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    Playing Bass Guitar, keeping track of Newcastle United FC, Chicago Bears & the Montreal Canadiens, a bit of videogaming here and there and a slight obsession with all things Star Wars. All while dealing with the joys of parenting and being a Civil Servant

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  1. Yay!! I loved the Muppets so I really looking forward to watching them again
  2. Wife is unsure about this so far but I think it great. Knowing the comic background helps, but it’s perfectly possible that they might not go down that route, or it will be different so looking forward to how it develops. 2nd ep was stronger than the first and I read it was a slow burner but
  3. I went in cold as well on this, thought it was really good, although only Sam Jackson came close to giving a Brooker like delivery (especially during the George Floyd/BLM part). It was broad strokes coverage at times but I thought it was effective and made us laugh a lot.
  4. Thanks, but only my son has Online for Overwatch. Going to sort out a family sub but it will have to wait until next payday. Yes, definitely this. It should have just all been in Nooks, or given away by Isabelle. Will have to see if there is a sudden abundance of stuff tomorrow, but I don’t have time to spend all day with the island open, wrapping and giving presents, etc. Real life Xmas stuff to sort as well.
  5. Grrr, wife & I have spent most of the day popping balloons. So far we have Fairy Dress Magnetic Knife rack Other shit that isn’t festive Really irritating. Not even a Santa Hat in the tailors. Others will disagree as their islands are covered in Xmas Trees and LED Presents, etc, but for us this has been crap.
  6. Loved it, as did other half. As soon as I At the end it was all just
  7. Ah yes, cheap joke about a ladies size/appearance Do try not to be cock
  8. Yes it’s completely nonsensical but.. so forgiven (apologies, taken on crappy bedroom tv as that was the nearest one when I posted)
  9. Slightly off topic but I spent many summers in that arcade as it was my parents destination of choice for the yearly holiday. Two weeks of walking up & down that steep slope to the beach, wading through the seaweed that was always at the beach shoreline, and playing 720, Temple of Doom & sit down Star Wars every night (there were others but they were my main three), great days! Anyway, back on topic, I like the style of the new game but I know I will never, ever see much past the first level as I am awful at GnG games. Don’t know why, just can’t remember the patterns and r
  10. Ming Na is And that episode was all sorts of amazing! It had... Just brilliant!
  11. Switch glitched like hell in the event, had no control and ended up like I had entered /noclip and positioned into the middle of Galactus Anyway, Battlepass bought with the V-Bucks from last season and getting a certain someone straight away was nice so off we go.
  12. Game of the Year A1. Animal Crossing New Horizons - This got me, and especially my wife, through lockdown. Just being able to go for a walk, swim, was so relaxing and a break from the Covid madness of the real world. A2. Star Wars Squadrons - I’m a huge unashamed SW Nerd and this is just awesome. I don’t get much time to play it so I’m magnificently shit, I don’t have VR or HOTAS so it’s just on the TV with a DA4 but I love it. A3. Fortnite - The Marvel Season - Ok so I know that technically Fortnite wasn’t released this year, but I have loved the Marvel Season. It got me ba
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