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  1. Why did I buy a PS5 2 months ago I ask myself? I sold off some of my collection to make some space and spent some of it a PS5 and a SD. I've not touched the PS5 in 6 weeks. I'm drowning in games to play on it. Ordered a 256GB SSD cheap to upgrade it and shoved a 400GB SD card in it. This week I've picked up more in the steam sales and some key sites, playing through Singularity of it using Gyro mode and tried out some Saturn emulation with Sega Rally. Just this week ive grabbed: Halo Master Chief Collection Titanfall 2 Tomb Raider Anniversary Super Woden GP Ex Zodiac Maid of Skir Huntdown XIII (Original) Mighty Switch Force Collection Sonic Mania Demons Tilt Blasphemous And I've not even spent £50 on them! Asked my wife for a dock for Xmas so my daughter can join me in some co op.
  2. As the weather changes, my usual winter hunting ground has unfortunately closed for good in South wales, so I have ventured across to foreign lands. England, across the Severn. So far, it's not proved particular fruitful game wise, few 360/PS3 gen titles mostly. Weirdly a different feel to the Welsh boots. Loads of new stuff for sale, market traders, etc. Anyway, today has brought me a a very unexpected non retro purchase. A full-size 3D printer for £38, with several layers of dust. Seller said he hadn't used it for a year or two but had done some upgrades, was moving house and wanted it gone.
  3. I love using original hardware over emulation but I wouldn't dismiss anyone for using it. I know first hand how expensive some original hardware is these days and the emulation for a number of machines is near perfect (neo geo being a good case for this) That said some stuff just can't be emulated. The Vectrex for example, you will never replicate how it feels to use one with a LCD screen
  4. Ventured to a distance boot Saturday, was pretty awful to be honest. No gaming or anything interesting except for a bag marked "Remote control car parts".... £20 It needs a *lot* of work. Looks to have been heavily customised with metal parts and fibre glass chassis
  5. Yeah Neil from RMC is about as far away from this nonsense as you can find I feel. He's carved out a pretty successful corner on YouTube and now real life in his interactive museum and looks to have helped Mark from Mark Fixes Stuff out a lot when he lost his house in a fire last year. Always seems very genuine to me (although I won't be buying a monster joystick sorry). I prefer the UK crowd on YouTube to their American counterparts, mostly as my memories are of tapes, spectrums, C64s and Amigas, not video game crashes and NES's. Both sides are full of shills tho, I've weeded out a lot of rubbish of late (especially those two mentioned above)
  6. Random misspelled newly listed item on Facebook yesterday lunch time flashed up. Old Sony Triton TV £5 5 hours later, I now own a 14" Trinitron TV that is in absolutely immaculate condition with its remote.
  7. It would perhaps. But I keep a lot of the stuff I buy and trade on the rubbish or duplicates. I'm currently collecting a lot of Xbox 360 stuff, and I'm pulling the titles I want out from the bundles I'm picking up. Console gets sold on and the rest goes into cex for credit so I can buy some of the rarer titles I never see cheaply (Dodonpachi resurrection recently). Keeping the PS4 and Xbox one titles, seeing more lately and given I've had a kid in the last few years I'm catching up on a lot of titles I missed. Dealers round my way just grab anything vaguely gaming related but baulk at paying more for bundles. Retro games are near non existent. That alien storm is going up on the shelf tho. Other electronics I pick up are generally for selling on, helps to feed the habit hah.
  8. Last bank holiday blowout for me this year and a day to myself without the family. The last big Saturday boot closed for good today, so no Saturday boots in my area once the weather turns and the summer boots close. Gutted, I'll have to wander over Bristol, heard there's some undercover ones that run all year. Anyway, some slim pickings sadly. Dealers where gorging themselves early, saw a boxed Atari STE get snapped up for £25, boxed ps2s, Gameboys et al. I just grabbed some spare cabling and some electronics to flip. Although I found a minty complete Alien Storm on the Megadrive for £8. Hit crime converters on the way back home and found Bloodborne PS4, fallout 3 GOTY PS3 and mudrunners spin tires for Xbox one all for £9. Afternoon boot was better, another 360 e 250gb console but it came with 30 games and 2 pads for £35. Minecraft pig controller for Xbox one for £12 in need of repair, blood and truth on PS4 for £5. Bought a lovely condition NES in a carry case off my work friend for £40 on Friday to keep and a fat Xbox one off Facebook on the way home from work for £30.
  9. Only Sunday fun for me this week. Thought it would be a wash out but I was rewarded. 1st boot sale, last few remaining ones as its shutting down. x2 Xbox one v1 controllers, both working £10 Original Xbox 360 20gb with 2 pads £10 (halo anniversary in the drive) Small stack of games £5 Original Xbox s controller £1 x2 pink Nintendo DS's £10 1080 snowboard on N64 £2 2nd boot sale, went a few weeks ago and it was awful, this week I was overwhelmed and didnt have enough cash so only grabbed a couple of bits 360 S 250gb slim with pad and cod black ops 2 in the drive £15 Chromecast v3 £4 Toshiba dvd / VHS with hdmi out £12
  10. Honestly not watched this in decades but watching neighbours whilst I ate my tea with my family after my Dad got home from work is such a vivid memory. Newsround>Blue Peter>neighbours then over to BBC2 for TNG.
  11. If that is what it takes, give him and his team all the time in the world to pump out more I say. For me at least, it's shown up how poor Obi Wan, Discovery and Picard have been. SNW at least looks to have had the same care taken in its production. Unbelievable that something that started as a parody of TNG has managed to eclipse them for me.
  12. I'm just imagining Seth McFarlane being told a few years ago prior to starting that season 3 was to be the last and saying to himself. "Fuck it, let's go make TNG S8" Because thats possibly the only reason to explain the gigantic upswing in quality S3 is. Some of the best sci fi for literally years in 9 episodes so far. And not forgetting the CGI. Christ I hope we get a season 4 or something more.
  13. It's an great film, sadly overlooked I feel, one of the better time travel films. McDowell, Warner and Steenburgen are good leads, although Mary Steenburgen later became more famous for another certain time travel trilogy hah. "Ninety years ago I was a freak. Today I'm an amateur."
  14. Ah man, loved David Warner, played a host of great villains. Saw him at a comicon in Cardiff many years ago, although he was there as for being in Game Of Thrones. He will always be Sark / MCP in Tron or Evil Genius in Time Bandits. Go watch Time After Time people
  15. Anything older than PS2 is a rarity these days unless its yet another copy of Dance Dance Revolution on PS1
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