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  1. Thanks for this - I've recently finished the first stories and was wondering where to go next.
  2. Let us know how you get on, wish I'd have seen - I got a classic 2 during lockdown and use it pretty much every week, sun, rain or snow.
  3. Please tell me it's got a skipping rope mini game?
  4. Thanks for all the comments - I think I've found the perfect solution (just need 2 grand ) https://www.norwichcamping.co.uk/shop/product/kamado-joe-pellet-smoker-and-grill-10940/ Leaning back towards a Joe classic now, might have to wait till I can go view them in the shop.
  5. Thanks for the quick response..! Yeah other than a portable weber this will be my only bbq. I was hoping I could get by if I wanted to do the odd sear on one or some veg. I'd like to go the Kamado route but money seems to be half again on top plus I know I'd use it more it everything was automated - though it'd be nice to have the option.
  6. Pretty close to ordering but can any of the Traeger owners let me know how much running noise they make? Am pretty close to the neighbours, know that the Green Mountain Grills are pretty loud every time they pull through pellets. @Jonny5 @Shimmyhill @Nick_L Also how much smoke they produce? Know this is going to be dependant on other factors like wood but in general would it be enough to annoy if you were sat fairly close? Still undecided on this or a Kamado - cheers
  7. Plus the UK isn't as big as Canada, if you give me your Dad's address I could probably drop them off for you on foot
  8. Recommended PIE https://www.voakesfreefrom.co.uk/product-category/pies/
  9. I love how they've all morphed even further in to their characters with age
  10. Another one here too, am beating the vs but get failed at the same point - cache clear hasn't done anything
  11. Anywhere still have these in stock for launch delivery?
  12. I've been bug stuck since last night after falling through the floor in to the upside down world. Couldn't bare to just leave my guy. After loads of trial and error reloading I managed to craft a pulse grenade by breaking down my gear survival style then blasted a hole in the roof of a cave to get back in to the world. I've now got no scanner, a rubbish tool and barely any recharge, my ship is miles away but there is hope - maaaaaattttttt ddddddaaaaaammmmon!!!
  13. My save on this is stuck spawning through the scenery dying in the water on both saves - is that it then or is there a way to reload further back? Gutted
  14. My starting planet has gold everywhere - more than I could ever mine. If you're ever passing Goonrock feel free to come and take as much as you want. Is this something they do to give you a hand up or have I been lucky? I dunno if I ever want to leave now I've got enough to buy any passing ship.
  15. Are either of them better for the vr?
  16. What's all the ufc sponsorship complaining bollox? Mannn people will complain or find a reason to complain that bolsters their ideal about anything. Xbox have sponsored LOADS of their events for years and years, they have console exclusivity at fights, they sponsor fighters, as if they're going to miss the biggest ufc event ever when they already have a deal in place to promote anything new
  17. I can't help but think of this guy when one of the villans keeps going on at me
  18. What's the recommendation on playing the DLC before the main game (if I can get it to work)? Are you fine to do either first?
  19. joe chin


    Haha - shit, I ended up on the site for 20 minutes and bought a load more coffee... http://www.hasbean.co.uk/collections/starter-packs
  20. joe chin


    I've just done the same and went for a starter pack from here - a good selection to get you going and work out the style you like (as well as how different beans effect the machine)
  21. Might be a bit like this http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ayran
  22. Dizzooog I've been trying to find a good chippy in Nottingham for 10 years... We drive over to Georges once a month but we're only kidding ourselves. This is my last hope - http://www.codsscallops.com/
  23. If they're not fried in beef dripping AVOID. Can vouch for Sir Horribleman's tips, the North East/North Yorkshire is the place to go. Always been disappointed with Whitby though, it's a nice little place but there are much better shops (and it's a fish shop not a "bar") that don't rest on laurels. Why sit in too? Half the fun is getting them and eating them on your lap overlooking the sea - preferably with a can of fizzy pop balanced on the dashboard, windows wet with steam one side, rain the other - or on a bench dedicated to long dead parents while under diving attack from shite hawks.
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