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  1. Nice, that managed to get me in thanks. At least I'll be able to check out a bit of training mode tonight. Plus I got to have a bonus round of accepting the terms and conditions/privacy policy which is always the best part of any Bamco release. Edit: Turned out to be about five minutes of training mode before getting booted out again Probably seen enough already to make me decide to go for the PC version over the PS4, there were a couple of surprisingly long loads in there.
  2. Weird, it wasn't there for me scrolling through every Guilty Gear game on there before. Thought I'd scrolled through everything on the Strive page too. Jonster's link worked fine though, cheers
  3. I can't find the beta client via the console store and adding it to my library via the browser store just brings up an error. Wasn't it supposed to become available to everyone in the early hours of the morning?
  4. Rsdio


    I don't know about Switch but IIRC PS4 controllers were tested as being more laggy wired. It seems pretty odd. Edit: Here's one test, but I've seen various people come up with similar measurements over the years so I'm inclined to believe it's probably not far wrong.
  5. Rsdio


    Thanks for the earlier encouragement to stick with ZeroRanger, @ImmaculateClump. I think the main campaign probably has a trick or two left for me as far as the true (?) last boss goes but I'm still a bit ambivalent about it, it's a kind of a slog length-wise so I'd be surprised if I ended up being motivated enough to try to 1cc it. White Vanilla is almost the polar opposite and as tight as they come. I've only had a few goes but got to the TLB (again, ?) on my last try so it seems pretty manageable once you've got some ways to deal with the bullshit down from the main game. I pre
  6. Man, reading this reminded me of the 'USAS with frag rounds' days in Battlefield 3. The explosive splash damage of a rocket launcher with the firing rate of an automatic shotgun and the range of a modest sniper rifle, what could possibly go wrong? I finally caved when I realised I was in a game where I was the one player out of 24 who wasn't using that combo but they finally got around to patching it not long afterwards.
  7. There's also the scrolls of Icarian flight that you basically can't miss at the start of Morrowind. Theoretically you can then just jump over half the game world right to where the last boss is if you know where to go. Killing him when you're at the level where it takes you ten minutes to kill a sewer rat is another matter though I guess!
  8. Yeah, unless anything has changed in the last 18 months the best option is probably yarring the PC version and modding it. It was a bit fiddly to get set up nicely with Windows 10 but YMMV I guess, it's possible the process might've changed in that time too.
  9. Was just coming in to post that video. Obviously the art/graphics stunned when it was first announced but within a few seconds of seeing gameplay I thought it looked very dull (especially for a Guilty Gear game) so I could totally understand why a lot of people were up in arms about it. My vague feeling as a casual onlooker was that the series could maybe do with losing or tidying up a mechanic or two for the sake of clarity but it did look like they'd taken that idea too far. It looks way more fun now and it's great how much they've listened to feedback as they've gone. I just hop
  10. Ah sorry, I meant more in the sense of a video saying a thousand words! Hard to say much other than 'this game is off its nut'. I enjoyed what I played of it, it was really.. Something. His shooter looks really good, thanks for the heads-up on that
  11. Rsdio


    I've used these guys many a time, no problems and it's pennies more than the actual exchange rate (sometimes less on the odd times they have a promotion). IIRC they might be one of those sites where you have a verification process on the first order though, it's been a while since I registered with them. Thanks, I'll keep going then. It's one of those weird ones where I don't really have any meaningful criticisms of it at all, everything is 'good' but for some reason I feel no pull to return to it and when I die I just think 'not sure I can be arsed trying again' rather t
  12. Rsdio


    I've not really been playing games much since hammering Dariusburst and Thunder Force III over the summer so I totally missed that Ketsui was finally out on the US store. Had also forgotten that there's been credit waiting there for it for years as well, so it felt like getting it for free! Had a quick blast on the super easy mode for the usual strangely satisfying rush of unlocking 100 trophies in 20 minutes and while I did get through with a couple of lives left it didn't feel anything like as comfortable as the Garegga/Feveron ones. Seeing the sheer amount of kamikaze enemies an
  13. Hmm, tricky but I've settled on this at the moment.
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