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  1. What a time to be alive. In my day you had to create a 3D model of the Enterprise out of an old floppy disk.
  2. Like when Sam leapt into his younger self. I'm waiting for the episode where he leaps into the body of a short-sighted TV executive who plans to cancel a beloved cult series.
  3. He has concussion and only remembers running away from someone in the middle of the night. Beru & Owen say that it was a red light and she was trying to fetch him back.
  4. Wait. Didn't it cost £9 million per episode or something insane?
  5. I saw a NES in the CeX Rathbone Place shop last week. There may have been a few games at ridiculously inflated prices as well.
  6. I'll have to dig out the Zeewolf demo. Amiga Power claimed it was an AP exclusive level on the AP44 cover. Zeewolf 1 and 2 were both excellent games for the mid 90s, though a little slow on a standard A1200. I've always been intrigued by the Megadrive port that was in development. I wonder if the developers were able to get it running at a reasonable speed.
  7. The mag replacement is not going well. They've sent the July issue of Mountain Biker Rider. In case anyone is interested, MBR 277 offers to help you "Rubber up" with 10 of the best trail bike tyres and "get air with authority" on the cover.
  8. I can't speak for the last 10 years. I just recall the Personal Paint and SBase support they provided during the late 90s and early 2000s. I stopped using Personal Paint for pixel art around 2008 (there were better Windows applications, I just wasn't familiar with them at the time) and they were still offering limited support at the time. I assume this has stopped, given A-EON purchased it a few years ago. In the context of the original question, Amiga Forever seems to be the most legal way to use Amiga emulation. There's a second option in the form of Hyperion Entertainment's Amiga OS 3.2. I've read it comes with Kickstart 3.2 ROM images as part of the distribution. However, you'd need to go down the WinUAE and manual setup route to use them.
  9. Amiga Forever is sold by Cloanto, who are the legal owners of Kickstart and Workbench (1.0-3.1). They've been in business for 30 years and have put a lot of money into product development. So yes, buying AF is one the best ways to support the Amiga world at the moment.
  10. So, it's How I Met Your Buffy without the jokes? Think I'll pass.
  11. That would be amazing. Not holding my breath for obvious reasons (it won't change the outcome). Now that the Morbius Doctors are sort-of-canon, we might even see Graeme Harper (the TV director) make a brief appearance as a former Doctor (still not holding my breath).
  12. This crops up in the Voyager Year of Hell two-parter.
  13. I thought it was a Heavy Rain special at first. The envelope was torn and the mag was soaked with rain water when it dropped through the letter box. I'll definitely need to order a replacement this time.
  14. Yeah, I was surprised Big Finish announced an audio series while Sacha Dhawan is still appearing in the TV series. I suppose a Doctor/Master regeneration would be a nice callback to the original intent for Pertwee and Delgado to leave at the same time in the final 3rd Doctor serial. However, I really enjoy his slightly unhinged portrayal of the Master (I still have doubts that he's capable of destroying Gallifrey, though).
  15. Adam West is... The Batman (It should start at the trailer. If not, skip to 18:34 in the video)
  16. Same here. The Pirate Queen & Sea Devils are a great idea and the visual effects look amazing, but the story itself was very dull. I bet this was originally intended to be a two-parter and had to be scaled back for Covid reasons. Still, we did get some great shots of the Tardis - the undersea segment is likely to be one of the defining moments of the 13th Doctor's run. John Bishop also continues to be brilliant in every scene he appears.
  17. More retro mags in WH Smiths! I hope this becomes a regular occurrence. I'd love to see Sega Powered in a newsagent as well.
  18. Just noticed the PC Engine Anthology book has been published in English (it was originally in French). Amazon are selling it for £34 at the moment. https://www.amazon.co.uk/PC-Engine-TurboGrafx-PC-FX-Anthology/dp/2380170223/
  19. Free Willy was a reasonable film. Glad to see it's being recognised in Treklore.
  20. ZXAM was great, though I've been cursing its custom .Mirage file format lately. Back in 1994, I discovered Peter McGavin's ZX Spectrum emulator (on an Amiga Computing coverdisk) and used a sound sampler to load my Spectrum work (word processing, art, and a homebrew game into the emulator. Each file was saved in .sna format to a floppy disk. Leap forward to 1996, I discovered ZXAM and decided to convert the .sna files to .mirage to save space (mirage files were around 15k smaller!) and delete the original .sna files. Fast forward again.. this time to 2021, I'm using a Greaseweasel to image my Amiga disks and stumble across a disk that contains my original collection of Spectrum files. However, the .mirage format doesn't seem to be supported by current Spectrum emulators on Windows 10 (or perhaps the files themselves are partially corrupted). So, I now need to setup an Amiga emulator, to run a Spectrum emulator, in order to access a backup of content that was originally saved on tape.
  21. The 80s special contains recycled content from previous issues, though the page layout looks different in a few articles. I'm still not a fan of the paper quality in Future's special editions. I assume it's a cost saving measure, but is much worse than the glossy pages of the Imagine days.
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