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  1. I know it’s tied up with ownership issues but I wish Battlezone was on this in full. Great memories of playing that round my friends on rainy afternoons.
  2. Like the bikes, some of the new weapons are fun, but the Battle Pass rewards are crap! Only Doomguy looks interesting but not enough for me to bother buying the pass. Still, it will be nice to play without feeling like I have to finish the BP to get my moneys worth.
  3. Just realised this is £3.69 in the eShop sale so grabbed it and the Senna DLC (£2.60).
  4. Oh poo Switch is my main platform, (PS4 is in my sons room) was hoping it would be ok
  5. Magnetic Billiards (I’m not letting this go @JPickford!!)
  6. Why does the Switch version suck?
  7. Bought Virtual Racing because everyone has mentioned how good it is, and at £1.79 why not. Never really played it before but it’s great fun and looks great handheld or on the TV
  8. Every issue of Nintendo Power is now here (although one comment says that the last issue is incomplete) https://archive.org/details/nintendo-power-issue-128 Might be worth grabbing before Nintendo get it removed
  9. Just started watching Reboot, with Paul Reiser & Johnny Knoxville. Quite funny so far.
  10. Dunno why you have to pre-order. You can pick it up from Smyths now for the same price https://www.smythstoys.com/uk/en-gb/video-games-and-tablets/video-games/lego-star-wars-skywalker-saga/lego-star-wars-the-skywalker-saga-nintendo-switch/p/179244 I think the other versions are for the character DLC packs included, but I would just wait until cd-keys have a cheap code for it.
  11. No mention of Quantum Leap yet?! Absolutely perfect ending and really the only way it could have ended.
  12. Alexei had a stand up section for the same reason they had music acts, they put the show to the Beeb as a ‘Variety’ show instead of a comedy or sitcom, so they got a slightly bigger budget.
  13. This seems to have had a quiet launch but is out now on all formats. Looks a bit like Captain Toad but set in Lego, which is fine by me as Captain Toad was a lovely relaxing time sink.
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