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  1. See I really hope it clicks with me like the above. I really really want to like it because the idea sounds exactly like something I'd love. It's not that I'm wanting to have to work everything out by myself like with Outer Wilds but my main issue is that so far (6 hours in) I don't know why I'm doing what I'm doing. Obviously I know that I want to break the loop but everything gets worked out so quickly by Colt that I don't really have time to put the context together in my head for the smaller moment to moment gameplay. So the Julianna quest line has you going to the power station because she told you not to. Great, fine, makes sense. When I got there I had to mess about with the power, I don't think the game really explained why I was doing that other than there being an icon over it, and then it told me to go somewhere else based on something I'd read but not really understood because it was all written in the floaty, cool style that everything is. I realise that makes me sound about 80 but I kind of feel like I'm just wandering around ticking off boxes I don't understand. I'm going to make much more of an effort to properly read and understand everything going forward and hopefully that'll help.
  2. I think a big problem is that Colt is a voiced character rather than the silent protagonist of Outer Wilds. So with OW you'd read something and then there would be silence, so you'd have to work it out yourself. Nothing changes until you've made the connection with your own old slow brain. In this, as soon as I read a note Colt says "well fuckin' alright, I need to fuckin' go to the fuckin' lighthouse at fuckin' noon" and if you've not made that connection yourself yet it just leaves you feeling confused and stupid. I'm like Moz, really hoping I have "the moment" with it because I love the concept and the style's amazing. The powers are really fun too and I currently only have 2 unlocked so hopefully they'll give things a bit of a kick up the arse too.
  3. I'm around 6 hours into this and despite being super hyped after the reviews and being a big fan of Arkane's work in theory over the years I'm not sure it's quite clicking with me yet. First off the story. The game throws you straight in and while I think this can be a good thing it doesn't do a great job of setting up who any of the visionaries are or why I should care about them. Dishonoured always did a really good job of linking everything together and telling me why people are bastards but I think because this is trying to be more of a mystery it's just left me feeling like I'm wandering around killing bosses because they have icons on them rather than for any narrative reasons. I read someone in here saying it would have been great to have Hitman style intros for each Visionary and I couldn't agree more. Also I'm not sure if I've just been slow over the opening few hours or if it'll just open up more as I play but I don't know who Colt is, I don't know who Julianna is, I've got no idea why he wants to break out of the Loop or why she doesn't and it's all just lead to me feeling like I'm walking around this beautiful stylish world without any real agency. I know it's a mystery but it just lacks that hook to keep me interested so far. Gameplay wise the shooting and powers are fun. I've unlocked Shift and Nexus and Nexus is just crazy great. But I'm starting to feel like the whole thing is just a kind of interesting shooting gallery rather than anything deeper. Like I say I've not played a huge amount but everywhere I go the only thing to do with the baddies is murder them. So you get some pass to go into a house and I thought "oh cool, a disguise!" but no. It just lets you through the door and then you have another cramped area in which to kill loads of guards. I don't want to go full Edge here but it's seeming a bit style over substance? There are plenty of ways of dealing with baddies and that's really great As I say it's still relatively early days. I really really want to like it and I'm hoping it's just a case of going through things a bit more and seeing how the different elements start interacting once I get to grips with them a bit more. I keep picking up these little notes suggesting I try different things but it's all such a barrage for those first few hours that I'm just sort of thinking "right another little note about a random safe or whatever" and then it all gets forgotten. Any tips for getting into the story/characters more or is it just not that great?
  4. Still annoyingly early on in this after having to commute into central London all week thus losing me precious gaming time. Do you lose access to the beach after a few runs or am I being thick? It keeps spawning me in and just taking me straight to the "choose location" screen?
  5. Yes. You are giving yours and people are giving theirs in response. Goose Game was great, leagues above the likes of Goat Sim and Skatebird. A fun, chilled out Hitman game with a really relaxing vibe.
  6. I don't really get why people care if a game is online only? Other than "tradition" or whatever. Like, are you not always online? There may be an issue if servers go down or whatever but assuming that doesn't happen isn't "the internet" a fairly constant thing these days?
  7. That looks fun! Much moreso than I was expecting. Certainly a world away from Falcon and the Wintzzzzzzz's Sam Frowns at a Boat stuff.
  8. It's movement for me, I think basically above all else. If I'm playing your big fancy Open World game that you want me to spend 60 odd hours in, make it fun to get around for all of that time! Breath of the Wild's glider, Spider-Man's swinging, the bike in Day's Gone. Make it a bit systems-y (stamina bar, petrol) so that I can't just shut off my brain entirely and fly across the map, Assassin's Creed's hold the run button and run up walls never did it for me. Even in smaller games, I tend to think about them in terms of the sensation of playing rather than locations or graphics or anything. When I think about Titanfall 2 it's never kills or Titan drops or anything like that that comes to mind. It's flying through the air on my grapple hook, lining up jumps through windows perfectly, barely touching the ground as I whip across the map. A mate of mine always thought it was mad I literally started with the grapple hook and never deviated in the multiplayer. "Try the cloak, it's really useful!" I never cared. The sensation of movement in that brilliant brilliant game is what kept me coming back above all else. Ghosts of Tsushima is a recent example of a game that I spent ages playing but getting everywhere was just a case of climbing on your stupid boring horse and pressing forwards. I think it's probably a better game than Day's Gone overall but I just loved the mood of getting on that bike and driving around that world, stopping for fuel and scoping out little buildings, so I'll always hold it in higher regard. Even Red Dead 2 has a timed button press to gallop and those extra horse stopping moves that just make it feel that much more alive than Tsushima. And then there's Mario. The best example. Every game adds something new to the movement sandbox and by the time you get to Odyssey he's just an utter joy to control even without all the transformations. It makes such a difference to your game if the simple act of walking from A to B is the most fun thing in the game.
  9. 10s, Essentials, everybody loves it it's the best one. Well done Arkane!
  10. Okay on that basis lets say there are 7 or 8 games that are around a 7 or 8 that are all brand spanking 60FPS powerhouses. And one outright 10 that runs at 30FPS. All of the magazines are saying it's the best game of all time. People are cheering and crying playing it because it's so good, so magical, so reminiscent of their childhoods, the best days of their adulthoods, their futures even! Why deny yourself trying the 10 because it isn't running at 60FPS?
  11. I think you're sort of missing the point a lot of people are making. If everything was 60 that would be better. But not playing anything that isn't is ridiculous. Because you're missing out on loads of amazing games.
  12. Obviously not. More frames = better in pretty much every case. But the whole "I'm not playing it if it isn't 60" is completely insane. Would Breath of the Wild be better at a rock solid, consistent 60 frames per second? Yes. Would I deny myself playing what is probably literally the best game ever made because it isn't that? No. Because I'm not a full on mad bastard.
  13. You beat me by an hour! Listening on a delayed train home. All the awesome noise madness of the last album with a bit more melody thrown in. Been some absolute crackers out in the last few weeks!
  14. I think they're making a very very knowingly silly Matrix film and I am so bloody up for that. Media blackout from here on in, rewatches of the original trilogy with mates at my flat booked in. Properly excited for this one.
  15. I'm just sort of up for whatever they throw at me. I think at the very least we'll have an interesting failure on our hands and that's pretty exciting after years of the "main" blockbusters being films that you know you'll enjoy but that will all align with a certain mode and won't particularly challenge you. The fact that the sequels were hot toilet sort of adds to the appeal of a Matrix: Redemption arc.
  16. This is it. People are saying it feels like a throwback as if it's a bad thing but I just miss this level of invention on games like this. It feels like one of those mad mid tier PS2 games you'd see in magazines 20 years ago but is also pretty mad polished and fairly modern with it. I've only played the first few stages but people saying that first level is anything other than an explosion of colour and brilliant design are mad if you ask me. We just don't really get games like Psychonauts 2 any more. Look at the flat, dull design on things like Yooka Laylee and compare if to literally any scene in this game and it's just miles apart. It's not necessarily changing the wheel in terms of what you're actually doing moment to moment, but that stuff is fun enough that I'm just sitting back and taking in how inventive and brilliant everything else is moment to moment. I always found the first game a bit of a slog but if this keeps it up throughout then it'll absolutely be up there for Game of the Year for me.
  17. I always make the most absolutely hilariously hideous freak I can imagine. All sliders set one way or the other. Then I cover them in armour and don't see how funny they are for however long I spend with the game.
  18. I honestly thing the S is the bargain of the century gaming wise, but then I have a PS5 for big multi format stuff too. It's a magical little machine. I'm sure the X is great too but for me the key features are all about the SSD and Gamepass and you get both of those with the S. The only drawbacks may come later when you want to have loads of games installed on the thing but for the price you can't go wrong.
  19. How about get slightly better play on Heroic? The fun of the game's in the AI being clever and you working around it. It gets said a lot in Halo threads because it's true. The games are pretty repetitive enemy boxes on Normal below, it's the push and pull with the AI on Heroic up that makes it for me.
  20. Well I did it! 2 months, 2 games. I've not actually started Death's Door yet because I'm still plugging away at Skyward Sword. Nearing the end now then I'll probably try and get more into Psychonauts 2 before finally starting Death's Door. I think I need to find some space in the above to think about Death Stranding because I got a few hours into that then stopped playing and the PS5 version is quite tempting. Might be a case of dropping either Metroid or Advance Wars into next year. Either way I've saved a fair amount of money doing this so thanks/well done all!
  21. What difficulty did you play on out of interest?
  22. That'll be Sony getting the absolute basics wrong yet again, then. It's incredibly frustrating that just buying the correct version of a game for the console you own turns into a "do I cut the red or blue wire" bomb disposal scene in a movie.
  23. Really sorry to hear about your wife's condition, I hope she gets to see Maverick either before or after its release! The delay will be a studio thing because of how other films are performing in cinemas. It's pretty obvious that people aren't quite ready to go back to cinemas yet which is causing all of these big money projects that studios have been sitting on for two years almost to underperform. Hence why both this and Jackass have been delayed at the same time.
  24. This album is so damn good. Can't stop listening to it. It sort of has a bit of everything and is my current shout for the best of the year.
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