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  1. I'm a vinyl snob so I feel justified in downloading the MP3's seeing as I'll be buying it on a different format anyway. It gets better on every listen. Weird choice of music for a FIFA game though unless they did some sort of strange radio edit of Like Herod or something.
  2. Rsdio

    Mark Lanegan

    Field Songs is great as well, prefer it to Bubblegum myself. This new one sounds a bit weird though, could be a nice contrast I guess though Belle & Sebastian do make me feel a bit nauseous.
  3. Wolfsburg's football team used to be managed by a guy called Wolfgang Wolf, you know. One of my favourite pieces of useless trivia. Loving Fusty Gusset's picture, spot on with the perfume advert thing.
  4. Pretty good live too, saw them play with Tomahawk once.
  5. I'm never that pleased with how my photos turn out, but I do really like this one. Don't know if it's because it's any good or because it's of my dear old Nana though .
  6. When I saw the Fall at the Leeds festival in 1999 I was talking to some random guy in the crowd, joking that I'd gone there with the aim of being in the Fall by the end of the weekend. So for the whole time they were on stage, this guy and his girlfriend were pegging bottles and whatever else they could find at the guitarist (Neville Wilding it was at the time) to try and get him sacked so I could take my rightful place in the band. Felt pretty bad about it to be honest, the poor guy was getting enough stick from Mark E. Smith. M.E.S. also kept telling the security to get out of the way and swinging his microphone at them (hitting a few people in the crowd, including me). Eventually they did move out of the way, meaning there was no-one there to catch a wayward crowd surfer who landed on his head. Smith then accused the security of 'brutaity' for not catching him. What a legend.
  7. This used to be my favourite film once upon a time, haven't seen it for years now though 'cos I've been waiting patiently for a DVD that will probably never arrive at this rate. It'd be worth it if it didn't have that horrible dubbing on Harry Flowers if it eventually does come out.
  8. Ready Steady Go on hard is doing my nut in. I'm lucky if I can get past the first bit. My game of the year though, even above Resi 4.
  9. Rsdio

    Half Life 2

    That's a similar setup to me, I bought the game on release date but it was unplayable due to the stuttering. Couple of months later and it still wasn't fixed so I just played through it anyway, but it did hinder my enjoyment of the game which was otherwise amazing. Last week I put some more RAM in and thought surely that would do the trick, or if it didn't they would have sorted out the problem by now (over a year later). No such luck, in fact the stuttering seemed worse than it was when I played through it. I doubt very much if the problem has gone away at all for a lot of the people who had it, more likely that people got tired of complaining about it. If I still had my Xbox I'd probably yarr a copy seeing as I paid £35 for a game last year and still haven't been able to play it to any decent degree.
  10. I know Milanese used to have a NES with the MIDI synth cart (debated bidding on it when he put it on ebay) but I'm not sure if it ever made it on to any of his tracks.
  11. I'm sure there was a cLOUDDEAD song with the Excitebike theme tune in it somewhere. Team Doyobi might have sampled some games in their stuff, but since most of their songs sound like 80s videogame music anyway I could just be making it up. Neither of those are that much help..
  12. One of my top 5 films of all time, this. Didn't watch it last night though - the DVD gets wheeled out every few months. Claudia Cardinale is lovely too.
  13. Rsdio

    Mr Beast!

    I've always thought CODY to be their best too, quite a lot of articles I've read would have you believe it's their worst so it's obviously not the general consensus.
  14. PES5 works great. I thought the super cancel might not work with it using a trigger and a shoulder button (I read somewhere that there was a problem with that on the PC) but it does.
  15. Now there's a dream! I thought Snowboard Kids DS was a bit mediocre though?
  16. I'd be orgasmic with a port of Excitebike 64, even more so with a new one, but still. Beetle Adventure racing would be good as well, seeing as all the DS's racing games are gash (barring Mario Kart, obviously). A better version of Snowboard Kids. Ogre Battle 64 since I never played it when I had an N64.. I don't think there's any harm in a few ports to complement the original stuff, it'd be nice if they'd release some with a lowered RRP (£20?) to reflect the fact that they aren't brand new games but the chances of Nintendo doing that are non-existant.
  17. Rsdio

    Mr Beast!

    Certainly is - it's hard not to do an air guitar thrash to it. As much as I'm enjoying it so far, I wish Alan McGee hadn't said that stuff about it possibly being "better than Loveless". Although I don't generally trust much that he has to say, I let myself believe it might be true a little bit. So rather than sitting here just enjoying another great Mogwai album, in the back of my mind I'm a wee bit disappointed. Which is stupid, really.
  18. Rsdio


    I'll give them a fairer crack then, which album would you recommend? I find Stereolab very hit and miss, probably just assumed these would be the same from the songs I heard.
  19. Rsdio


    Only heard a couple of songs by them - I get the impression I'd probably be more of a fan of the politics than the music, there's only so much jingly-jangly-ness I can take.
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