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  1. It's surprising that a Maximum PC UK edition hasn't been tried. They could just recycle content from the US edition. PC Pro is still being published, though is a shadow of its former self. The latest issue* contains an interview with Alan Sugar, where he claims to have kickstarted the PC market in the UK (or words to that effect). * Disclaimer: The issue that I browsed in Sainsburys yesterday, at least. Are there any Playstation (or Xbox) fanzines? I recently stumbled across VitaMag while browsing the Switch Player website, but every issue seems to be sold o
  2. Not quite free. The retail issue is £7.99. My subscription copy contained the ghost of Dobbin the Pantomime Horse. Can I return him?
  3. I'd be happy with a one-off Knight Rider/Airwolf/Street Hawk crossover. The short-lived APB TV series reminded me of an 80s TV series - a Tony Stark-like figure invests in a police department and upgrades their technology. The end result is a crime-fighting team that use high-tech cars, bikes, and drones to track down bad guys. It's just a pity that the episodes were often utterly boring!
  4. My local Smiths has a section dedicated to Retro Gamer specials. They occasionally trundle out a ripped copy of the RG Annual 2015 and Retro Volume 10 as well. Who owns the abandoned statue(s) now? Is it the building owner? I assume there's a clause in the rental agreement that states the leasee (Future) waive ownership of any items they leave behind.
  5. I'm calling dibs on "Star Trek: Strange New Worlds - is it Spocktocular?" if it's ok from a certain point of view.
  6. Or Action Force's Lady Jaye. Exactly the same character, but born in Cork.
  7. Is that a Scottish Widow at 1:31?
  8. I just stumbled across an Amiga exclusive title called Ebonstar while looking at scans of AUI June 1988. The warped grid remind me a little of Geometry Wars, without the seizure-inducing explosions (or speed). Reviews mention that it supports up to 4 players on the same machine using a combination of joystick, mouse, and keyboard. I'm surprised there haven't been more Geometry War-style games in recent years. It seems to be a genre that plays to the Amiga's strengths.
  9. Wikipedia suggests the first (only?) series finished a few weeks ago, but I can find only one vague review of the final episode. I'm beginning to think that no one watched The Watch.
  10. Darran should put on some underwear.
  11. This is the biggest find since the Staffordshire hoard! Where's the Time Team when you need them?
  12. Is it really 20 years since All Your Base entered our lives? https://arstechnica.com/gaming/2021/02/get-ready-to-feel-old-the-all-your-base-music-video-turns-20-today/
  13. 408 pages! That's a sizeable tome! Is there a UK distributor by any chance?
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