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  1. Obviously it goes beyond football as a part of the city's history but this is still kind of amusing since Peter Hook and Bernard Sumner both support Man Utd, as did Tony Wilson. Stephen Morris and Gillian Gilbert support Macclesfield. I'm sure there must've been a City fan involved somewhere though.
  2. Yeah, without being too experienced that was sort of the feeling I had about the garlic - great early on since it mows through the popcorn enemies and makes it safe to easily pick up gems so you can level up really fast but it seems to top out at a certain point, after which it struggles to get rid of things fast enough. I might just start giving it a level or two before focusing on other items.
  3. Finally played a few hours of this, is it just me or is it strangely relaxing? I think it's the 'nothing but one analogue stick' aspect. Best I've managed so far was going full garlic with Antonio in the library for 25 minutes. Which is probably going in my 'Sentences Videogames Made Me Type' scrapbook.
  4. Rsdio


    Heads up that the previously delisted (and super fun) twin-stick hori Omega Five became available again in its backwards compatible form a couple of days ago!
  5. Rsdio

    Edge 370

    It is, the demo did a good job of instantly putting me off because it looks like there's Vaseline all over the screen.
  6. I tend to struggle with adventure games these days, having little patience for pixel hunting and trying every inventory item with every on-screen object, but wanted to bump this to recommend the wonderful (and free!) If On a Winter's Night, Four Travelers. It's only about two hours long and very stripped down, just one button and no inventory system, so progress comes pretty briskly. I'd encourage going in blind and sticking with it if you find the start a bit underwhelming, it definitely gets more interesting as it goes along.
  7. I guess both of those were part of the PhilRedmondverse though. Looking at the current cast Sophie from Home & Away has been in Neighbours for a while! I hope this goes out the same way as Brookside, with Karl and Paul leading a vigilante murder squad against a local dealer then Harold delivering a depressed monologue about the state of the world over a burning barrel.
  8. Thanks, I was a bit wary because I'd seen one person in the UK having trouble with codes but in case anyone else fancies it the one I bought from Amazon has redeemed fine
  9. Has anybody here managed to buy Skate 2 since it was added? It's unavailable on the main store but I've seen various reports of people managing to successfully activate codes (with some saying they couldn't get them to work, possibly a regional thing) and others that they could buy it through the old 360 marketplace. If I try to buy it here I just get an error. I'm happy to chuck £15 at it if I know I can get it to work but what I'm reading isn't filling me with a huge amount of confidence. Series S here so the disc isn't an option.
  10. Rsdio

    Mark Lanegan's dead

    Yeah, really sad. Saw him many times in the late 90s early 2000s headlining and with QOTSA. There was always this change in atmosphere when he came onstage with the latter, like people started paying a different kind of attention out of respect for the weight of his presence or something.
  11. Woke up at 6am and checked the trailer knowing I wouldn't get back to sleep unless I did. Still couldn't get back to sleep after being haunted by the gross (but inevitable) art style, the (also inevitable) presence of Luke and the (sigh, yes, inevitable) ultra eSports logo. At least we'll probably have less overdone comedy gurning this time around like in the V screenshot above, that seems to have been a bit of an Ono thing.
  12. Rsdio


    Hmm, of the ones I've played (not all of them or anything close to it) and remember well enough I guess the Dragon Quest III remake, DQ V and VI, Secret of Mana, Seiken Densetsu 3, Mario RPG was pretty cool, vaguely remember Bahamut Lagoon being good but as with some others (Breath of Fire II, Star Ocean, Illusion of Gaia etc.) I played it like 20 years ago so not really confident enough to compare. But yeah, Chrono Trigger and FFVI obviously tower way above everything else for sure. For stuff that actually came out in English originally maybe being a contender for third place is better than I was thinking . I did kind of have to force myself through fair chunks of it replaying it a couple of years back though.
  13. Rsdio


    I have, I'd probably go straight to Earthbound to be honest. I remember the NES game feeling like quite a slog as many 8-bit JRPGs can be, despite the fact it's pretty short. Though to be honest even Earthbound can feel quite sloggy from a gameplay perspective compared with some other SNES JRPGs, it's the charm that gets you through it really. With both games that makes it sort of hard to predict how much somebody else will get out of them.
  14. I can't remember anything as an adult really, I do sometimes get irritated at people acting up online though. It's more in a 'come on, you're better than that' sort of way than me being deeply hurt at being teabagged I guess. As a kid it was a different story, in my teens I also had the Championship Manager addiction and used to properly rage at the way every opposition goalkeeper seemed to have his once in a lifetime performance against you. I remember actually working out their average rating across the season once just to prove it wasn't bias on my part and probably considered writing a strongly worded letter to the developers before continuing to play the game anyway, seething internally. My best moment though was, as a younger kid, headbutting and smashing my Game Boy screen playing some WWF game because Sid Justice was a CHEATING FUCKING WANKER
  15. I'm pretty gentle personally, I don't get very tense playing games (aside from fighting games online which I play on stick anyway lol) and have a tendency to baby things. It's just the luck of the draw, or lack of it. I have a mate who's still on his first Dualshock 4 after years despite being a total rager and having a young kid.
  16. The Xbox controllers seem to have pretty common issues with iffy face buttons too. I had a feeling mine that came with the Series S weren't great but playing Yakuza 6 confirmed it pretty quickly since Kiryu would often stop-start whilst sprinting by holding the A button. Googling suggested it was widespread enough that going to the trouble of replacing the controller probably wasn't worth the effort.
  17. I'd never had to replace a controller until the PS4/Xbox One/Switch era and I'd hammered an awful lot of games on an awful lot of consoles prior to that. The wired 360 pad I used on PC got constant use and was still perfectly functional a decade in, I only replaced it because the rubber had worn a fair bit and I felt like it was probably time for a change.. The Xbox One controller I replaced it with didn't last a year. Dualshock 4s.. Between PS4 and PC I think I must be on my fifth or sixth one by now. If I play first/third-person stuff it's with the constant expectation that the character is going to start doing stuttery run-walking and I'm gonna have to shell out another £50. The first couple of times I did try the whole 'clean and silicone grease' thing but my experience was that you can temporarily improve matters slightly but not really fix it once it's happening. And yeah, obviously it goes without saying that the Joycons are terrible. My Pro Controller has lasted pretty well up to now but I bought that mainly for a useable D-pad only to find its D-pad not really fit for purpose so while I'm having a nice moan I might as well throw in that that one annoys me in another way.
  18. 01 - Skee Mask - Pool 02 - PinkPantheress - To Hell With It 03 - JPEGMAFIA - LP! 04 - Magdalena Bay - Mercurial World 05 - Low - HEY WHAT 06 - DJ Manny - Signals in My Head 07 - Lil Ugly Mane - Volcanic Bird Enemy and the Voiced Concern 08 - Joy Orbison - Still Slipping Vol. 1 09 - Pink Siifu - GUMBO'! 10 - Otay: Onii - Ming Ming
  19. Rsdio


    Bought Crimzon Clover, mainly becuase I feel bad that I only paid £1.50 or something for World Ignition years ago. I hope the long-standing issues the original had with janky full screen and alt-tabbing have been sorted for the final release though because they were still there in the demo. Unlocking stuff first time around took way longer than it should've for me because I lost progress after crashes loads of times.
  20. That thought makes me worried about reversing the 'just take the throw' cliche being as much a part of the design motivation for VI as 'zoning is cheap' seemed to be for V. It's funny, the DLC characters have been largely very good as the game's progressed and the mechanics have become so much better over time (possibly due to Ono moving aside and new blood coming to the fore) so I was really optimistic about VI. Then this character comes along and I don't know what to think anymore!
  21. I don't think it is a tag fighter exactly, is it? They seemed careful to call it an 'assist-based fighter' so I'm guessing you have your character then select any other character who'll essentially give you a unique special move. I was looking out for anyone tagging and staying in but might've missed it. Edit: Press release says 'tag-team style' which isn't exactly super clear either! When the rumours about Street Fighter VI going back to the drawing board after being team-based were going around I remember wondering on here if it might've actually been something like that rather than tagging in and out or KOF style teams. Not sure it would've been a great fit for Street Fighter but I like as a concept. It looks so much nicer than the first few clips that were shown, it should be a looker if it's still got another year or so of development to go.
  22. I feel like they thought they were missing a strong edgelord character pick. Going after the Iori/Bryan Fury/Joker type audience. Something about him kind of gives me Persona vibes for some reason.
  23. Dodgy face buttons seem pretty common on Xbox controllers generally, I'd stick it out for a while and see if it improves because a replacement might not necessarily be much better. My presses don't always register or are inconsistent but it tends to only be noticeable when I have to hold it down for something. Holding A to sprint in Yakuza generally results in Kiryu/whoever randomly stop-starting like he really wants to run but also feels somehow hesitant about the act of running.
  24. It really is wonderful. How does it play on Switch? Games in this style are so mouse-y feeling that I can't imagine it working at all but obviously from what you say it sounds like it is.
  25. I remember 'CV is the best' being the prevailing opinion you'd see across pretty much all games media for a while in the early 2000s. I only played it the once but didn't really understand why it seemed taken for granted as the apex of the series at the time other than it was the most recent and therefore also the most technically advanced. I guess at that point there was probably still a general sense of older games being made redundant by newer ones in a lot of people's minds. It's strange seeing it go from that to relatively forgotten today.
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