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  1. He's a mod, not the pope, and you're talking arse.
  2. The quality is fine. Obviously it's not the liquid gold being poured into my ears when strangers are calling me homophobic slurs on Xbox, but at no point have I ever noticed a dip in quality of the homophobic slurs on my PS5. I also much prefer the party system on Playstation. Consistent parties cuts out the faff for those of us who tend to play with the same people/groups every time.
  3. Last of Us 2 has won. No two ways about it. It's won, it's 1, it's over. It wouldn't be my choice but it's won.
  4. Yeah for me the whole point of the game is the plan your attack, sneak in, execute and get out roleplay of the whole thing. Jumping back in and reloading saves doesn't feel particularly 47. Dubai done twice, really enjoyed the mad "how do I get this fucker on his own" of the first run and the sort of vaguely professional version of the above of the second run. It's good, a solid Hitman level. Onto Dartmoor next!
  5. These games are good in a myriad of ways. No, it's not a boss rush, but if that's what you want it basically can be. If you're finding it confusing and weird, look shit up! It doesn't mean that you having to look it up makes it a bad game, just that you don't want the same thing from it other people do. I personally love the fact I've finished it 5 times and watched countless playthroughs online and there's still stuff in there I don't know about. That wouldn't work if it was a Call of Duty linear corridor game that told you everything the minute you got to it. The fi
  6. Resident Evil: Smash Brothers coming free with Village.
  7. Could last gen mean a PS4 version playable in VR do we reckon? Because that would be a good thing.
  8. There still doesn't seem to be any way to upgrade the PS4 version to PS5. Bit of a shame IO haven't said anything about it, really, busy as they are.
  9. Guys we all know the correct order is 1. Galaxy 2. Galaxy 2 3. 3D World 4. Odyssey 5. Rayman 2
  10. There still doesn't seem to be a way to update the PS4 disc version of Hitman 3 to PS5. Starting to think I shouldn't have been such a cheapskate and just paid for the PS5 version, but I wanted to make sure I had VR damnit!
  11. The upgrade. I don’t seem to be able to access the game hub from the PS4 disc.
  12. How did you do this out of interest? I’ve just put the PS4 disc in and can’t see how to access the game hub.
  13. The hunts? The world? How bizarrely utterly fucking incredible the food looks? I love XV. It felt like going on a big trip with your mates, meeting weird folk and killing monsters and just hanging out and having a laugh. It felt like a journey too, more than even most open world games do. It's a massive shame that the second half of the game is basically the first half of FFXIII's corridor of plot but before that there's a lot of fun to be had in there.
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