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  1. Sea of Thieves launched pretty barebones and is now both really fun and a pretty massive success.
  2. Was absolutely up for trying them until I read the words "really thick and creamy mouthfeel" and now I'm not sure I'll ever be able to eat anything again.
  3. And this year's award for "Most Rllmuk Thread on Rllmuk" goes to the discussion on bad streamers turning into people providing discourse on whether books should or shouldn't be judged by their cover. Runner up goes to the Cyberpunk thread in which it was confirmed it's actually better than sliced bread because that's just bread sliced and you can fly cars and punch people in Cyberpunk.
  4. Ooh I have a kindle fire! How did you do that?
  5. Pfft. They’ve not got the “slowly release the button to put your weapon down” feature which means you have to hold like 3 buttons at once to do it. Not a patch on the originals!
  6. Thread from Danny O Dwyer who's making good video game docs that don't go bloop bloop bleep and bang on about Space Invaders and Pac Man for two hours.
  7. Didn't the 360 launch with hard drive and hard driveless versions? And that sold ok.
  8. Obviously I'm still VERY early on but is the idea that I'm just building up routes so that they're easier with stuff like post boxes etc? Or is it a case of seeing I've got say 3 side quests and doing them, then the story missions? If you can't tell me without spoiling stuff then don't worry, I've been avoiding everything about the game since it came out!
  9. I started this earlier in the week and became instantly pretty captivated by it. I've just got to the bit where you unlock side quests and I'm not sure if I should be taking them on yet? I've been tasked with going back to the city at the beginning of the game but if I do the side quests I've got far too much weight on me to walk it. Should I just be going for story nonsense at the moment and wait until I assume Sam can carry more for the side quests?
  10. I mean BOTW also released on Switch. On the same day. And was made a fair amount better by the portability. It was the perfect launch title and it also releasing on the WiiU on the same day shouldn’t take away from the fact it’s a brilliant Switch title.
  11. I’ll be sure to keep an eye out on the Brentford Barnsley game for a similar feeling next season. What a team, what a club, what a feeling. No better way to go up. I don’t think the Premier League is the be all and end all, last year was awful and VAR is going to be interesting, but it’s a wonderful feeling to bear your rivals in a play off final.
  12. No but stories aren't just characters walking around saying exactly what they feel at any given moment. It's insane to say that we have to take everything a character says at face value because they've said it and we can't know otherwise. There's emotion, subtext, internal conflict, all sorts of reasons that someone saying something isn't necessarily their true feelings. You can't make a character feel what you want but you can absolutely look for shades of grey in what they say. When Ellie says "I wanted to die on that table" sure she could be saying that she wanted to save humanity and be the hero, but she could also be saying that she wanted the choice to make that decision. Or, and for me this is most likely, that she feels guilty and responsible for what happened because she's still alive. I never got the sense that Ellie would 100% have decided to die if she'd been given the choice, but what she's cut up about is the fact that millions of people have died when it could have just been her and she doesn't know what she would have chosen. Look at the exchange with the Doctor when he's so sure killing Ellie is the right thing, then when he's asked about if it was his own daughter he goes silent. The ending from the first game isn't brilliant because we're watching Joel Break Bad, it's because of the central questions it asks and the different ways the answers play out in your head. If you asked me what I would have done being given the decision I would tell you 100 times out of 100 that I would die for humanity. But would I? I'd certainly hope so but what makes it brilliant is that it's so difficult a decision.
  13. If you're playing with others 4 is definitely the one to go for, and it's a real looker too. But 3's got the better location/structure for single play.
  14. It looks exactly how you'd expect a Watchmen movie should look, but if you keep looking at it for longer than a second it shows how little Snyder has understood the source text. As much as people say a film could never have worked, the TV series shows if you take the idea of a deconstruction of the super hero myth and what that actually means and put it up against modern society there's still room for new Watchmen and adaptations. I think now more than ever, with comic book movies being as big as they are, deconstructing the idea of them and what they actually stand for could work really well. Or, you know, just recreate every panel of the original and cut two of the characters fucking to Jeff Buckley.
  15. By accident once. That's been released because the PS3 online community was so small they managed to get the nukes down to a suitable level. It's not 0 nukes but something along the lines of more being disarmed than built in a day or something.
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