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  1. Rsdio


    I've used these guys many a time, no problems and it's pennies more than the actual exchange rate (sometimes less on the odd times they have a promotion). IIRC they might be one of those sites where you have a verification process on the first order though, it's been a while since I registered with them. Thanks, I'll keep going then. It's one of those weird ones where I don't really have any meaningful criticisms of it at all, everything is 'good' but for some reason I feel no pull to return to it and when I die I just think 'not sure I can be arsed trying again' rather t
  2. Rsdio


    I've not really been playing games much since hammering Dariusburst and Thunder Force III over the summer so I totally missed that Ketsui was finally out on the US store. Had also forgotten that there's been credit waiting there for it for years as well, so it felt like getting it for free! Had a quick blast on the super easy mode for the usual strangely satisfying rush of unlocking 100 trophies in 20 minutes and while I did get through with a couple of lives left it didn't feel anything like as comfortable as the Garegga/Feveron ones. Seeing the sheer amount of kamikaze enemies an
  3. Hmm, tricky but I've settled on this at the moment.
  4. Surely it's more about no-one else actually hearing the things rather than hearing them and judging them unworthy. There's too much music these days for the results of polls like this to be anything other than completely scattered outside of a handful of albums by bigger artists, especially when there aren't that many people submitting lists. Placements are always going to be decided more by visibility than anything else.
  5. It definitely helps that it's possibly the best pop song in existence but the moment Harvey Keitel's head hits the pillow might've been the point in my teens when I realised that films can be more than just disposable popcorn fodder.
  6. Out of all the records on my Amazon wishlist my mum bought me the Black Bastards reissue for Christmas. I thought that was a pretty funny choice at the time but now it feels even more weird. Gonna blast fuck out of it to bring the new year in.
  7. I wouldn't give up on the genre totally, I probably was the audience for PoE having played lots of the older isometric PC RPGs and I felt the same about it as you did despite dutifully chugging through seventy hours of it. Torment I sacked off pretty quickly. None of the 'revival' games in that genre have really nailed it for me but the classics are still pretty great.
  8. I'm very apprehensive about the box set itself too, unfortunately. He's been tampering with stuff Ashes of Time/George Lucas style again. By all means, treat your work of art as 'fluid' but at least give people the versions they know and love alongside them.
  9. 01 - KeiyaA - Forever, Ya Girl 02 - clipping. - Visions of Bodies Being Burned 03 - Cindy Lee - What's Tonight to Eternity 04 - Against All Logic - 2017-2019 05 - R.A.P. Ferreira - Purple Moonlight Pages 06 - The Weeknd - After Hours 07 - Jessie Ware - What's Your Pleasure? 08 - Ka - Descendents of Cain 09 - Deftones - Ohms 10 - Vladislav Delay - Rakka
  10. Ha, yeah I'm very excited for the box set. His 90s run is about as good a decade as any director has ever had, I reckon. In the conversation with Ozu's 50s, Altman's 70s etc. anyway. His style isn't quite there yet but I have a big soft spot for As Tears Go By as well.
  11. This also has to be up there. Bonus points for being brought on with a couple of minutes left specifically to take one.
  12. I've hammered this over the past couple of days and just got all the fates solved in 8hrs 50 mins. Brilliant game. This and The Outer Wilds are rare shining beacons on the 'giving the player enough credit to allow them to feel like they're figuring things out on their own' front. At times it did feel a bit brute force-y but you generally get to the point where that's possible through juggling a complex process of elimination largely in your head so even when it was that way it still managed to be satisfying. I can see why so many either bounced off it or came close though, I guess
  13. Pretty much all comparisons come down to 'useful shorthand' really, I'm not sure it's worth nitpicking over unless it's wildly innacurate. I mean, you yourself said it was inspired by Mirror's Edge. For anyone who continued playing the first ME beyond the initial playthrough or hammered the time trials figuring out the best route was also the puzzle and you'd probably be hitting restart every time you messed up, which would be often until you'd really got it down. There was ME the narrative experience (which I didn't care about much, I found the writing and characterisation fairly
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