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  1. 2015-2019, from going through my end of year mixes.. Lil Ugly Mane - Third Side of Tape/Oblivion Access Kendrick Lamar - To Pimp a Butterfly Earl Sweatshirt - I Don't Like Shit, I Don't Go Outside/Some Rap Songs Travis Scott - Rodeo Ka - Honor Killed the Samurai Danny Brown - Atrocity Exhibition Isaiah Rashad - The Sun's Tirade A Tribe Called Quest - We got it from Here… Thank You 4 Your service Westside Gunn - Flygod (from the days before I got absolutely sick of hearing this guy's voice and patter) Denzel Curry - Impreial/TA13BOO Tyler, The Creator - Flower Boy/Igor DJ Muggs & Roc Marciano - Kaos Jean Grae & Quelle Chris - Everything's Fine Quelle Chris - Guns Pusha T - Daytona Playboi Carti - Die Lit Kids See Ghosts - Kids See Ghosts Mach-Hommy - The GAT Freddie Gibbs & Madlib - Bandana JPEGMAFIA - Veteran/All My Heroes Are Cornballs clipping. - There Existed an Addiction to Blood/Visions of Bodies Being Burned
  2. Hold up, is the hitbox different? I watched the STG Weekly for the arcade game yesterday and they seemed to think it was like 4 pixels. Can't get much smaller than that!
  3. Yeah, I think we've discussed it in here before. I'm not a very good player but I could probably trick someone into thinking I must be decent the first time I try something. After the initial peak it's a big trough as I struggle to match the first attempt for ages then a very gradual climb to (hopefully) eventually going beyond it. I think you're right in that's it's mainly about mindset, having no real expecations and hence no pressure. I've somehow done a fair chunk of FROM bosses first time as well and I'm sure it's because I go in the first time all relaxed not expecting to beat them, just looking at it as practice and to scope out their moveset. On the flipside if I get to the point where I've ground something out for a while and feel like I should be doing it, or even somehow deserve to since I've put x amount of time in, then that tends to be a recipe for tensing up and fucking it. I find a lot of hard/intense games double up as some sort of weird Zen training, I think the mental side of things is often massively underestimated when people discuss how to approach stuff like that.
  4. Trouble is, even after doing it you move on to arcade mode and you're right back at 'OK, first goal is to do the first stage without dying' Usually playing stuff blind (even things with a repution like Garegga etc.) I'll be able muddle through the first two or three stages on a credit straight away but absolutely not with this. There doesn't feel much room to freestyle at all, it's more like 'learn exactly where you need to be at any given moment or the enemies will pile up and the screen will become a curtain'. Some of the bosses are obviously very tough but the stages scare me more right now.
  5. Is it not possible to stick a bit of card under somewhere to level it out? Not the most elegant solution but I have bits of folded paper in varying thicknesses under some of the legs of the unit mine's stood on.
  6. The best part is that QC has somehow managed to hit new depths pretty much across the board as well, probably fewer labels paying for extra care in the circumstances (with everyone trying to gazump everyone else, jump the queue etc.) and the plants rushing everything out even more. Paying more for shoddier product is a super appealing combination.
  7. No, I wouldn't worry. I think it'd pretty much take the stylus totally bottoming out to the point where the cartridge was actually scraping along the record for there to be any danger. I guess theoretically if you just listened to that one record over and over again you might end up with uneven wear on the stylus but that's probably not a realistic scenario!
  8. It's been a while since I was last reading about Garegga but I think one of the secret ships is supposed to be good (Miyamoto?) I couldn't use any of them though, I don't want to be flying around as some Lord of the Rings shit in my very austere and serious military shooter thankyou very much. IIRC the Golden Bat variation of Wild Snail is the most popular to try and clear the game with. Turns out Deathtiny mode didn't require a whole lot of sticking with as it got 1cc'd on the next attempt! I was on my last life when Doom went down though. Actually knowing that the laser doesn't go full screen is kind of a big deal, and @phillv85's suggestion of treating the guage as just a life bar was good advice too. It's stupid but normally I manually bomb all the time when I play modes with autobomb just so as not to lose the instinct to do so when going back to arcade mode or whatever. I tell you what though, the microscopic hurtbox in this game makes you unduly feel like an absolute god with some of the flukedodges you end up pulling off.
  9. Press F for those of us who played through the Shenmue I & II QTEs on a Dualshock 4 with 360 button prompts.
  10. Yeah, you can just map keyboard commands to whatever joypad input you want. No idea if it'll still work OK after several years or if the layout will suit anyone else but my settings for TIE Fighter are below, paste them into a cfg file in JoyToKey's config folder and it should show up in the program.
  11. There's a toggle to just have him appear at the end of the game regardless, in that mode at least. It's on by default so at first I assumed he'd also appear at the end of the first loop in arcade mode and was very relieved that that wasn't the case. It says something about the experience of trying to get past him that I had no idea his music was completely boss until I watched that video.
  12. Forgot to say, thank god that that Doom TLB who you can have turn up at the end of the other modes won't be part of any prospective 1-all attempts since he only seems to appear at the end of the second loop once you've cleared the first loop scoring at least 120,000,000 points.. And also without dying or bombing That turret pattern. Good lord.
  13. I played through X-Wing and TIE Fighter a couple of years back with a Xbox One controller, was a faff to set up with JoyToKey but it did the job pretty nicely once set up so you should be fine.
  14. Yeah, it's definitely a lot easier and was useful for me in getting to grips with how to approach the arcade mode, as I say. I'll stick with it a bit then, I'm just in the habit of thinking of normal modes as the 'main course' I guess. I don't think I've extensively played a game where point-blanking is so important before so that's a bit of a change of pace. Sounds pretty daft (though I guess there's a fair amount going on visually) but I didn't notice while playing that your laser doesn't go full screen either. Need to figure out which ship to stick with as well, having just checked on the shmups forum most people seem to think that A is a no-brainer but then there are one or two others who swear by B for the extra speed. The arcade challenge mode in this port is a fantastic idea, it's pretty much like having loads of save states all conveniently set up to practice specific areas. I wish everything had that.
  15. Yeah, yesterday when it hit 28c I was like 'You know what, this is the perfect time to have a nice, laid-back play of Ketsui.' Now I've got access to my PS4 again I figured I should probably prioritise those M2 jobs I waited ages and paid a fortune for. Fuck me, that game seems like it's an absolute sweatfest at the best of times. Just casually trying the Deathtiny mode I felt more stressed than when I'm actively trying to 1cc the normal mode of something else. Just a constant 'oh fuck, oh god, oh Jesus Christ' like a cross between Edward Woodward going to the Wicker Man and Ric Flair watching the Shockmaster's entrance. Well, I managed to get to the end of stage 4 on one credit first attempt then saw the end second time around using three credits. Fun mode which I didn't 100% grasp the mechanics of while I was playing but I'm not sure if time spent trying to 1cc it would be better spent on the game proper? I can sort of see how you're meant to approach a lot of it now (lock on to the bigger enemies as soon as they appear, take out the smaller ones with your laser at the same time) so it doesn't seem quite as scary as it did but it's still mad how aggressive you have to be and how heavy playing it that way must be on memorisation (by CAVE standards).
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