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  1. A technology that you can't make commercially viable isn't a superior technology, at the end of the day. Any non-semiconductor tech was going to be at an immediate disadvantage, and SED and FED were going to be extremely hard to literally make just because of the principles of the technology. That there were so few viable approaches that only one company had a path to commercialisation, and had to try to licence that out to the few other interested parties, and even managed to fuck that up because an essential part of their tech was licensed in in the first place, is a testament to the futility of it. OLED was the holy grail: a technology that exploited LCD manufacturing processes and fit in to the same enormous watch-to-TV size range, but gave a markedly superior result. And microLED's going to do the same sort of piggy-backing job. Never bet against Moore's Law.
  2. I caught a skeleton horse for the first time earlier and I was smugly riding it at full speed down hill to the stable when the sun came up. The exact moment I thought “huh, I wonder what...” it disintegrated and I rolled about three miles.
  3. I’ve got to a really interesting stage in this. I’ve prattled about in the east and done a couple of the kind of regional main quests, but I’m picking my way back east and not quite feeling like engaging with the locations yet. So I’m stalking out to the towers, even taking out a vulnerable Guardian if the opportunity arises, and slowly piecing together a bigger plan of action. This really keeps growing and growing if you let it.
  4. It’s a testament to how bad Alien Covenant was that even his novelised version was terrible. He did genuinely great novels of all the others.
  5. I think they were going for that in the film but it just came across as “wow watch these numbers go down”. Which is another reason to cut it.
  6. BotW was a WiiU port, which goes to show that cross-gen needn’t hamper you so long as you have something big and unique to your brand that will attract people from other brands. It’s no good for luring in your own last gen players but it can make a big difference for luring in the other guy’s customers at the generation switch. Basically if Halo Infinite is the Halo of open world multiplayer shooters, it might be enough to lure me from PS4 to Series X, never mind if it’s out on Xbox One too.
  7. Jerry referencing the was an unexpectedly but powerfully character appropriate moment.
  8. "We have solved the cooling by making the new console basically a flag."
  9. Leave you a little square space on your TV stand to put the controller.
  10. I’m counting on a 50% port, 25% remaster, 20% franchise, 5% new IP ratio.
  11. In any case when you see the previous slide it’s super obvious the layout has nothing to do with a tease of extra stuff to come.
  12. I thought it was shaped like that to emphasise that it didn't have previous generation hardware lurking around in there in the "bottom", this is the preceding slide:
  13. Ah, here we go... So they're checking that the games work, and presumably either making a list of titles with issues, encouraging publishers to create patches, incorporating shims in to the PS5 OS, or some combination of the three.
  14. I thought he said they were testing the games? When the original, BC PS3 came out they had ever-expanding lists of all of the games with issues and what the issues and work-arounds were.
  15. I would imagine that the BC thing is just to avoid the embarrassing situation where this year's big PS4 game doesn't work on everyone's PS5 at launch day due to some random glitch. Back in the day I imagine that they spent a fair bit of money making sure FF9 etc. worked on the PS2, for example.
  16. I’m not all that worried about actual alternative cuts, which are indeed a cyclical trend. I just mean every buffoon is going to be convinced that the three hour assembly cut of Mission Impossible Goats Protocol is some unseen masterpiece.
  17. I'd kind of suspected this would happen. Now that HBO have committed to converting the four-hour assembly cut of Justice League in to a four-hour product, Star Wars fans have demanded a four-hour cut of RotS because that's how long the original cut was: https://www.change.org/p/george-lucas-release-4-hour-long-star-wars-revenge-of-the-sith https://www.imdb.com/title/tt0121766/trivia?item=tr0658531 Given how many movies mention the run time of an "original cut" on their IMDB trivia pages or had it come up in an interview or director's commentary or whatever, and how few people seem to understand that those cuts aren't actually movies, I suspect we're never going to hear the fucking end of it. So I've created a megathread to get ahead of the zeitgeist and give us a place to watch this stupid trend unfold. It would be cynical to suggest I'm exploiting my amazing track record and posting bad predictions in an effort to stop this becoming a trend. So don't suggest that.
  18. I think I misunderstood, but I would agree that there are plenty of cases of excessive motion blur. I don’t think that Unreal demo is one of them or that it’s done to hide technical issues, but it is a technique that can be done wrong easily
  19. I saw the launch trailer for this and it's got a Castlevania CotM/AoS collecting mechanic in it? I quite liked Risky's Revenge when I got it free off the App Store many years ago and that sort of mechanic might lure me back in.
  20. That's really intriguing. I know they were able to add HDR to some Xbox 360 games on the Xbox One because they were already internally using a larger colour space, but "reconstruction" makes me wonder if it's something like a very sophisticated version of the HDR-simulating effects some TVs can apply to SDR video. Who needs next-gen exclusives when Microsoft can make backwards compatability technically exciting.
  21. Yes Shawn, eye cicadas.
  22. Huh, actually, now that I think about it, the back-fill effect of a saccade might explain why editors need to do J cuts at scene changes in films to make them feel natural. A viewer would mentally omit the last handful of frames of the previous scene and they’d be replaced with duplicates of the first frame of the next scene. So of course you’d want them to be underscored with the audio of the next scene. Ha, who’s coming up with an esoteric personal theory of vision now.
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