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  1. A speedrun popped up in my YouTube recommendations which instantly put me in the mood to reinstall so I'm trying for a solo SL1 playthrough at the moment. Surprisingly smooth sailing until Orncakes and Smuggles who took.. A few goes. Uber-Smuggles is pretty easy when you actually make it through the dodgy AI, camera management and glitchy attacks of that first phase but I did fuck it up one hit away from victory on one attempt in classic 'I can get another R1 in here' style . I find it weirdly comforting to still be able to fall prey to that after multiple runs of each game. When I finally managed it my health bar had been at about 3% for the entire second half of the fight and my arse is only just unclenching a couple of hours later. Spent the proceeds on finally upgrading to a lightning reinforced club and getting the pyromancy flame up to +14. Have mostly been using a mix of the crimson and shadow sets so I'm low enough to use the dark wood grain ring. Still a long way to go of course and I'm not sure if I'm gonna try for the DLC this time around.
  2. Yeah, mine was a pre-order too.
  3. You should be able to, I owned those but still upgraded. Might just be the PS store being weird, could be worth trying it from within the game rather than going straight to the store or vice versa?
  4. This will be pretty useful to keep on tap once someone goes to the trouble of adding timestamps for each character, I assume there's probably more to come:
  5. Barnsley are a very odd team.
  6. Rsdio

    This is Hip-Hop.

    Apropos of nothing, just pulled out this 12". Banger.
  7. The Steam MotW is £3.50 on Fanatical at the moment. Of course, I paid £7 a couple of days ago.. Having bought it for £3 last year and refunded it because it was averaging zero players online It's had a really nice bump in player count since the update, looking forward to getting battered once I have a bit of a feel for it.
  8. I bet these guys made an absolute killing on T-shirt sales. There was a period of a few years where it felt like you were guaranteed to see four or five T-shirts on any given trip to a busy town centre.
  9. *rubs hands together* There's probably a decent book to be written on how to mismanage your top flight opportunity and construct a poisonous dressing room on a budget using us a case study. Siewert was a terrible appointment but he could've been the second coming of Alex Ferguson and it wouldn't have mattered - supposedly seven players were knocking on the chairman's door asking for moves before he'd even taken a training session. Spoilered for length since it's probably not of interest to most: I think that about covers it. Quite therapeutic actually. Having previously had a transfer record of less than £2m when in this division we've had about £50m worth of talent either out on loan or banished for the majority of this season whilst often having to patch the first team up and chuck the kids in at the deep end. Terrifying really, especially since a lot of this wasn't hard to see coming. If we haven't done a Sunderland come the end of the season it'll have to be seen as a big success.
  10. I think this is very wise. I used to work in a record shop.. The arguments we had over genres My records are all on Discogs and arranged alphabetically with compilations at the end but some 12"s that are 'of a kind' (Chain Reaction, Basic Channel, Red Planet, Underground Resistance etc.) are grouped together under the label name. The main thing I worry about with my stuff is insurance since my records are pretty much my savings and I know I'd get fuck all back for them if the house burned down. I've looked into specialist insurance before and always been like 'Eh, can't afford a couple of hundred quid a year on that'. Stupid really.
  11. Yeah I'm sure the loan fee factors in somewhere, but apparently the £5m quoted is 'wrong'. I'd misremembered too, he said we actually made more than we originally paid. If it's £10m or so it's still a great deal considering he's never had any pace so should have a good few years left in him playing at a similar level. His age might actually end up being a weird bonus if he retires from international duty because he was always pretty fucked for us after that. Since we rarely played well when he didn't, our fixtures straight after Australia matches were generally a bit of a write-off. There's an irritating tendency among a lot of our fans to give Wagner all the credit for the good years we had and none of the responsibility for what's happened since but Mooy alone discredits that because Wagner didn't want to sign him and had to be talked into giving him a chance. Incredible really since pretty much everyone in the crowd knew we'd found a cheat code for the Championship within a few minutes of watching him play. There's been a lot of 'thank fuck we've got rid of them' lately but just praise and gratitude all round for this guy.
  12. It's more than £5m (the genuinely 'in the know' guy on our forum says we've recouped the £8-10m we paid for him) but still a bargain. I think it's likely that price as he did right by us signing a new contract so we wouldn't lose him for free in the summer, in return we've probably taken a slight hit on what we would've otherwise asked to get him the move he wants. Slightly surprised he didn't hold out to see if there's interest from elsewhere since he might just end up in the same conundrum again in six months but obviously he's happy down there. If only some of the other absolute cunts we signed in the Premier League had conducted themselves half as well as he has. We'd be in a much better place and they likely would've secured better moves for themselves. A top man and easily one of our best ever players.
  13. After a couple of near misses where I felt much more powerful I got a win with the silent that was weirdly comfortable in the end, even had a nice double strength fairy in the bank which went unused. The watcher seems tricky, is it maybe better to try and do act 4 with the others then go back to that?
  14. Damn. RIP the best fake cheekbones in the business. Edit - re: Sabreman's post, of course.
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