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  1. SM47

    Dishonored 2

    That is pretty insane. At one point they attach a spring razor to a body they yanked off a building in slow motion so it plummets to the street below and takes out three Overseers. Definitely a highlight I've never even played this through as Emily, gonna give that a go soon I think.
  2. I picked it up yesterday. Played about 30 years as my go to space communist civ. I quite like the changes to first contact and not being able to see the full extent of a neighbouring empire yet. I understand there's a big community hoo hah surrounding the reconfigurations to pop growth and people are annoyed. I was also hoping you'd be able to instigate more shenanigans within foreign empires a la sponsoring coups and fomenting civil war, seems like they've played it a bit safe in that regard. With any luck that will come as part of an internal politics overhaul P.S.
  3. GTA is a fun physics sandbox as much as anything. As much as I enjoyed CP2077, it's not that. I've yet to complete it, will most likely do so now this big patch came out.
  4. I quite like it, but I can't help but wish it was Marvelman or Zenith being given the animated grim superheroics treatment. Those two strips are extremely British though and I suppose they want to shoot for the American demographic so it's as popular as possible.
  5. Thread definitely needs more Workers & Resources: Soviet Republic. It's a fascinating game revolving around the managing of a cold war era command economy. It's still in early access and has received lots of updates in the two years since the above trailer was released so that's not even representative of the current build. Definitely worth checking out if eastern bloc architecture, supply chains & nuclear power plants are your steez
  6. I envy people playing this through for the first time without the insanely annoying input deadzone stick issue that plagued the game on ps4 for a few months after launch. Real OGs roll their game version back for maximum controller glitch survival horror
  7. It's not as good, but I still really enjoyed it. Then again I loved every minute of Blindsight so maybe you will fare differently. It's at least worthy of a read.
  8. SM47

    The Jazz Thread

    Paul Jackson dead. A body blow for me. Definitely Top 5 bassist. Maybe go as far as calling him the definitive jazz funk bass player.
  9. SM47

    Disco Elysium

    Cuno's VO was mixed very strangely. To the extent I found it literally painful to listen to. I could feel my inner ear doing that horrid spasmodic twitching it does during sharp audio onslaught. I'm not sure how I feel about full voice acting for every character, I honestly much preferred reading the enormous amounts of text in this game. I'm hoping they do a sequel
  10. SM47

    Dishonored 2

    I think Prey was the best 'astronaut in the cold void of space' game since the Dead Spaces. There was something about floating around the exterior of the station looking up at Earth that gave me goosebumps. I desperately want a fully fledged Dishonored 2 style sequel set elsewhere in the solar system.
  11. I think this is a brilliant idea personally and really hope more shooters embrace this rule as crossplay becomes more widespread. It means more shooters retain a larger online population going forward. I've been playing BF1 a lot lately and getting a well populated Operations server on some of the DLC maps is practically impossible. Hopefully crossplay and matchmaking based on controller input will reduce this in future.
  12. I haven't seen this yet (it looks incredible) but BFI are running a sponsored promotional advert on Facebook at the moment and the comments seem to be wall to wall craggy old racists taking aim at BLM for being 'marxists'. Something went terribly wrong with the algorithm somewhere.
  13. SM47

    Babylon 5

    Series 3 is really great. I'll admit to really staring into the abyss a few times watching series 1, but it's genuinely gotten brilliant and I'm glad I persevered. Fair dos. Even Londo's hair looks better.
  14. I'm hooked on WW2 tank roguelike Armoured Commander II https://store.steampowered.com/app/1292020/Armoured_Commander_II/ Loosely based on an old solitaire boardgame from the 80s, you command a tank through various battles of WW2. It's still in early access but is updated very regularly. The focus is on surviving the war rather than high octane tank thrillz, but it's one of the most tense games I've ever played. There's something like 37 campaigns featuring a host of nations and hundreds of different type of units, you can even carry your surviving crew over to a later c
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