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    Playing Bass Guitar, keeping track of Newcastle United FC, Chicago Bears & the Montreal Canadiens, a bit of videogaming here and there and a slight obsession with all things Star Wars. All while dealing with the joys of parenting and being a Civil Servant

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  1. Looked fine to me. This is going to be fascinating.
  2. Just back from seeing this. Thought it was very good, if slightly too long, better than Spectre, as good as CR. Liked the callbacks to previous films as well Looking forward to watching it again, but at home and without having to worry about when to take a toilet break!
  3. The Jeff Goldblum series is worth a watch, and the Documentary series about the Disney parks is interesting, there’s one about specific rides as well.
  4. Yep, loving this. Only played 3&4 on PS2 so this is all new for me.
  5. Yeah AC would be fine for her. It’s a lovely little game.
  6. Don’t know why the photo has been flipped but my son wants this track in the game (Dog is optional)
  7. Super Bomberman for £2.85 after Gold Coins discount (thank you THPS1+2), yes please!
  8. Loved Actraiser, I think I bought it in a sale or secondhand, either way it was a great mash up of Sim City and Castlevania. Which reminds me, Sim City on the SNES was incredible considering what it was running on.
  9. New Guns N’ Roses track, Hard School Better than Absurd, I like it.
  10. Seconded, Orville is brilliant. Also loving Only Murders In The Building, could watch Martin & Short riffing off each other all day, plus Gomez I almost don’t care about the murder!
  11. Jamie Theakston has the best voiceover for these, keeps it calm and to the point. The guy from Cold Feet is a bit of a twat with his but the award for total voiceover dick is the Police Interceptors guy, what a knob. I will admit that these shows are my guilty pleasure, partly because my job is roadside enforcement so I work with Kent RPU/Commercial Vehicle Officers pretty frequently. I’ve also met the Scottish Officer who used to be in one of them all the time, any opportunity to drop that he was on the telly, he’d take it, regardless of how relevant it was
  12. To be fair I was expecting this, and I have tried lowering the settings, turning expert mode stuff off, but it just looked a bit…dull. What settings are you using so I have a reference?
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