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  1. Have you checked your spam folder? I thought I was having the same problem but it was in there.
  2. I hear Kojima guy's got some talent and a studio, they should've got in touch
  3. Given that evoking the atmosphere and retaining the art direction of the originals are (IMO, of course) Bluepoint's weak points, I'm not sure I'd have wanted them to do it either. The tone is kind of important to Silent Hill 2. Granted, they're not quite as allergic to subtlety as Bloober Team but I think they'd take a similar 'just make it super detailed and gross' approach. I do think it's inevitable things are going to get lost here though, even in the best case scenario. Like there's no way you can release a big budget game with that sort of voice acting now but the awkwardness often adds to the uncanniness in a weird sort of way. Similar with the combat which I'm sure will be very different. I'd have a bit more faith in someone like Frictional doing right by it, guessing they might've been too small to be considered though?
  4. Bloober Team and JJ Abrams.. I want to go back to the good old days when Konami had totally forgotten about Silent Hill.
  5. Rsdio


    Not quite traditional shmups as they have analog controls, but Omega Five and Space Invaders Infinity Gene are both well worth playing on the Xbox. Radiant Silvergun and Ikaruga are obviously on the marketplace too.
  6. I've got a quantum dot IPS LCD (MSI MAG274QRF-QD) upstairs and although it's quite hightly rated I'm a bit ambivalent about that monitor, to be honest. Even using the rtings recommended settings as a base which are supposedly very accurate things look jacked up on it. I'm sure QD is better on the Samsung OLEDs and they're bound to be massively better displays in general but I've got a feeling it's probably still not for me, at least for films and stuff. Games can look OK with the saturation boosted to some degree. I think everything has a point beyond which it's not that comfortable to look at for long, it's obvious with brightness but probably applies to colour gamut too. Colours in nature don't tend to feel as glaring as they can coming out of a screen. I'm probably an outlier as far as display preferences go though, clung onto my plasma for years because nothing new looked anywhere near as natural to me and after finally getting the C1 I checked out HDR on a couple of things and felt like I was looking directly into the sun. When I was sorting out settings for the C1 I wondered briefly if there was something wrong with mine because I was so surprised at the brightness levels a lot of people seemed to prefer even without HDR.
  7. But what about the power efficiency? When you really think about it, you can't afford not to upgrade.
  8. I started ripping all my physical stuff a few years back, scanning the booklets and selling them off. I'd been importing Criterion stuff since the early 2000s and had loads of Masters of Cinema releases, Arrows and all that. Currently have 32tb worth of hard drives (half of that is the backups since any failures would be fairly traumatizing) and could do with buying some more . That's with most extras well compressed too. I massively underestimated how much space I'd need and the initial wave of doing it was incredibly time consuming and head-mashing. The hard drive space was expensive but thankfully more than made up for by what I made selling the stuff. I still have maybe a hundred or so releases in my 'to watch/re-watch' pile so I just rip them as I get to them now, which isn't a big hassle. Still not a big fan of streaming quality-wise but I do watch stuff I'm less bothered about that way at times.
  9. You wouldn't need to spend anything like that much but if you want the best for simulation type stuff I'd go for an AMD 3D V-cache chip. Currently there's only the 5800X3D which is £400-ish but reviews are imminent for the new AMD CPUs on a fresh socket and there's likely to be a 7800X3D or whatever for that early next year. Since the new platform is likely to be expensive (due to gouging on the motherboards and the need for DDR5), more power hungry and running hot I'll probably end up going for the 5800X3D myself as I doubt that'll be a limit for much at 4k even a few years down the line. Debatable whether it's worth it at all for 4k but I figure if I'm staying with the old gen I might as well max it out and be set for a long time, plus it seems to help with 1% lows and microstutter in a lot of things (like Elden Ring) so probably worth the extra to me for that alone.
  10. Yeah, this is almost exactly where I am at the moment and it's why I'm still (just about) OK carrying on being patient on the hardware front. I had to move up from my trusty old 1060 for HDMI 2.1 but it could still do 4k60 on loads of stuff. With the 3050 even something like Doom 2016 is a smooth 100fps maxed out at 4k and only limited from 120 by my 2014 CPU. Granted, that's a ludicrously well optimised game but even a fairly budget PC opens up an insane amount of possibilities if you don't only enjoy the newest AAA games. Looking forward to playing SWAT 4 for the first time at 4k120 soon, for example
  11. Almost a third of the forum voted they had a Series console and PS5 back in May (and they've become much more readily available since) so it doesn't seem an irrelevant consideration. For me, the choice for covering current gen stuff at 4k is upgrading my ancient PC or ending up with both consoles - I do have loads of digital PS4 stuff (much of which would cost me extra to access mind you, since it's from PS+) and Sony still have their exclusives, as much as they've become less interesting on the whole over the years. A Series X sort of goes without saying these days due to Game Pass.
  12. Not that I'll be considering buying a 4080 or 4090 at anything like these prices but I could see myself throwing £600-700 at the best card that will get me after all the dust has settled on the CPU/GPU announcement front and I'm looking at the consoles in the opposite way. Normally they'd have had a significant price drop by now (rather than one of them actually going up) but a Series X and PS5 would set you back upwards of £900 which doesn't look amazing value to me now that (most) GPU prices are starting to come down. Since all the Microsoft stuff is on PC and Sony's exclusives are steadily trickling through, putting that £900 into a PC rather than their consoles makes sense.. To me, at least. You could do a full system that would easily outdo them for that at this stage. If you only cared for the games on one of them the relative value might be a different story though.
  13. I tend to read fiction too but Bury My Heart At Wounded Knee sprung to mind immediately, probably the most affecting thing I've ever read.
  14. I didn't used to mind it as much but I think that was when your tweaking was more or less confined to the in-game options and maybe at worst an ini/cfg file or whatever. Your display was set and forget, the drivers more or less were too and Windows stayed more out of the way. Things feel messier and harder to keep track of now - it can be hard to figure out if this setting over here is helping or hindering that related one over there. The absolute best is when you're fiddling endlessly and it's a game featuring the message everyone wants to see: 'Changes will not take effect until the game is restarted.'
  15. Yeah, I was just being glib there and anyone putting stuff on YouTube that's likely to be parroted everywhere shouldn't be as daft, but personally I'm not aware of any kind of real-time interpolation that doesn't have a significant (to me) downside, be it the image or lag being introduced or both. Which isn't to say it won't ever happen of course and it'd be nice if it was soon. Also, Alex on DF seems like a sound guy and his videos are always worth watching but he really loves his upscaling in general and also seems to favour slathering motion blur on everything so I don't necessarily find that his subjective findings tend to jive with my own preferences as far as image quality goes.. Motion clarity has never come across as much of a priority for him when it's really important to me - I doggedly clung on to my 1080p plasma until two months ago and only bought a C1 because 120hz BFI was being phased out! Once his test for this comes out I might get on DF's Patreon for the uncompressed video though because I'm definitely curious about how it'll look. On a related note, am I the only one who's starting to struggle a bit with the amount of 'features' you have to juggle and tweak between GPU drivers and games these days? Various types of traditional vsync (which was always a minefield purely in itself), VRR, upscaling options, input lag tweaks (tying in with various window mode options), RT, motion interpolation now and that's without Windows getting involved with its own 'enhancements', how complex modern TVs are and the weird interactions between all of the above that can often arise. Optimising games could always be somewhat of a pain I know, but I feel like either it's getting worse or I'm just getting old.
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