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  1. no need to defend it, it is a massive pile of shit. its constantly giving me aggro.
  2. Made an order for FX PAk (thank god its gone up to 225) on the 3rd, not even had a tracking number or anything regarding shipping. Seems like its taking its time for an email. It was £125 for the fxpak so hopefully avoid import duty as the limit is £136.
  3. I have an x5 and its perfect, the only issue is I sometimes get a black screen (i assume pin issues) and any save data just gets instantly lost.
  4. The gamecube replacement stick have sensitivity issues, i ended up buying replacement bits from the US. No import duty and got about 10 bowls, sticks and gears but its still "gritty". Best bet is buy newish looking controllers on ebay and dismantle them for parts. [edit] https://store.kitsch-bent.com/
  5. As someone who has no carts and only just started retro; this is a massive "meh". If it plays rom files directly with a library then I might actually have some interest.
  6. Pin 10, I already own the RGC hd15 to scart cable (that's what I'm using) but my PVM-2950Q does not accept scart, only BNC with separate sync. All sorted, I was eventually going to get a scart switch I guess it might be a bit earlier than expected.
  7. They helped me resolve the issue, it is down to a single pin not being grounded on my cable so it was outputting sync on composite. I have basically gone Mega sg > hdmi > dac > HD15-Scart > Sync Separator (Scart to HD15) > HD15 to BNC > TV This makes it RBG with separate sync, a bit convoluted but it works and I don't have to import a monoprice cable. I think later ill replace the sync Separator with a Scart switch. Also another note, you cannot modify the video output with the DAC so i have to manually adjust my TV to get it align / hide the borders.
  8. I can always send it back to the fella, but rather it was resolved by a quick fix! they dont even make the firmware available on their site.
  9. yeah it was a bit strong, but not giving support (not a replacement) is silly when you just want someone using your products to be happy with them surely?
  10. yeah factory resetting everything to make sure its not any settings i may have messed with. I so wish it was! Ive contacted Analogue to see what they say. Hopefully they aint douches on the fact i bought the dac from ebay.
  11. So i bought myself a dac for my mega sg and for some reason it will not stop syncing on green; at least thats what I believe since yanking the green bnc breaks sync. No idea whats doing it and nothing seems to work.
  12. Thank you gents! and good tip on the firmware ill be sure to make that modification especially as you say no special chips (except virtual racer I would hazard a guess). Got an 8bitdo pad too shame i cannot hook it up to the PVM.
  13. I was going to get an Everdrive Pro, for the CD games... worth?
  14. So just accidentally bought a Mega SG on ebay for £171 (brand new!). Never owned a Sega Megadrive so no idea what games I should be looking at first. Any recommendations?
  15. did you order the DAC and the super nt together? I am going to put in a big order but not sure if i should split it
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