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  1. Yeah it was kind of hilarious that even their astral forms just basically slapped each other around a bit.


    I would have loved a slightly more horror-tinged feel to it but it was probably unlikely Marvel would wander too far from the very successful formula. That said, when it did get around to the abstract otherdimensional stuff, it looked amazing

  2. I was expecting a pretty-looking rehash of the original but ended up really enjoying it. Of course it does look gorgeous, and the animation on the octopus is mesmerising. And I don't think the memory-loss thing got as repetitively annoying as it could have been. Just effortlessly charming character stuff.

    A much more satisfying sequel than, say, Monsters University

  3. The Disasterpeace score is really lovely. Especially when so many current horrors just go for the same old orchestral sound

    Haven't seen a whole cinema crowd jump like that in ages, the early kitchen/bedroom scene really got to people

  4. It's really good, and even though it drags a bit at times, the great bits make up for it. The kind of thing that sticks in your head afterwards. I didn't know how much of it was filmed with hidden cameras until after I'd seen it... so the awkward chat-up lines and come-ons are genuine, and you get lovely stuff like Scarlett trotting around Primark in a cheap fur coat.

  5. Really pleasantly surprised that they fixed surround sound for Wii games, the lack of it was putting me off transferring my Wii saves. Maybe now I'll finally finish Xenoblade

  6. It's still worth seeing! Some of the fight sequences are really impressive, especially the super speed which I don't think I've ever seen realised so well. There's a bit of action-sequence fatigue though, or at least that's what I felt

  7. Saw it last night, it's fine but not great - Snyder's alright with action stuff, the flying and fights look good but he's not great with actors. Henry Cavill does a decent job but Amy Adams doesn't have much personality as Lois and Michael Shannon - who I was most looking forward to seeing - gets fairly generic baddie stuff. Mostly a failing of the script I think.

  8. The music is perfect so far, and I love that there are things that seem really obtuse early on that start to make sense as you go on. Just have to be strong enough to figure them out myself and not succumb to spoilers...

  9. Is this shooting range crash bug affecting many people? It happened me the first time i tried to go in, with the result that my Xbox crashed within a minute every time I restarted, and then RROD'd. First time I've had any trouble with it in four years. Nooooooo!

  10. That's kind of interesting though, I like the idea of playing it with one of the main characters having died, it gives the whole suicide mission from ME2 a bit more weight.

    That said, I couldn't imagine playing through without Garrus...

    Have held off from going near the demo but it's getting harder to do that

  11. Yeah it feels like it should be an easy thing to do - and i've had absolutely no problem with stuff like the harp playing which some other people seem to have found awkward. Just can't get it no matter which way I tilt the Remote. At this stage I'd happily leave that sidequest alone, except they only seem to be unlocked one at a time - at least that's how it's seemed to be so far - and I don't want to miss the rest of them. There's a second way of doing it that involves the airshop, that might be less frustrating.

  12. Ugh. I've never had so much trouble with a Zelda sidequest than with that skydive for the


    . I've tried over and over, looked it up on Youtube, I know what I'm supposed to do but can't reach it. I just feel like I'm struggling against the controls in a really un-Nintendo way. Is there some trick to it I'm missing? I'm getting no feedback from the game about what I might be doing wrong, funny that Fi likes to pop up with with really obvious stuff, but now I'm genuinely stuck she's playing dumb. It's weird, for everything that it does right, it's easily the most IRRITATING Zelda I've ever played.

  13. I can see where Gorf's coming from, in that I'm enjoying the new mechanics but the world just doesn't seem to be coming together for me. And I love Zelda to pieces, and it's probably unfair to compare it to something like Majora, which is one of the most atmospheric games I've played - and they're clearly not going for that kind of experience with Skyward Sword. Only up to third dungeon so far though, so don't want to come to any conclusions about it this early

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