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  1. This is brilliant but I'm dying for the hourly tunes to start. Getting tired of that guitar strum!


    Every so often a tune comes on the radio that I associate with one of my New Leaf residents and I get a little pang of guilt. Sorry Willow!


    My island is Gealach, switch code SW-8193-6477-3410

  2. 5 hours ago, tbb said:

     It was balls really, especially casting Stephen Graham with his most scouse of scouse accent for Gruagach. 

     God they just butchered Gruagach, and he has such a good storyline in the comics.  I should've known from the reviews it was gonna be bad but I had to see for myself. Honestly some of the worst acting and effects I've seen in ages. Milla Jovovitch isn't great, then the Alice actress appeared who was worse, and then the guy playing Merlin who had me laughing aloud at some of his line readings

  3. It's a real tonic after Skyward Sword. The freedom, the return of gorgeous day/night cycles, the lack of a helper character, the music so far (from what little I've heard) is already better.

    Massive spontanaeous grins from some of those extra touches that make games amazing

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