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  1. Was it just me who found LBA almost undeciphorably hard? I think I got quite a way in, but could just never tell if I was in an area I shouldn't be at yet, or if the game was just punishingly hard. I should go and watch a playthrough, I think.
  2. Anyone know how the database is curated? There's loads of old, obscure games but then some huge new series aren't in it at all. It surely can't be manual, individual additions. *edit* I got 0/5 today.
  3. https://variety.com/2022/tv/news/i-think-you-should-leave-season-3-tim-robinson-1235195504/
  4. 🕹 High Score Day #36 - https://highscoreday.com One almighty guess in there. Also...
  5. Straps

    The Boxing Thread

    "e's a big chavvy, have ye got a big corey?!" Not great was it, and I'll be honest barely looked like he connected it was so fast. But down he went.
  6. I'm on episode five now and think it's pretty great. Some naff moments/extras, and contrary to those here I think Jessica Hynes is a little wasted in her role to be honest, but the leads carry it all off very well. I find it never ladles on the 'weren't times funny back then' which would have ruined it.
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