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  1. Really recommend the “Ty and That Guy” podcast if you’re doing a rewatch. Loads of incredible behind the scenes anecdotes and a lot of insight in to how a show like they gets made. They’re up to S4 just now.
  2. I guess the real Mission Impossible is resisting the urge to make this obvious joke.
  3. That run time feels like a bit of a mistake in terms of marketing the movie. For a known quantity, like a series or director I’m hugely invested in, I’d show up, but three hours on a new Batman that’s deliberately a bit of a departure? You’re going to need some really positive reviews to get me to spent that much time on it in COVID season. Come to think of it, Matrix Resurrections would probably have been a much tighter movie if they’d been told they had to bring it in under 130 minutes too. I worry WB have read too much in to the rapturous enthusiasm of Snyder fans for extended cuts.
  4. On the up side, I’m pretty sure that PS2 era “mature” games’ strippers directly inspired the Necromorphs in Dead Space. (Was it a technology limitation or did having to draw a sexy lady break the animators’ brains?)
  5. Anyone with Xena and Sliders in their CV is probably a good bet to run that show. I enjoyed those movies but I didn't in a million years think they'd be doing another film.
  6. It takes me right OUT of the metaphor Rex.
  7. This kind of stuff doesn’t embarrass me any more, or rather the reaction it cultivates isn’t embarrassment. I think if I’m still playing the game then either I’m capable of having a conversation with someone in the room about how howlingly bad/actually contextually meaningful/whatever something is. But the DOA series advances really unrealistic notions about the female body:
  8. Uh but as any real Bean fan could tell you that’s Mr Bean’s car. Are you trying to (snort) say Sony is Nintendo’s car?
  9. That’s definitely the trend and I don’t think there are any good counterexamples in gaming; you’re not wrong that mega franchises spread like weeds across every available platform, but I’m less convinced that it’s inherently necessary for success. The movie streaming industry is going through a splintering process where those with enough pull (eg Disney) are moving their content back in to their own platform, and people are following. That makes me think that Microsoft could pull people over to their platform after a move to exclusivity, if the barrier to entry was low enough (e.g. streaming).
  10. Minecraft was already a global phenomenon while it was still a janky Java app on PCs. Being multiplatform is good for building a cultural touchstone of a game/series but it’s not essential, and once it is at that stage, people will go where it is available.
  11. When I think of major developers of original game content and new IP my first thought is always Bluepoint.
  12. It really seems pointless for me to not at least have a Series S at this point.
  13. It’s like FIFA, you’ve got an endlessly repeatable multiplayer component that all the kids know the rules to at this point.
  14. I’ve been rewatching the earlier episodes alongside the aftershow podcast, and this season’s finale was kind of a payoff for the
  15. Yeah but the idea was so heavily laughed at on here that it's become a meme, it's genuinely inconceivable.
  16. Someone's going to make mad bank selling that giant hand and skull archipelago to crypto bros.
  17. All end user cars will be marketed as driverless, but they’ll all be snapped up by Uber and your only option for road transport will be a £100/hour private hire driven by someone paid in exactly enough Huel not to starve.
  18. It really should be as existentially unsettling as Disney buying basically everything, but aside from some intensely awful cross media hypercontent, that has just become part of the accepted reality of how media works. I think we’re all just so exhausted by the gradual consolidation of everything in to a handful of careless megacorps that it doesn’t even register any more, so long as they make things convenient and don’t explicitly meddle with the brand image of their component parts. I suppose on the up side it’s nice that a publisher got acquired while they were still in health instead of the usual route of crashing to earth shedding cash and staff until a bigger publisher comes along and absorbs the weaker one.
  19. I think Microsoft’s more interested in buying going concerns than access to “potentially valuable” intellectual property. A CoD in the hand is worth two in the 1990s.
  20. I can understand the first two but I don’t see why Microsoft would want to get in to the gym business.
  21. Really curious about the calculus that must be involved in the “exclusives” decision. I wonder if Activision’s got a lot of income tied up in microtransactions that their board’s skittish about losing? Probably more so than Bethesda, but it’s hard to imagine an end point that doesn’t look like FIFA Legacy Edition: a way of keeping access to the existing customers who already bought in on the “wrong” platform while they put their real effort elsewhere.
  22. I suppose the next logical step after “a big expensive scarce console which basically only exists to play platform exclusives” is to pivot to arcade cabinets.
  23. I don’t think there’s anything to stop Activision deciding that they’re going to go Game Pass tomorrow. If the Microsoft deal falls through, what’s the worst that happens?
  24. It puts Sony in a position not unlike Nintendo’s: they’re going to have to come up with a distinct product for an asymmetrical fight for a share of the pie. They’ve been waving that flag for a while in PR but they really do need to walk the walk now.
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