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  1. Oh man, they haven't snuck this guy in there have they?
  2. It's weird, there's so much talk of how godlike the online is and I believe it but the only matches I had the chance to play in the betas were with a mate who lives less than two miles away and it really wasn't good. Worse than everything else we've tried online, including pure delay-based stuff. Hopefully we were just unlucky. Anyway, since I'm not at home at the moment and I'd pre-ordered on PC I've now got also this for the PS4 since that's what I have access to right now. The missions seem really well done though the last one for the dash cancelling combo took a fairly shameful amount of time, I had to go try and get it in training mode just to have a rest from the traffic lights This is awfully specific and dorky but I'm curious how stick users are approaching this since it feels a bit unconventional. At the moment I've got the classic layout but with dash inbetween punch and dust on the bottom row. I was switching between dash and slash with my middle finger but I don't think that's going to work out, especially since it seems to make sense to build the muscle memory for RC drift with the button since on paper it's obviously more consistent than doing it with the stick. Sort of plinking dash with my thumb and RC with the top three buttons seems the most natural way so it's looking like thumb for punch and drift at the moment.
  3. Yeah, the amount of variability in people's experiences seems to be the one thing that's truly consistent with this. I think he said he's on the west coast of Japan, are you closer to Tokyo? As much as this might seem a sensible approach on the surface I'm starting to wonder if trying to learn to do the basics well is really just a recipe for frustration in the circumstances, turning the game into work that's not even really worth doing without rock-solid online. When so much is unreliable and inconsistent a lot of matches are going to end up being a battle of who has the trickiest strings and mix-ups. Taka's true lows seem more stuffable/unsafe than most and his strings are all easily blocked standing, getting sumo slapped repeatedly might feel oppressive I'm not sure he's all that threatening until you can get his big throws and follow-up combos going. I feel bit dirty for thinking about it this way but I'm starting to wonder if I should just go back to Shun since with his mind games and nonsense he feels like a better choice to have actual, y'know, fun within a variable online environment. Shun and fun even rhymes! It's a sign.
  4. There seems to be something weird with it on console at the moment, I'm away from home at the moment so downloaded it onto the PS4 that's here and it has constant little laggy pauses even on the grid, offline. Never had that before on PC, PS4 Pro or my old base PS4. I managed to find another couple of comments on Reddit about it suggesting it's since the Dan update but if it's across the board I'm surprised there doesn't seem to be a lot more discussion about it.
  5. A thoughtful, considered assessment from That Blasted Salami, as usual.
  6. Yeah, I started queuing again a few minutes later and I'm getting a few now, ta! Casually playing VF4 and earlier I used to just enjoy playing Shun and 'doing stuff'. I'll probably go back to him later but trying to pick up Taka for now just to get the basics down somewhat with a straightforward gameplan. Trying to be a bit more sound without the experience to do so against people pressing buttons as Lion etc. feels like a very rough road at the moment . And incorporating throws is tricky since there's not much successful blocking going on (from myself either if I'm honest). That said, I've landed the combo I'd practised a couple of times and that was my goal for the day. Baby steps.
  7. Yeah, it's weird to think that this almost feels like a 'Discord game' already when it's on Plus. I thought there'd be at least a couple of weeks where you could hop on and find matches quickly but I've just sat waiting in ranked for twenty minutes with nothing. About 40 people in rooms at the moment but as you say, almost all private. I've only managed about five matches total and I'm relatively sure that one or two of them were bots farming trophies.
  8. Seems to have been quite a common thing with this game for some reason but you need to have a look in the PS4's settings. 'Display area' under 'sound and screen' I believe.
  9. Big up online training mode! Should absolutely be standard rather than a rarely sighted beast.
  10. Yeah, I saw something on Twitter pre-release saying that it seemed to be server-based but that obviously didn't stop people going on about how they were 'cheaping out' on the netcode. Cheaping out would be just releasing it with the old netcode. I'm as disappointed as anyone that something promoted as 'eSports' in 2021 didn't go the whole mile after 2020 demonstrated how crucial good online is, but they clearly didn't have their fingers totally in their ears and were aware that things needed to be improved. AFAIK though, no 3D game has rollback as of yet so it does feel like the 'No rollback - DEAD ON ARRIVAL' types are judging it against a non-existant standard while many of them continue to happily play Soul Calibur/Tekken/DOA. I know 'Tekken is 3' and all that but I'm not sure anyone other than Harada believes it has properly functioning rollback. What concerns me a bit is what happens to the game when they don't think it's worthwhile to rent those servers anymore? With this being playable on the current generation too it seemed as though at least there'd be somewhere to play the game for a good few years even once the player base dwindles down without having to resort to Parsec or whatever. That seems like it might be in doubt now?
  11. Got a room going (user name Mummdad) if anyone wants to check my jank know-nothing Jeffrey played over someone else's wi-fi. Enticing offer, I know. Had a couple of one-and-dones drop in so far but not sure if that's just the day 1 way of things or because this connection is shit and I can't feel it on this side. Edit: Scratch that, I'm gonna see what ranked is like - been sat here nearly an hour and only had two games so maybe a change of approach is needed..
  12. Rsdio


    If you go through again it might be worth trying weapon 3 on the tree and just staying above him, I never happened to have that at the time so not sure if it'd work. The arm attack feels pretty much impossible to react to. Pfft, that's not a setup. THIS is a setup. (jealous)
  13. Rsdio


    Nice, I thought you'd clock it pretty quickly. It says a lot for how entertaining it is that I didn't even notice it's that long! I'm not generally a fan of padded out console shooters but I don't think it drags at all really. Yeah, the amount of power-ups is insane really. I've mentioned before that I've always been terrible for hoarding bombs in these games and I think this might've cured me, initially I went through with saves trying to do each section without bombing at all to scope it out and some of it was actually pretty nasty that way, especially if you don't happen to have the optimal weapon at the time either (and it's very easy to pick one up that you don't want by accident). Tree Bastard became probably my most feared foe, closely followed by Aztec Tile Breaking Arsehole. With a few of the right kind of bomb they're totally neutered though. It's quite an 'all or nothing' approach that's pretty unusual, I think. Not quite the same as dying in Gradius/R-Type, getting pegged back to checkpoints and struggling to gradually recover, it's more manic in that you can lose or gain resources really quickly without the pace dropping.
  14. Rsdio


    It's well worth a blast through, let me know how you find it. Once you suss out the shop menu you might want to switch to the Japanese version since they dialled down little bits of the wackiness for the Western release for some reason, but in a really patchy and arbitrary way. Like the West is fine with shooting carrots and rabbits but a matchbook is an absolute no-no. Maybe they thought they'd be encouraging arson in American children or something. Yeah, though it did take a good while with the PC version's knack of deleting progress and generally being a bit wonky. I was expecting it to be more OP from what I'd read but I actually still prefer the Type III at the moment. I'm much better at dodging with that but it seems like Type Z is objectively better in most ways so probably best to try and get used to it.
  15. Rsdio


    I've been away from my home PC for a fair while so I picked up a used Thinkpad and now need to get back into the shmupping habit. I should get back to ZeroRanger really as I was pretty deep in that last time I could play anything but I'm a bit scared of going back to that cold. I did manage a 1cc of Gun Nac this morning which I'd been messing around with on my hacked DS. Really fun game and super impressive for the NES. I would've managed this a lot sooner had I not been lazy and actually worked out how the shop/upgrades work as I was missing out on a tonne of bombs per run by not spending all my cash. It's quite an odd one to play as parts of it can be comically easy or really quite hard depending on how tooled up you are, there are an insane amount of pickups so you tend to be drowning in resources but it's very easy to tank a load of lives in a row if you die in the wrong spot. Also the NES sprite flickering can be your most deadly enemy at times. It all makes for a pleasantly chaotic experience, I don't know how typical of Compile that is having only really spent short amounts of time with a few of their others in the distant past but I definitely intend to get deeper into their output, probably starting with MUSHA. I've been playing a fair bit of Crimzon Clover as well, having spent years going through a cycle of forgetting how good it is then being surprised by the quality whenever I start it up. Probably some sort of stupid doujin snobbery on my part I imagine. Novice normal and novice boost are done but the stage 3 boss is as far as I've managed in arcade mode. I think I'll be chipping away at that for a very long time because a) it's really fucking hard and b) I can't grind out practice because constantly tapping the lock-on absolutely ruins my hand to the point that it's a bad idea to do more than about 30 minutes at a time. Shame, because I'm really loving it. Thinking about making Strikers 1945 II the next one to focus on (with the laptop turned sideways on the couch like a true pro) since I've not really spent quality time with a Psikyo game as yet.
  16. Inevitable wasn't it, but fucking hell Sega. Even SNbloodyK have got the memo now. Haha, yeah I came across that when I set up VF5 in RPCS3 a few months back. I was like 'This is going to be a long three hours'. This playlist of videos by SoA is also really well done and covers an awful lot.
  17. If it's true that it's going straight on PS+ it might actually be an uncharacteristically savvy move from Sega. A way of getting the brand back out there to a massive amount of people without a crazy amount of development cost. If that's how they're going about things it makes me more confident that they're testing the waters and thinking about further possibilities depending on how it's received. Admittedly it is still a bit 'Sega lol' that after teasing it over a year ago and having it leaked months ago the big reveal is a 15 year-old game limited to PS4 but eh, I'm just happy to finally see it.
  18. Rimworld for £15 might not sound that impressive but it's never been below about £23 elsewhere. Hypnospace Outlaw for £5 is about half its previous best too.
  19. Nice, that managed to get me in thanks. At least I'll be able to check out a bit of training mode tonight. Plus I got to have a bonus round of accepting the terms and conditions/privacy policy which is always the best part of any Bamco release. Edit: Turned out to be about five minutes of training mode before getting booted out again Probably seen enough already to make me decide to go for the PC version over the PS4, there were a couple of surprisingly long loads in there.
  20. Weird, it wasn't there for me scrolling through every Guilty Gear game on there before. Thought I'd scrolled through everything on the Strive page too. Jonster's link worked fine though, cheers
  21. I can't find the beta client via the console store and adding it to my library via the browser store just brings up an error. Wasn't it supposed to become available to everyone in the early hours of the morning?
  22. Rsdio


    I don't know about Switch but IIRC PS4 controllers were tested as being more laggy wired. It seems pretty odd. Edit: Here's one test, but I've seen various people come up with similar measurements over the years so I'm inclined to believe it's probably not far wrong.
  23. Rsdio


    Thanks for the earlier encouragement to stick with ZeroRanger, @ImmaculateClump. I think the main campaign probably has a trick or two left for me as far as the true (?) last boss goes but I'm still a bit ambivalent about it, it's a kind of a slog length-wise so I'd be surprised if I ended up being motivated enough to try to 1cc it. White Vanilla is almost the polar opposite and as tight as they come. I've only had a few goes but got to the TLB (again, ?) on my last try so it seems pretty manageable once you've got some ways to deal with the bullshit down from the main game. I pretty much just use the ship B main and back shots with the drill where it feels intended and the Soukyugurentai lock-on for background enemies once in a blue moon. Settling on a 'loadout' definitely helped me start to learn things better, as you'd expect. It's weird, I've often thought it was daft how horis and verts are almost different genres but I think the fact that ZeroRanger bucks that trend is part of why I struggled early on. It was immediately obvious it had heavy memorizer elements but I still couldn't quite get myself to start approaching it like one and just kept trying to dodge everything. There's so much you can almost skip once you've figured out how.
  24. Man, reading this reminded me of the 'USAS with frag rounds' days in Battlefield 3. The explosive splash damage of a rocket launcher with the firing rate of an automatic shotgun and the range of a modest sniper rifle, what could possibly go wrong? I finally caved when I realised I was in a game where I was the one player out of 24 who wasn't using that combo but they finally got around to patching it not long afterwards.
  25. There's also the scrolls of Icarian flight that you basically can't miss at the start of Morrowind. Theoretically you can then just jump over half the game world right to where the last boss is if you know where to go. Killing him when you're at the level where it takes you ten minutes to kill a sewer rat is another matter though I guess!
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