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  1. Nothing with this much shameless pandering should work this well. Top stuff. Edit - Last two episodes were directed by someone who’s directed for Strange New Worlds.
  2. Sounds like a job for friendship-destroying internicene warfare.
  3. I suppose it was a better choice than the MSN Gaming Zone but Gamespy? I forget sometimes how half assed some of the early online console game implementations were.
  4. Some of the shots look so bad, it has me wondering if the better-looking CGI backdrops are recycled footage. They’re almost certainly not but it swings up and down. There’s certainly a lot of conspicuously bad compositing in ordinary on-foot bits, for a modern show.
  5. Yeah any window for Sony to negotiate concessions has now closed. It looks like overall, all they’ve really accomplished is forcing Microsoft to extend its lead in cloud gaming adoption ahead of schedule, and publicly commit to all-quadrants publishing ubiquity on every available platform. Great job!
  6. I don’t think it even supports HDR.
  7. If you can’t get the N64 Bluetooth controller there is another N64 controller that just went in stock quietly: https://store.nintendo.co.uk/en/nintendo-64-paper-clips-000000000010009889?utm _content=Sub Networks&awc=12777_1679652632_4718552acb2949825723deac00b1c43e&utm_medium=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.digidip.net%2F&affil=awin&utm_source=AWIN&utm_campaign=1c009g1e6w71
  8. You’ve got to remember the Edge scale has a specific meaning attached to each number: 7: Beloved classic 8: Genre-reframing masterpiece 9: An 8 that causes arguments 10: An 8 that causes friendship-destroying internicene warfare.
  9. You’re a god damned hero Gorf. Always wanted to actually play N64 games as intended on that weird trident.
  10. “Every sword, shield, outfit, sock garter, lapel pin and shoelace from the first game returns” is the sort of tedious idea of a selling point that someone brought up on YouTube explainers and complainers might invent.
  11. People like you and CU Amiga really warped my idea of what the Amiga was going to be like in the Information Age! Mind you I was very gullible then and tried to save up for a Game.com for Duke 3D and web browsing.
  12. The surprise cameo in Pick Pack Pup is amazing! What a nice balance of good old match-3 and level-specific gimmicks and tasks.
  13. I’m surprised they didn’t just decide that risking getting eaten by a big dragon as a child is The Way. Maybe next week we’ll see them tossing a coin to see who gets fed to the dragonlings.
  14. Alex W.

    Edge 383

    Big score scoop:
  15. I don’t want to point fingers but there’s a creator of this series who wanted to do a space Western and a creator of this series who wanted to do an ongoing saga of the Mandalorian people and I think one of them is a lot more helpful to the Disney story-to-merchandise pipeline.
  16. Another episode that feels a lot like it’s torn between the need to tell a stand-alone story like the first season, and an overwhelming hunger to stuff as much prequel-era Star Wars lore as possible in there.
  17. Not off to a great start with the “everyone just do a different kind of training in a big pile”.
  18. The way it moves through the clouds reminds me of “Nope” at times. That’s an interesting choice.
  19. There wasn’t an appropriate thread for these and I figure people across a bunch of platforms have them: https://www.8bitdo.com/apple/ With a software update these pads now work with any iOS game that supports a controller natively, which should include PS Remote Play.
  20. It’s not going to cycle in to the same visor you were currently on, so it’s just two choices.
  21. And they put a missile station in there so they expected you to shoot them the old fashioned way. I do like how Impact Crater looks like the Body of the Many though.
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