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  1. I'd be happy with a one-off Knight Rider/Airwolf/Street Hawk crossover. The short-lived APB TV series reminded me of an 80s TV series - a Tony Stark-like figure invests in a police department and upgrades their technology. The end result is a crime-fighting team that use high-tech cars, bikes, and drones to track down bad guys. It's just a pity that the episodes were often utterly boring!
  2. My local Smiths has a section dedicated to Retro Gamer specials. They occasionally trundle out a ripped copy of the RG Annual 2015 and Retro Volume 10 as well. Who owns the abandoned statue(s) now? Is it the building owner? I assume there's a clause in the rental agreement that states the leasee (Future) waive ownership of any items they leave behind.
  3. I'm calling dibs on "Star Trek: Strange New Worlds - is it Spocktocular?" if it's ok from a certain point of view.
  4. Or Action Force's Lady Jaye. Exactly the same character, but born in Cork.
  5. Is that a Scottish Widow at 1:31?
  6. I just stumbled across an Amiga exclusive title called Ebonstar while looking at scans of AUI June 1988. The warped grid remind me a little of Geometry Wars, without the seizure-inducing explosions (or speed). Reviews mention that it supports up to 4 players on the same machine using a combination of joystick, mouse, and keyboard. I'm surprised there haven't been more Geometry War-style games in recent years. It seems to be a genre that plays to the Amiga's strengths.
  7. Wikipedia suggests the first (only?) series finished a few weeks ago, but I can find only one vague review of the final episode. I'm beginning to think that no one watched The Watch.
  8. Darran should put on some underwear.
  9. This is the biggest find since the Staffordshire hoard! Where's the Time Team when you need them?
  10. Is it really 20 years since All Your Base entered our lives? https://arstechnica.com/gaming/2021/02/get-ready-to-feel-old-the-all-your-base-music-video-turns-20-today/
  11. 408 pages! That's a sizeable tome! Is there a UK distributor by any chance?
  12. I have to admit I prefer the retail covers, particularly the Strider and GnG one. Much better than Final Fight! (sorry mmmonkey). I'd track it down in normal circumstances, but the WH Smiths near me has been closed for months.
  13. Are all of the conversions playable on a real Dreamcast? I recall seeing comments a few months ago that there were freezes/slowdown due to GD-ROM drive access speeds (which is obviously slower than the arcade ROMs), as well as concern it would eventually kill drives due to the continuous data access.
  14. @Thor @Broker I haven't read your entire discussion. Is this the one one to which you're referring? I've just seen it in Sainsburys https://comicscene.org/2021/01/21/wandavision-comic-tie-in-from-panini/
  15. You can't give us half a story. Why did you appear in Games X? The long-running Amiga Future magazine is still in print. It's officially the longest-running Amiga magazine, having been published for over 20 years and beating Amiga Format's record for number of issues. Not bad for a magazine launched in the dying days of the Amiga market. An English and German language edition is published every two months, with an optional coverCD. I used to buy issues from AmigaKit UK, but they seem to have stopped selling it for some reason.
  16. The joke is on them. My Wii Fit board is MISB, in case I break a hip while exercising.
  17. Crusade was a struggle to watch at the time, though perhaps the virus angle will resonate with our Covid times. I quite like Legends of the Rangers (possibly more than Third Space, River of Souls, and Call to Arms). The story is delivered at a reasonable pace, with a good mix of humour and action (with the exception of *that* scene). It's also the last opportunity to see Andreas Katsulas as G'Kar.
  18. I'm amused they had to specify it was free with the print issue, just in case someone complained it wasn't downloadable in the PDF.
  19. The youngest is 12 and the oldest is 70-ish (and to clarify, we're not watching it in the same house at the same time). There's an episode guide somewhere that gives time codes for segments that may be frightening or inappropriate for younger audiences and offers suggestions to mute/skip forward. It's off topic, but I looked up the UK broadcast time for Enterprise. I was surprised to find Channel 4 aired the early episodes on Sundays at 6.30pm. I thought it would be later, given those cringe-worthy decontamination scenes.
  20. I think the classic music played at the end of season 2 as well. I assumed it was Disco's thing. I'll be sad if it is cancelled. It's been one of the few TV shows that different generations of my family have been able to watch and discuss during the past few years.
  21. Would an 8-bit micro cover work as a subscriber exclusive, perhaps? I'm not particularly bothered about it myself, though it may offer the best of both worlds (a song that is almost 15 years old and also retro at this point). Can we agree that it's now 2021 at least?
  22. Keeping up with the Cardassians spin-off announced in 3, 2, 1....
  23. However, they do seem to have an issue with Klingon representation in non-combat roles. We've seen a Klingon defence lawyer, but where are the counsellors, dentists, and hairdressers?
  24. I found the Geekerific car example to be useful in understanding the difference between Classic and Retro. I'm not sure I'd fully agree with your point about old (classic) games not being retro. Sega's strategy for the past 20+ years has largely been based upon selling remakes of their older titles for new platforms. If a classic game can't be retro, even if perceived to be at the time of release, there needs to be something that triggers it being re-classified at a later date. I.e. What caused Sega Ages Outrun on the PS2 or Llamatron on the Amiga to stop being retro an
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