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  1. Alex W.

    Google Stadia

    There was a Digital Foundry post this week which drew the same conclusion - it's got twice the latency on Stadia as any other platform, and inexplicably much more latency than any of the other Stadia games they've tested. Maybe there's something wrong there they can fix? https://www.eurogamer.net/articles/digitalfoundry-2020-doom-eternal-stadia-looks-the-part-but-lag-is-too-high
  2. Alex W.

    Nintendo Switch

    If you look at a tear down on a GC pad the analogue triggers needed a huge amount of space behind them. I can see why they wouldn’t work on a smaller controller very well. A shame as they’re one of be great fidget toys.
  3. If they're going to reveal a cheaper console launching the same time - which is a huge "if" - I'd have to imagine it'll be a big shock twist at the end of the proper Series X announcement. They could show a bunch of exclusive games that all look amazing, followed by a release date, and a price that makes everyone nervous (let's say $499). Then they say "but wait, there's more", run a showreel of the same games looking exactly as good as they did earlier, then they reveal that those were running in 1080p HDR on the Series S, for just $349 or something. Then do some side-by-side comparisons to drive the message home, and everyone leaves convinced that Microsoft has both the most powerful console on the planet and an amazing economical console that's almost exactly as good. Sort of the opposite of what Apple did when they spent an hour on the iPhone 8 only to then reveal the iPhone X and make everyone wonder why they bothered with the basic one. Or more likely Series S will arrive in 2021, letting them get a broader, less dedicated audience without having to lower the Series X's price at all. Like bear said.
  4. This is a genuinely good prime time adventure show and it makes good and enjoyable use of the universe. I don’t get the arguments about it being “fake HDR”. It’s very obvious that although they’re using only a 200 nits dynamic range for the content at any given frame, they’re riding that range to higher and lower brightness almost constantly using the Dolby Vision metadata. It’s obviously not as good as having a widened dynamic range within each shot but it’s far from “SDR in an HDR container” as some people had made it out to be.
  5. Presumably as it keeps selling they’ll keep adding new content like extra songs. The extra voice options make it clear Nintendo are happy to treat it as a big budget game even if it wasn’t launched as one. I would happily pay for a downloadable music DLC pack TBH.
  6. I played through the demo a third time on a whim. The combat is definitely going to be agreeable in the whole game but I still really don’t like this as a tutorial. But what caught my attention this time was the ability to turn off the character voices completely. The game actually works fine that way, and you can manually skip through non-cut-scene dialogue a line at a time. It also really highlights how great the dynamic score is. There are no cuts when you move from the field to a cut scene to a battle or whatever; it just changes mood really smoothly. Really in to what they’re doing.
  7. It’s so easy to imagine a series with these themes, characters, overall plot, structure, presentation and cast that is actually good. So easy.
  8. Kojima’s incredible restraint in not (as far as I can tell) tweeting us all his hot takes on this has been remarkable. I was listening to some of the suites in the OST this past week and reflecting on how it’s also a deeply optimistic game though. It leaves you on a note of striving to exist in the knowledge that everything is transitory.
  9. Is this going to be like the reverse of the 2008 writers' strike? Back then you had to film but you had no writers so Hollywood realised they could basically skip doing that properly. Now you can't film so you might as well get the writers to really polish the shit out of those scripts and maybe make them realise people like good ones.
  10. Late to the party but Ya Boy Delorean is pretty good, isn't it? Just a good old fun wild west space adventure.
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