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  1. I've a 4000 with a GVP TREX II 68060 CPU card fitted, I think its probably worth close to 2k atm.
  2. Went into this with low expectations and having watched the first episode, which was rough as hell, I somehow plowed on. Thankfully it improved a lot. Although, I enjoyed the period stuff a lot more than the modern stuff. It's a bit slow at times but it's fairly solid by the end
  3. Not a lot this morning in Cardiff, dealers have returned. Picked up Quantum Theory on PS3, New Super Mario DS and some PS Vita game called MUD for the grand total of £6
  4. Well this sucks, Welsh gov has classed boot sales as mass gathering events and has therefore blocked loads from reopening until Wales reaches Level 1. Therefore most of the boots around me won't reopen until July at the earliest. Still doesn't explain how the one I've been too is open unless it's slipped under the radar as technically it calls itself a market for 1 day of the week (runs 3 times a week). Another small boot is reopening in 2 weeks but I'll believe that when I see it now. Everything else over the border is reopening this week. Ross, Coleford and Madley a
  5. Absolutely zero social distancing at the one running in Cardiff by the vast majority but there's still a lot of people being sensible and masks work by most buyers. It's spoilt by the idiots but I wont go into the crowds diving into cars, even before covid, it's my one rule. I hang back and come back around when it's quieter. I'm hoping the other boots I go to will be better run when they restart. I'm 4 weeks past my second jab so I'm in a privileged position for my age (38) compared to most.
  6. This morning's boot yielded quite a lot of nice electronics, not much gaming hardware bar a very random find at the bottom of a bag. An official Atari branded Jaguar S-Video cable. How weird. Wish it was a Scary cable though. Also found a HD DVD player, Freesat box, Linux based satellite box and a Brand new joytech Xbox 360 Component video switcher. Also found a cheap Chinese android TV (T95X2) box which I remembered could be modded to run Emuelec, installed it earlier so now I've a nice little emulator box with 4gb ram and quad core CPU. Tempted to use it a
  7. They are all absolutely crap in my end of the woods (South East Wales), Boot sales and cash converters / regenerate shops are king around here.
  8. And Mortal Kombat : Shaolin Monks on Xbox for 49p at another crime converters
  9. Local crime converter had a Pop N TwinBee Cart for the SNES for 5.99, I'll have that I think
  10. It's almost always the belt needing changing on them. Classic symptom is the tray not ejecting or getting stuck when open. Even the older 360's are doing the same thing, dunno what it is with the drive belts on the MS consoles. If you can get it open and have a small set of tweezers, they are fairly simple to change. Don't let the drive tray go back in without the belt, it's a pain to get back open.
  11. It's quite possibly a dried belt, I've had to change a few out over the years. Stick a paper clip in the manual eject hole and it should pop out.
  12. They've returned. Strange lack of dealers this morning, didn't mind as I had a fair shake for once. £40 got me x2 Xbox 360 slims with 250gb hdd's, 2 Wii's and wiimotes for £5, 4 360 games, avermedia hdmi capture dongle, blue dual shock 4, switch psu, Mumra figure from 1985 plus some random bits and bobs. Some decent CeX trade fodder to start building up for a ps5.
  13. I just don't think Star Trek lends itself to season arc's, the whole show is supposed to be about adventures in space! The franchise is built on an episodic structure right from the start with TOS. TNG continued that trend and excelled at it, getting great sci fi writers in to make some episodes that still stand the test of time even all these years later. DS9 arguable bucked this trend in later seasons but that had a competent writing team behind it and had a solid foundation. VOY took it to extremes, resetting everything every episode, so there is a balance to be maintained I'd admit. Look a
  14. Yet another season long story about a galactic threat that can only be resolved by this largely incompetent crew. What's this, the 3rd or 4th one now? I'm bored of this. TNG, VOY, DS9 and TOS could pump this sort of thing out in 45 minutes whilst Discovery takes 10 episodes to get to the point, tears and all. I sincerely hope Strange New Worlds is a turn back to one and done stories.
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