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  1. Has anyone seen this Genesis-MSX hybrid machine in the plastic? I thought the Amstrad Mega PC was strange, yet this takes it to a new level.
  2. I wonder if the winner still owns it. It would have been an expensive paperweight in those pre-internet days. Edit: Pre-web days, of course. Nothing to see here. Move along.
  3. Pluto UK shows a lot of B&W serials.
  4. I'm hoping there's a rush of pan pipes nostalgia soon. My parents seemed to buy a pan pipes compilation CD every time they visited a garden centre in the 90s.
  5. You should just put them on a higher shelf. The chances of a baby getting a step ladder to reach for the N64 are quite low.
  6. I definitely consider the larger screen to be a plus. Does it still hold a charge? The battery in my handheld was unreliable from the outset.
  7. No, it's a standard 4 pin. Nothing major. I just struggled to find one on ebay, though this probably had more to do with the first lockdown than anything. And yes to your second Q. The disk can usually be read, even with partial corruption.
  8. I bought a Greaseweazle F7 back in 2020 to backup a boxful of Amiga disks (nothing commercial, just my school/college/home projects). I can't offer much information. I just followed the instructions to use the command line tool that are on the Github page. My suggestions are probably fairly obvious: It's cheaper and easier to use a standard PC floppy drive for disk imaging. You don't need an Amiga/ST drive to backup these disks. You'll need to find a way to power the PC floppy drive. It was surprisingly difficult to find a 4-pin cable that would allow the Greaseweazle to power the floppy drive directly. I eventually found one on AmigaKit's ebay page. If you haven't used the disks in 20+ years, you'll probably have to make several attempts to create a disk image without bad sectors. I found that disks would report around 20 bad sectors on a 1st attempt, 10 on the second, 4 on the third, and none on the 4th or 5th attempt. Even in ideal storage conditions, a small amount of dust can accumulate on the disk.
  9. I've just watched the Cyndi Lauper music video for the 1st time. It's very ... 80s - 12 minutes of "hilarious" stereotypes, random wrestlers, band crossovers (the Bangles are pirates!), and a 4th wall break by Steven Spielberg. I can't say it's terrible in a cheesy, retro way. It's just awful. The only good thing is the octopus (which is kinda scary). Full video in the spoiler
  10. I'm hoping the Arno Stark Iron Man appears as a morally-ambiguous adversary at some point (I was expecting him to show up in Spiderman: Far from Home before Mysterio was announced). Shame we've missed the 2020 timeframe, though. Wait. This needs to be connected to the She-Hulk thread... Er.. The Iron Man of 2020 fought Death's Head, who later met She-Hulk in the comics. Therefore this post is relevant to the discussion...
  11. Coincidentally (or perhaps not), Bransfield has just done a video on the rise and fall of the Strike series. Does Mirror's Edge count? I recall some friends going crazy about the first one, only to complain that the second game had ruined the entire experience for them (not sure why). It seems perfect for a VR release.
  12. You have to love games that use keyboard lights in unexpected ways. Anyone know if X68 emulators can recreate this feature on modern keyboards?
  13. Did / do Amstrad owners feel bitter that they received sub-standard Spectrum ports? There's clearly an economic benefit in cross-development, but it seems to have limited Amstrad's machine in the games market by a significant margin. Amiga owners seem to be angry that they so many received ST ports in the early days.
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