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  1. Yes, that's the point I'm making. There really is fuck-all of any worth on the horizon beyond Wario Ware.
  2. Wow, that's some bile you have there. You do realise that these lists are merely opinion?
  3. It's the latter although some of them aren't even known to be in development. The vast majority of the games are simply made up on the basis that they must be in development because the Wii is suited to that type of game or that it's a Nintendo franchise. It's shockingly poor show and reminiscent of the "HALO 3 EXCLUSIVE DETAILS INSIDE!" type bollocks that the 360 mags were pulling for the first few months of their lives when they were just blindly speculating about what might be in Halo 3. The whole magazine has been deterioriating over the past few months and it's absolutely at rock bottom now. The interesting writing and features are all gone and replaced by easy reviews, dull cheats and tips and the entire back-half reads like a copy and pasting of game news blog RSS feeds. Next month looks to be equally as fab. They'll be revealing the games that "they" don't want you to know about which sounds like another month of blind speculation and bullshit. Dreadful.
  4. Hmmmmmm. The multitap thing is great EXCEPT that the price of three extra wireless 360/PS3/Wii controllers is actually higher than three Dual Shock 2's and an official multitap (you could save even more money by buying a Joytech multitap for under a tenner). You could buy wired 360 controllers, but again they cost £5 more than a DS2 and there aren't enough USB ports on the console, requiring the purchase of a USB hub. It's a false economy. And have you even SEEN a Wii release list for 2007?
  5. Super Monkey Ball Banana Blitz. Tries to reinvent the wheel when the wheel was already perfect back in 2001. Would have been awesome playing with just the nunchuk. Sadly, it's not even an option. Will be eBaying and buying Monkey Ball 1 again for about 50p in the new year. + = win Yoshi's Island DS. The apologists think that comparing it to the original isn't fair. PERHAPS THEY SHOULDN'T HAVE CALLED IT YOSHI'S FUCKING ISLAND THEN. Tomb Raider Legend. One of those achingly sub-par games that got over-rated and overhyped because there was fuck-all else out on the 360 at the time and people were still cooing over their LCDs. Wii Classic Controller It can't be THAT hard to make it work with GameCube games. N-Gamer magazine. A brilliant first three issues soon went downhill when the console actually arrived with some frankly dodgy reviews and culminating in this months 2007 preview issue containing games that they've made up out of thin air and YouTube "links". Online purchases. Or "In which devilishly evil way can we screw money out of our most loyal supporters?" Pretty much every single worst-case scenario was explored in 2006, with my personal favourite being "paying for content that's already on the disc". 50Hz virtual console games are another baffling oversight in a world where a small group of amateur hackers can crack a commercial PSone emulator within hours of release to play any ISO you fancy and convert PAL games to NTSC. Worldwide console launches Seriously, they don't work. Ever. EVER.
  6. The Red Steel shots were hilarious. Especially as most of the Nintendo fans took them as confirmation that the Wii was as powerful as a 360, but at lower res. Great times. This guy has got lots of great N64 beta details: http://z64.emedian.net/logo.php?id=main
  7. Yeah, but at least with VGCharts, they use released sales data and increase the American numbers ever so slightly to make up for Canada who don't release numbers. NexGenWars numbers are COMPLETELY MADE UP and have absolutely no basis in reality whatsoever.
  8. If you own a Japanese PS3, you can download Tekken Dark Resurrection today for 2,000 of your crazy yens (£8.70). Pictures here: http://www.neogaf.com/forum/showthread.php...2445&page=6 US download is on the 18th of January.
  9. In other news: SYMPHONY OF THE NIGHT BITCHES!!!
  10. In what way? UbiSoft were begging the French government for funding to stave off an hostile takeover from EA, Namco were bought out by Bandai (which doesn't appear to have helped much) and Capcom have only just started to turn profit these past 18 months after shedding a large number of staff and stuidos and cancelling a large number of games.
  11. I think the biggest problem for the Xbox 360 and also the PS3 is this: Nobody asked for them. I remember reading Edge pre-PS2 and developers and publishers alike were all crying out for new hardware to work on. They'd exhausted everything that the PSone had to offer. Similarly, gamers were begining to get tired of the crude, limited 3D capabilities as engines and franchises got recycled over and over ad nauseum. The PS2 was massively desired by everyone in the industry and consumers alike. But the Xbox 360? The desire was there amongst your hardcore types, such as people who post on forums. But elsewhere PS2 and Xbox game sales were still incredibly high, we were (and still are) being treated to amazing looking and playing games and overall, people were still incredibly happy with their purchases. PS2 was the biggest selling home console for the month of November in the States, in spite of two new platforms released that month, which speaks volumes. In the industry times have never been harder. With PS2 it was a step too far for many developers and publishers who still continue to fold on a regular basis. You've got the likes of Eidos, Sega, Activision, Namco, UbiSoft and Capcom, once giants in the business, clinging on for grim death. And then suddenly Microsoft announce new hardware and suddenly where those aforementioned publishers are trying to reorganise and restructure, they've now also got to factor in the resources to develop for new hardware that neither they nor their customers had asked for. So you've got this machine selling solely to hardcore online gamers and only the hardcore online games selling for it. You've got stores desperately bundling high-profile, but ultimately ignored games like Smackdown, Viva Pinata and Sonic with hardware just to clear stock of games that would have sold brilliantly on PS2, but just have no audience on 360. And as a result you've got publishers like EA and Eidos announcing that big games like Burnout and Tomb Raider are getting new and exclusive PS2 and PSP games with no next gen versions in sight just to take up the slack. In Japan, you've got the biggest RPG franchise jumping ship to a handheld, simply because there's nowhere else for it to go where it would sell the sort of units that it should. For most punters the PS2/Xbox/GC were enough. The PSone era was crude, but PS2 and it's ilk brought solid 3D, decent sound, perfected controllers and great gaming experiences. The 360 and PS3 offer all of that but slightly nicer looking with online services that people don't want, hi-def, that people can't access, higher game prices, higher accessory prices and a far, far smaller choice of games. And when you've got the PS2 and the DS offering such great value for money with the games that people really want, the next generation is such a hard sell.
  12. lol. I once read a text about how developers were wasting their money chasing the 8-30 male market because in actual fact, the biggest purchasers of games were women over the age of 30. It implored developers to make more games for this market. What this "research" spectacularly failed to understand, yet anyone with any common sense would twig easily, was that these people weren't buying games for themselves but for their children. With that in mind, I'd confidently say: Present for kids Machine for self Present for kids Present for boyfriend Present for grand children Machine for self
  13. No they don't. What people are worried about is that there are NO big games scheduled for Q1 at all and if the CVG story is to be believed, Nintendo are storing up everything big until next Christmas. But to be honest, it doesn't bother me. When you buy a Nintendo console there are certain things that you come to expect and a sparse release schedule is one of those.
  14. Balls. Rayman is PS2 and 360-bound and the Wii version is just fine. What you have here is a case of commercial reality. Chances are that if it weren't for the PS2 version, this game probably wouldn't even exist. If the PS2 were no longer viable to make games for, you'd not see the sort of support that the Wii has at this stage. The PS2 and Wii are very much complimentary products as far as publishers are concerned.
  15. Microsoft used to do a similar thing and were actually caught paying off forum administrators to let them do it: http://www.neogaf.com/forum/showthread.php?t=22302 Microsoft's new thing is to send genuine employees onto forums to act as "community liaisons", much like Major Nelson does where adverts are presented as "exclusive insider information! Don't tell Bill!" and they'll answer any questions and damage control any negativity. NeoGAF have about 4 Microsoft employees working over there now.
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