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  1. Thought this was really good, watched it over a few days.
  2. On reflection, the main problem with this was that it was just a bit boring, and that is unforgivable for a Marvel film. And the IMAX stuff was so unnoticeable that I didn’t even realise when the ratio changed. Its not dampened my enthusiasm for the MCU, I just won’t watch this one again.
  3. This was average at best, in its current state. There is a good film there but it needs some serious trimming to the runtime. First MCU film that I’m pretty sure I won’t watch again. Shame as the Celestial stuff was interesting. Hated the design of the ship though, it’s scale kept changing and it just looked boring, like a giant flying Quality Street chocolate triangle.
  4. I think Awkwafina would be a good fit for the role of Aphra, pretty sure she could bring the level of humour from the comic series to the screen. Only sticking point is she’s the right age for the comic character now, but if they wanted to link it in to The Mandalorian/Boba Fett/Ahsoka then she would have to be older, and you wouldn’t have all the Vader stuff they have had.
  5. Well at least we agree on something!
  6. Watched this today as it was my sons choice for his Birthday. Thought it was great, if slightly predictable, but it had some good laughs and I’d happy watch it again.
  7. - I get better at Metroid Dread - PS5 gets a price cut - The new Lego Star Wars is finally released so my son stops asking me if it’s out yet!
  8. This, surprised it’s not up already. The others were up quite quickly AFAIK
  9. I hoping this will be a bit of a slow burner. Good start but I think the flashback & forwards messed up the pacing of this episode and they should have just had the whole thing showing his escape, etc (but what do I know, I’m just a SW nerd, not a world famous Director).
  10. No, don’t think so. I’ll have a look later
  11. Bugger, I’m stuck. Instead of going and taking out Krait, I went exploring in Darion and now I can’t get back to the shuttle. I can’t jump to the platform to go along the top through the Yellow EMMI zone, and I can’t go back the way I entered as the morph ball can’t jump high enough. Any ideas or have I screwed myself?
  12. Loving this, 3 EMMI’s down, just got the the Morph Ball, just so much fun.
  13. Just sat down in the Odeon with the family to watch this as the Xmas Eve treat. Then I can finally catch up on this thread! Edit: We all loved it. Still processing, will post more thoughts later, but yeah, it was brilliant!
  14. I enjoyed the demo and it now looks like I have Metroid Dread shaped present under the tree. Unfortunately I share the switch with my son and he has got Pokémon Diamond for Xmas so I will have to wait until he’s asleep to get going on this. First World problems!
  15. In case anyone was waiting on the DLC https://www.shopto.net/en/ndo10009099-animal-crossing-new-horizons-happy-home-paradise-p1156392/?currency=GBP&gclid=Cj0KCQiAk4aOBhCTARIsAFWFP9EXSjY7tSdffyx_El5G7PiNo5fX3Gpr8tLEK1pVZqa4HapC7AzswAcaAkL-EALw_wcB Can confirm it works and code received within 5 mins of paying
  16. She'll find work, just like Gina Carano did after her firing from Mandalorian (slightly different circumstances I know but she's anti vax as well). Hopefully this isn't true and can be sorted.
  17. Last weekend we watched Nativity, Elf, Trading Places & Scrooged. Still got Muppets Christmas Carol, The Holiday, Die Hard & Empire Strikes Back to go (Empire was always on TV at Xmas when I was younger).
  18. Gameplay trailer for Star Wars Hunters on the Switch I’m not sure about this, on one hand it’s a free to play Star Wars game and being a total SW fan I should be all over it, but on the other there’s a lot of obvious art asset reuse and only a handful of areas. If the gameplay is good then it could be fun but being Switch/Mobile only could seriously affect its fan base and long term future.
  19. This was the main issue from First Contact onwards. The fans loved Picard/Data, so Steward & Spinner had a lot of say in the scripts, which eventually led to the mess that is Nemesis. There is a great book that was never officially released about the making of Nemesis that shows how much say they had during the scripting, and how it affected the film.
  20. I rarely double dip on games, I still have my WiiU for BOTW (which I got on release and still haven’t finished, stuck on the camel beast puzzles at the moment), but for WW on the Switch I absolutely would despite knowing I’m paying Nintendo Tax again
  21. Hope it’s good, I’ve just bought it & two more Joy Cons for Xmas Day family fun
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