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  1. im going for my viking look today, steel armour, and a viking helmet, might go camp skunko tomrrow, thats a kool spostume
  2. anyway...whats the status of highbury at the mo' just to keep the thread on track
  3. FINALLY, something for me to draw in the sky..i'll be back on in about four hours
  4. as said in most threads on the forum :S, gamestm have feb24th
  5. screw them all and buy a rocking horse, gained more enjoyment out of that than i have any game, spose i was 5 though...
  6. interesting, you have spurred me on to have another go...
  7. plus you have al the moves that a 3D mario would have
  8. sorry, peter kay is funnier than frank skinner and jasper carrot, as mentionned earlier, thank god jimmy shit eating carr isnt in the list, but it is deeply, deeply wrong, where is tommy cooper??? Simon Pegg??? and yes gervais DOES deserve to be higher, and connely and victoria wood do not deserve to be the top 2
  9. i had to read that article through a few times, how the hell can they do that to, anyone barrmore's already close to a breakdown, this WILL send him over the edge, it just shows what a shit state our countries televison is going towards, it shoudlnt be allowed!!!
  10. thompsons always been a Sonic fan, but when he discovered he wanst a real person he decided to attack videogames..
  11. yeah,a long way in, before getting to a point where i had very little ammo, and there were loads of guards, accidently saved instead of loaded and now am stuck in an impossible position, oh well, wasnt as good as the 1st one anyway, which i completed many times
  12. ive got no problems with sodoku, although i did one and vowed never to do another in case i failed, still a sudoku game would be shite, anyone see big fat quiz of the year with SUE DOKU. made me laugh even though jimmy carr was involved
  13. i quite enjoyed it, not as good as sands of time, better than WW, i reviewd it in the revoiews section to, feedback would be nice
  14. i like tronixweb.com for us games, because it got a mate animal crossing, who then sold it to me:)
  15. i always loved roald on the cube version, no sign of him yet... pates probably my fave towsperson, always very jolly, wolfgang always makes me laugh to, miserable git
  16. damn forgot to log in before going to college, my wifi will be up at the end of jan so my friend code will be up then, i shall see if i won when i arrive home tonight
  17. how do i know if i won, it told me the contest was over but nothing happenned, i was winning all day witha 47 inch sea bass, no-ones told me anything (stillm havent had the game a week, loving it to bits though)
  18. hey, this is going to sound really stupid (the amount of times ive started a post saying that is steadily increasing) but ive just started AC, how long before i can do jobs for the townsfolk???
  19. after picking up TSFP for just 4.97 http://www.play.com/play247.asp?page=title...prod&add=167010 i'm just posting to say how much fun it is, theres a lot of Gameplay there for just a fiver, multiplayer rocks to
  20. i really cant see the point in people buying PSP's JUST for LCS, its an inferior San Andreas, or if you really couldnt stand SA, cice city was great, just, whats the point???
  21. i'll assume the same problem means it'll be out next thursday to
  22. tronix expect to get more AC's in in the next 2 weeks, should give me time to order my nintendo wifi connector to arrive for then.
  23. made me chuckle in my form time... excellent, i was worried that after finally finding a mag that i liked itd close down.. what about the webby???
  24. it was okay, there wasnt really much story for the first 30 minutes, just ray killing people, and it got a little long winded by the end, but i did enjoy it.
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