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  1. Thanks both, that's given me something concrete to aim for!
  2. Neither had I until this generation. I really look after stuff, don't have any kids/pets in the mix or anything and I've had to chuck three Dualshock 4s due to stick drift/unresponsiveness, one Xbox One controller for the bumpers going dodgy and my Joy-Cons have been fucked pretty much since day one. Really hoping next gen isn't quite as shit on that front.
  3. Sorry to keep this to the first game but I beat Olmec a couple of times a few years back then decided to to take a break before going back and doing other stuff. I have played the game once or twice since (obviously in quite a rusty fashion) but it felt a bit aimless. What's the next 'goal' people usually go for after that? Is it hell or is there something worth doing with the alien ship? I think I've made it through there once or twice before. I've played blind up to now but have figured out almost nothing about how to get to hell, I'm guessing it's better just to look it up? To at least say something about the sequel, I really like how different it looks. The first is so perfectly formed that trying to repeat or improve on that formula probably would've been doomed to fail, but this looks like it'll be amazing in ways that mean the two can happily complement each other. Super intrigued as to how the multiplayer will work. Maybe if one of you dies you'll be able to revive them by carrying the body somewhere?
  4. I wonder if it was something like it still technically being 1-on-1 but you could choose another character's assist as the unique mechanic? So basically everyone gets a Mika/Nadeshiko type thing? Probably worth sacking off purely to avoid the balancing nightmare if it was something along those lines, though I suppose you could limit the choices to two or three characters that make sense in the lore or whatever and it wouldn't be much different to having multiple V-system choices. Still hoping they go back to basics and with a more 'feel' based game next time personally.
  5. Three years is a lifetime as far as modern transfer fees go (Neymar to PSG only happened that summer and the long-term effects of it hadn't kicked in yet) but Bournemouth paid £20m for Ake even back then. Double that for a player who now has a few years of top flight experience and international caps doesn't seem that outrageous to me with the way the market's gone. He's definitely seen as much more the finished article than either Maguire or Robertson were at the time. Having said that, I think there are plenty of Premier League teams he would've improved but City probably aren't one of them. As an aside, he's one of those players where I've always wondered how much of his reputation comes from being a FIFA/Football Manager 'wonderkid'. The effects of those games on the way young players are perceived and hyped up is pretty interesting to me but it's something I've rarely seen written about (outside of stuff like 'Whatever Happened to Freddy Adu?') and obviously it's pretty hard to quantify.
  6. A new boss is definitely possible since they introduced Necalli and forgot about him halfway through the story then said that G is the real SFV boss but didn't go anywhere with that either. Might as well chuck another into the mix. Violent Ken pls.
  7. Yeah, I'm really surprised that was all it was considering the buildup. Very early footage of one character delivered in the most hypeless manner possible. Pleased for joffo though and it's good that they seem to have realised they need to put a bit more effort into communication! The final character is intriguing though, either they simply haven't decided yet or they think it's going to be some huge deal. Hard to imagine it just being Makoto or Sodom or whoever.
  8. Just setting up the new Fightcade 2. It seems super slick now, especially since you can install a plugin which downloads the required ROMs just by joining a game's channel. There's a nice setup guide here. NAOMI stuff is available, albeit with delay-based netcode at the moment. I think private lobbies are coming pretty soon too so hopefully we could get some forum fuckabouts going?
  9. I think first teams being relatively heavy on loans is quite common right through the division. It's definitely a factor in the unpredictability of the league since a fair chunk of your starters will be changing every season even before you get to sales.
  10. Rsdio

    PS3 Emulation

    Really impressive. If they could get Virtua Fighter 5 working on it, that'd be lovely.
  11. Yeah, I'm not sure you can extrapolate much even from the performances immediately preceeding it with this game since there's so much on the line. It'll very likely be the most pressure any of these players ever has to deal with and will probably come down to how well they all respond, which is hard to predict. It's not surprising that it so often results in a dull, cagey game decided on a mistake, a bit of luck, a moment of magic.. Or penalties.
  12. It's not just open world games for me, I was driven half mad by the constant waffling of Bastion and Transistor.
  13. Rsdio

    Is it Balearic?

    That's funny, because I was going to post this last night
  14. I've lost count of the amount of these random vouchers they've sent out over the years and I've never had one, the bloody buggers.
  15. Rsdio

    vinyl lovers

    That Boomkat thing has been shared around and pretty roundly mocked by my mates and we've all been buying vinyl for decades. It's true that there's been a noticable uptick in the amount of people complaining after playing stuff back on poor/poorly set up equipment (as evidenced by the amount of complaints about skipping on Discogs - something which IME almost never happens on new records) but it's also hard to argue against the notion that quality control has been at an all time low for the past ten-ish years. ALL records should be reasonably flat, reasonably centred, reasonably quiet and free of non-fill, never mind if you're talking £30 for a single LP which isn't even that unusual anymore. There's absolutely no reason why that can't be the case other than plants are operating way over capacity (much of it bandwagon-jumping major label/RSD stuff probably destined for the landfill) and labels are skimping on paying for QC because they don't think it's worth it. Of course there will always be people with a tendency towards unreasonable perfectionism but on the whole none of the above is the fault of the paying customer supporting the format and artists. Trying to lay a guilt trip on them over what largely comes down to industry greed is total bullshit, especially when they acknowledge themselves in their responses that QC is poor. Coming from Boomkat though, I guess it shouldn't be surprising. What does blow my mind a bit is the notion I've seen in more than one place that anyone not just blindly accepting whatever shite they're served up is somehow being 'anti-consumer' and 'raising the prices for everyone else'. Quite how you'd arrive at a take like that, I have no idea.
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