That’s not to say we won’t see some, just that it won’t be so strongly related to the fact that there’s a new console generation.
  6. MGS2 = "MGS too", Sony have bought the rights to Konami's back catalogue and are Hideo Kojima is back on his shit again.
  7. How fast is USB 3.0 now? Could they do one of these high-bandwidth SSDs (or something that was slower, but still usable) over that connection, as an external box rather than an add-in card? You can feed a GPU over that bus after all.
  8. Hmm, that makes me wonder how these fast storage systems will work on the next-generation versions of XCloud and PSNow. Right now presumably they can get a decent chunk of the streaming game library on any given server. Surely they're not going to have quite as big an SSD in every server instance? I mean more as a logistical issue than a can-they-do-it one, there are probably a lot of interesting options.
  9. "What do you reckon", "I believe", and "I feel" makes me think this may not be a series of statements based on inside information.
  10. So, does this use some sort of forced perspective trickery or what? There have been a few big vistas as I revisit things that show destinations as these tiny objects in the distance, seemingly miles away, but you reach them in a few minutes and the map distance is only a few hundred metres. It’s not at all like doing the same approaches to destinations in RDR2 where (without a horse) that walk might take an excruciatingly long time. I feel like they might do something weird like adjusting the scales of objects with distance. Or I’m imagining it.
  11. Reached chapter 9. Ah shit I should’ve delivered that pizza before I started this bit. Back I go.
  12. It does work instantly as far as I can tell, it’s the notification ping which is delayed. I guess it pings when it finishes saving the file instead of when the image is taken. The sort of bad design that would be easy to fix but make the console seem far faster, i.e. classic Sony design.
  13. Alex W.

    Google Stadia

    Does make you wonder how many of these features were designed before they had a business model figured out.
  14. If there’s a way to do that in the game it will be a bad retcon of Lucasian proportions.
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