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  1. Another series where characters actually learn and grow in meaningful ways which ties into the plot and doesn't swerve last minute into a big CGI fight would be nice. I thought Loki was really refreshing in that it introduced two characters to us in Loki and Silvie, developed them over six episodes and then gave them an ultimatum that genuinely challenged both of them and that would have been settled in less than a second if it had given it to them at the start of episode one. It wasn't perfect, it was definitely a bit too "tell don't show" at times and it occasionally felt a little rushed in places but that's 1000 times better than the alternative. There's always people in these threads saying things like "well that was a filler episode" and "that didn't move the plot on at all 3/10" but as long as everything's tied into developing the characters and having them influence the plot later down the line then I'm all good with whatever they do in season 2. I really like twisty/timey time travel stuff that doesn't always stack up to thinking as long as it rattles along at a good pace and develops it's characters as it goes and Loki season 1 did that really well. So they can sort of do anything with season 2 for me as long as that's the case again.
  2. Tom cruise doesn't write scripts. For fucks sake.
  3. I think they’ve already said it’s less open than that. A few big sandboxes rather than one huge open world.
  4. Yeah it's a tenner for the upgrade but you also get all the extra stuff in there that sounds pretty cool. I got about twenty hours into this and then moved on to something else, hopefully I can just jump back in and enjoy all of the old and new stuff without it ruining things too much. It was a very, very special experience that I can't wait to get back into!
  5. I'm pretty sure it only saves that stuff once you've finished a run. I've had a crash on rest mode and lost a pretty key item that I then had to find again. They should probably just put a save mode in, eh?
  6. I've tried a couple of times to get into the Yakuza games. I really liked the world and was a fan of Kiryu but the combat just never properly clicked with me and there seemed to be a lot of it. When they announced it was switching to JRPG my ears pricked up, I'm a big fan of the genre and maybe this could see me through the bits of 0 that just didn't click with me personally? But it didn't. Because I'd already fallen head over heels in love with the game before the combat properly started. Because of Ichiban. I'm only at the start of chapter 3 but he's just such an utterly brilliant creation that I'd play though any old shit to see more of his adventures. I was in a proper funk last night after a mixture of the football and work, just sort of sitting there jumping between Netflix shows I wasn't that interested in. I chucked this on again and all of that went out of the window and I was grinning from ear to ear for a good two hours. The storytelling is so good. I did several big laughs at the end of chapter 2, not because it was funny, just because it was so bloody good. I can't wait to get more stuck in tonight, I think I might be a Yakuza fan everyone!
  7. Wait there are still people playing Halo 5 online?
  8. So as we all know, Returnal is in the top spot for game of the year and is one of the best videogames ever probably. A mate of mine is having an absolutely terrible time in biome 1 and that seems so long ago that I've forgotten a few details. He's not got into the house yet, you can do that before beating Phrike right? I'm sure I needed an astronaut to get through it. Any other tips for good upgrades in Biome 1? I've told him to focus on health but there are definitely excellent items you get later that he doesn't have access to so it's quite difficult to offer tips!
  9. I absolutely love waggle in games and really liked Skyward Sword, but the motion plus wasn't perfect. Maybe it was my setup back then but it frequently messed me up as I played and it soured me on the game a bit.
  10. Fuck this. All you have to do is read literally anything said by any of the players or the manager and that should be out of the window immediately. The only very very small shred I have of being proud of being English was in that team last night. They're a progressive, good bunch of lads that continued to stand up for what they believed in in the face of being booed by a load of racist fuckwit fans before every match. That Engurland arsehole culture exists in every facet of this country, and it's really nice to see something with an England badge on it you can be genuinely proud of.
  11. If you think we're xenophobic you should see all the awful other cultures.
  12. If only there was somewhere I could read a really excellent preview of Jett that got me to shout "OH YEAH IT'S THIS!!" on a zoom call with my mates whilst watching the State of Play last night.
  13. The coffee has worn off. The adrenaline has worn off. There is only work and a nagging sense that something excellent may have happened. May God help us all.
  14. Stop going on about Harry Kane, Lynne. Let it go, you're never going to meet him.
  15. Go and run around to the peak of your ability for 120 minutes while I set the goal up and find my gloves.
  16. Series 2 of the note perfect absolutely not front loaded I Think You Should Leave is out today! The first episode made me cry with laughter twice and I think Tim Robinson is the funniest man who ever lived. Very excited to watch the other five but trying not to burn through them all in one sitting!
  17. BitterToad


    Ah I think you're mad. There's something really heartwarming about watching a nerd that's devoted their life to replaying a Spider-Man tie in that released a decade before the were born get cheered on by a crowd. I went through school just before the whole geek chic thing kicked off so it's lovely to see someone playing Mario 64 in a blindfold as 50 people basically shout THIS HAS VALUE! I still really love AGDQ and SDGQ but definitely think you miss part of the appeal without the crowd.
  18. Yeah the combat in TLOU2 is proper best in class stuff, especially in the more open encounters like Hillcrest etc. It might seem funnelly but there are so many different ways to mess with the guards and approach everything that it always felt to me like I was having a real effect on how things played out. Whereas with Days Gone you have a more open world but the combat itself is basically sneak up and smack or shoot in the head with few variations because the AI isn't great. I also remember it being quite buggy and I couldn't always do all the things I wanted to try. I completely agree about the world though, it's definitely the game's best asset. As much as I was very much done with it after really enjoying it for 60 odd hours, I found myself really missing it for a little while after. I think the main reason I didn't like Control that much (aside from those stupid audio tapes you had to stand still and listen to) was that at no point could I just ride off on my bike and fuck with a horde of zombies for a bit.
  19. It's so so nice being able to look at all the people shouting "GREALISH!!!" from their rooftops, screaming at not playing a 0-1-9 formation for the group games and demanding that Southgate simply play all of the good players at once regardless of shape, tactics, anything, finally see an England team playing two central defensive midfielders absolutely boss it in a European Championship quarter final. Regardless of what happens on Wednesday I am for the first time in memory finally seeing an England team play system over celebrity. It might not be the most exciting thing in the world but we have a plan and we're sticking to it regardless of who played well for Villa for half a season. The system comes first and it's gotten us to two semi finals in a row. More than that I really like this England team as a group of lads. That player's tribune post from Southgate has fully reignited my love of the England football team in the world of Brexit and GBNews and I hope they go all the bloody way!
  20. Yeah I saw this a few weeks ago through work and was surprised at how good it was. It's not life changing and it borrows a lot of its good ideas but it does some clever stuff plot wise, the action's really good and Sam Richardson from Detroiters is in it so it's brilliant. 4/5 for me.
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