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  1. Switch glitched like hell in the event, had no control and ended up like I had entered /noclip and positioned into the middle of Galactus Anyway, Battlepass bought with the V-Bucks from last season and getting a certain someone straight away was nice so off we go.
  2. Game of the Year A1. Animal Crossing New Horizons - This got me, and especially my wife, through lockdown. Just being able to go for a walk, swim, was so relaxing and a break from the Covid madness of the real world. A2. Star Wars Squadrons - I’m a huge unashamed SW Nerd and this is just awesome. I don’t get much time to play it so I’m magnificently shit, I don’t have VR or HOTAS so it’s just on the TV with a DA4 but I love it. A3. Fortnite - The Marvel Season - Ok so I know that technically Fortnite wasn’t released this year, but I have loved the Marvel Season. It got me back into Fortnite, and it also meant that I was able to play duos and squads with my son which was lovely, including getting our first wins together. A4. A5. Biggest Disappointment of the Year Z1. Being skint so no PS5 Z2. Scummy delivery company bastards stealing PS5’s and replacing them with cat food. Obviously didn’t affect me but that must have been really annoying for anyone who was Z3. Lego Star Wars Skywalker collection being delayed, again, until 2021. It’s not Cyberpunk levels of ambition, and is clearly finished, so why keep delaying it? Sound Design of the Year S1. S2. S3. Visual Design of the Year V1. Star Wars Squadrons V2. Animal Crossing V3. Writing of the Year W1. W2. W3. Format of the Year F1. Nintendo Switch Publisher or Developer of the Year P1. Nintendo I’ll add more to this ASAP.
  3. Sort of. That kit just adds a white light bias effect around the TV, which (according to the review) makes it better for your eyes when watching TV. Ambilight can do the same if you use the White setting, but its main purpose, and key selling point, is to change the colours according to what is on the screen.
  4. Personally think that as First Officer/Number One, she needs to straighten her hair
  5. How does this happen? I’ve never seen a price on my island above 120, and that’s rare. Is it linked to visiting other people’s islands as I don’t have Nintendo Online for my account, only my son does for Overwatch and doesn’t really play AC.
  6. Another member of the Ambilight club (43). Can confirm that the Sapphi OS is bobbins and I’ve had to get a 4K Fire Stick to watch Apple TV & Disney +, but the blacks are proper black, it’s backlit not edge, and I love it. Will invest in the Hue stuff to go with it at some point, but just on its own it’s great, and watching Star Wars in 4K with the lights off is (This is from last Xmas, the banding at the start is from the iPhone, not the screen) Mario Kart & Odyssey also look pretty fantastic as well. Like some previous posters I will stick with Philips and Ambilight but go for something larger, OLED and Android OS based, but for the moment I’m pretty happy. Edit: The Video looks better on You Tube in 1080p but you get the idea
  7. Just got to the Saber fight in the dark & snow, glorious! Gives the Ambilight a good workout too
  8. Treated myself to a 4K Fire Stick (cheaper than buying the Discs and a new Blu Ray UHD player), TFA looks great, so looking forward to a rewatch of everything!
  9. Those of you having fan issues, could it be this? https://screenrant.com/loud-ps5-fan-noise-coil-whine-sticker/ Edit: And for the curious, a warning https://screenrant.com/ps4-ps5-games-disc-drive-play-work-warning/
  10. There’s some seriously impressive islands in this list https://www.nintendolife.com/guides/animal-crossing-new-horizons-islands-get-inspired-by-the-best-islands-weve-seen-so-far The SNES style one and the Zelda Dungeon are my favourites, and I need to go and make some sort of water fall area now as well.
  11. nerdmode According to the extended universe, a Dudette /nerdmode https://starwars.fandom.com/wiki/EV-9D9
  12. I got one for Xmas, the buttons on the top made various Star Wars noises, blasters and engines I think, and there was a hidden compartment at the back. It was brilliant.
  13. Yep, but they’ve had a bit of an upgrade in the scary skittering visuals cos that look wouldn’t have gone well on Disney XD on a Sat morning
  14. That transport absolutely was released as I had one fuck, even unboxed is a decent price! Anyway, some nice moments, X Wing stuff was good but Frog Thing was annoying, and my wife had a big nope at the But yeah, after last week it was just, ok.
  15. I am now level 100, Stark/Iron Man unlocks done so once Fortnitemares has fecked off, I can spend the month mopping up other stuff. Really enjoyed this season, mainly because of the Marvel stuff. Wish they had made this much effort with the Star Wars unlocks, a Boba Fett skin would be
  16. Yes, that was brilliant, totally agree with the spoilers on the ending, really looking forward to the rest of the season. Will now await the complaints about ‘Small Galaxy’ & ‘Remember This Thing’ moments
  17. I love Ozzy, but this is a big fat
  18. That was more about the badly implemented loot box crap which generated a lot of bad press for Disney and EA so they had to act. The actual game was fine with no real game breaking bugs, so it was quickly patched to remove the store stuff. The game and its community, is still going great. This seems to have been left to quietly die which is a shame as the potential is clearly there.
  19. Grrrrr, this nightmares thing is shit, all I want to do is take out Doom & Stark for the last time each but instead I get some stupid fuck either take me out or comeback as a shadowtwat and get in the way. Fuck this mode, it’s crap!
  20. 8.0 update has broken party functions https://www.gamesradar.com/au/ps4-800-update-launches-today-and-will-update-how-party-and-messasing-works/ My son and his friends are unable to create a party as the friend list doesn’t work, just gives an error message. #slowhandclap
  21. Switch for me. I wasn’t an early adopter but once in, oh my. Odessey, AC, MK8, Zelda (yes, technically last gen because it was developed for and came out on the Wii U), sublime gaming. PS4 is second, but the only exclusive I’ve played is Spider-Man, it’s mainly a Fortnite/Star Wars device for me & my son.
  22. Just read this, such a shame. The man was a legend. Saw VH at Wembley on the Right Here Right Now tour and it was a great night. I hope he managed to clear the air with Michael & Sammy before he went. RIP #EVH
  23. Thanks, I’ll take you up on that as soon as I have re-subbed to Online.
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