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  1. The press release explicitly mentions 'GTA V-inspired modern controls'. Wonder what that means?
  2. Did anybody pick this up on Switch? If so how does it play? Considering picking it up.
  3. Didn't they do an asymmetrical vampires vs hunters multiplayer shooter/slasher set in the Kain universe a few years back? I liked the look of it but presumably it didn't do all that well.
  4. Surely At The Mountains Of Madness is the great Del Toro picture that never was
  5. Remember back in the day when someone online posted a massive list of spoilers relating to Matrix Reloaded, all of which turned out to be completely fabricated? Great days
  6. Damn I'm pure wounded at not being able to play an Arkane game at launch. Down with this accursed semi conductor shortage or whatever it is. I might just buy it anyway to support The Ladz.
  7. Dredd was the best film I ever saw at the cinema. And I watched it with my now dead dad so you're basically calling him a prick here. How could u
  8. I finally got this working. Won't bore everyone with the tedious pc gaming details. Suffice to say many values were edited in wordpad and much gnashing of teeth ensued. I've opted for Classic, mainly because of the original VO, and did the opening training missions/first proper mission. I love it. The new dynamic cockpits are ludicrously atmospheric. And the taking off from the belly of a Star Destroyer with storm troopers standing around and one of those little droids cutting about chirping. It's just so bloody star warsy. It looks FANTASTIC considering it's a mod of a 20 year old game. I can't wait to play more.
  9. Not so far, in fairness the copy of XWA I have from gog doesn't even run vanilla on my machine unless I use a D3d wrapper created by a modder. I'm gonna put in the hours this weekend and try and get it working. My problems sound pretty rare in all honesty, give it a try yourself and I'm sure itll be fine. As far as I can tell it's just a case of running exe files and pointing them at your installation.
  10. I tried to give it a go last night but X Wing Alliance wont load properly with the XWAU patch installed. I'm gonna have to have a mess around with the config file tonight and see if I get it working
  11. Some crazy hero has remade the entirety of TIE Fighter using the X Wing Alliance engine and its associated XWAU mod. There's two versions of the mod TFTC Classic, which is a straight remake of the original campaign and expansions, complete with the original VO and TFTC Reimagined, a completely revamped experience which makes battles larger and 'more impressive' (according to the creator) and features a rerecorded VO that doesn't sound all that great IMO but still. Good effort like I've yet to try it but it looks incredible. The new cockpits and space effects look very cool
  12. Ultra violent open world 80s Verhoeven sandbox would do it for me. Blowing apart criminals, crusing around responding to radio calls. Realistic goon melting toxic waste physics I don't think this will be that game though, just like Terminator Resistance wasn't the open world 1980s LA/future war wasteland split of my dreams
  13. I too felt the urge to replay Dead Space recently and was stunned at how well it held up. The audio is still a magnificent work of art.
  14. SM47

    The Jazz Thread

    I went to watch the Greg Foat group in Bristol last night, first show I've attended since before plague world. Damn I had a good time. Greg was playing a really dirty sounding Rhodes and surrounded by synths. Octogenarian orthopedic surgeon UK Jazz legend Art Themen was blowing saxes tenor & soprano, Morgan Simpson of Black Midi shredding drums, Phil Achille ably anchoring everything on the low end. It was in a tent and as the rain picked up outside, it intermingled with the playing of the musicians and made for a special time. And then for the encore Phil Achille played insane bebop harmonica. Like some of the most insane harmonica lines I've ever heard in my life. It was amazing. I dont think I'm the same person who went into that tent.
  15. I hate archers, The Archers & Jeffrey Archer. You're all deceitful cowards. So the announcement was a new map. Not horses but still cool I suppose. My dreams of decapitating a horse Mountain style lives on
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