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  1. I grabbed most of the big titles several years ago barring Castlevania and Steel Battalion. Stuff like Coast to Coast, JSRF, Stubbs, Otagi 1/2 amongst others have all risen sharply but some of the most expensive stuff is only priced high due to scarcity, I wouldn't call them desirable games (Frankie Dettori Horse Racing is a £60+game, anyone?)
  2. Beyond my skills and tools annoyingly. Hopefully I can get it replaced for 20/30 if I can find somebody to replace it. Shop in my town wanted 65 (lol)
  3. Good weekend so far. First PS5 games today, Horizon and Gran turismo for 30 the two. Broken switch lite, needs a new charging port, £20
  4. That's about on the money honestly. Feels like the xbox is about to become the next GameCube in terms of price surges
  5. I've been slowly collecting xbox titles for a while now. Got most of the bit hitters, some rarer titles but I've always hoped, probably in vain, to find a boxed unit at the boots. I've had it on a watch list on cex for a while and low and behold, after probably 18 months, they've got 2 units in within a week. I'd been saving some credit for a rainy day (and I won't pay the ridiculous markup on a ps5 they have at the mo) so finally jumped for one and got it for less than half they were asking with what I spent to get the credit, building it up with cheap trading fodder from the boots. . I played it many years ago at a friend's place but he'd long since sold his. Just a ridiculous one off idea that will never likely come again.
  6. Well I went and spent a load of Cex credit I'd built up on the cheap from the car boots on something stupid, something I'd lusted after for years. Steel Battalion, complete in box with the controller. My grail, its glorious.
  7. A rarity today Boxed Amiga games! Turbo Challenge 2, paperboy 2, body blows, overlord and air rally, £12 the lot. Added a photo. Best thing was the seller said he was clearing out his Dads attic and had a lot more so he took my details. Even a "machine".....
  8. Weirdly I find them regularly, usually just need updating to the latest firmware and they are good to go. Find at least 1 or 2 a month round here
  9. Oh wow. I ripped the Xbox one s open on a whim, pulled the disc drive apart to look inside and I find a 2 pence firmly wedged in the disc slot. Pulled it out and the disc drive works fine! Suspicious of the HDD ATM but I can swap that out no trouble. So a working Xbox one S Console for £10 it is then. PS3 slim looks to have a dead laser so will sell that on for spares. Easy fix for someone else
  10. Great weekend for once Stack of 8 uncommon / pricey PS3 games £10, mostly Disney stuff, trading fodder. Wii console, 2 wiimotes, balance board and cables - £2 PS3 slim complete for £10 Xbox one S with a faulty / grinding eject £10, gonna fix it up Kindle, 2 Youview recorder boxes, 19" rotating dell monitor, usb WiFi stick and a lot of bits and bobs for £20 all in.
  11. I got in early when Furttek announced it so paid around £130 I think for mine and installed it myself. It absolutely transform's the console and I can play almost everything I want. Anything else remaining I can play via my switch or emulator. I still want to find a solution to avoid using a Stepdown for the 110v PSU and I've c sync modded the video out so it plays nice with my OSSC over RGB. Picked up xenocrisis over Christmas on CD and they also gave me the iso to use with the NeoSD via a download from their site.
  12. Oh thank god. They actually made a good Star Trek show. I liked that, little condensed and fast paced but it's INFINITELY better than Picard or discovery and has likeable characters
  13. Found a 360 slim (again) but in bad shape, the drive tray was jammed open by about 3cm and wouldn't budge, seller said it was broken. Took a chance for £10 with 2 controllers as the pads were worth the money. Got home, took the rubber band off the drive mechanism with a pair of tweezers and pulled hard on the tray whilst pressing eject and it ejected with some forceful persuasion. Put the band back on, pressed eject again and the trays now working fine every time! Other finds were a Wii console on its own for £5 (Wii sports of course inside) Want to get rid of the wii spares I have left.
  14. Latest ep is out Much improved on last week and that sequence near the end was amazingly brutal
  15. Hit a new one today. Not a lot of cars but pulled out a Wii bundle with a Ballance board for £15 to flip on and a Megadrive 1 with ECCO the dolphin, first Megadrive in years
  16. Few video game finds the last 2 days, Fat PS2 for £8 (works great), white dual shock 4 V2 for £5, dealer said it was faulty and sure enough had a dodgy analogue stick, quick swap out and it's working fine. Found an original Xbox one controller today for £9, also works great. Random non video game finds, fit bit blaze watch for £3, a commercial hand dryer for £1 (Yes, a £1, worth about £70) and a very heavy cast wok for £2, looks to be worth a fair bit too.
  17. Just to add, I've just watched the latest episode of Picard and anyone that says Halo is a bad show needs to go watch that festering pile of shite and have good, long look in the mirror because holy fuck.
  18. Absolute masterclass. Jesus, the tension was cranked up to 11.
  19. Yeah this is good. I've suffered through Picard and Discovery and this is much better than both. It's not Halo exactly but I've played the games to death so welcome any new take. You won't please everyone. If you started the show by dumping an audience on a halo ring you'd lose them from the off.
  20. Well, I'm glad I let my sub run out honestly. I've moved to Xbox gamepass for the foreseeable. I've already got a mountain of physical PSP/PS1/PS3 titles so there's no appeal for me to pay again to stream them.
  21. Another Xbox slim s yesterday. 250gb model with a kinect and a bunch of games for 25 quid. Wii fit and board for £5 to throw in with an old Wii I want shot off. Eufy robovac in need of a new battery for £10 Thursday. (Mr Bezos provided me with one cheap the next day). Ground has been broken at the site so it's going to close soon, no more local Saturday or winter boots soon, end of an era for me.
  22. I've lusted after an AES for years but could never justify the cost of the games. My wife would literally kill me. However, I went down the route of buying a Neo Geo CD during the lockdowns cheap (£130) then found out about the neo SD loader (£75ish) SDLoader) I left the optical drive in mine and fitted the mod alongside it and modded the RGB out so it will work with an OSSC (sync is missing on it stock). I've loaded up a 64GB SD card with it's full library and even bought xenocrisis for it around Christmas). It doesn't have the full neo geo library but there's enough of the big titles to satisfy my itch. Even built my own arcade stick to use with it) Sadly, Furttek isn't making it anymore but he's opensourced it so others may make it. It's transformed the machine and he implemented loads of features (fast loading, custom bios features)
  23. £25 Xbox one s off a dealer "it works". Of course it doesn't. Black screen on boot. But it does boot up in safe mode so likely just needs a new HDD or OS reinstalled. Update : Dead harddrive as suspected. Pity as it was a 1TB, ripped it open and fitted a spare 500GB I had laying around. Reinstalled the OS and it's working great so far.
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