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  1. I was enjoying this and slowly seeing more and more of its charms as it went on and then today it just flew up the GOTY list. I managed to get a load of lightning boons that lead to me knocking back foes and electrocuting them, dashing and electrocuting them, having all of my lightning bolts double and cause extra damage as I zoomed around double dashing. I went from being stuck dying around the beginning of the 2nd area to flying through and nearly doing Elysium on my first run. It's a belter, this.
  2. How do cloud saves work on PS4? I'm planning to sell my Pro this week at dirty shitty CEX and am hoping to carry on with Death Stranding when my PS5 turns up. Are cloud saves on PS4 as simple as they are on XBox?
  3. Big long lovely thread about who may or may not be working on this and how it's definitely going to be excellent.
  4. I think it looks really cool! A proper old school Fantasy FF for the first time in years, same awesome combat that was introduced in XV and brilliantly iterated on in Remake. Rough in a few places but what Final Fantasy isn't? It also looks to be super focussed around Summons and they look incredible. Bang up for it, basically. I adored Remake and am really looking forward to seeing what they do with this.
  5. And when it's proven not to be live we can throw a huge celebration for deKay, winner of the "He Very Much Doubted It Was Live Cup 2020".
  6. Wait does this include filthy lucre for the Witherhoard exotic?
  7. Yeah I'm no great fan of armour 2.0. I'm glad it gives something to do for those wanting to pour hundreds of hours a week into D2, but as someone with other stuff to play it just makes everything so complicated and unwieldy. And the less said about the sheer amount of shit the game throws at you that you'll never need once you hit 1040/50... half of the time playing the game is vaulting equipment, deleting equipment, opening engrams in order to delete them. I just want a toggle to automatically delete shaders/umbral engrams/blue items from postmaster automatically. Hopefully the s
  8. Anyone had any experience with Cross Save on this? I basically want to transfer my file to PS4 for when I sell my Xbox One, then transfer back in November when I hopefully grab a Series X. Is it fiddly as heck or fairly simple?
  9. Sounds a bit Royal Headache-y one track in. Which is an excellent, excellent thing. Cheers for this!
  10. I'm all about the drift cars in this and am absolutely loving it. Proper NFS Hot Pursuit vibes, without that title's depth obviously. Someone earlier was bemoaning the fact they didn't just keep it simple and make a good arcade racer, for me they've focussed on maybe 4 key areas and made a belter. Drifting, slipstreaming, battling and boosting all combine to keep you on the edge of your seat throughout every race. I've just finished the last race on normal, so if things get worse on hard I'll be gutted, but I'm loving what I've played so far.
  11. I bloody loved the split controller setup and the motion controls in Galaxy. They felt like absolute magic. Not so keen on every implementation (Skyward Sword...) but the Galaxy games felt awesome to play and didn't lean on the motion controls enough that they'd scupper you on the odd occasion it did go a little haywire.
  12. They've remade it. So, like, made it again. It's different.
  13. The guy just asked a question! Surely there's a way of helping people that are confused with stuff like this without the shitty snark?
  14. I've quite enjoyed the 2 GPs I've done so far. Slipstreaming's a pretty key part of building speed/boost so the bungee cord thing does kind of make sense. Totally agree that the AI are a little... forceful, though. Oh and I immediately went into the options to turn down the dialogue to 0. Literally fuck that noise.
  15. Imagine if Broker changed to Yorkshire Tea and it just fixed everything and he went into every thread saying stuff like "This looks great!", "I respectfully disagree" and "I wasn't a fan of the first one, but that just means more space for improvement!"
  16. Oh I was being facetious. It's 3 of the best games of all time in one package, in full lovely HD for the first time and available to play while you're having a shit. It's crazy that people don't think that's worth the same as it costs to buy FIFA every year.
  17. Yeah but the debaser has said they already have the code so why aren't they just £5 each?
  18. If you were to make a list of all things and put them in order of how much I care about them, Wrestling would probably be second bottom of that list. David Arquette would be bottom. This looks fucking brilliant.
  19. A little bit gutted Galaxy 2 isn't in that pack, and the slightly weird available until March thing sounds a little... odd, but 3D all stars is coming out IN LIKE TWO WEEKS and is HUGELY BLOOD EXCITING.
  20. Yeah I'll echo the sentiments here. Long Way Down leading into Battlestar Galactica (or maybe the other way round) was such an amazing Monday night during my early teenage years. Long Way Round seemed like a repeat of the same but not as good, with the bickering over Ewan's wife tagging along ruining a lot of the mates on a tough challenge appeal. I properly loved LWD though, I bought the book, the soundtrack, loved it. I also remember getting the travel bug and grabbing a map to plan my own journey aged around 15. I ended up travelling up an entire state on a BMX of all things wh
  21. These just turned up entirely not cancelled for £35 so thanks for posting!
  22. Well on the plus side you'll probably be getting banned from it for a bit.
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