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  1. It's definitely not as funny as the first film, all of the story stuff just flat out doesn't work, and the best joke in the movie isn't in there for some bizarre reason. Every time the golf lesson clip comes on the ads it makes me laugh out loud but weirdly it's been cut in favour of a load of plot that doesn't really add anything to the film and just isn't funny. But the Giuliani stuff was great, all the weird "it's noncey" chat in here, well yeah it's fucking supposed to be. The actress playing her is 24 and the idea is to hold a candle to the way American culture deals with you
  2. I don't think I fully understood how big it was until I saw it was as thick as the Switch is tall when docked. It is a big, big boy.
  3. I'm getting a Playstation 5 on launch! And not an Xbox! There doesn't have to be a big fanboy conspiracy for your posts to be shit. Seriously are you proud of the playground bullshit above? I just don't see the offerings (Gamepass vs Destruction/PS4 games) as even vaguely comparable and thought it was a bit of a weird point.
  4. Yes I would say the perfect counter to gamepass, a service full of third party quality and with every first party Microsoft title launching day on date on it, is a service with some old PS4 games and a delayed game that swings between looking dull and shit in equal measure that isn't launching until February. Why can't it just be a nice PS+ freebie? Why has everything got to be a competition?
  5. Yeah loved the Galaxy 2 article. I also really enjoyed the Destiny stuff, good to see Bungie are trying some new stuff and not just iterating on what's come before.
  6. I tend to roll my eyes at middle aged people moaning about tech YouTubers in rllmuk threads but that guy really is just one of the worst cunts.
  7. It's free now and you've had a fair old while to get through it. It's definitely a shame because The Red War in particular was really great, but if it frees up space for new content (or recycled old content...) I'm alright with it.
  8. Someone should let both of them know.
  9. I think there's a lot of... what's the opposite of sugar coating? Shit coating? I think there's a lot of shit coating going on in this thread. Cliffy B is a fairly annoying character, true, but as K said his team took what games like kill.switch and Resi 4 were doing and turned it into the dominant genre for third person shooters for around 10 years. Resi 4 is better than any of the Gears games, yes, but its controls simply wouldn't have worked in a fast paced action games. Then Gears of War comes along and tweaks everything so that from the minute you start playing it feels fast, fun and flui
  10. No, gooner's right. It crashes every time you switch game, then you get acid reflux, then the Covid vaccine gets delayed a month. It's been happening on streams everywhere so I think it's clear PS54LYF2020 etc.
  11. So what, persistent parties that you just join rather than having to start a new one every time? Sounds alright to me.
  12. What's up with party chat? I've never used a playstation for online shenanigans.
  13. Right then, lets really nail down how we feel about Digital Foundry before moving onto the above.
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