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  1. The Commodore Format fan site also has a good article on the covertape wars. Crash introduced a regular covertape in June 1989, while full price commercial titles were still commonplace. The machine may have been in its twilight years, but there was still a large market for it (I only received a +2 in Christmas of that year). I always preferred the Crash cover tapes, even when the YS 'Magnificent Seven' and SU '12 Pack' tapes appeared. My early 90s obsession with Dizzy games started as a result of the demo on Crash 72 and I never would have discovered great 80s platformers like Dynamite Dan without it.
  2. Intriguing. What type of freelance work did you do? ST Review 1-12 mention EMAP on the cover, with the Europress Enterprise logo appearing on the cover of issue 13 onwards (the Europress name is replaced by IDG sometime afterwards). The ST Review#13 editorial mentions the mag was selling 30,000 issues on average each month, but the publisher had decided to close it and Europress made an offer to take it over. I realise I made a mistake in thinking the mag being swapped was ST Review - the dates don't match up. It's more likely to have been The One for ST Games, which seems to have been incorporated into ST Action at some point in 1992
  3. I assume so. Europress ran the 3 ST magazine concurrently until late 1993, when ST Action was closed and became the games section of Atari ST User. ST User would last another year, eventually being closed in Nov 94 and incorporated into ST Review as a small logo on its cover for its final 3 issues (closing in early 1995). Future's ST Format probably had the largest market share, but I imagine Europress made money as a result of people buying every ST mag on the shelves. I never owned an ST, though bought a large number of mags in an ebay auction several years ago. They're wonderfully charming, covering obscure titles being released to a shrinking market, without feeling a need to wallow in self-pity or attacks on other platforms.
  4. Crash did improve towards the end, when it switched back to A4 and increased the page count in issue 91. The "SU, incorporating Crash" was a less dignified end: "Europress Group wanted an Atari ST magazine that was published by EMAP," says Newsfield co-founder, and Crash's first editor, Roger Kean. "And they came to an agreement simply to swap it for Crash. It was kept secret from us in Ludlow, so a big shock when the board announced it." https://www.eurogamer.net/articles/2017-03-12-the-story-of-crash-magazine The EMAP mag mentioned was Atari ST Review. The strange thing is that Europress already had two Atari magazines, ST Action and Atari ST User, the latter of which was a direct competitor to ST Review.
  5. I recall it being in a drop-down menu, but can't be more exact. It's been 20 years since I've had to use DiskMaster 2 in practice. It was given away with Amiga Format 55, which claims it can format 4 disks at once.
  6. If you have the Workbench Format application loaded (the one with the GUI interface), then you shouldn't have to reinsert the Workbench disk between each disk that you're formatting. I tended to use DiskMaster 2, which was given away on an Amiga Format coverdisk, for formatting.
  7. I've just seen this thread. Will it be possible to order the mag at a later date?
  8. No one seems to mention it, but CVG's artist-drawn covers really were amazing. Each cover is striking, often enhancing upon their source material, yet there is a consistency that makes it easy to recognise the mag as CVG. I'm less fond of the 2000AD-influenced covers of the late 80s and early 90s, though it's still better than the publisher-provided renders that we often get in the 2000s. https://archive.org/details/cvg-magazine?sort=titleSorter I wish there were an artbook of these covers!
  9. The Space Invaders book is probably one of the first books to treat videogames as a culture rather than a fad. In the spirit of sharing, I want to buy We Love Atari Vol 1 & 2 at some point. The author is well regarded in the Atari world and has put a lot of effort into research, though they're a bit expensive at £50 each.
  10. Don't tell us what happens. I want it to be a surprise!
  11. I notice The National Theatre are busy promoting their previous-recorded plays, including a 2012 production of Antigone that features Christopher Ecclestone and Jodie Whittaker. The trailer is a bit rubbish, only showing the back of Ecclescake's head, but it's probably the nearest thing we'll get to a 9th and 13th Doctor team-up.
  12. But not the 3DS though! (Unless there's been a breakthrough of which I'm not aware)
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