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    There's a toggle to just have him appear at the end of the game regardless, in that mode at least. It's on by default so at first I assumed he'd also appear at the end of the first loop in arcade mode and was very relieved that that wasn't the case. It says something about the experience of trying to get past him that I had no idea his music was completely boss until I watched that video.
  2. Rsdio


    Forgot to say, thank god that that Doom TLB who you can have turn up at the end of the other modes won't be part of any prospective 1-all attempts since he only seems to appear at the end of the second loop once you've cleared the first loop scoring at least 120,000,000 points.. And also without dying or bombing That turret pattern. Good lord.
  3. I played through X-Wing and TIE Fighter a couple of years back with a Xbox One controller, was a faff to set up with JoyToKey but it did the job pretty nicely once set up so you should be fine.
  4. Rsdio


    Yeah, it's definitely a lot easier and was useful for me in getting to grips with how to approach the arcade mode, as I say. I'll stick with it a bit then, I'm just in the habit of thinking of normal modes as the 'main course' I guess. I don't think I've extensively played a game where point-blanking is so important before so that's a bit of a change of pace. Sounds pretty daft (though I guess there's a fair amount going on visually) but I didn't notice while playing that your laser doesn't go full screen either. Need to figure out which ship to stick with as well, having just checked on the shmups forum most people seem to think that A is a no-brainer but then there are one or two others who swear by B for the extra speed. The arcade challenge mode in this port is a fantastic idea, it's pretty much like having loads of save states all conveniently set up to practice specific areas. I wish everything had that.
  5. Rsdio


    Yeah, yesterday when it hit 28c I was like 'You know what, this is the perfect time to have a nice, laid-back play of Ketsui.' Now I've got access to my PS4 again I figured I should probably prioritise those M2 jobs I waited ages and paid a fortune for. Fuck me, that game seems like it's an absolute sweatfest at the best of times. Just casually trying the Deathtiny mode I felt more stressed than when I'm actively trying to 1cc the normal mode of something else. Just a constant 'oh fuck, oh god, oh Jesus Christ' like a cross between Edward Woodward going to the Wicker Man and Ric Flair watching the Shockmaster's entrance. Well, I managed to get to the end of stage 4 on one credit first attempt then saw the end second time around using three credits. Fun mode which I didn't 100% grasp the mechanics of while I was playing but I'm not sure if time spent trying to 1cc it would be better spent on the game proper? I can sort of see how you're meant to approach a lot of it now (lock on to the bigger enemies as soon as they appear, take out the smaller ones with your laser at the same time) so it doesn't seem quite as scary as it did but it's still mad how aggressive you have to be and how heavy playing it that way must be on memorisation (by CAVE standards).
  6. I watched the whole thing thinking 'Yeah, Venger's voice is a bit uneven/not recorded well like some of the others but I'm not sure what everyone's talking about'.. Then I got to the end I think this episode where they all got confronted by their worst fears pretty much scarred me for life. Especially Diana's rapid aging.
  7. Rsdio

    Vinyl lovers

    I guess as with most things vinyl/mastering related it's an 'it depends' but theoretically, all things being equal (they never are) some sort of difference should be audible on most systems. I don't think noticing a single on a 45rpm 12" sounding much better than the same mix of the same song on the LP was ever that unusual, for example. You can kind of think of the wider grooves and faster speed increasing the 'resolution' the engineer has to work with, plus the extra space can offer the choice to avoid putting grooves too near the labels where things can get problematic. It does break things up turning over that often if the album is single LP length though so I reckon you're probably making the right choice. If you wanted to test it out I'm not convinced a WITTR album would be the best thing to do it with anyway, not that they don't sound good in their way but any difference would be more noticeable on more open and dynamic stuff with a wider range.
  8. I think it'll have been the crowd mics briefly phase cancelling bits of the spectrum. You do tend to hear it now and again at events with loads of mics but it seemed especially noticeable last night. There might've been a mobile mic moving around causing it to go in and out all the time.
  9. Rsdio

    Vinyl lovers

    Yeah, loads of prices got bumped up quite a bit pretty much as soon as the pandemic kicked in and obviously Brexit hasn't helped in some cases either. Having to pay £25-£30 for things when they come out or risk them disappearing possibly forever started to feel weirdly normal last year. Still waiting on the new Skee Mask LP which was £36 . I feel fortunate that I've amassed a load of shite over the years because there's no way I'd start buying records now if I hadn't before.
  10. Yup, same here. Still only really done the missions and a bit of grinding out a couple of BnBs. Chronic sleep issues make a lot of the games I love pretty rough going Total first-world problems etc. but I've got to admit, the 'communicating with server' nonsense also really puts me off firing the game up. If you want a quick mess around in training mode five minutes to get to the main menu just ain't it. There's actually some comedy genius in how you get a dialog with a glacial progress bar then when it's full you get a series of new dialogs for the same thing popping up. Hoping they'll patch in having to accept those Bandai-Namco terms and conditions every time at some point just to cap it off.
  11. Me reading that Konami announcement yesterday: I haven't played The Medium but based on their other stuff don't they usually try to keep you awake with constant cheap jump scares? So far I haven't seen anything in their games to suggest they can create an atmosphere that really gets under your skin psychologically the way the best Silent Hill games do. I know this is all looking a gift horse in the mouth but if a new game doesn't absolutely nail it that'll probably be the franchise done for good.
  12. Yeah, we had a border collie for a while when I was a kid and he and I used the couch as the goal. World-class shot stopper.
  13. Rsdio

    Hip Hop And Games

    Playing Tales from Off-Peak City (Under Siege) last night and spotted this little tribute.
  14. Not exactly a pile-on of opinions so I'll assume nobody disagrees with that! Cheers man, I've requested the royal edition for my upcoming birthday.
  15. Having never managed to properly get into a Paradox game before I bought Victoria II and all the DLC a couple of months back, ensuring that Victoria III would be announced immediately afterwards. Learning how to approach it was pretty tough, not least because the tutorial is both long and terrible and was obviously also made for the base game rather than the game it ended up being. I've only done playthrough so far but having lead the USA through several decades of glorious imperial socialism I feel a hankering to try one of these. I bounced off CKII pretty hard years back after a few hours of the tutorial but feel like I'd probably manage it now so the obvious question is, CKII in its 'mature' state with all the DLC or this? I'm guessing the former has more depth but I imagine there's probably something to be said for getting in on the ground floor and learning the new game as it develops rather than being totally overwhelmed later.
  16. New Order are also my favourite band, it's Temptation '87 for me.
  17. Rsdio

    Vinyl lovers

    I usually find the opposite, it's rare I get 180g records that aren't warped or dished. They need more time to cool after being pressed, rarely seem to get it and with plants being constantly rushed off their feet that doesn't seem likely to change. Fitting tighter in the sleeve/shrink afterwards would also be a factor I imagine, some releases are terrible for them barely fitting in the sleeves at all. Weight can affect the sound a bit though, not in absolute terms (180g definitely doesn't sound 'better') just in the sense that on the same setup the VTA will vary depending on the thickness of the record. It's usually very subtle but the EQ tilt can be noticable on 200g stuff and paper thin 80s pressings.
  18. I guess you'd have to measure to check it would work but an oversized actuator like the Kowal might do the job?
  19. I don't mind that choice myself, some animations do seem to be kind of missing or in need of tidying up though. I'm not sure the demo does the game a huge amount of favours as it seems a bit rough around the edges in general at the moment, particularly the jumping, climbing and camera. It's not great at communicating what it wants you to do either, the compass should help but at times it wasn't showing objectives at all for me. If they can get it tightened up in general I still think it'll be a lovely game to potter about and relax in, even if it's not likely to be anything remarkable mechanically.
  20. Yeah, I felt the same with 2 at the start really but wasn't sure if it'd been tweaked in the meantime. I kind of feel like I'm wanting to get back to it more because I love the first so much and had been looking forward to it for ages than feeling any huge pull to play the game on its own merits. Just had a few runs and made it through to area 6 which wasn't a bad effort after so long I guess but it's like I'm just waiting to have that roguelite/roguelike feeling of 'I could sit here all day playing this' hit me and so far, it just hasn't
  21. I've been thinking I should go back to this. I'm assuming it's probably about as 'settled' as it's going to get at this point? Has it changed much since release on the whole? Curious about the online too, that was borderline unplayable for me back when it came out. Edit: Hmm, apparently the PS4 version is lagging behind on the update front. Maybe I'll start on Noita instead..
  22. Rsdio


    I had to remind myself which that stage was and yeah, I like it too. It's kind of the R-Type 'giant ship stage' thing I guess and I quite like those bang in the middle of a game to help break things up a little. When I was grinding it out I remember constantly fucking up getting the extend right at the last minute.
  23. Jeez, I pre-ordered the deluxe at £47 from CDKeys and was miffed enough it had dropped to £40 already. I then compounded that my not being at home, having to buy the PS4 version then unexpectedly returning home to the PC version two days later I pretty much decided I was playing Nagoriyuki as soon as he was shown, I don't really care if he's probably a bit 'hard mode' at beginner levels due to the mobility and all that. Half my problem in learning fighting games is being in eternal character crisis so I'm happy I'm in there with resolve right off the bat for a change. I think in some ways he might work for me since a lot of his tools being risky helps with what to discard whilst trying to focus on the absolute basics, I feel like I've got enough to get used to here with the universal mechanics that I'm happy to take a chunk of his moveset out of my mental stack aside from maybe in a simple BnB or two. I'm gonna get ruined anyway so focusing on defence and his safer stuff seems a good enough way to start. Adding the other stuff later after (hopefully) getting a bit of a foundation will be something to look forward to.
  24. Haha yeah, I read about this. Large chunks of the Tekken 'community' seemingly taking their cues on how to behave from him and Aris is a large part of why I could never manage to browse that subreddit for long. It even managed to impact the way I felt about playing it online since taking a single win and running always seemed to be the de facto approach - every time someone did it I'd hear 'One and DONE, biiiiiitch' in one of their voices in my head On the Wavedash podcasts I watched he surprised me by actually seeming alright. If it's all an act I'm not sure if it makes it better or worse.
  25. Currently at 31k players on Steam and rising. The highest Street Fighter V has ever been was 14k and Tekken 7 18k. Xrd was never above 2k. Still a ways to go to get to DBFZ's 44k but considering it's not Dragon Ball, I reckon it's safe for them to call that a win.
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