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  1. I bought this yesterday in the sale and have a big, fairly obvious question. What difficulty should I play it on?
  2. I'm now about an hour and ten into episode 1. I am here for Ringo sitting at a drum kit hungover clearly just done with this shit. I am properly laughing every time I spot him in the background. He looks absolutely miserable and so so sick of everyone squabbling. It's brilliant.
  3. Returnal was also absolutely 1000% game of the year on any platform, so...
  4. A bit of a weird one this considering it's a game I've not only completed but 100%ed due to really liking it. Spider-Man: Miles Morales has totally lost me on its second hello. I booted it up yesterday on New Game + after absolutely loving it last year and wanting to get into a bit of a Christmassy mood with some snowy swinging about New York. It doesn't let you skip half the cutscenes. On NEW GAME PLUS!!! The very nature of New Game Plus is that I've played this game before and just fancy having a swing about and maybe smash through the campaign for the Platinum. I'm happy to watch some of the cutscenes but I can't for the life of me work out why you wouldn't let me skip story sections on a game I have played and completed to 100% and am now playing on a mode made for people who have already played it.
  5. This is the most bullshit disappointing clickbait thread in the history of bullshit disappointing clickbait threads.
  6. Everywhere I've read says it's pretty great but far far far too long. Which for me as a massive Beatles nut is kind of fine. I've watched the first half an hour and was completely blown away just by watching those 4 lads at that stage of their life exist, but if you're not an obsessive it's just four people sitting around chatting and occasionally playing songs. Basically I understand the 3/5 but it's a 10/5 for me.
  7. The space jump needs a slightly longer gap between each jump than you'd think. There's a rhythm to it you just need to find it. And yeah, a couple of space jumps up, then dash across his head and drop down for me. Rinse and repeat. I'm stunned everyone doesn't just use the lock on missiles though. It does so much of the work for you!
  8. I love Football Weekly and haven't missed an ep for years, it takes Football exactly as seriously as it should and I like Max Rushed far more than I ever thought possible back in his Soccer AM days. That and the occasional episode of Fulhamish do me, although hearing that the Fulhamish lads are all in their early-mid 20's has kind of soured me due to making me feel like a MASSIVE OLD MAN. But that's enough for me. These podcasts all tend to talk about the same things so it's just about finding a group that you like and hearing them say them.
  9. They need to get this PC bullshit out of my Xbox Halo ASAP. I cannot imaging ever playing a game on console and wanting to crossplay with PC.
  10. Did anyone settle on any controller settings? I'm trying to work out what works for me and the default still feels a little weird.
  11. I thought this was ace. Tongue perfectly in cheek but never in a smug way. The MK11 fight between the two stupidly named brothers at the end was genuinely tense. Who'd have thought this could possibly be good after that press release, eh?
  12. I think the brilliant thing about this that I've not seen many people mention is how they've slimmed down the weapon pool. We've lost that Halo 5 (usual Halo 5 is the absolute nuts in multi disclaimer here) situation where every gun had three equivalents. So you had a DMR, a Covenant Carbine and a Promethean One Shot Friend (who knows what the Promethean guns are actually called?). It was never really an issue but it just meant there were 1000 weapons and everything felt really busy. In this there tends to be one tool for each job and it just means you know exactly what you're doing when you're going for a power weapon. It's a really good summary for the game as a whole; everything feels pared back but that means that it all has its place and that anything that has been added also has its place and feels really special. Good game, basically. Bit too much Oddball but good game.
  13. The online ten races Forzawhateverit'scalled is so close to being brilliant. It leads to properly competitive races and you start to get annoyed/impressed by certain racers in the pack as the series goes on. But then it seems to take an absolutely age to load between races (on a Series S) and you'll frequently just sit waiting for it to "Fast Travel Opponents" whilst listening to whatever dirge is on the soundtrack. It would be so great to actually be put into a series of 10 races that don't take 3 or 4 minutes to load each.
  14. Three more games of oddball in a row means that of the seven games of Ranked Halo Infinite I've played, six have been Oddball. I feel like I'm going mad. Basically my entire experience of Arena in this game has been Oddball and one or two games of Strongholds. Just let me play Slayer. I can't hear that man tell me when the ball has been picked up and when the ball has been dropped over and over again any more. Halo Infinite Oddball.
  15. I'm not sure if it was in here someone said it but I what club's supporters would actually want Ole? How far down would you have to go? I'm a Fulham fan and there's no way I'd swap what we currently have for him. Would even Derby fans want Ole over Rooney etc etc? Shame to see him go though, it's always a lot more special when it's a club legend you're doing well under.
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