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  1. Lads. You know it's not out yet, right?
  2. Because as we all know the best way to enjoy art is via a datamined plot leak.
  3. Just caught an early morning screening of this and like the above post, absolutely loved it. Idris Elba is really really good in it. I'd put it up there with Stringer Bell and Luther as roles that are a lot better because of his involvement. Everyone's great though and the opening sequence is such a massive crowd pleaser that sets the theme and tone of the film up a million times better than two hours twenty minutes of the other film got anywhere near. It's everything you'd expect from a Gunn movie but it's not just splatter and swearing, there's a heart to it too and it flirts with making some interesting political points at times. But mostly it's just really really good fun and feels like much more of a comic book movie than anything else I've seen Warners/DC do for a long time. It feels totally like it's own thing and shows much more of its director's personality than anything I've seen in Superhero movies for a while, including Gunn's own Marvel efforts. My favourite DC movie since The Dark Knight, which admittedly isn't saying a huge amount but I'd put it above a lot of of Marvel's output in that same time period too.
  4. As a result of not getting on this (not sure if I've mentioned it) I went back to Halo 5 for the night and it really is just the very best. I mean, look at who they didn't invite on their silly little Infinite Playtest... https://gamerdvr.com/gamer/bittertoad/video/141034839 https://gamerdvr.com/gamer/bittertoad/video/141034963 https://gamerdvr.com/gamer/bittertoad/video/141034839
  5. Well not from my perspective they don't. Because I work in film advertising. And the market is fucked across the board. There are around 6 people left at the company I work at and there were over 30 pre pandemic. Nobody's paying for adverts for French independent cinema in the UK, they're paying for adverts for things like Fast 9. And your Marvels. And your Star Wars'. I feel a little conflicted about people going to cinemas but things like rentals and Premium Editions and whatever else are currently keeping me in a job. I know this is fairly personal to me but, well, that's who's posting so there's not a huge amount I can do about that. I don't particularly mind the odd person pirating the odd movie here and there. I don't do it for obvious reasons but people are unemployed and the last year's been fucking rough and films help with that, so sorry if I came across a little strong @Dark Soldier! It's the idea of coming onto a public forum and saying "oh guys that's available to steal if you want" that rankles me slightly. Anyway I thought this was the best one since 6. It's barmy, it's mad, it's excellent. And if you're comfortable with it it's definitely worth seeing on the big screen.
  6. Can I change the text colour of the place names in this? White tends to clash with, you know.. the clouds.
  7. I never really thought about how the licensing deals effect Gamepass. So basically I lose access to Horizon 4 when the licenses run out. Will they be putting Forza 7 on sale so that those who played it through Gamepass get it on the cheap?
  8. Destiny's good when it's good but it doesn't scratch nearly the same itch as Halo. Destiny PVP is great for testing out your awesome weapons against real people and levelling up your character. The meta is mad unbalanced, as it should be for that kind of thing. Halo's always been about that balance. You don't improve your weapons, you don't improve your character, everyone's on the same level playing field and it's all about being the best. I love that about it, there's nothing else like it really which is why I'm so excited about Infinite.
  9. After posting this I watched Squirrel's videos on getting started and landing and then last night I flew from Southampton where I was at Uni to London where I live now whilst watching TCGS on twitch. One of the better gaming experiences I've had in a while.
  10. Updated the above. Death's door sounds like exactly my kind of thing so is on the list for next month and Outer Wilds is an absolute day one no second thoughts. I've actually stuck to only buying one game in July! And I'm loving said game!
  11. It's the one and only expansion Outer Wilds is ever getting. And yeah, the base game is one of the best I've ever played so this is a day one for me.
  12. This is a technical preview though not a Beta, right? You’re on an insider program testing the game. The reason they’re doing it is so it doesn’t happen on launch.
  13. Do you understand how fucked the entire cinema industry is at the moment? Pay for your shit.
  14. Edwin's written a lot of snooty, bad reviews over the years (he did the bizarre EG review of DOOM:Eternal that went on about porn for ages) but he was bang on about Outer Worlds. Insanely front loaded and pretty boring by the end I thought. This sounds alright though! I'm up for a bit of lovely looking mindless shooting.
  15. It's a strange one this. I've done the obligatory find my house and have a fly about London and that was really fun! It's clearly a remarkable technological achievement and the hand crafted cities look genuinely amazing. Flying through Tokyo while the ambient music played was properly fantastic stuff that I'll remember for a while. I don't know if I'm missing something but it'd be nice to have a world map as I actually play as opposed to just the little nav map? So that mid flight I can kind of say "I'd like to go here now please" and the game point me in the right direction. I'm sure I'm just missing a key detail somewhere. And then... I guess that's sort of me done? I was always someone that defended Sea of Thieves for it's perceived "lack of content" on launch but this really is just a really beautiful technical achievement and not something I'll end up spending that much time on I think. I've spent hours on Trucking Simulators and games tend to take me twice as long as the howlongtobeat time just due to me pootling about looking at things the whole time. Hell, Red Dead took me well over 100 hours to finish just because of the amount of time wandering around looking at all the beautiful things. But this doesn't quite scratch that itch in the same way for some reason. There's just not that thing that ignites my interest and I can't really work out why. It's just a map. A really beautiful, stunning achievement of a map, but still just a map. Power to anyone that's really loving it though, I'll definitely keep reading through the thread because there's something in there that I really wanted to love. It's just not quite done it for me with what's on offer from a gameplay perspective quite yet.
  16. A pick up? So you can either bubble shield or Thrust? Seems a bit strange?
  17. 343 have done a live thingy about the technical whatsname this weekend and it's ended with a full multiplayer game. And, well, from what I've seen it kind of looks like a bit of a less visually interesting Halo 3? There's a sprint and a slide and some new weapons/equipment but all of the fun stuff that turned Halo 5's arena into the best one ever seems to have been stripped out. No boost, no mid air hang, no ground pound, no shoulder shunting. And they don't seem to have really replaced it with much. It all just looks very obvious and vanilla Halo for good or for bad. Now multiplayer wise I trust 343 implicitly. They made some much needed changes to Halo 4 and made a really good multiplayer shooter and then they made the best in class Halo 5 arena. I'm sure they've made the changes they've made to make a more balanced shooter but it's a bit disappointing considering how much the movement helped make Halo 5 feel really great to play. I'm gutted I'm not on the preview this weekend. I'll be reading all of your impressions with a lot of interest! Here's some Xbox One gameplay below!
  18. Fulham are back, baby! Our home kit is awful but I'm quite excited about the Marco Silva reign. All I care about is that I get to go to games and have a laugh with my brother/mates and watch some halfway decent football, so I'm hoping that's what happens. Silva's got a bit of a sketchy reputation but he worked wonders with Hull, did a good job at Watford until he didn't and then went to Everton where everyone's rubbish. We've got one of the better Championship squads but after the last two glory seasons in the Premier League I'm genuinely not fussed about going up. So I'm saying the same thing I say every year before we're looking like we can get playoffs. I want football to be something I go to and enjoy rather than something I'm obsessed with winning in. I want to love it when we're good and have a laugh when we're shit, and hopefully that's what happens!
  19. Ah balls. So you had to be on the Xbox Insider and the Halo Insider?
  20. It works fantastically well and looks brilliant on the S. If you're wanting to try it (and have the HD space...) get involved. What a remarkable little machine the S is.
  21. It is absolutely disgusting that I've not been invited to this. Me, a man who has sent several letters to some of the lesser British Videogame podcasts saying "stop having a go at Halo 5 the multiplayer is the best it's ever been." A man who has finished all of the single player campaigns on Legendary. A man who fought a ten year war with a friend over Halo Reach that has culminated in a coop playthrough over the last two months that has turned my mate into believing Reach is excellent. It might be because I'm not on the Xbox Insider program. Is it that?
  22. I've done the obligatory try and fly over my house but think I may wait a few days until there are some good Xbox tutorials out there. It's absolutely stunning even on my Series S but my God is there a lot going on!
  23. Well this is very complex then, isn't it?
  24. The game appears to be a bit broken at the moment. Might be worth giving it a few hours.
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