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    Less is More

    I guess roguelikes in general are great for this - Isaac, Spelunky, Slay the Spire etc. There's complexity there but very little fat. Shmups. The various versions of Street Fighter II (not Rainbow Edition lol) in comparison with modern fighting games. You could learn it in minutes, frame data basically doesn't matter but it has such depth that people are still playing it 30 years later.
  2. With five taunt-based V-system variants.
  3. Wow, any guesses? I'm going: Makoto Dan Sodom Oro New character Guess C. Viper, Dudley and Fei Long are other strong possibilities.. Think I've covered most of the bases there.
  4. The base game is currently £1.29 on GOG. If anyone else is playing, don't buy Stefano Sensi. He's shite. I should've just played Ribery as a number 10, I vaguely recall that playing attacking players there used to be more effective than midfielders even though it really shouldn't be. Despite my big summer signing bombing I managed to gain promotion in 2nd place, twenty points behind runaway leaders Genoa. And only £3m in debt by the end of the season! I don't think I ever quite figured out how to stay debt free, that side of the game always seemed a bit broken. I'm starting the new season £1m in debt so there might have to be a big sale at some point, Cutrone perhaps. He does score his fair share but Chiesa is too good to let go so he's the prime candidate if there are no takers for Sensi. Only two goals were scored by players who aren't strikers and one header went in all season . Basically I've got the diagonal shot to the far post from just outside the box and that's pretty much it apart from rebounds and flukes.
  5. Rsdio


    Booted up Bakraid, lost two really daft early lives but decided to soldier on, ended up halfway through the last phase of the final boss at which point I was thinking that this new stick must have some sort of incredible game-winning abilities like the Power Glove in The Wizard. I died, but it was a confidence-boosting attempt and I felt like I could get it. I was at that annoying point you sometimes get to where you've pretty much clocked something and you start getting that dangerous feeling of somehow deserving to succeed, but runs keep being undone more by stray deaths in stupid places rather than on the actual hard stuff. Dying with bloody bombs in stock as well, which I've always been terrible for. I think that might be one downside of practicing with save states, it gets you in the habit of trying to dodge everything because while you're in a practice mindset, you might as well. Anyway, after a few near misses the 1cc eventually came! Really fun game which deserves better than to just be seen as the poor relation to Garegga. I might go back for the advanced course one day when I feel confident enough to engage with the mental scoring/rank system, though I don't foresee that day coming anytime soon.
  6. Thanks for that! I put the original actuator back in just to check the issue wasn't elsewhere, it seemed OK and now having given the Kowal another shot it seems to be behaving now. Maybe it needed to be seated just so or it was a bit of a breaking in issue or something. Quite relieved I don't have to embark on a potentially quite expensive merry-go-round of trying out new levers to be honest.
  7. Rsdio


    Finally got the no miss on a 'proper' run (aka raised heart rate, face itching, palms sweaty, mom's spaghetti) after numerous fuck ups at the death: And a peaceful time came soon. It might be for a short time. Human beings, think about what you have done.
  8. Guess it's Schalke for me. After an exciting start they took one spanking and have since become increasingly tactically fearful, their attacking players have lost all freedom of expression and they regularly concede silly goals playing out from the back. Feels like familiar territory
  9. Ooh, I've been meaning to play Layer Section forever. That's a great shout.
  10. Having a bit of trouble with this new stick. It's not totally consistent but directions will go kind of clicky/poppy pretty regularly, seems like it's the Kowal actuator catching on either the gate or microswitch housing. I have a few spares so I filed one down a bit which did stop it but then it ended up catching on something else. Hmm. I'd read that this could be an issue before I ever bought them to try but it never was in my old JLF (including the actuator in question), they just went straight in and instantly improved things. Tried a spare, same thing. AFAIK the only other choice for 1mm actuators are the Paradise Arcade ones but most of them have been out of stock forever, plus there's overseas shipping etc. Will probably see if I can get used to the stock Sanwa feel but given the preference for a shorter throw, might I be better off just biting the bullet and trying a Seimitsu? The LS-40-01 perhaps? Kind of wish I'd thought to do that while I was changing things up but I figured it was better to stick with what worked.. Except now it doesn't! I gather the shafts are shorter on Seimitsus, is that a big deal in practice? I play shooters and fighters fairly equally, if that matters.
  11. I debated which folder to put this in but since it's a new mod, has 2020 in the title and is OBJECTIVELY more fun than modern football games I think it deserves to be in the main folder? The PC release of SWOS was the only version I ever owned myself after hammering it on my mates' Amigas and it never felt right to me so every time I've had a hankering to go back to the game it's never lasted all that long, especially since I could never get Amiga emulation going properly. I had one of those hankerings yesterday and Googled to see if there were any alternative databases or whatever and was intrigued to find a lot of results referring to 'SWOS 2020'. I didn't really expect that much out of it, least of all an actual dream come true. Essentially this easily-installed mod (which has versions for both PC and Amiga) updates the players and dates to the modern day, adds in-game Xinput support and configuration, allows you to play in widescreen up to 4k, choose scanline filters, select various sound packs and commentary languages (mercifully replacing Jonathan Pearce with Jon Champion and Jim Beglin), choose between various packs of pitches, increase the difficulty with improved AI tactics, tweak the sound and UI just the way you want them and, crucially, choose whether you want the Amiga graphics/gameplay or those from the PC version. Apparently they've reverse engineered both releases then re-implemented them exactly. My Amiga SWOS memories are pretty dim at this point so I'm not really qualified to comment on how accurate it is, but it definitely feels a hell of a lot more 'right' than the PC version ever did. Apprently there's online multiplayer too but I can't vouch for that as I haven't dared try it and probably never will It really is superbly done. There aren't many good videos on YouTube but this one in Portuguese should give you the idea: There's obviously the odd database error as Fiorentina are in Serie B for some reason so I'm going with them as a bit of an easy mode re-introduction, but even with Chiesa and Cutrone up front remembering how to actually score is still hard work. I immediately signed Stefano Sensi in midfield since he was on the transfer list and it seemed fitting. Grab it on GOG and join me, I'd love to hear some career mode tales and transfer bargains.
  12. What format are you on? If it's PS4 or Steam you could always check your cloud saves if you'd really prefer to do it solo.
  13. Just finished putting Sanwa parts in my new stick which I definitely did not need and probably should not have bought with new consoles imminent and compatibility uncertain. I keep wondering if I've been a fool buying it and paying extra for some stupid metallic buttons. Then I look at it again and I'm like.. 'Nah.' I knew I was pretty unlikely to be keeping the Hayabusa stuff but I did try to give it a fair shake. The buttons were OK, really sensitive but super noisy and I didn't like the spongy feedback as much as the Sanwas where the shaft presses down in a much more uniform way. I could see them being quite good if you have a super light touch. Happy enough keeping the ones on the end where they never really get used since I prefer those buttons contrasting and having the matte texture means they're less likely to get pressed by accident. I didn't like the lever at all, really bad for bounceback ghost inputs and the throw is even further than a JLF so back to that with the larger actuator I go. Got to get the Panthera sold now to claw some of the outlay back!
  14. UI and voice acting moans above still stand but yeah, this is really superb once you get a bit of momentum and can actually start fighting things. I don't totally understand why things play out the way they do in combat sometimes but that part's probably on me for not zooming in and checking the environment, statuses etc. well enough.
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