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  1. And this right here ladies and gentlemen, is the problem.
  2. I have absolutely no idea who Shang Chi is or how he's involved in the Marvel Universe (I assume he punches things to win the day?) but I thought it looked pretty alright! It'll be a massive CGI fest, and I'm not sure how well that works for a Kung Fu movie, but it seemed to be doing some cool stuff visually and basically looked like Doctor Strange x Black Panther, which sounds alright.
  3. The new gold saucer track is one of the better pieces of music ever recorded.
  4. I've been playing this for the last couple of days. It's okay! I like that the stealth seems to work on a make noise, draw out lads, then go and hide again flow that I enjoyed so much in The Last of Us 2. It's obviously just Assassin's Creed Samurai but that's not the worst thing in the world. Quick question, a mate of mine wants to get into the multiplayer, will it ruin the single player in any way if I do that? I'd rather not have all of the fun toys spoiled for me, when's the best time to get involved with it?
  5. I've said it once, I've said it a thousand times, I've been there and once you "get it" the Kanji thing really isn't an issue. The Kanji isn't there to say "he's going to do a sweep attack!" it's basically the game shouting "WATCH THE CUNT" and then you have to do so to work out what he's doing. Because the whole point of the game is parrying everything, the kanji is there to say "the next attack cannot be parried, but you'll have to work out what it is yourself and deal with it." I can't recommend watching the RKG run-through enough. That and Mat Murray's run-through are what made the game cl
  6. The pair of you are arguing over red banners. Grow the fuck up.
  7. Jumping in the air, spinning a big stick and smacking it all along its back, flinging yourself over it, flying back at it and hitting it with a spinning stick again loads, repeating that and then doing a big hit in its face is also fine.
  8. I've been doing them online with 3 others via join request and they're alright. Just let someone else bother with all of the setting up guff and smack monsters about.
  9. Just started high rank. There’s rather a lot of very good game here isn’t there? I was hunting a Great Izuchi and decided I’d go take a punt at Arzuros for a bit when, and I’ve not seen this before in Rise, he buggered off! Arzuros has left the field or something. My question, when he comes back later, will he still have the damage done to him I’d done before or is that a fresh faced Arzuros?
  10. I played the first mission of this yesterday due to its PSNow-ness and... it was great! Super fun, all the heroes felt really different, even if Iron Man was a bit weak, great storytelling if you're into that sort of thing and a fun Uncharted meets Avengers type feel to the whole thing. I'm quite excited to go back to be honest, which is mad considering how much Monster Hunter was holding my attention before I tried this.
  11. I was a big time hammer fan. Loved that feeling of every blow feeling so deliberate, holding the thing, feeling the charge build, unloading it at the perfect time... bliss! Then I swapped over to Insect Glaive and I've been loving it, I'm now really good at staying in the air and murdering bastards. It is starting to feel like I'm missing out on a lot of the fun though. There's not a huge need to learn monsters when you can spin through the sky like Spider-Man on the waltzers. Maybe I'll go sword and shield for a bit? Sounds like you're pretty in amongst it. I love how they've cut
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