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  1. What are the odds PS5 stock will be ok by Aprilish? Sorely tempted with a new Arkane coming out.
  2. I almost bought Remnant two days ago. I'll keep you all updated if any other games I nearly buy become free a short while later.
  3. Is that true? I mean I could just wait until the next sale, it's no big deal. I got games running on Stellaris, HOI4 & CK2 that I need to finish
  4. The GOG verzh isn't redeemable on steam or anything is it? Dang it, I missed the 8.99 steam sale the other day
  5. SM47

    Babylon 5

    Ok so Kenan's Dad from Kenan and Kel showed up as a cigar smoking Earth Force grunt billeted on the station under the command of the Detective from The Terminator and I kind of love the show now.
  6. SM47

    The Jazz Thread

    Very sad. His piano, keyboard and synth playing have been a huge part of my life.
  7. I remember asking for every single Redwall book as my 'main present' for xmas as a kid. I read them in chronological order. Which I later found out was daft of me? I should have read them in publication order. I still had a great time though. Looking back, the Deptford Mice books were a lot better, darker and likely more formative on my tastes. Redwall was still cool and had incredible cover art. I also had an absolutely fucking SICK build it yourself cardboard recreation of Redwall Abbey.
  8. If you think that's bad, try reading the 'Thomas' prequel, it features a lizard assassin who kills his victims using poisoned blades that slowly and painfully disintegrates them from within.
  9. SM47

    Babylon 5

    I'm onto series 2 now, I thought series 1 was a mixed bag really. Some good episodes (the one where Lennier and Londo hung out, going to strip clubs etc) but a lot of absolute filler dogshit like Grail. So far series 2 seems markedly better (the technomages were super 90s cringe though), but they've spoiled the opening theme tune a bit. 1st series theme had a tape saturated synth modulation thang going on whereas 2nd has opted for generic sci fi fanfare sterility. TBF I'd pay good money for a total rescore using decent analogue synths run through a tascam portastudio or something.
  10. The Real Space system scale mod is kept up to date, I've never used it without regular Real Space though. It also comes with two submods called 'Ships in Scaling Lite' and 'Ships in Scaling Hard'. They basically affect the behaviour and speed of ships due to the increased scale. Lite preserves the original speed of the ships from vanilla whereas Hard adds different sublight speeds dependent on technology. I've only ever used Lite because Hard reduces the speed of the early game as your ships are 6x slower. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1887282318
  11. There's some very cool mods in the workshop. I'm a big fan of Real Space and its associated System Scale sub mod, adds lots of realistic new star types, nebulae & such and gives systems a much more spaced out scale, with different sized solar bodies. It's very pretty. Amazing Space Battles is another good one, spaces out battles and adds a HUGE amount of effects for every single weapon and some excellent explosion effects. Planetary Diversity and its submods diversify the different categories of planet and adds absolutely loooooads of unique planet types.
  12. SM47

    Babylon 5

    I did watch The Gathering. The picture quality was atrocious and half the characters didn't make the full series. TBH I didn't think that much of it. There have been some decent episodes in S1, the one that explored Sinclair's experiences in the war was pretty good. Chekov from the original Star Trek turned up as a psychic copper named Alfred Bester in another. I'll definitely stick with it. It kind of reminds me a little bit of the first series of DS9.
  13. SM47

    Babylon 5

    I actually bought the new HD remaster or upscale or whatever it is. I've never really watched Babylon 5 and had my eye on the box set for years but held off due to the poor quality. I'm about ten episodes deep into the first series, it's a bit of a mixed bag. Does Londo's hair get any better?
  14. The dev team are trailing the espionage update via weekly dev diaries at the moment. It sounds pretty cool. Seems as though it's coming alongside an overhaul of the first contact mechanics. Which sounds neat, but I was really hoping for it to come in with an internal politics rejig. Subterfuge and civil wars/rebellions go hand in hand.
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