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  1. Wow, what a turnaround with this game - was braced for a clunky start after reading the reviews, but even so, the yawnsome space marine stuff (seriously, is there any more overdone scenario) just felt so awkward and wrong. The bit when one of the bounty hunters calls you 'Sammy'.... aagh! I was never so happy to see a change of scene with the Bryyo level... and god, some of it really is so gorgeous. Even after playing the previous Primes i'm finding myself stopping and gawking at the chains holding down the moons, and the lava flows, and the metalwork designs... just so atmospheric, and leagues ahead of anything else i've seen on the Wii. Only had the briefest wander in Skytown which looks more impressive still. Settled into the controls now as well... so as long as there's no swing back to the earlier schtick, I'm hugely relieved.
  2. What's all this talk about orchestral music! Surely a Mario game set in space deserves loads of electronic swooshes and bips...
  3. Hope they're just using 'golden compass' bits in the trailer to keep the fancy words from freaking people out... As long as they call it 'alethiometer' at some stage in the script as well I won't mind. Bears and monkey are looking pretty good in that trailer though. It's an odd decision leaving out the climax of Northern Lights til the second film though. I mean, it's a really good cliffhanger,
  4. THAT can't be right! What kind of Santa-thwarting timing would that be?
  5. "Mr Simpson, don't you worry - I watched Matlock in a bar last night. The sound wasn't on, but I think I got the gist of it" I love (and miss) Lionel Hutz even more than Troy McClure. Hutz: Mrs Simpson, your sexual harassment case is just what I need to rebuild my shattered career! Care to join me in a belt of Scotch? Marge: It's 9:30 in the morning! Hutz: Yeah, but I haven't slept in days.
  6. Aw that's just fantastic. Didn't see any kids in the crowd when I saw it but will be looking out for that kind of stuff next time I go... Passing on the torch <sniff!>. When I think how my 8-year-old self would have spontanaeously combusted if he'd seen that film...! And not been arsed about plot holes or dodgy storytelling, which kept me seesawing between 'this is great' and 'this is horseshit'.
  7. On the way home from work this evening I passed the Savoy in Dublin where the premiere was on - had no idea it was tonight. Ducked in to look at the display in the lobby, recognised a guy I half-know who's in film distribution and he got me in! Best blagging opportunity in ages. Was completely taken back to giddy 11-year-old form before it came on... Always knew it wasn't going to be the film I'd have made (my first time ever sitting through an entire Bay film), but enjoyed lots of it - for every cringeworthy bit of dialogue or stupid over-shaky camera move, there's a decent robot scene that balances it out. Very happy with the robot voices, Weaving's Megatron is good, Too much happening too fast in a lot of scenes, as people have said, but I'll be getting the dvd to have a good old wallow in the robot-on-robot action. Loved that
  8. I'm happy now I've heard its set to be out before (or for, most likely) Christmas. Had started to really think it was going to be delayed into next year... The Bee Suit, the Boo Suit, properly trippy looking environments - can't play this soon enough. (Oh, they could do a Baa Suit - Space sheep!)
  9. Two bits in The Others always stand out to me - Nicole Kidman in the room with all the covered furniture and statues, tearing all of the sheets off; and just after she sees the photo from the Book of the Dead, as the servants are walking slo-o-owly towards the two kids. Plus the well scene in Ring, as well as the obvious ending scene
  10. It's great when Big Brother throws up moments of pure comedy like at the end of tonight's one - that whole ridiculous drama with Nicky, Charley and Seany couldn't have unfolded any better if it had been scripted by a gang of sitcom writers. Nicky's full-on flirting with Liam is hilarious, I love the way she deploys the smiles, big eyes and girly leg-kicking and then as soon as she's away from him drops back into regular snarky, sulky mode.
  11. Ugh, that animated Prime design needs work. The body I could get used to, but the lantern-jawed head is way off. Did they just draw robot details over a Superman model sheet?
  12. "I hate most people". Nice. Always good to have a new Anderson film to look forward to. Is the name different over here then, it seems to be called 'There Will Be Blood' according to the trailer?
  13. Anyone else see the full-size Surfer models they're using to promote the film? The cinema I saw the film in yesterday had one, it's a lovely piece. I envy the bastard who's got dibs on that one...
  14. Yeah, I think an animated adaptation of WE3 could work - Live-action would be weird but the kind of high-detail animation a crowd like Studio IG do could be pretty amazing.
  15. Well, just seen it - it's a huge improvement over the first one, which is a start. Actually I enjoyed it - yeah it's still pretty light in tone for a film with a world-ending threat hanging over it, but the humour is better than in the original (still very broad though) and seeing as the FF's powers are generally a bit more cartoonish than some other comic characters, I think they got a better handle on them this time around. I remember a big criticism of the first one being that The Incredibles did a better job of doing Fantastic Four powers than their own movie did... this one is a lot more inventive with them. Still not as good a film as Incredibles, it has to be said. Really liked how they handled the Surfer. Yeah, Terminator 2 kind of takes some of the novelty off seeing the Silver Surfer on the big screen, but his movement on the board, the way they managed to give him soulful expressions without giving him normal eyes (was afraid they'd try to do that) and the minimal dialogue all really worked for me. Laurence Fishbourne's voice wasn't too recognisable either, and I quite liked Doom's better, still not great. Weird when you think how heavily Darth Vader's design was influenced by Doc Doom's costume, and how impressive he looked onscreen - they just can't seem to get Doom looking as good. Didn't think they should have Liked that for once it wasn't just the end of the world in America. A decent amount of globetrotting. Galactus - always going to be a hard one to realise - I thought it was a fair attempt at getting the whole cosmic-danger thing across. I'd happily watch it again, anyway. Couldn't say the same after the previous one.... And no idea why they plastered Jessica Alba with so much make-up, it's like they forgot there's a good-looking girl under all that stuff
  16. Aw he's so lucky to be the right age for this - if I could show the most recent trailers to my 11-year-old self I'd fear for his mental state. All the early reports sound so positive, still want to keep expectation levels down to realistic levels though
  17. So it's completely finished then? Don't want to ask about it, but.... How's the sound? Visual effects look great from the trailers but I really want this film to have big metal-on-metal sound effects and cool distorted robot voices.
  18. If Phelan posts spoilers tomorrow it'll kill me not to look. But I'll be mad at myself if I do... And there's another month and a half of this! Damn you, Internet! Didn't have this problem the last time there was a Transformers film in the cinema.
  19. That was really taking the piss. The second ad break caught me by surprise, and then the announcer made a big song and dance about that new Pirate thing coming right up after the Simpsons "without any ads", as if it was this amazing favour to us! Oh, you mean the ads that you've just moved to an even more annoying place than the end of the programme?? Jesus Christ! I was lucky there wasn't anything within arm's reach to throw
  20. Ulrich Schnauss - Molfsee Heard it for the first time yesterday and it's on heavy rotation ever since... "Are you ill?"
  21. Remembered another one - its a tiny thing, but in the fingerguns episode, when Tim imagines Daisy getting together with Dwayne, she throws Dwayne this deranged look, which I presume is supposed to be lust-crazed. All wide-eyed with her mouth twisted. It's great, and completely bizarre, and over in a second
  22. The devil appeared to me yesterday...
  23. The start menu of Starfox 64/Lylat Wars... it's the loveliest spacey little tune, and weirdly sad sounding - it's what being abandoned to float on your own through space would sound like. Downloaded it on Wii and have stayed on the menu for waaay too long.
  24. Marsha with the bottle of champagne saying how she can resist its charms, then as soon as the door closes you hear the cork pop and her muted 'yaaay'. Still get the urge to copy it when opening various bottles of stuff
  25. How are they going to avoid making the live-action Thundercats just look like a gang of plushies? They won't be able to. Watching the making of this one with my hands half-over my eyes.
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