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  1. I rarely double dip on games, I still have my WiiU for BOTW (which I got on release and still haven’t finished, stuck on the camel beast puzzles at the moment), but for WW on the Switch I absolutely would despite knowing I’m paying Nintendo Tax again
  2. Hope it’s good, I’ve just bought it & two more Joy Cons for Xmas Day family fun
  3. Anyone had to send a Joycon off for repair recently. I've tried twice to book the repair with Nintendo but I just don't get the email with the shipping label, etc. Does it take a couple of days for the email to come through or is it normally pretty quick?
  4. Just back from seeing McFly at the O2. Only booked it Wednesday via Bluelighttickets (wife is NHS), two tickets for free, apart from £5 booking fee. Seats we’re in the gods, but a good view and as always a brilliant show. Not always keen on their album stuff, but live they really are fantastic and would recommend them to anyone
  5. Ivanho

    New Order

    Peter Hook’s Rockonteurs podcast was interesting. Probably nothing new for long time fans but it was an interesting listen for me. https://podcasts.apple.com/gb/podcast/rockonteurs-with-gary-kemp-and-guy-pratt/id1530701242?i=1000536611629
  6. My Daughter loves Adele. Me, not so much. She forced us to listen to one of the new tracks in the car last night. It started off sounding like a Disney film track, except with lyrics from a pity party, and then descended into 6 & a half minutes of overblown include every instrument get a choir bollocks. Awful.
  7. As one of the few who can was Discovery without having some sort of inner rage manifest, this is fucking annoying. I was looking forward to some more Silly Trek, and Tilly Really shitty way to treat the international fan base.
  8. I thought Red Notice was fine, not earth shattering and without Reynolds it wouldn’t have been as good as it is, but its perfectly watchable with some fun moments and Gal is 7/10
  9. Demo did the same for me. Unfortunately I’m skint but hopefully will pick this up in the new year.
  10. For me personally, it was nice to sit in the reclining Odeon Lux and watch it on a very big screen. I’ll watch it again at home but it’s not quite the same.
  11. Downloading the demo of this. Played MP on the GC to Ridley but never got past him and then when the Wii Remasters came out I bought them but didn’t have the time to sit and play so I’m hoping that having this on the Switch will mean I can just dip in and out.
  12. Everyone needs this in their life
  13. If you can’t drive through Vice City, at night in the rain, with Crockett’s Theme playing, then it’s all a waste of time
  14. Looked fine to me. This is going to be fascinating.
  15. Just back from seeing this. Thought it was very good, if slightly too long, better than Spectre, as good as CR. Liked the callbacks to previous films as well Looking forward to watching it again, but at home and without having to worry about when to take a toilet break!
  16. The Jeff Goldblum series is worth a watch, and the Documentary series about the Disney parks is interesting, there’s one about specific rides as well.
  17. Yep, loving this. Only played 3&4 on PS2 so this is all new for me.
  18. Yeah AC would be fine for her. It’s a lovely little game.
  19. Don’t know why the photo has been flipped but my son wants this track in the game (Dog is optional)
  20. Super Bomberman for £2.85 after Gold Coins discount (thank you THPS1+2), yes please!
  21. Loved Actraiser, I think I bought it in a sale or secondhand, either way it was a great mash up of Sim City and Castlevania. Which reminds me, Sim City on the SNES was incredible considering what it was running on.
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