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  1. My TV is unfortunately mono only but I've a set of desk speakers that I offload sound too. May just mod the cable though. Easy enough
  2. Cable turned up today. Hooked it up to my Flat Sony Trinitron, my word, sod composite
  3. Just wish the buttons were micro switched too. I love the clicky dpad, the Neo Geo Colour Pocket I have has one
  4. Found them literally minutes after posting. Bought and on its way. I was expecting to have some bad load times but from what I've played, they are more than acceptable. I'd love an AES but this will more than do for now. The pad is rather lovely.
  5. My Neo Geo CD turned up today after just 2 days, Japanese version, £159 quid delivered with King of Fighters 95 disk only, a pad and power supply. Dug out a stepdown and it boots up just fine, may swap to a UK replacement one in time. The seller said he thought down direction on the pad was flaky but ive been using it and cant find a single issue. Works just fine. I ripped it open earlier and soldered in a jump wire so its now a USA region console and the onscreen language is all in english, burned a few CDR's and they all work a treat. Now to find a RGB scart cable
  6. I bought a Neo Geo CD. Time to dip my toes in
  7. Horrendous Absolutely horrendous What the fuck did I just watch?
  8. I dunno about you lot but I'm done with the car boots for the foreseeable future. Most of my locals have shutdown due to the outbreak and honestly I don't feel comfortable being around everyone whilst this is going on.
  9. Popped into my local market today on my day off. There's a second-hand seller in there who does a bit of retro gaming, it's usually the same dross so I don't bother looking much but today he had a random unboxed copy of Cadash on the Sega genesis for 4.50, so couldnt say no to that!
  10. And just like that a Neo Geo AES, unibios, a Neo SD cartridge, hori stick and standard stick pops up on Facebook marketplace 15 minutes from my house £800 FFS
  11. Recently I've had an urge to buy a Neo Geo in some form but keep being put off by price. So I've bought a few ACA Neo Geo Arcade titles on my switch to try and placate it (it's not working so far). I'm still needing a decent stick to play them on mind as the switch controllers are doing nothing for me, any recommendations?
  12. There's a N64 to hdmi cable by hyperkin I found on Amazon that uses the svideo output. It's not ideal but it's the best I could find
  13. Well, this has shit the bed hasn't it?
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