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  1. THPS 1+2 on the Switch, an early birthday present to myself. Great update, looking forward to really getting stuck into this again.
  2. Also seen this today, first family cinema trip for a long, long time. Good, if slightly predictable (figured out who Taskmaster was instantly, despite avoiding spoilers) but it was funny in places, some good action sequences and if this is genuinely Natasha/Scarlet’s last MCU appearance then it was a good send off.
  3. A new contender arrives...
  4. Ivanho

    RIP Dusty Hill

    @HawklordWas that Ramblin Man, in Maidstone? I live just outside Maidstone and was gutted I couldn’t go that year, as well as amazed that ZZ Top played my home town.
  5. Ivanho

    RIP Dusty Hill

    Damn fine bassist. RIP Dusty.
  6. Looks good to me, although I can see why critics of ‘remember this’ stuff won’t like it as it looks like
  7. Pokémon Unite is out for the Switch. https://unite.pokemon.com/en-gb/
  8. Stick Drift confirmed... https://www.nintendolife.com/news/2021/07/nintendo_faq_confirms_that_switch_oled_joy-cons_are_the_same_as_existing_controllers?fbclid=IwAR3aClFXzo5XcfUfqIGvOGHqxX9nPAT_osV6Igmz8y6TY91SXP4-460FNmE
  9. Oh for the room (and money) to have that, it is a thing of beauty
  10. Didn’t even bother with the season pass this time, and still have the v-bucks from the last one, plus the free ones from this one. Will see how the Battle Pass looks before deciding if it’s worth it.
  11. Bubble Bobble you say... https://www.amazon.co.uk/Arcade-Bubble-Bobble-Retro-Player/dp/B07SXW9GJ4/ref=pd_lutyp_ci_mcx_mr_typ_d_1_3/259-6080086-2435369?_encoding=UTF8&pd_rd_i=B07SXW9GJ4&pd_rd_r=2d2d09c1-bddd-4156-af67-228301b0d211&pd_rd_w=iMp3N&pd_rd_wg=k1NaY&pf_rd_p=4fa411b3-2d7d-4e7f-b06c-84ea0e1db612&pf_rd_r=JKF0HRYBHY7T03QDXNFC&psc=1&refRID=JKF0HRYBHY7T03QDXNFC
  12. When did you find the Forum? When the Edge forum closed, saw the post for this as its replacement, been here ever since What made you head here and how did you discover it? Because I liked the community on Edge and it was a good source of news and info. I was more of a lurker than regular poster. What were you gaming on at the time? Well, I’ve had SNES, N64, GC, PS1 & 2, Xbox (OG) plus GBA and a PC so whatever was current at the time. What game tech has been most well game changing for you over the years since joining? The Wii U. Snigger all you want but MK8 & Nintendoland with my family was brilliant. As was playing Lego Marvel with my kids and having a screen each (none of this split screen nonsense). Plus, no Wii U, no Switch, which was the natural evolution of the Wii U. Have your gaming tastes changed over the years? Not really, I don’t have time to play for hours and hours anymore, hence why BOTW is still unfinished despite buying it on release, but game wise, I just play what I like, regardless of forum or critical standing. What aspect of gaming we are losing that saddens you a bit? The Arcade experience. They are just soulless ticket grabbing places now, where’s the joy of playing Gauntlet, 720 or seeing the Sega 360 machine. What was the last "spark of joy" a game brought you? A f**k yeah moment? Watching my 11 year old son get over 14 kills on Fortnite on his way to a solo victory.
  13. I want to say Gabby Roslin, but it’s not on her Wikipedia page.
  14. This is what concerns me, that it will be a Switch Pro/U/64/Super Nintendo Entertainment Switch exclusive and not released for the original.
  15. They really need to change this so that you don’t drop back to the main menu every single time you finish a match, they also need to sort the load times out as it is maddening (especially when you’re shit at the game like me). Seems petty to be moaning like this about a free game but I can see myself leaving this until it’s patched, if ever.
  16. Great game, shiteballs loading times
  17. Just watched my son get a 14 kill solo win on the Switch. He normally plays on PS4 as he doesn’t like the switch joycons when playing Fortnite. It was something else to watch. He said that some kills were bots but I was still impressed. Plus, it was on my account so I get that career badge
  18. And as an opening introduction to an album, a band & a guitarist, nothing beats this..
  19. If you’re going to mention GN’R then it must be this.. Another Queen that knocks it out the park Say what you want about Bon Jovi but they were pretty good at using a decent bass riff to get a track going (even if it really was Hugh MacDonald and not Alex) And lastly for me, this...
  20. All the Mario items, the Pipe is the most useful. Other than that, not really. It’s just a nice relaxing game to pop into and potter about for a while.
  21. I thought the statue was one of the few they didn’t get. Empire State Building & White House deffo, but I don’t remember seeing Liberty in bits.
  22. Just booked this for the family Ramblin Man this year just didn’t do it for me, and this way all four of us can go for not much money. Other friends going as well so should be good fun.
  23. Ivanho

    Old Age Gamers

    Possibly, my Dad was an engineer by trade, he built a whole surround for the ZX81, including a hand built extension board so that the 16k ram pack and a joystick (an Atari controller) could be used at the same time. Probably the simplest thing but at the time my mind was blown, as were my friends who had to use the keyboard on theirs. I’ll have to ask him if he took any pictures of it, it was magnificent.
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