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  1. They actively encouraged it: https://www.vg247.com/returnal-turn-off-ps5-updates-suspended-run-losing-progress
  2. If Empire are giving a Marvel movie less than 4 stars we know already that it is a cataclysmic failure on par with nothing the world has ever seen. It will bore your eyeballs out of your head, your blood will boil and you'll never be the same person again. They tend to give Marvel movies good scores, that's what I'm saying with that.
  3. To go from someone sending a literal Trojan Horse to Logan sending Donuts that nobody is sure if they are a Trojan Horse or not is absolutely wonderful television.
  4. See I'd normally completely agree but Forza Horizon 4 played really well at 30 on One X and the visual upgrade was sort of worth it. I'm on an S so will be going 1080/60 all the way for 5 but I thought the 30FPS mode was pretty good in 4. It's certainly not the Spiderman "you'd be mad to play it at 30 because the game is much much worse" I'd have thought it would be.
  5. Co-op will be coming 3 months after launch.
  6. It basically looks like Halo Just Cause and Halo Crackdown rolled into one. I really hope it's as open as they say it is but the gameplay looks solid and as everyone's said the multiplayer felt great so roll on December 8th!
  7. See I thought 4 was pretty boring story wise but 5 was outright awful. All of the "evil Cortana" stuff just reads like childish fan fiction, which I suppose is what it is. Then again Halo's never had an even half decent story outside of some nice atmosphere in the first game. I quite liked the basic "finish the fight" pull of 3, but everything that happened within that was nonsensical garbage.
  8. It will be like MGS2. MGS2 is the best one.
  9. All that matters to me in this 2pm showing is the following: "Does the sandbox look fun?" Graphically I hope it's a lot better than what we saw before, obviously. But in gameplay terms I just want to see things clicking together in a way that looks like we can get that 60 seconds of fun in an open world context. I still think the idea if Infinite is exciting, especially after seeing how well all the different elements click together in the multiplayer. If you can give me that AI with a really fun sandbox in an open world I think we could be on for something really special. Of course it could be another horror show and we could end up with an absolute clunker. I really, really hope that's not the case.
  10. I think for me Sony have smashed it in terms of their PC strategy. Not only do more people get to play their games which is a great thing, they release them on PC over a year later so us cool brilliant PS5 owners don't have to read a load of bollocks in the threads at launch about what settings nerdy PC types are running things on.
  11. I thought you looked alright against us last night though! Certainly had some chances. You’re by no means the worst team I’ve seen in the Championship anyway.
  12. The idea of binging this just sets me on fire. It’s so sumptuous, so full of tiny details. I absolutely love having a week between episodes to absorb it and chat about it and make sure people know I was into it before it was cool. It’s also really really funny watching the credits of the biggest show on tv and seeing half of the fresh meat writers in there.
  13. I don’t get the decision to make the timing window on the EMMI fights so tight. If it was just a little more accessible or if there was another way to get them off your back and have them lose you for a second it would make the fights so much more tense/interesting. As it is they just feel like things I’m going to fail and repeat 10 times before getting through them. In those moments when you find a clever hiding spot and cloak up they are super tense and work really well, but with capture basically meaning death it just becomes this annoying stop start trial and error type thing. I’m really enjoying the game overall though. It’s far better than anything I would have expected. I get lost a fair amount but when zipping around is so much fun I’m not too bothered about that.
  14. Genuinely proud of this. To the exact bloody week.
  15. Because people are old and he's young and successful I'd imagine. He's a great actor.
  16. I'm now ready to do my final run and am absolutely, whole heartedly in love with Deathloop. I think once you get into it a bit and get an idea of what's going on and how it all links up it's an absolutely fantastic experience that gives me everything I always wanted but didn't quite get from Dishonoured and more. I'm still a bit gutted that it took as long as it did to click with me, I think part of that is due to how open the game is and the path I chose, but I also think it just introduces its setups really badly. Now though? Now I'm an absolute machine with two fantastic setups. If I want to go in stealthily I'm all about Nexus and Aether. I have a sniper rifle and am completely invisible when standing still. I have a silent SMG that can pop 5 guys at once chained together. This is fun. It's nothing compared to my loud setup though. Havoc, with the trinkets that let me absorb power through kills and dish out more damage if I get damaged, paired up with an SMG that gives me health back basically turns me into a walking terminator. Murder folk left right and centre to keep my power and health up, then whack on Kniesis to launch bastards all over the place. It feels like my own setup that I've carefully crafted as Colt's been learning throughout the game, giving me one of those "me and the character synching up" moments that I absolutely adore in videogames. I love it and I'll be gutted when it finishes, basically. Those systems, those powers, those guns, all coupled with the amazing Dualsense just make everything you do feel so fucking cool. I was slightly worried that after Astrobot the controller was starting to feel like a bit of an afterthought but Deathloop shows how fucking game changing (literally) it is when used properly.
  17. Not even a paragraph mentioning it? So when Gary Glitter's new album comes out and gets an 8 in IGN for "excellent guitar work and melody for days" we're fine with that are we?
  18. I still don't get why they changed spotting. I always loved tactically telling your mates where everyone was and methodically working as a group to take them out. Reddit hated it though so it got changed.
  19. Really good to see not a single review from the major outlets mentioning that Ubisoft are bad sexual misconducting bastards and that you shouldn't buy their bang average island-em-up 6 for that reason.
  20. Well that was an absolutely excellent weekend of Halo after @TommyG helped me sort out my controls. It feels like old school Halo again but with a much more modern "sandbox-y" twist. I know what we've seen so far hasn't exactly lit any fires but if the items and the weapons and the open world connect in the single player it could be really special too.
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